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Jean (John Jay) du PUY (1656-1732) m. Petronitje SWAIM (1686-1725)
s/o Nicholas de PUY (1625-1691) and Catryntje de Vos (1630-1705)
d/o Barent Tysen SWAIM (1644-1708) and Magdalena Jans MORGAN (1648-1707)
p/o Magdalena du PUY (1699- )

18 Feb 1663 Father Nicholas du PUY and family immigrated to New Netherlands (New York) from France on the ship
Purmerland Church; “with him his wife Catryntje De Vos, dau of Reynard, and their two sons John and Moses. John was born about 1657, and married twice, first to Elizabeth Tysen, and second to Petronella Swaim. John made his will 1 May 1725 on Staten Island”
Passengers of the 1662 voyage of DE PURMERLANDER KERCK (THE PURMERLAND CHURCH) sailed from Sailed from Amsterdam October 12, 1662; Captain Benjamin Bartense; Arrived at New Amsterdam February, 1663
Claes Paulusz. From Ditmarsen, and wife
Nicolaes Du Pui from Artois, wife and 3 children ages 6, 5 and 2
Ernou Du Tois from Ryssel, wife and child 14 years old
Gideon Merlitt, wife and 4 children ages 15,8,6 and 4
Louis Lackman wife and 3 children ages 6,4, and 2
Jacques Cossaris, wife and 2 children ages 5 and 1 ½
Jan de Conchilier
Jan Bocholte, wife and 5 children ages 13, 9,8,4 and 1
Jacob Colff from Leyden, wife and 2 children ages 5 and 3
Judith Jansz., maiden from Leyden
Carsten Jansen
Ferdinandus DeMulder
Isaac Verniele, wife and 4 children all over 20 years
Abelis Setskoorn
Claes Jansen Van Heyningen

5 Sep 1657 Jean du PUY born at Leiden, Netherlands (one source says 1656, another says 5 Feb 1663 at at Paris, Île-de-France, France) [Other marriages: (1) Elisabeth THYSZEN 1675 in NJ; (3)?? Jannetje Hendricks WILSTSIE 1681 at Harlem, NY; (4)?? Geertruytje JANSEN in 1692 at NY] (wives #3 and #4 may not be correct) [Netherlands, Baptism Index for Leiden, Netherlands says his birth was here; Erfgoed Leiden en Omstreken; lists his parents as Nicolas du Puy and Catherine Renard-] p.141 (doc)

1675? Jean du PUY and Elizabeth THYSZEN (1665-1692) married at Middletown, Monmouth Co., New Jersey

9 May 1661 Petronltje SWAIM’s father Barent Tysen SWAIM immigrated on ship St. Jan Baptiste with wife and three children to Staten Island: BARENT SWAIM (THYS BARENTSEN) was born 1644 in Leerdam, Holland, Utrecht Section, and died 1719. He married MAGDALENA JANS 1664 in or 1665 (or bef 1661). Father frequently referred to as "Barnt Tice" or "Barn Tiss,

nd son John du PUY (PEW) born, probably at Middletown, Monmouth, NJ: John Du Puy also named a son John in his will, but it is clear that his son John was in some way an invalid, living in his father's home and probably unmarried: "I leave to my son John £5, and the use of the north-west chamber of my now dwelling house during his life, and also his board, firewood, pasturing and a horse, and such attendance as his bodily infirmities may require." NOTE: There is another John du PUY during this period, son of Jean du PUY’s brother Francis: Francis Du Puy of New Amsterdam, Staten Island, and Westchester Co., New York, probably the brother of Nicholas, had a son John also. John Du Puy was baptized at the New Amsterdam Reformed Church in NYC: "1674 May 20; Francois Dupuy, Geertie Willems; Jean; Hans Kierstede, Margariet Hardenbroeck."But this John Pew/Depew went to Haverstraw, New York, married Jannetje Wiltsee and died there in 1722. See The New York genealogical and biographical record, Volume 32, page 144: "Jean (John), baptised in New York May 20, 1674. The sponsors at his baptism were members of two prominent New York families, viz.: "Mr. Hans Kierstede and Margariet Hardenbroeck." John went with his father to Haverstraw, where, on April 16, 1701, the records of the Tappan Church say he married Jannetje Wiltse, widow of Myndert Hendrickse (Hogencamp). She was the mother of a family of children baptised in New York as follows: Hendrick, 1682; Jan, 1685; Margrietje, 1687; Marten, 1690; Anna, 1693, and Myndert. A younger-child, Barbara, was baptised in 1700 at Tappan, who later became the wife of Edmond Concklin. The census of 1702 credits "John D' Puy" as of Haverstraw, with wife "Janneken," and six children under sixteen years of age, evenly divided as between boys and girls. These children were clearly Hogencamps; but before the year closed John added one to the family, and probably the only child he could call his own. He named her Geertje in remembrance of his mother. She was baptised at Tappan, October 14, 1702, and on January 1, 1720, married John Concklin, brother of Edmond, who had married about the same time her half sister. John and Edmond were sons of Nicholas Concklin of Kakiat, Rockland County, who had but recently moved from Eastchester, Westchester County, where he had lived for many years." Jannetje Wiltse was baptised at Kingston, New York, January 7, 1663, the daughter of Hendrick Martensen Wiltse, who afterward became a resident of Newtown, Long Island. In the census of Orange County, year 1712, "John Pew" and wife of Haverstraw, had but two children living at home, a boy and a girl, both under sixteen. John was a surveyor of land, and established many land-marks and lines locally in Rockland County. In 1722 he acquired a tract of Orange County land, some 1250 acres of the "Evans Patent." With this transaction we lose sight of him."

