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Daniel MAUPIN (1700-1788) m. Margaret VIA (1701-1789)
s/o Gabriel MAUPIN 1665-1720) and Marie HERSENT (1664-1748)
d/o Amer William VIA (1660-1725) and Margaret SPENCER (1665-1716)
p/o Jessie MAUPIN (1738-1827)

25 Mar 1700 Daniel Maupin born at Southampton, Hampshire, England [Daniel became the father of Thomas Maupin Hanover, VA. At 20 years of age Daniel became the father of Gabriel Maupin in Williamsburg, VA, 1720. At 23 years of age Daniel became the father of Mary Maupin Louisa, VA, 1723. At 25 years of age Daniel became the father of John Maupin Hanover, VA, 1725. At27 years of age Daniel became the father of Daniel "Cuff" Maupin Hanover Co., VA, 1727. At 32 years of age Daniel became the father of William G. Maupin Hanover, VA, 1732. At 34 years of age Daniel became the father of Zachariah Maupin Hanover Co., VA, 1734. At 36 years of age Daniel became the father of Margaret "Peggy" Maupin Hanover, VA, 1736. At 38 years of age Daniel became the father of Jean Maupin Hanover, VA, 1738. At 40 years of age Daniel became the father of Jesse Maupin Louisa, VA, 1740]

3 Dec 1700 December 3, 1700, sailed on the NASSAU of Pool from England, original papers Bodlein Library in England. According to Shaffett Family -------------------- Son of General Amos Maupin, an officer in the army of Henry Navarre, Gabriel Maupin was born in Pyrenees Department of France. After the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, he fled to England. While in England he married Marie, daughter of John, Earl of Spencer. Then Gabriel Maupin fled to America, arriving in Yorktown, Virginia on the Nassau in March 1700. Gabriel Maupin was a very religious man. The vessel on which they were sailing, sprang a leak and they were in danger of sinking. Fellow passengers requested Gabriel Maupin to pray for Divine Assistance. Gabriel prayed and the leak was stopped. When the company landed, a large fish was found tightly wedged in the opening. Gabriel Maupin was the Commandant of the Royal Arsenal at Williamsburg, Virginia. The MAUPINs were among the original French Huguenot settlers at Manakin Town, Virginia, and they were related to the DABNEYs, BALLARDs and HARRISes of Virginia and Kentucky by intermarriage. Gabriel Maupin was born on 12 Feb 1655 in Gordo. He was baptized in 1688 in Nord Holland, Amsterdam. He died in Oct 1720 in Williamsburg, King James, Virginia. He was buried in Williamsburg, Williamsburg (city), Virginia. He signed a will. was in American Revolution Va. Will Records, Baltimore Gen. Publishing Co., 1982: pg. 881 will of Richard Taliafero, witness Gabriel Maupin (not sure is right Maupin) Some Wills from the Burned Counties of Va and other wills not listed in "Va. Wills and Administrations 1632-1800" by William Lindsay Hopkins, Richmond Va, copy 1987, pg. 67: Gabriel Maupin James City-Williamsburg 2 Sept 1719/ 30 Apr 1720. Daughter Mary Maupin. Wife Mary Maupin. 2 sons Daniel Maupin and Gabriel Maupin. Witt. Christopher Smith, Richard Brand, William Thorpe, Joseph Sutton, John Davis. The Maupin Family, pg. 11-12 by Nell W. Sherman -------------------- French General, a Huguenot -------------------- A General.."Gabriel Maupin, the French Huguenot exile --- was a French officer who incurred the displeasure of the King on account of his religion, and fled the Kingdom in 1699, with his wife and son Gabriel. They went first to England and remained there for some time; it is probable that their second son Daniel was born there in 1700. Gabriel Maupin had married a daughter of Lord John Spencer of England. (This reference to Lord Spencer appears to be erroneous. Gabriel married another French Huguenot, Marie Hersent, rather than Mary Spencer.) The Maupins emigrated to Virginia in 1700, and settled in Williamsburg. He was there indentified (sic) with Masonry-- and in that first Masonic lodge in Va., served in several important offices.He built and maintained until his death the Inn at Williamsburg, and teh Masons used the big dining room for Masonic purposes until they could arrange for their own temple. When Williamsburg colonial buildings were recently "restored" the old Inn was given its orignial appearance as far as possible, and the old fashioned flowers are expecially attractive. The will of Gabriel Maupin the 1st--- was dated September 2, 1719 with a codicil dated December 1, 1719; and was probated in General Court at the Capital, April 20, 1720, his wife Mary Spencer being executrix." A common tradition among Maupin descendants says Gabriel Maupain, a large land owner, was a Huguenot general who left France because of religious persecution (Genealogies of Virginia Families, 3:685). He married Mary Spencer, a daughter of the Earl of Spencer. They stayed with the Earl when they left France, during which time Daniel was born in 1700. They immigrated to Virginia that same year and settled in Williamsburg (Genealogies of Virginia Families, 4:305). There is reason to doubt Mary was the Earl of Spencer's daughter and reason to doubt our ancestor was a general. Shaffett's research "proves" Gabriel Maupin, son of Amos de Maupin, was born in Jargeau (near Orleans), France, in 1666, and that he married Marie Hersent, daughter of Louis Hersent and Marie Pillion. Apparently the Hersents and Maupins moved to Holland to escape religious persecution in France, because it was in the Walloon Church, Amsterdam, Holland, that Marie Hersent and Gabriel Maupin were married on August 18, 1691. He was a tailor by trade in Holland. Several of their children were born in Holland, and a complete list of them includes Magdelaine, Claude, Mary, Sara Caterine, Daniel, and Gabriel. [(Huguenot Emigration to Virginia listed Gabriel Maupain, sa femme and 3 enfans (page 29), as passengers). The journey lasted about three months, which was normal for that time, and arrived in Virginia on March 5, 1701 (Complete Book of Emigrants, 1700-1750, page 14).]

