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John SANDERS (1690-1767) m. (1) Priscilla PRITLOWE (1691-1727); (2) Ann HOLMES (1691-1767)
s/o Richard SANDERS (1661-1725) and Deborah THURSTON (1665-1725)
d/o John PRITLOWE (1669-1728) and Elizabeth SOBRELL (1670-1728)
p/o Joel M SANDERS (1718-1782)

1690 John SANDERS born at Nansemond, Virginia

11 Jun 1691 Priscilla PRITLOWE born at Perquimans, North Carolina Perquimans MM Quaker records (2doc); 2nd record shows parents as John and Elizabeth PRITLOWE [Perquimans and Piney Woods MM Quaker records show birth date as 31 Aug 1693 (doc)]

11 Jun 1691 Ann HOLMES born at Cumberland, Cumberland, NC

1 Mar 1716 John SANDERS and Priscilla PRITLOWE married at Nasemond, NC [Whereas John SANDERS of Nanzemond County in Virginia and Prissilla PRITLOE Dafter of John PRITLOE of ye County of Albemarl in Pequimans River in North Carolina haveing declared their Intentions of takeing each other in marriage before several Publick meetings of the people called Quakers in Carolina were married on the 8th day of the 1
st month called March 1715/6. Included in the witnesses to the marriage were Abraham SANDERS, son of John, and the parents of Priscilla, Elizabeth and John PRITLOE, along with their daughters Leah, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Judith, and Rachel with her husband Robert Wilson. In five months Abraham SANDERS, Late of Virginia was to marry Judith PRITLOE at a meeting at John PRITLOE’s house where three of his daughters were married and Timothy CLARE and Samuel NICHOLSON were appointed to stay at John PRITLOE’s the night after the wedding to see that there be no disorders. It must have seemed like an occasion for a celebration for the PRITLOES: Gwen Boyer Bjorkman, John Sanders of Nansemond County, Virginia The Quaker Yeomen 14 (Jan 1988) pp.10; 15 (Apr 1988), pp. 8-9; 15. THE SANDERS FAMILY by Gwen Boyer Bjorkman, and published in THE QUAKER YEOMEN Vol. 10, No. 3, Oct. 1983] [one source says 8 Mar 1716] [according to Perquimans MM Quaker records translated marriage date was 8 Jan 1715 (doc)] [Perquimans MM and Piney Woods MM Quaker records show marriage intention on 8 Mar 1716 (2doc)]

1716 dau Judith SANDERS born at Perquimans, North Carolina; married John PENDLETON bef 1736

7 Mar 1717 John SANDERS listed in Perquimans/Piney Woods MM Quaker records (doc)

1718 son Joel M SANDERS born at Perquimans, North Carolina; died 2 Feb 1782 at Wrightsboro, McDuffie, Georgia; married Charity HOLLOWELL in 1743 at Perquimans, North Carolina

1718 dau Priscilla SANDERS born at Perquimans, North Carolina; died 1761; married Samuel SKINNER 3, Aug 1739

1725 son Joseph SANDERS born at Perquimans, North Carolina; died 1784 in NC; married Mary LAMB on 7 Sep 1748 at Perquimans, North Carolina

29 Jul 1729 son John SANDERS born at Perquimans, North Carolina; died 1 Dec 1737 at Perquimans, North Carolina

1727 Priscilla PRITLOWE died at Perquimans, North Carolina

12 Jul 1731 John SANDERS listed as cousin in probate records for Robert SANDERS of Lower Parish, Isle of Wight, VA Book 3-289, proven 27 Dec 1731.

abt 1732 John SANDERS and Ann HOLMES married at Cumberland, Cumberland, NC

29 Dec 1733 son James SANDERS born; died bef 2 Nov 1802

4 Sep 1751 John SANDERS listed in Perquimans MM records as Admittance (doc)

5 Oct 1753 John SANDERS resided at Perquimans, NC (doc)

2 Apr 1766 John SANDERS listed at Perquimans MM and that Richard SANDERS was his father (doc)]

1767 John SANDERS died probably at Nansemond, (or Perquimans) NC

1767 Ann HOLMES died at Cumberland, Cumberland, NC

15 Jan 1768 John SANDERS will probated in Carteret, NC (2doc)

John Sanders was son of William Sanders and Mary Hall, born in Nansemond in 1695. (NOT CORRECT ACCORDING TO MY INFO)
Unlike father William, John moved south to the Perquimans (North Carolina) area. By the late 17th century, available tobacco lands had largely been exploited in the coastal Virginia area. To complicate the issue, the fertility of tobacco soils were mostly depleted after three years of production. Planters may have then cultivated corn; still, corn had very little commercial benefit.
And so, some of the Sanders clan (such as uncles Abraham and Benjamin earlier) headed to the area of Perquimans. Tax records of the time (1718/1719) indicate that Abraham was taxed on 170 acres; Benjamin on 100 acres. The uncles seem to have prospered: “quit rent” payments for 1735 show that Abraham paid on 732 acres; Benjamin on 550 acres. Presumably, they continued to cultivate the weed (tobacco).
In Perquimans, John met and married Priscilla Pritlowe on 8 March 1716. It is interesting to note that John is recorded as being from Nansemond, probably indicating that he was still something of a newcomer to the Perquimans Quaker community. [I believe they came to this conclusion because they are working with wrong parents for John!]
Records thereafter, both property and Quaker, fall mostly quiet about John and Priscilla. A tax record for 1754 lists a Jno Sanders; no details are given.  Likewise, a listing of people of property for a district in Perquimans, dated 1760, lists John Sanders. This being the case, John would have continued the standing of the Sanders family among the more affluent (levels) of society, i.e., “masters, mistresses, and overseers.”

The only child of record for John and Priscilla, that we have knowledge of, is Joel, born in 1718. We are also in the dark as to the date(s) and places of their deaths.