31 Mar 1676 Petronltje SWAIM’s father Barent Tysen SWAIM: 1676, Mar (31) -- Description of survey of lot at Staten Island at Karle's Neck at the Fresh Kill laid out for Barne Tisen, 94 acres. (Calendar of Land Papers, 1643-1803, pg. 12 from original at Albany.1:72.) RFB.

29 Sep 1677 Petronltje SWAIM’s father Barent Tysen SWAIM received land patent: 1677, Sep 29 - Patent granted by Governor Andros to Barne Tysen, as laid out at Karles Neck at the Fresh Kill, Staten Island, adjoining land of Thomas Morgan, the commons and land of Wolford Prall, recorded Nov. 29, 1681 (SIHS Cy of Liber at Albany, Patents 5:49) see copy in illustrations (p. 34) of Bayles: "History of Richmond County - p. 124," which shows a facsimile of original patent granted to BARNE TYESEN in 1677, and copies of Bayles pgs. 125 and 126 which contain the text of the patent. 1677, Sep. 29 -- The patents granted to Thomas Morgan and Wolford Prall name Barne Tison's property as adjoining theirs.(SIHS Patents 5:52). The following has been copied from pages 125 and 126 of Bayle's History of Richmond County.It is the text of the patent granted to Barent Tyson - (Swaim) by Gov. Andros in 1677.
"This Following Pattent for a Peece of Land Lyeing att Karles Neck att the Fresh kill on Staten Island Granted to Barne Tysen being Omitted to be Recorded when Granted is Now entred att the Request of the said BARNE TYSEN this 29th day of Novembr. 1681.
"Edmund Andros Esqr. Seigneor of Sausmarex Lievt. and Governor Generall under his Royll. Highs. [Highness] James Duke of Yorke and Albany &c of all his Terretorys in AmericaWhereas by Virtue of my Warrant yr. hath Been Laid out for BARNE TYSEN a Certaine Peece of Land Lyeing at Karles Neck at the Fresh Kill upon Staten Island being in Bredth by the Meadow side fforty and five Rods Ranging South East two hundred Eighty and fouer Rods Being Bounded to the Southwest by the Land of Thomas Morgan to the South East by the Commons and to the North East by the Land of Wolford Proll with tenn Acres of Salt Meadow fronting to the said Land and fouer Acres of Fresh Meadow upon the Hills in the Reare of the neck Conteining in all Ninety fouer Acres as by the Returne of the Survey undr [under] the Hand of the Surveyor:Doth and may appeare Know Yee that by vertue of his Maties [Majestie's] Letters Pattents and the Commission and Authority unto me Given by his Royll Highs [Highness] I have Given and Granted and by these Presents Doe hereby Give and Grant unto said Barne Tysen his Heires and Assigns the afore recited Peece of Land and Premisses with their and every of their Appurtenuces [appurtenances].To have and to hold the said Peece of Land and Premisses unto him the said Barne Tysen his Heires and Assignes For ever hee making Improvemt thereon according to Law and Yeelding and Paying therefore Yearly and every Years unto his Royll Highs [highness] use as a Quitt Rent one Bushell of Good Winter Wheate unto such Officer or Officers as shall be Empowred to Recieve the same.Given under my Hand and Sealed with the Seale of the Province in New Yorke this twenty Ninth Day of September in the 29th Yeare of his Maties [majestie's] Reigne Annoq Domini 1677.
The Meadow to be proporconable [proportional] with the Rest of the Inhabitants.
SS/ E. Andross
"Examined by be
"Matthias Nicolls Secr.
I do hereby Certify the aforegoing to be a true
Copy of the Original Record Compared there
with By me.
"Lewis A. Scott, Secretary" [property at "Karles Neck" remained in the ownership of Barent's descendants for many, many years. Map of Staten Island of today, it will be seen that Karles Neck was located in the area of Richmond Avenue where it crosses over Richmond Creek on the west side. Maps show the patents of Wolfert Parall and John Martline - when Joe Mulane was a boy, he remembers during the late 20's and early 30's, that there was a very big farm market located in the general area where the dividing line of the two patents appear. On a Saturday and Sunday, his mother, as well as many other people from all over the Island, used to shop at this market obtaining fresh produce, much of which was grown in the overall area of these patents. Whether the farm market was owned by a descendant is unknown.
Also, across Richmond Avenue, from today's present Mall, where the city dump is, which eventually is supposed to become a park, is where the old Staten Island Airfield stood, a grass field with an old weather beaten wooden hanger.Joe, as a teenager and unknown to his mother, used to take flying lessons from a Staten Islander by the name of "Danny Boone," who went on to become an "Ace" in WII.A friend of his mother, descendant of another early Staten Island Family -- the "Ellis Family," while passing by on a Saturday afternoon, saw Joe alight from an airplane that had just landed and no one else was in the plane. She informed his mother of the incident and that was the end of his flying days. However, in those days, Joe was not aware that this field comprised part of a land grand to a great grand-father (Barent) had originally received as a land patent.]

