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William HANCOCK (1704-1787) m. Sarah DAWSON (1703-1778)
s/o William HANCOCK (1679-1751) m. Anne DAY (1682-1751)
d/o John DAWSON 1675-1742) m. Dorothy ATHERTON (1679-1753)

12 Mar 1701 William H HANCOCK’s parents William HANCOCK and Anne DAY were married at Saint Mary Abchurch, London, London, England.

5 May 1703 Sarah DAWSON born at Southwark, Surrey, England [Southwark, Christ Church] [John and Dorothy Dawson also had a daughter Elizabeth who died about 16 weeks 7th 8th mo 1702. Also James Dawson son of John age 1 died 24 d, 11th mo 1707 and John Dawson son of Dorothy Dawson aged 10 weeks died 16 d 11
th mo1709.] [England & Wales, Quaker Birth, Marriage, and Death Registers, 1578-1837; at Lambeth, Surrey, England, dau of John and Dorothy; Quarterly Meeting of London and Middlesex; Piece 0498: Quarterly Meeting of London and Middlesex: Births (1646-1708) (doc)

20 Jun 1704 William H. HANCOCK born Southwark, London, England [Northamptonshire Church Register—21 Nov 1702 birth — not this Wm Hancock]

1710 John and Dorothy DAWSON and dau Sarah came from London to Philadelphia around 1710 and were married in Ireland before 1700. Dawson’s were Quakers. John DAWSON got into some financial trouble (debts) in England and it took him many years to get them settled to the point that he could get a clear Certificate of removal from his MM in England to permit membership at Abington MM.

11 Jul 1710 William H. HANCOCK christening at Saint Olave, Southwark, London, England. The distance between St Olave and the church his parents were married in is about half a mile from each other. [St Olave, Bermondsey, Southwark Christening Register, p356 (doc)]

24 Sep 1729 William H. HANCOCK and Sarah DAWSON married at Philadelphia, Delaware, PA [Abington, PA] [Abington MM minutes of 24d, 9m 1729 state "Whereas Wm Hancocke and Sarah Dawson having declared their intentions of marriage with each other before two MMs Inquiry being made by persons appointed and found clear from all others on ye account of marriage are left to accomplish if Same and Orderly" — A committee was appointed to see if both were "free and clear". If favorable, permission was granted to marry and they were usually married after the next mid-weekly worship meeting. By the way this occurred at the Bride's Meeting and as a courtesy the Groom usually transferred to and became a member for a short time of the Bride's MM. Then both were transferred back to the Grooms MM. As they were found "free and clear" this would imply that William was a Quaker at the time of his marriage.] [The date of 9-24-1729 is not Sept 24 1729 but the first month was March so it is Nov 24, 1729.] [Middletown Monthly Meeting. Middletown MM was founded in 1680 and is located at Langhorne, Bucks Co., PA. Their marriage is recorded at both Abington MM and Uwchlan MM. The wedding usually took place at the bride's MM, which the groom joined temporarily and then both left (were removed) to the groom's MM.] [Abington MM Quaker Marriage Register, p 167 doc]] [U.S., Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-1935; Marriage Intention, Abington Monthly Meeting (doc)]

2 Sep 1730 son James HANCOCK born at Moreland, Lycoming, Pennsylvania [Montgomery Co?]; married Elizabeth RANDALL 26 Mar 1752 at Middletown, Bucks, Pennsylvania; died 26 Jan 1796 at Bedford, PA

1732 son John HANCOCK born at Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; married Jane MICHNER 25 Apr 1754 at Horsham, Montgomery County, PA; died before 1770 at Philadelpha, Philadelphia, PA

19 Apr 1740 Land records show they purchased two acres of land in Hatboro, Moreland township, Philadelphia Co., PA. on April 19, 1740 for 2 lbs and 15 shillings. His occupation was a carpenter.

1740 son Isaac HANCOCK born at Stevensville, Bradford, Pennsylvania [one source says abt 1734, West Chester,PA]; died 2 Mar 1820 at Stevensville, Bradford, PA

1 May 1760 William H. HANCOCK bought two adjoining acres of land for 50lbs. His occupation was listed as a storekeeper. This land was sold on 15 June 1760 for a 100 lbs. He was listed as a Yeoman.

1761 William H. HANCOCK moved to Chester Co., PA with his wife, Sarah, son Isaac, and grand daughter Jane Hancock, dau. of John Hancock and Deborah Dawson, dau. of J. Dawson.

7 Aug 1761 William wife Sarah and minor children Deborah Dawson & Jane Hancock rec. on Cert

1767 William H. HANCOCK, Sarah DAWSON, and Jane moved to Philadelphia in 1767, where he died 31 Aug. 1787. William and Sarah were members of the Quaker Religion.

4 Jun 1767 William H HANCOCK, Sarah DAWSON, and grand daughter Jane named in Philadelphia MM Quaker Meeting Records, in support of Benjamin Davids and his 5 children moving to new MM p.99 (doc); 2
nd notice 27 Jul 1770 p.104 (doc)

1767 Uwchlan MM Quaker Meeting Minutes, Certificate of Removal. Joining William HANCOCK, Sarah DAWSON, and granddaughter Jane No 54 (doc)

4 Jun 1767 Joint certificate from Chester MM, Uwchlan MM and Philadelphia MM for William HANCOCK, Sarah DAWSON, and granddaughter Jane (doc)

1768 William HANCOCK Taxed on 90 acres on the Philadelphia (9 pounds, 8 shillings, 1 pence); 10 acres unimproved (6 pounds 10 pence) [Chester, Charlestown Tax Exoneration p.229; also list James Hancock (son?) 40 acres with building (5 pounds, 4 shillings 6 pence) and 1 horse, 3 cattle, 2 sheep (2 shillings 7 pence) [PA Tax and Exoneration (doc)]

1770 William HANCOCK Quaker Philadelphia Monthly Meeting page 541 1770, 7,27 William &Sarah & Granddaughter Jane Hancock rocf mm dated 1769, 6, 4 uwchland1775 Sarah dis

30 Oct 1778 Sarah DAWSON died at Philadelphia, Delaware, PA (age 76) [Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, Northern District, Pre-Separation; death (doc)

31 Aug 1787 William H HANCOCK died at Philadelphia, Delaware, PA (age 82) [Quaker Burials 1787 for the Northern District p. 82 (doc)] [PA Wills & Probates, #1318311-Washington Co, PA, #613, p352; Will Books, Vol 18-20, 1902-1904 (doc); Index to Wills, A-L, 1781-1935 (doc)