3 Aug 1701 Margaret VIA born at White Hall, Albemarle, Virginia; baptized at St Peter’s Parish, New Kent, Virginia [Margaret became the mother of Thomas Maupin Hanover Co., VA. At 18years of age Margaret became the mother of Gabriel Maupin in Williamsburg, VA, 1720. At 21 years of age Margaret became the mother of Mary Maupin Louisa Co., VA, 1723. At 23 years of age Margaret became the mother of John Maupin Hanover Co., VA, 1725. At 25 years of age Margaret became the mother of Daniel "Cuff" Maupin Hanover Co., VA, 1727. At 30 years of age Margaret became the mother of William G. Maupin Hanover Co., VA, 1732. At 32 years of age Margaret became the mother of Zachariah Maupin Hanover Co., VA, 1734. At 34 years of age Margaret became the mother of Margaret "Peggy" Maupin Hanover Co., VA, 1736. At 36 years of age Margaret became the mother of Jean Maupin Hanover Co., VA, 1738. At 38 years of age Margaret became the mother of Jesse Maupin Louisa Co., VA, 1740.]

18 Apr 1705 Father Gabriel MAUPIN became a naturalized British subject on April 18, 1705, by act of the Virginia General Assembly (Tidewater Virginia Families, 286).

1710 From the [Vestry book, King William Par., Monocantown: 1710]: to Daniel MAUBAIN, for having made the tyax [tuyaux? "chimneys"] for the church, 6 shillings. (Only MAUPIN in list of tithable for 1710)

1711 lists PierreVIETT; Daniel MAUBAIN is living in same household w Jean LORANGE (a Jean LORANGE, sa femme & un enfant also arrived on the Navarre in 1700)

1712 Pierre VIETTE 1713: Daniel MAUBAIN, w Will FRI, Indian

1714 Daniel MAUBAIN w Louis SOBLET

1715 Daniel MAUBAIN

18 May 1717 "... orphans, male and female, which have for sometime been in the charge of..., Daniel MAUBAN, and ..." (p 135)

1717 Daniel MAIBAIN on list of tithable

1719 Daniel MAIBAIN on list of tithable

1719 Daniel Maupin and Margaret VIA married at St Peter’s Parish, Louisa, VA [History of Genealogy of The Families of Miller, Woods, Harris, Wallace, Maupin, Oldham, Kavanaugh and Brown by William Harris Miller, Richmond, Ky. 1901: This marriage took place in 1719 and was against the wishes of the father who felt that Daniel had lost caste by marring beneath his position] [first made their home in that part of Hanover Co., which afterwards became Louisa] [All their children were born there with the exception of the oldest son Gabriel, who was born at the home of his grandfather in Williamsburg.]