Bef 1678 Petronltje SWAIM’s father Barent Tysen SWAIM married Magdaelna JANS [their son Matthys was baptized in New Utrecht on 14 July 1678, the sponsors being Wolfered Jansz and Adriaantje Van Deventer.] [It very well could be a possibility that Magdalena Janz was his second wife, but it is also a possibility that she was his only wife. If we consider that Magdalena was 16 when she married Barent, and they were married in 1664, she would have only been 30/31 years of age when their son Johannes was baptized, thus lending credence to the possibility she was his only wife]

Bef 1678 Petronitje SWAIM born at Staten Island, Richmond, New York (some sources say 1686)

27 Jan 1680 Petronltje SWAIM’s father Barent Tysen SWAIM and Magadelna JANS had son Johannes who was baptized this date [Barent's son Johannes, was baptized at New Utrecht on 27 Jan 1680, the sponsors being Tyse Barendsz and Susanna Rauns. Thus, this was the son baptized in 1680, not an Abraham, Cornelius or a David. The three sons of Barent, son of Thys, so far as it is known, were:1 - "Unknown"; 2 - Matthys; and 3 – Johannes] ["Great Bible" was left to Johannes]

1681 Petronltje SWAIM’s father Barent Tysen SWAIM recorded his cattle mark [Dr Stillwell, page 22 of his Volume 1, Historical Miscellany] [Earliest List of cattle markes show "Barn Ties Marke with two hapenes in the underside of ech ear." (NJMis p. 22)

13 Oct 1684 in Middletown, NJ: John Pecs [Pew?] his Ere Marke is two halfe penies Under the Left Eare and one halfe peny Under the Right Ear" (John E. Stillwell,
Historical and Genealogical Miscellany, Vol 2).

26 Jun 1688 Petronltje SWAIM’s father Barent Tysen SWAIM: 1688, June 26 -- Woford Yanson Prall, in mortgaging his property to Pawles Richards, describes his land as being bounded on the east by land of Barrent Tison and to the west by the Fresh Kill. (RCD B:102).

1692 (1) wife Elizabeth THYSZEN died, probably at Middletown, Monmouth, NJ

1699 dau Magdalena du PUY born at Staten Island, Richmond, New York; died at Shrewsbury, Monmouth, New Jersey; married Thomas GRIGGS in 1718 at Staten Island, Richmond, New York

1 Nov 1700 The first clear reference is a property transaction with his father in law: "1700, Nov. 1. Thomas Whitlock, of Shoal Harbor, Middletown, yeoman, sold to his son-in-law, John Pew, for a competent sum of money, one hundred acres of land lying at Shoal Harbor."

