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Jan Teunis Van MIDDLESWARTH (1654-1742) m. Catalyna Teunis BOGAERT (1657-1679)
s/o Teunis Denyse MIDDLESWARTH NYSSEN (1615-1663) and Phabea SALES (1626-1685)
d/o Teunis Gysbertse BOGAERT (1625-1699) and Sarah Joris RAPALJE (1625-1685)
p/o Teunis Van MIDDLESWARTH (1682-1742)

1638 Jan Teunis Van MIDDLESWARTH’s parents immigrated to NY [SCHQ, Vol. VII, p. 225. DRC New Amsterdam Banns Registration on 2/11/1640 lists: Theunis Nyssen, jm van Bunninck, Uytr; Phaebea Faelix, jd van Jarleston, in Engelt. "Teunis Nyssen may have emigrated as early as 1638, from Bininck or Bennekom, in the Sticht of Uythuyzen; a village near Arnhem in the province of Gilderland, in the Netherlands (containing 212 houses and 900 inhabitants,) and died prior to August, 1663. According to the records of the New York Dutch church, he married 11 Feb 1640, Phabea Faelix, of Jarleston, England, who is known on other records as the widow of Hendrick the boor, who may have used the surname of Faelix. Phabea or Femmetje was the daughter of [footnote cont'd on page 99] John Seals, an Englishman from Devonshire, written Jan Celes on the Dutch Colonial Records, who came to New Amsterdam from New England as early as 1638, at which date he was a planter on Manhattan Island. Seals married Maria Robberts or Robertson, Femmetje being his only child of whom we have any account." [From The Bergen Family by Teunis G Bergen, Albany, NY, 1876, in the footnote beginning on page 98:20] "Teunis Nyssen emigrated from Bunnick, Province of Utrecht, Holland, about 1638. He settled at New Amsterdam and there married Femmetje Jans, widow of Hendrick the Boor and daughter of Jan Seales of New Amsterdam." (Reminiscences of New Utrecht, p. 124 ). Note: "Data establishes that Teunis Nyssen's family was intimately intertwined with the Polhemus family which migrated from the Dutch colony at Itamarca, Brazil, to Flatbush, New York (also known as Midwood, hence the surname Middlewout taken by some offspring) in 1654. All of the sources that I know of (and there are several) that relate to Denyse Teunisen De Nyse and his brother Jan Teunis Van Middleswart, all give April 12, 1654 as the date of Denyse and Jan's baptism, not the date of their birth. It is therefore quite possible that Teunis Nyssen, who came to New Amsterdam in 1638, and removed to then Brooklyn (Flatbush), later removed to the Dutch Colony at Itamarca, Brazil, but returned to New York in 1654 along with Rev Polhemus and his family. "To see if this is consistent with known data on Teunis Nyssen's activities in New York, I checked all my sources on him, and found the following. The last of his children to have been baptized in New York before Densye and Jan was Femmetje Teunise DeNyse on April 3, 1650. The "First Record Book of The Society of the Daughters of Holland Dames" (1907) lists known land patents received and public offices held for all the very early Dutch immigrants. For Teunis Denyse (Nyssen ) they list the following: "From Bunnick, Utrecht, 1638 Patentee under Gov Kieft, 1647 Patentee at Gowanus, 1654 Freeholder in Vlissingen, 1655 Magistrate of Breuckelen, 1658-1661 Member of the Dutch Church, Breuckelen, 1660. "This list shows that between 1647 and 1654 there is no position held in New York, and no land grants. Combining this with the gap from the April 3, 1650 baptism of his daughter Femmetje Teunise DeNysein at New Amsterdam, and the next New Amsterdam baptisms of his sons Denyse and Jan on April 12, 1654, we are left with a period of time from Apr 1650 to Apr 1654 where there is no record of Teunis Nyssen being in New York. "It is therefore plausible that Teunis Nyssen went to Itamarca Brazil, where his sons Denyse and Jan were born, sometime after April 3, 1650, then returned to New York in 1654 where he baptized his two sons Denyse and Jan on April 12, 1654.