1720 father Gabriel MAUPIN died; Daniel inherited the Tavern at Williamsburg, VA [
Market Square Tavern was owned by Daniel Maupin and Margaret Via Maupin in the 1700's. This photo was taken in the 1940's. The tavern is located in Historic Williamsburg and is still functional and used as a concession stand and Bed and Breakfast. Gabriel Maupin's will, dated September 2, 1719, with a codicil dated December 1, 1719, was proven in General Court on April 20, 1720, Williamsburg, Virginia. Mary, his wife, was the executrix (Genealogies of Virginia Families, 4:305).

1720 Daniel MEIBAIN on list of tithable

Mar 1720 son Gabriel Maupin born in 1720 in Williamsburg, King James County, VA and died 28 Jun 1814 (one source says 1794) in Free Union (Nixville), Albemarle County, VA. 2, Gabriel, married Ann Ballard. Children: Daniel; Thomas; David; Matthew; Gabriel; John; Bland; Judith; Susan; Peggy; Ann; Fanny; Joel. Served in Rev War [Gabriel Maupin of Free Union, married Ann Ballard, daughter of Thomas Ballard a son of Thomas Ballard, who (the latter) settled on 320 acres of land near the foot of Piney Mountain, as early as 1738] [Reverend Edgar Woods says: "Gabriel died in 1794. He seems to have lived in the vicinity of Free Union, and Thomas, Bland, Daniel and Gabriel were the names of his sons," and further says: "The truth is, the families of this stock were generally so numerous, containing hardly ever less than ten, and sometimes thirteen children, and the same names were so often repeated in the different households, that it would be well nigh impossible at this date to make out an accurate statement of their lines of descent. They frequently inter-married among themselves, and with the Harrises, Jarmans, and Via's and their descendants are widely scattered over the West, particularly in Kentucky and Missouri. They seem to have been in their generations an industrious, quiet and home people." [Daniel and Margaret are believed to have remained in Williamsburg only a relatively short time after their marriage. Their oldest child, Gabriel, was born there in 1720 at the home of Daniel's father] [June 11, 1784 Petition of Gabriel Maupin shows that early in the late contest with Great Britain in the year 1776 he received an appointment as Keeper of Magazines in and near the City of Williamsburg, in which capacity he acted until the close of the War. For this service he received the rank and privileges of captain. He asks that he be granted the same bound of land that is usually granted to a captain. A note on the reverse shows that his request was rejected.]

1722 son Thomas Maupin born in 1722 and died between 1763-1788. Thomas identified as a child by a deed from his father dated 11 Aug 1763

1723 Daniel MABAN on list of tithable

1723 dau Mary Maupin was born in 1723 at White Hall, Albemarle, Virginia (one source says Hanover County, VA) and died in 1800 (one source says 1829) in Goochland County, VA. married Matthew Mullins Abt. 1739 in Hanover Co., Virginia. [Matthew Mullins was born in Goochland Co., Va., about 1720, where he and his wife lived and died. His wife Mary Maupin, was the daughter of Daniel Maupin and Margaret Via of Albemarle Co., Va. Daniel Maupin was a Revolutionary soldier. Historians indicated Mullins father was a Welchman. Matthew Mullins was a sergeant in the Revolutionary Army in Captain William Croghan's Company of the 4th, 8th and 10th consolidated Regiment of Foot, commanded by Colonel James Woods. He and his sons also served in the Virginia Militia in the French and Indian War of 1758]

1724 Daniel MAUPIN not listed on tithable list

1725 son John Nicholas Maupin born in 1725 in Hanover County, VA and died in 6 Sep 1806 in Albermarle County, VA. married Fanny Dabney (or d'Aubigne), Children: Peggy; Sally; Daniel; John ; Cornelius ; Thomas, married Peggy Maupin; William; Gabriel; Robert; Jennings; Frances; Carr; Dabney.

1725 Daniel MAYBAIN on list of tithable

1726 Daniel MAUPIN not listed on tithable list

1727 son Daniel “Cuff” Maupin born in 1727 in Hanover, VA and died 11 Oct 1803. married Mary Elizabeth (or Betsy) Dabney, the name being originally d'Aubigne. Children: Daniel; Cornelius; John; Sally; Mary; Frances; Betsy; Peggy.