13 Mar 1701 Petronltje SWAIM’s father Barent Tysen SWAIM: 1701, Mar. 13 -- Barent Tyse and Teunis Egbertse, with the consent of the Dutch Congregation, conveyed to Louis DeBois "Our House at the head of the Fresh Kills, and the plancks thereunto belongtin which formerly was built for the Dutch Congregation."(L&D 435)This was probably the house of the voorleezer and services may have been conducted in it.) (KSR)

10 Jun 1703 Petronltje SWAIM’s father Barent Tysen SWAIM: 1703, June 10 -- John Depuy and his wife Peternell (Swaim) deeded to Mattise Swaim of Staten Island, land at Carles Neck at the Fresh Kill on the rear of said Depuys' land and running the line of Barnt Swames land southeast 142 rods, 20 acres of upland plus 2 1/2 acres of salt meadow front to said land of Gov. Andros' patent 1677. (RCD B:498)

1706 son Nicholas du PUY born at Staten Island, Richmond, New York; died 1782 at Staten Island, Richmond, New York

1707 son Barent du PUY born; died in 1788

1707 dau Elizabeth du PUY born; died in 1733 [Susannah’s husband Zegar Decker was about 1709 in Staten Island NY. He was Catherine’s brother and his parents were also Matthew De DECKERS and Aefte Eve MESSECAR. He first married Elizabeth Depuy (b ~. 1712 in Staten Island, New York – d. 1733.) and had one child Eva (b. 1730 – d. bef. 1733). Elizabeth’s parents were Johannes De Puy (1655 – 1732) and Petroneltje Swaim (1686 – 1725)

1711 Petronltje SWAIM’s father Barent Tysen SWAIM: On page 144 of "
Staten Island and Its People" by Leng & Davis, the authors stated the following: "The wars with the French and Indians continued to take Staten Islanders from their homes. From English Mss. pp. 387 and 429, Colonial Series I, pp 447-448, 547-549, a complete list may be compiled; the following are among them in 1711: John Marlett, Barent Tyce, Charles Marshall, Steven Hooper, Daniel Cooper, John Van Roomer, Henry, Daniel and Peter Perrine, Peter and Jacob Poillon." {NOTE: Several Mistakes about Barent: First, There are 3 Barents— (1) Barent, son of Thys; (2) Barent, son of Barent's (1) Unknown Son, and (3) Barent, son of Johannes, the youngest son of the first Barent. Second, Barent (son of Thys), participated in the Expedition Against Canada in 1711: a gross mistake has been made connecting the original Barent as the one who left Staten Island for Albany to make this expedition, and, that this in turn, furnishes the answer to the first two questions. We believe that those who associated the original Barent as having made this expedition, had failed to take into consideration his age in 1711.In the year 1711, Barent, son of Thys, would have been sixty five years of age (65). Better theory: that Barent of the 1711 Expedition was Barent, grandson of Barent and son of the "Unnamed Son." The 1706 Census gives us the clue -- the granddaughter Elizabeth is shown living in the household of the Grandfather Barent and there is a boy, Barent, also shown as being in the household. All we know about the boy, Barent, is that he was under 16 years of age, otherwise, he would have been shown with the men. To have participated in the 1711 Expedition, we would have to believe that as of the 1706 Census he was probably close to being fifteen or sixteen, and that he was probably born c. 1690.Thus, for the 1711 Expedition, he probably was of the age of 20 or 21 years. Third, some say Barent married a Maria Kroesen and they being the parents of sons named Abraham, Cornelius and David. Leng & Davis' book, pgs. 18, 19 and 20: “Barne Tysen married Maria Kroesen in 1672, received the aforementioned grand of land in 1676 and had his cattle mark recorded in 1681, his three sons, were: Abraham, Cornelius and David; one of them baptized in 1680. (Thys Barendz being a witness)."

