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Thomas RIDLEY (1685-1767) m. Mary STROUT (1687-1760)
s/o Captain Mark Ridley (est 1650-1685) and Elizabeth RAMSAY (1643-1711)
d/o Christopher Strout (1655-1714) and Sarah Pike (1655-1716)
p/o James RIDLEY (1717-1797)

1685 Thomas RIDLEY born [Son of Marke, was presumably born at sea in 1685, when his parents were on their way to New England. Tradition claims he was a seaman and master of vessels. -- RIDLEYS OF TRURO, MA p 536] [Said to have been born while his parents were on board ship bound for New England; may have been a ship captain, lived in Truro MA. Children: Mary, Ann, Ann, Ann, Thomas, James, Sarah, John, Mark, Thankful, Betty, Deborah] Father Mark RIDLEY age 26 died at sea 1685 off Truro]

28 Jan 1687 Mary STROUT born at Pamet (Truro), MA

3 Aug 1708 Thomas RIDLEY and Mary STROUT married at Eastham, Massachusetts [
Descendants of Edward Small has marriage date 3 Aug 1708 (Mayflower Descendant, 4:30). History of Ancient Rydales gives wife's name as Mary Smalley. Arlene Ridley has marriage date 3 Aug 1708. [MA Vital Records confirm married and names (2doc)] [one source says 7 Aug 1707]

12 Mar 1708 Mary RIDLEY born at Pamet, Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts; baptized 7 Jan 1728 at Truro, MA; married 13 Feb 1729 at Truro, MA to Nicholas Sparks (est 1704- )

1711 Thomas RIDLEY’s mother Elizabeth RAMSAY died age 67 at Essex, MA

17 Mar 1711 Ann RIDLEY born at Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts; died 16 Aug 1712 at Truro, Mass.

19 Jul 1713 Ann RIDLEY born in Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts; Baptized: 8 May 1737 at Truro, Mass; married Peleg Fish (1703-Abt 1779) on 5 Nov 1735 at Truro, Mass.

9 Jul 1714 Mary STROUT’s father Christopher STROUT died at Truro, Barnstable, MA age 58

3 Dec 1715 Thomas RIDLEY born in Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts; Died: 1776 at Truro, Mass.; Cause of Death: smallpox; Buried: Old North Cemetery, Truro; Baptized: 27 Mar 1737 at Truro, Mass; married Elizabeth Cook (1718-1792) Abt 1737

6 Feb 1716 James RIDLEY born in Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts; Baptized: 27 Mar 1737 - Truro, Mass; Died: 14 Jul 1797 - Harpswell, Maine; Cause of Death: lightning strike; Buried: - Cranberry Horn Cemetery, Great Island, Harpswell; married (1) Ruth Small (1719-Bef 1753) 30 Mar 1738 - Truro, Mass; (2) Mary Smalley (1721-1798) 17 Sep 1753 - Truro, Mass. ["He resided in his native town till the year 1752, when he removed to Great Island, Harpswell, Me. (then colony of Massachusetts), where he settled and became the progenitor of the numerous families of the name in that State, except a small branch of the Ridlon family who now spell their name identical with this family, and hence great confusion was occasioned between the two. Mr. Ridley located at a place on the island since called "Ridley Point." He owned extensive lands, and carried on farming and fishing. He was a daring woodman and bold hunter; spent much of his time trapping along the eastern rivers, and could find his way through a trackless wilderness in any direction. He married, secondly, Sept. 1753, to Mary Bocey or Bacey. He was killed by lightning at Harpswell." (
History of the Ancient Ryedales and their descendants in Normandy, Great Britain, Ireland, and America from 860 to 1884 Comprising the Genealogy and Biography for about one thousand years for the Families of Riddell, Riddle, Ridlon, Ridley, Etc. Ridlon, G. T. Manchester, N.H., Published by the author, 1884 p. 537]

25 Oct 1716 Mary STROUT’s mother Sarah PIKE died at Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland, Maine age 61

10 Apr 1720 Sarah RIDLEY born at Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts; died aft 1800; Born: 10 Apr 1720 - Truro, Mass; married Henry Dyer (1717-1798) 18 Sep 1739 - Falmouth, Maine

6 May 1722 John RIDLEY born in Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts; died 1736; Buried: - Old North Cemetery, Truro

23 Aug 1724 Mark RIDLEY born in Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts; married Phebe Dyer (1724- ) 30 Jan 1746 - Truro, Mass.

25 Nov 1726 Thankful RIDLEY born in Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts; Baptized: 8 May 1737 - Truro, Mass. Died: 12 Jun 1796 - Harpswell, Maine; married Taylor Smalley (1716-1812) 15 Sep 1742 - Truro, Mass.

16 Jan 1728 Betty RIDLEY born in Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts; Baptized: 3 May 1737 - Truro, Mass; married (1) John Lombard (1727- ) 10 Feb 1763 - Truro, Mass. (2) John Hatch (1726-Bef 1757) 15 Sep 1748 - Truro, Mass. (3) Thomas Varril (est 1725-Bef 1763) 15 Jul 1757 - Truro, Mass.

13 May 1731 Deborah RIDLEY born in Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts; died abt 1811 at Gorham, Maine; Born: 13 May 1731 - Truro, Mass.; Baptized: 8 May 1737 - Truro, Mass.; married Samuel Newcomb (Abt 1732-1806) 12 Aug 1758 - Truro, Mass.

13 Apr 1736 Thomas RIDLEY and Mary listed as resident of Truro, MA in MA Vital Records (doc)

1760 Mary STROUT died (age 80) (some sources say 28 Aug 1767-SAME DAY?)

28 Aug 1767 Thomas RIDLEY died (age 82) at Truro, Branstable, MA; buried at Old North Cemetery, Truro, Barnstable, MA. [Gravemarker: (photo)
In Memory of
of Truro
Died Aug'st 28th 1767
in the 82d Year
of his Age