1729 son William Maupin born at Williamsburg, James, VA (one source says 1739 in Hanover County, VA) and died on 28 Jun 1814 in Albemarle Co., VA. married Mildred White; born 1742; died August 02, 1824.

1729/31 MARTINs and HARRISes appear [Ref. Alicia E. Towster, 123 Florida Court, Lafayette, LA 70503] Daniel MAUPIN married Margaret VIA in St. Peter's Parish, Louisa County, Virginia. He came to Albemarle County, Virginia about the middle of the 18th century.

1732 dau Margaret Maupin born in 1732 in Hanover County, VA (one source says Albemarle, VA) and died 1827 at Standardsville, Greene, VA (one source says after 1837 in Orange Co., VA) (or F'eggy), married Robert Miller and had children, one of whom, Sarah, married Jennings Maupin, son of John.

1734 son Zachariah Maupin born at Louisa, VA (one source says in 1735) and died 7 Oct 1810. married Sally Jarvinan (or Elizabeth Jarman), Children: Daniel; Thomas; Zachariah: William; Ambrose ; Jesse; Frances; Catherine: Elizabeth; Alpha. 8. Jesse, married Lucy Jones, Children: Cyrus, and about ten others. The family moved south, perhaps to Georgia, towards the close of the eighteenth century and were lost to sight. 9. Jane, married Samuel Rea, and had children. 10. Mary, married Matthew Mullin (or Mullins), and had children.

1735 Land grant

1736 son Jesse Maupin born (one source says 1738, another 1740). Jesse married Lucy Jones about 1756 in Albemarle, VA. They had eight children: Mosias, Luranna, Mary "Polly," George, Nancy Ann, William, Frances, and Jesse. Served in Rev War.

1738 dau Jane (Jean) Maupin born (one source says in 1727 in Hanover County, VA) and died 26 Aug 1788 at White Hall, Albemarle, Virginia (one source says 1827). married Samuel Rea Abt. 1762 in Albemarle Co., Virginia. [Samuel Rhea was born 1734 in Hanover County, Virginia, and died 1788 in Albemarle County, Virginia. He was the son of Thomas Ray and Ursala Smith. Jane R. Maupin was born 1734 in James City, Williamsburg, Virginia, and died AFT. 1799 in Albemarle County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Daniel Maupin and Margaret Via.

Children of Jane R. Maupin and Samuel Rhea are:
i. Zachariah Rea was born 1750.
ii. Daniel Rea was born 1759 in Albemarle County, Virginia, and died
14 JUL 1836. He married Elizabeth Coalter 28 MAR 1780 in Rockbridge
County, Virginia. She was born 6 JUN 1761 in Rockbridge County,
Virginia, and died 16 DEC 1842.
iii. Peggy Rea was born ABT. 1760 in Albemarle County, Virginia. She married Unknown 1795 in Orange County, Virginia.
iv. Andrew Ray was born 1761 in Henrietta, Albemarle County,
Virginia, and died 15 AUG 1835 in Edmonson County, Kentucky. He married Henrietta Grubbs 25 AUG 1779 in Albemarle County, Virginia, daughter of William Grubbs and Susannah Hearne. She was born BEF. 1770 in Albemarle County, Virginia, and died AFT. JUN 1843 in Edmonson County, Kentucky.
v. Robert Rea was born 1761 in Beaver Creek area, Albemarle County,
Virginia, and died 1831 in Beaver Creek are, Albemarle County, Virginia. He married Elizabeth Maupin 10 JAN 1788 in Albemarle, Virginia, daughter of Daniel Maupin and Elizabeth Dabney. She was born ABT. 1767 in Beaver Creek are, Albemarle County, Virginia, and died 10 JAN 1788 in Albemarle County, Virginia.
8. vi. Thomas Rea was born 1764 in beneath Bucks Elbow, Albemarle
County, Virginia, and died 1850 in Albemarle County, Virginia. He
married Annis Ballard 13 AUG 1789 in Albemarle County, Virginia, daughter of Bland Ballard and Frances Shifflett. She was born 1768 in
Albemarle County, Virginia, and died AFT. 1850 in Albemarle County,
vii. Margaret Rea was born 1765 in Albemarle County, Virginia, and died 27 DEC 1792 in Albemarle County, Virginia. She married Ezekial McCauley in Albemarle, Virginia. He was born ABT. 1761 in Albemarle
County, Virginia.
viii. Zachariah Rea was born 1766 in Albemarle County, Virginia. He married Sarah Pace.]