15 Mar 1654 Jan Teunis Van MIDDLESWARTH born at Brooklyn, Kings, New York [
Register of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island New York says 12 Apr 1654] Jan Teunise VANMIDDLESWAERT was born on 15 Mar 1654 in New Amsterdam (now New York, New York, USA). He Baptised at Dutch Church of New Amsterdam on 12 Apr 1654 in New Amsterdam (now New York, New York, USA). He died in 1742 in Somerset Co, New Jersey, USA.(863) Jan was an Elder at the organization of the First Reformed Church of Raritan (Somerville) in 1699, and afterward was a member of the legislative House of Assembly. He emigrated to America in 1638. He adopted the VanMiddleswart name shortly after 1700 while living in Somerset Co NY. NOTE: His brother Denyse DENYSE Teunissen was born on 15 Mar 1654 in New Amsterdam (now New York, New York, USA). He Baptised at Dutch Church of New Amsterdam on 12 Apr 1654 in New Amsterdam (now New York, New York, USA). He was bought land in Flatbush and was resident there when he took the Oath of Allegiance in 1687. He Census Info "Denys Teunisse" had five children and was the owner of five slaves in 1698 in Kings County, New York, USA. He died in 1713 in The Narrows, New York Harbour, New York, USA. He was a Master Carpenter; Ferryman (ran a ferry in Brooklyn by the Verrazano bridge). [From Cortelyou Genealogy, by John Van Zandt Cortelyou, p.83:21] On 11 Oct 1685, "Helena Corteljou, w. of Nyss Theunissen" was received upon confession into membership of the Flatbush Reformed Church, by Domine Selyns. (Flatbush Church Records, State Library, Albany). Denyse Teunissen was a master carpenter. He bought land in Flatbush in 1687 and was a resident there when he took the oath of allegiance. His name appears on the Flatbush patent of 1685. After his marriage to Helena, Denyse Teunissen removed to property which she owned in the Najack tract at the Narrows. Denyse is said to have owned land also at Yellow Hook and on Staten Island. According to an unconfirmed statement, Denyse may have resided on Staten Island for a time and while there held the office of Justice of the Peace. [Baptism record at DRC of NA/NY on 12 Apr 1654; Theunis Nyssen; 1 Nys, 2 Jan; Jan Evertszen Bout, Albert Corn. Wantenaer, Willem Bredenbend, Mr. Paulus Van der Beeck, Aeltje Cornelis, Grietie Jans Took the oath in Brooklyn in 1687. Moved to Raritan, NJ about 1690. Elder at the First Reformed Church of Raritan in 1699. Member of the legislative House of Assembly from Raritan in 1704. Later changed his name to Van Middleswart. SCHQ, Vol.VII,P. 226 Was named Teunis Middelswart at baptism of nephew, Denys Tunison in 1708, at Raritan.]

4 Apr 1656 Catalyna’s mother Sarah Joris RAPALJE filed a court petition indicating she was burdened with seven children after the death of her first husband Hans Hansen BERGEN in 1654 (
The Bergen Family, p. 73). She remarried Teunis BOGAERT on 19 Aug 1654 in Kings, NY. Catalyna was her second child from this 2nd marriage.

19 Aug 1654 Teunis Gysbertsen BOGAERT came into possession of 160 ac in Brooklyn from Han Hansen BERGEN’s estate through his wife Sarah Joris RAPALJE.

16 Dec 1657 Catalyna Teunis BOGAERT born at Kings, New York

16 Nov 1679 Jan Teunis Van MIDDLESWARTH and Catalyna Teunis BOGAERT married at Flatbush, Kings, NY (doc) (one source says Lewis, NY)

Aft 1679 son Jan Van MIDDLESWARTH born at Kings, New York [Jan (with no birth or baptismal record) who married ca 1720 Pierterneltje Bogaert, the dau of Gysbert Bogaert and Jannetje Van Arsdalen.]