26 Dec 1712 Petronltje SWAIM’s father Barent Tysen SWAIM: 1712, Dec. 26 -- Matteus Decker of Richmond county with the consent of his wife Eve deeded for 80pounds to John De puy of the same, 20 acres plus 3 1/2 acres of salt meadow, being one fourth of a fourscore acre tract on Carles Neck at Fresh kill, bounded southwest by land of Barent Tison and southeast by the rear quarter of peter Praal's land. (RCD C:98)

13 Apr 1713 Petronltje SWAIM’s father Barent Tysen SWAIM: 1713, Apr. 13 -- Peter Prawll with consent of his wife Althrea deeded property to John Carshrone, description being bounded southeast by meadow of Anthony Tic and adjoining meadow of Barne Swaime. (RCD B:606)

1714? Jean du PUY and (2) Petronitje SWAIM married at Staten Island, Richmond, New York

14 Dec 1717 Petronltje SWAIM’s father Barent Tysen SWAIM: 1717, Dec. 14 -- Peter Prall of Richmond Co. yeoman deeded for 48pounds to Johannes Sweam of the same, yeoman, 20 acres which is now in occupation of said Johannes Sweem which is the quarter part of 80 acres on Karles Neck which said 80 acres was granted by Gov. Andros to Wolford Prall by patent Sept. 2, 1677; also one fourth of salt meadow belonging to said fourth share; which premises is the southeast fort part of said 80 acres and is bounded west by John Dupuy, north by Lambert Garnson; east by William Wiljar and south by land of Barent Tyssen alias Sweem; etc.(RCD C:144).

1718 dau Maria du PUY born at Staten Island, Richmond, New York; died 21 Feb 1766

7 Sep 1719 Petronltje SWAIM’s father Barent Tysen SWAIM: The following is the Testamentary Deed of Barent: 1719, Sep. 7 -- Barent Swame of Richmond Co., yeoman for love and affection toward my loving son Johanes Swame of the same, deeded one lot in Richmond Co. on Carrels Neck where he now lives on and all my salt meadow and all buildings & improvements thereon, my Great bible I give and bequeath unto my son Johannes Swame, my best hors belonging to the farm, my wagon & plow and all its plow tackling, and I leave him two iron Wiges (wedges?) and two Caetel and one splitting knive; signed (his mar) Marke of Barent Swame; witnesses Francis bodin and peter praal. (RCD C:140) [In the testamentary deed C:140, which is also a will, Barent names only his son Johannes, his youngest and the only son to have survived him. There is no reference to his wife Magdalena or any daughters, if he had any and Magdalena apparently having died prior to the 1706 Census. Their children, unless at some future date further documentation is uncovered to prove there were others, based on documentation is as follows:
See:9.i Unnamed Son, 10. ii Matthys, 11 iii. Johannes.
It is our belief that all the children were born of Magdalena Jansz; considering if she were 16 at the time Barent married in 1664/65, she was 30/31 at the time of Johannes baptism, thus it is within reason she could have been the only wife and mother of the children. If she were a second wife, the "unnamed son" had to be of a first marriage and his mother is an unknown. We realize there is a thirteen (13) year spacing between 1665 and 1678 when Matthys was baptized, thus bringing forth the possibility of six (6) children having been born during this time frame who did not survive. This then can also lend weight to a possible first marriage. We must take into consideration the conditions and hardships these first families were confronted with which contributed to the early demise of many and there is no doubt but that the infant mortality rate was high. It has been alluded to that Barent had a daughter Elizabeth, though no proof of her existence has emerged; and while we do not contest such a possibility, we state the Elizabeth and the boy Barent of the 1706 Census are his grandchildren and the children of the "unnamed" son.
Baptism: December 1644, Leerdam, Holland, Utrecht Section. His mother's (Peterke Jans) name is not shown as the entry had been squeezed in at the bottom of the page.
Emigration: May 09, 1661, Shown on as 15yrs of age on the passenger list of May 1661, in the De St. Jan Baptist (The St. John Baptist), Captain Jan Bergen, but based on his baptismal record, he was actually 16 years 5 months of age in May 1661, the time of the passenger list.]

1722 dau Petronella du PUY born at Richmond, New York; died at Steuben, Richmond, New York

1 May 1725 Jean du PUY made his will on Staten Island: John Du Puy also named a son John in his will, but it is clear that his son John was in some way an invalid, living in his father's home and probably unmarried: "I leave to my son John £5, and the use of the north-west chamber of my now dwelling house during his life, and also his board, firewood, pasturing and a horse, and such attendance as his bodily infirmities may require."

1732 dau Catherine du PUY born

nd son Moses du PUY born

nd dau Mary du PUY born

15 May 1725 Petronitje SWAIM died at New York

14 Jun 1732 Jean du PUY died at Staten Island, Richmond, New York; will probated