May 1745 DB A-185: 28 May 1745 Daniel Maupin of Louisa Co. to James Yancey of same. 33 pds. 76 acres on north side of Little River, St. Martin's Maupin's and James Yancey's corner on north side of the Little River... William Morris's line to a Branch, down same following the meanders to the Little River. /s/ Daniel Maupin 28 May 1745 acknowledged by Daniel Maupin, Margaret, his wife, relinquished right of dower. The last record of the family in Louisa County, Virginia

20 Sep 1745 Charles Moorman deeds land to Daniel Maupin in Albemarle, VA (Albemarle Deeds index cited by Davis 296) at Moorman’s River (?). [this is 23 years before the Rev War so this should dispel any family rumors/stories that Daniel and brother Gabriel came to America as French soldiers who crossed with LaFayette to fight in the Rev] [appears that he amassed over 1,500 ac in the Whitehall area in the years after received this land deed]

Abt 1747 About 1747 they removed to Albemarle, and settled on Moorman's River near where the village of Whitehall now stands. The Homestead was purchased from Thomas Moorman, the original patentee, but Daniel also had a land grant from the state for 1188 acres. (Va. land grant Reg. Book 31, pg. 652) date of 9/20/1745. At the time of his death he owned 1500 acres [When Daniel Maupin moved from Hanover to Albemarle, he found the latter county on the frontier of white settlement. The county had just been organized and contained about 4000 inhabitants, black and white. These settlers were not all within the present confines of Albemarle, for at that date, Albemarle included Buckingham, Ammherst, Nelson, Fluvanna and parts of Appotomax and Campbell. The settlers on Moorman's River had to make a long, disagreeable journey to the James in order to reach their supplies. From yet another source, we may gather a few ideas of life in the days of Daniel Maupin, Sr. Charles Brown of Albemarle tells of those times in a letter written in 1848. His grandfather was Benjamin Brown of Brown's Cove, and a neighbor of Daniel Maupin, Sr., settling in the county at about the same time. The wife of Benjamin Brown was a niece of Margaret Via, the wife of Daniel Maupin, Sr. No doubt the families were intimate and lived much the same kind of life. At the time of the settlement of the families in Albemarle, Mr. Brown says that the top of the Blue Ridge was the boundary between the whites and the Indians. The latter were friendly and came often to visit with the settlers. Game was abundant at the time of the first settlement and buffalo were to be seen west of this ridge, at long intervals. The distance to a market was the greatest obstacle to prosperity in Northwestern Albemarle; but with the building of roads and the founding of Charlottesville, a great change for the better took place. According to Mr. Brown, Charlottesville was founded as follows: When the legislature agreed to divide Albemarle, which consisted of several of the counties of today, the Courthouse was at Scottsville. As this was to far from the center of the new county, the legislature made Dr. Thomas Walker, the agent, select the site of the new courthouse. Dr. Walker rode direct from Williamsburg to the home of Col. Nicholas Lewis, bought the land of the courthouse, sold the lots and with the money received, built a courthouse and jail and paid the county levy for two years. Speaking of the main road to the James he says, "The Three Notched road was the main center of travel by which the settlers of Northwestern Albemarle reached a market on the river. Charlottesville was laid out on this road and from that point it led to Ivy Creek thence to Woods Gap, where there was a considerable settlement. The road was called from notches made in trees along its route when it was but a trail. I can still find a few of the old trees between Charlottesville and Mechum's (1848." Along this road and to the north, near Nixville were the homes of the descendants of Daniel Maupin, Sr. Dr. Brown says further, "My recollection of the years following the Revolution are vivid. The people ate little meat, except pork, although they sometimes had beef in the fall and at rare intervals, venison or bear meat. The main vegetables were cabbage, turnips and Irish potatoes. Between 1790 and 1800 a few people began to raise beets, carrots, parsnips and tomatoes. Tea was drank at all times, but I believe that there was no coffee used prior to 1798. Brown sugar was used, probably fifty or a hundred pounds a year." The Indians were never troublesome in Albemarle, but during the Colonial wars, they were very threatening along the western boundary. A company of troops was raised to protect the frontier and for the service in Augusta where constant Indian raids were taking place. This company was organized in 1758 and three of Daniel Maupin's sons, a son-in-law and two grandsons were members of this militia. They were John Maupin, Daniel Maupin, Jr., William Maupin, Matthew Mullins (the son-in-law) and his two sons William Mullins and John Mullins. Matthew Mullins was the husband of Mary Maupin, the eldest daughter of Daniel Maupin, Sr., the granddaughter of Gabriel Maupin, the immigrant.]