5 Aug 1680 dau Femmetje Van MIDDLESWARTH born at Kings, New York; died 25 Aug 1706 at Hillsborough, Somerset, New Jersey; married Peter DUMONT on 25 Dec 1700 [Femmetje Jans, bp 5 Aug 1680, married Peter Dumont (as his 1st wife) who was baptized at Kingston 20 Apr 1679 [Hoes B#180], the son of Walrandt Dumont and Margaret Hendricks. Peter and Femmetje were residing in Somerset Co by abt 1699/1700.] {Baptism doc states parents are Jan Tuniz and Catalina Tunis Bogard and sponsors as Tunis Gisbert Bogaert and Sara Joris Rapalje (doc; Book 72)

16 Jul 1682 son Teunis Van MIDDLESWARTH born at Kings, New York; died 1742 at Somerset, Somerset, New Jersey; married Susanna BEEKMAN in 1712 at New York, NY [Teunis Jansen, bp 16 Jul 1682, m. Adriaentje (???). I see no evidence of this marriage, but I do show him married to Susannah Beekman, bpt at the NY DRC in 1694 as follows: 25 Nov; Marten Beeckman, Neeltje Slingerlant; Susanna; Jacob Bennet, Geesje Liewens.]

1 Feb 1684 dau Sarah Van MIDDLESWARTH born at Kings, New York; died abt 1760 at Raritan, Somerset, New Jersey; married John BROKAW in 1704 [Sarah Jans, bp 1 Feb 1685, m. John Brokaw abt 1704. He was bpt 14 Nov 1680, the son of Bourgan Brokaw and Catherin LeFevre (prob Flatbush)]

1686 Jan Teunis Van MIDDLESWARTH bought land in Middlesex Co, NJ with his brother Cornelius and his brother-in-law Jeronimus Rapalje. Cornelius sold his portion of the land back to Jan in 1699 (
Colonial Families of NJ; also shows deed for this land)

1687 Resided at the Wallabout, taking the oath of allegiance in Brn in 1687

abt 1690 Jan Teunis Van MIDDLESWARTH changed his name from Jan Teunise Nyssen to Van Middleswarth at about the same time as he moved his family to Somerset, NJ (Raritan)

1699 Elder at the First Reformed Church of Raritan in 1699

19 Sep 1699 son Abraham Van MIDDLESWARTH born at Brooklyn, Kings, New York; died 1742 at Somerset, Somerset, New Jersey [Abraham, bpt 19 Sep 1699, the first of the family records in Raritan: [SCHQ II:40] Thuenissen, Jan and wife--Abraham. Witnesses: Cornelis Thuenisse and wife.

1704 Removed to the Raritan, N. J., where his descendants, the same as those of his brother Cornelis, adopted Tunisen as their family name, dropping that of Denyse. In 1704 he was a member of the Assembly of N. J.

1704 he was elected to the House of Representatives of New Jersey, serving in the Second Assembly in 1704 and the Third Assembly in 1710.

Abt 1707 Catalyna Teunis BOGAERT died at Somerset, Somerset, New Jersey

1708 Name was changed from Tunisen to Middleswart at about the time of baptism of nephew Denys Tunison in 1708 in Raritan, NJ

22 May 1723 Jan Teunis Van Middleswaerd bought a house and lot at Brooklyn Ferry. This land may have been originally owned by his brother Denys: The person who bought land at the Brooklyn Ferry in 1723 was probably from the Denys Denyse baptized 1654 family, which is Jan Van Middleswaert 1654's twin brother. Denys Denyse married Helena Cortelyou, and her father Jacques left land to her. Helena left the land to her son Jacques Denyse. Then he left the land to his son Denys Denyse. Jacques' son Denys Denyse was the one that ran the Ferry from Brooklyn to Staten Island.

1742 Jan Teunis Van MIDDLESWARTH died at Somerset, Somerset, New Jersey