1748 Daniel MAUPIN obtained a patent for land on Moorman's River in Albemarle County, Virginia. He entered more than fifteen hundred acres in the White Hall neighborhood. [The Homestead was purchased from Thomas Moorman, the original patentee, but Daniel also had a land grant from the state for 1188 acres, VA land grant Reg. Book 31, pg. 652, date of 9/20/1745. At the time of his death he owned 1500 acres]

24 Jun 1750 Thomas Chambers of Louisa Co., VA deeds to Daniel Maupin for 50 pounds, 100 acres on the north side of Rivanna adjacent to the county line and the Ivy Creek mouth (Albemarle Co., VA Deeds Book 1, page 281) [Moved to Blue Ridge section at Brown's Cove - Free Union area just above Charlottesville. "Gabriel Senior ran a tavern in Williamsburg and seemed to have done well. At his death his property went to his son Gabriel, who was the oldest and Daniel, who was with his uncle. William Via, along with his sister, Margaret Via Maupin, went to what is now Albemarle County. Daniel settled at White Hall on the old Maupin place, and William, who also had a son named William, and as far as we have been able to learn, he was the one who settled near Doylesville on what is known as the Rhodes Via place. This was around 1750."]

10 Sep 1755 Virginia. Land Patent Book 31, p. 652. Daniel Maupin, the father of Jesse, received a land patent 10 Sep 1755 for 1,188 acres in Albemarle on the South Branch of Moreman's [Moorman's] River, on Spring Creek adjoining his own two surveys & Samuel Jemison [Jamison].

Sep 1758 A roster of the "Albemarle Company of militia, lately in actual service for the defence and protedtion of the frontier against the Indians" includes the names Daniel Maupin, John Maupin, William Maupin, Matthew Mullins (Woods 295 page 363) [SAR 91831 (doc)] [SAR 99152 (doc)] [SAR 36540 (doc)] [SAR 36539 (doc)] [SAR 37468 (doc)]

28 Oct 1760 From Judy Maupin: He lived in Green Co., KY at one time. There is a will recorded in Albemarle Co, Va. This Indenture this 28th Day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Sixty & in the thirty fourth year of the reign of our sovering Lord George The second by the grace of God of Great Britain King defender of the faith & between Daniel Mumpin of the parish of Fredericksville & County of Albemarle of the one part & William Via of the parish & County aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that the said Daniel Maupin for & in consideration of the sum of Sixty pounds Current money of Virginia to him in hand paid before the sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge himself therewith fully Satisfied contented and paid & thereof& every part & parcel thereof do acquit & Discharge him the said William Via his heirs Executors & Administrators Have bargained Sold Aliened conveyed & Confirmed and by these presents do bargain Sell Alien enfeoff release convey and confirm unto the said William Via his heirs and assigns for ever one certain Tract or parcel of Land Situate lying on both Sides of the South side of the south branch of the North fork of James River being in the parish & County aforesaid containing three hundred acres be the same more or less bounded as follows Viz Beginning at James Warrens corner red oak on the Northside of the said River in the County line Running thence down the same by the water __ making in a strait line one hundred & thirty Six poles to a Hickory Thence North fifty degrees west Eighty poles to a pine thence north five Degrees West one hundred and Sixty poles to a white oak Thence west one hundred & two poles to a white oak thence south forty Eight degrees west Eighty four poles crossing the said River to a red Oak on the south side thence up the same by the watercourses making in a Strait line Sixty two poles to a Hickory Thence south thirty five degrees west ninety poles to a pine thence north on Rowland Horseleys Line to a red oak on the river bank from Thence down the river to the County line crossing the river thence down the said County line to the Beginning with all buildings houses orchards woods wayes waters under woods & meadow grounds & all & Singular the improvements and appurtenances to the said Land belonging or in any wise appurtaining & the revertion & revertions remainder & remainders rents __ and profits thereof &every part and parcel Thereof & all the estate right title property claim& demand of the said Daniel Maupin his heirs & Executors &c of in or to the same or any part or parcel thereof free Clearly of & from all former or other gifts grants bargains Sales Dowers Judgements mortgages intailes Executions or any incumbrance whatsoever the quit rents henceforth coming due to our sovering Lord the King his heirs & successors only Excepted to have and to hold the said Tract or parcel of Land above bounded with all Singular the improvements & appurtenances unto the said Wm Via his heirs& assigns to the only proper use & behoof of him the said William Via his heirs & assigns for ever & the said Daniel Maupin Doth for himself his heirs & Executors &c covenants promise & agree to & with the said Wm Via his heirs & assigns that the right & title of the said Land & Premises with the appurtenances and every part thereof against him & his heirs and Against all & every other person & persons whatsoever to the said Wm Via his heirs and assigns shall & will warrant and for ever defend by these presents in Witness whereof the said Daniel Maupin hath hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year above written. Daniel Maupin
Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presents of James Harris Dabney Pettus James Woods
Memorandum that on the day & year within written peaceable and Quiet Seizen of the Land & premises within granted and sold was had and taken by the within mentioned Daniel Maupin and by him delivered over unto the within named William Via according to the intent & meaning of the within Indenture. Daniel Maupin
In the presents of us James Harris Dabney Pettus James Woods
Received the 28t Day of October of William Via Sixty pounds current money of Virginia being the full Consideration money for the within Granted and sold Land and premises thereof and Every part thereof hereby Acquit& Discharge him the said Wm Via his heirs and assigns witness my hand this day & year above written. D Daniel Maupin

10 Mar 1763 William Maupin deeded to Gabriel Maupin for 25 pounds 224 acres, both [sides?] Yellow Run adjacent to grantor. Witnesses: Thomas Maupin, Thomas Ballard. (Albemarle Co., VA Deeds, Book 3)

10 Mar 1763 Matthew Mullins deeds to William Maupin for 10 pounds, 190 acres on the south side of Moorman River. Witnesses: Thomas Maupin, Thomas Ballard (Albemarle Co, VA Deeds Book 3)

8 Jun 1763 Nathan Woods of Albemarle Co. deeds to Joseph Woods of same (his son) 100 acres on north side of Moormans's River, a branch of the Rivanna, part of a tract patented to Woods 25 June 1747. Wit: Robert Harris, Matthew Mullins, Gabriel Maupin, William Maupin (Albemarle Co., VA Deeds Book 3 pp 315,316)

11 Aug 1763 son Thomas identified as a child by a deed from his father

11 Aug 1763 Daniel Maupin, planter, deeded to his son, Thomas Maupin, 490 acres adjacent to the grantor and to Grubb Creek (Albemarle Co., VA Deeds Book 3, page 322)

11 Aug 1763 Daniel Maupin deeded to his son, Daniel Maupin, Jr, 150 acres where he lives, adjacent to the river (Albemarle Co., VA Deeds Book 3, page 323)

11 Aug 1763 Daniel Maupin deeded to his son, John Maupin, 150acres where he lives adjacent to Daniel Maupin (Albemarle Co., VA Deeds Book 3, page 324)

11 Aug 1763 Daniel Maupin deeded to his son-in-law, Robert Miller, planter, 137 acres where Robert Miller lives (Albemarle Co., VA Deeds Book 3, page 325)

18 Jun 1765 Daniel Maupin, John Mullins, Jr, William Maupin, and Connerly Mullins witness the will of Robert Harris of Albemarle Co, VA (King page 16)

bef 1788 DAR: A075691; SAR: 91831/36540; Service: VIRGINIA; Service Source: Abercrombie & Slatten, VA Rev Pub Claims, Vol 1, p15; Service Desc: Furnished supplies; Rank: PATRIOTIC SERVICE [DAR Patriot Index p 444;
VA Historical Magazine, Vol 8, pp 216-218; Albemarle Co, VA p 140 by Woods; Gwathney, VA In The Revolution, p509]

26 Aug 1788 Daniel Maupin makes his will. Probated 9 Oct 1788
Wife: Margaret
Sons: Gabriel, John, Daniel, William, Zachariah, Jesse
Exrs: John Maupin and his son Daniel Maupin and Moxley Ewell
Wits: William Jarmin, Lewis Davis, James Cave (King274 page 34)

Daus: Mary Mullins, Jean Ray, Margaret Miller

In the name of God, Amen. I Daniel Maupin Senior, of Albemarle County, being in a low state of health, but of perfect mind and memory, leave this my last will and testament: I give and bequeath to my lawful wife, Margaret, all of my estate, real and personal, during her widowhood. And I give to son,
Gabriel Maupin, an equal part of my estate; and I give to my son Thomas, an equal part of my estate; and I give to my son, John Maupin, an equal part of my estate; and I give to my son Daniel Maupin, an equal part of my estate; and I give to my son, William Maupin, an equal part of my estate; and I give to my son, Zachariah Maupin, an equal part of my estate; and I give to my son, Zachariah, five pounds extraordinary more than the rest of my children; and I give to my son Jesse Maupin an equal part of my estate; and I give to my daughter, Mary Mullins, an equal part of my estate, and I give to my daughter, Margaret Miller an equal part of my estate; and my desire and will is, if there cannot be an equal division of my estate between my sons and daughters, that my estate may be sold at public auction and the money equally divided amongst my sons and daughters, and this being my last will, I hereby appoint my son John Maupin, his son, Daniel Maupin, and Maxey Ewell executors of this my last will. In witness where I have hereunto set my hand this 26
th day of August 1788.

Daniel X
Maupin Senr
William Jarman
Lewis Davies Junr
James Cave

At a Court held for Albemarle County 9th day October 1788
This last will & testament of Daniel Maupin Senr was produced into Court & proved by the oaths of William Jarman & Lewis Davis Junr two of the witnesses thereto & ordered to be Recorded & probat of the same was granted to John Maupin Daniel Maupin & Maxey Ewell Exors therein named who gave Bond & Security according to law.
John Nicholas CC
W.L. Maupin, Clerk

Children verified by the will of Daniel, probated 1788 Albemarle, VA. [They have usually been attached to the Methodist Church, a Daniel Maupin being the original trustee of Austin's or Bingham's Meeting House, and another Daniel and his wife Hannah in 1834 giving the ground for Mount Moriah, near Whitehall (name established about 1835), which indeed for many years commonly went by the name of Maupin's Meeting house.]

20 Apr 1788 Daniel Maupin died (age 88) at Charlottesville, Albemarle, Virginia; buried at the yard of their old homestead, in the family cemetery, White Hall, Albemarle, Virginia (one source says he died 20 Sep 1788) ["at his seat in Whitehall, Albemarle Co, VA, near Dan Maupins property, leaving a wife and upwards of 200descendants," AbsVaNewsp: VIC 22 Oct 1788.

9 Oct 1788 Will probated at Charlottesville, Charlottesville, Virginia

1788 Daniel Maupin, Thomas Maupin, Daniel Maupin, John Maupin, Jr., Daniel Maupin, Jr., Cornelius Moping, Mathey Mopin, John Maupin, Gabriel Maupin, Gabriel Mullens, and Zacharias Maupin signed a "Petition from Albemarle for Emission of Paper Money" (William and Mary, 2nd series, 2:213). By the way, I listed here just those named Maupins or Mullins, by whatever spelling.

22 Mar 1789 Margaret VIA died (age 87) at Charlottesville, Albemarle, Virginia (one source says Apr 1789); buried at the yard of their old homestead, in the family cemetery, White Hall, Albemarle, Virginia (Moorsman River)

29 Oct 1835 Pension Register in Kentucky, p. 247: Margaret MAUPIN pension for Daniel – sergeant $30.00 for 3 Feb 1833 (doc) this is NOT my Daniel but rather Daniel grandson; and a 2
nd one Margaret MAUPIN for Thomas – Private $15.00 25 Feb 1833 (doc) this is Thomas MAUPIN grandson of my Daniel