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Benjamin BOLLING (1754-1819) m. Sara Talitha HANCOCK (1764-1805)
s/o Benjamin Bolling (1734-1832) & Martha Phelps (1737-1767)
d/o James HANCOCK (1730-1796) m. Elizabeth RANDALL (1725-1787)

25 Apr 1754 Benjamin BOLLING born in Randolph (Albemarle), VA [From "From Pocahontas to the Bollings and Krimms" by James Lawrence Jr.: "Benjamine Bolling Jr. was born April 25, 1754 in Albermarle County, Virgina. He seems to be the oldest of seven children born to Benjamine Bolling Sr. and his wife Patsy Phelps. Benjamine Jr. was married to Sarah (Sally) Hancock in Spottsylvania County, Virginia in 1775. Sarah was born in Pennsylvania about 1759 and died in Randolph County, North Carolina in 1805. In 1784, we find them in Randolph County, North Carolina where they acquired 400 acres of land. They erected a home and spent their remaining years there. They reared a family of four daughters and six sons..."]  [oldest of 12 children]

1755 brother William Bolling born in Henrico Co, VA 

9 Jan 1756 brother John Bolling and brother James Bolling born in Henrico Co, VA 

1757 brother Robert Bolling born 

22 May 1758 brother Jesse Bolling born in Orange Co, NC 

1761 brother Joel Bolling born 

1764 brother Delaney Bolling born in Rowan Co, NC 

4 Nov 1764 wife Sarah Talitha Hancock born in Somerset, PA [8
th child of 10; 4th dau] [Quaker Meeting Records for Uwchlan MM confirms birth date and parents names (doc)] [one source says 1759]

28 Apr 1766 sister Hannah Bolling born in Salisbury, Rowan, NC 

1767 sister Elizabeth Bolling born in Rowan, NC 

8 Mar 1767 mother Patsy Phelps (Felts) died in Rowan Co, NC 

1768 Father Benjamin Bolling and Charity Larrimore married in VA

1770 half-brother Levi Bolling born 

1772 Benjamin BOLLING and Sarah Talitha Hancock married in Spotsylvania, VA [one accounts say marriage was in Pittsylvania Co, VA] [Benjamin was a primitive Baptist preacher]

1772 daughter Sally Bolling born 

1772 half-sister Charity Bolling born 

10 Sep 1776 son Benjamin Bolling born in Greenbriar, Chesterfield, VA [m. Prudence Callicoat 1801 in Randolph, NC] [Prudence's father was Wm Harrison Callicoat and her mother was Prudence Bolling, of Virginia.]
1776 half-brothers Baxter Bolling and Barnett Bolling born 

abt 1776 Benjamin BOLLING and Sarah Talitha Hancock move to Randolph Co, NC  [Rowan near Sarah’s and Benjamin’s kin on Little River near the Montgomery-Randolph county line]

1778 daughters Susan Bolling and Rhoda Bolling born in Randolph, NC [Susan m. Aaron Robinson in 1825] [Rhoda born about 1778, may have married a Garret or Jarret, or may never have married. We have an account in which she returned to the home place near Seagrove, NC with a child named Ladicie Bolling born after 1807, and she and her brother Garner are said to have raised the child. This child married William Cagle in 1826.]

abt 1778 daughter Sarah Bolling born in Randolph, NC [m. Benjamin F Page] [The Page family was also intermarried with the Randolph family before coming into Randolph County, NC. Benjamin Page was involved with the children of Lardicie and Martin Cagle, and left many land records in Randolph County.]

1779 daughter Betsy Bolling born in Randolph, NC 

1780 son John Bolling born in Randolph, NC [m. Lucille Randolph abt 1792 in Randolph, NC] [Lucille's parents may be Thomas Randolph of Montgomery County, who lived nearby.]

11 Feb 1780 half-brother Jeremiah Bolling born in Hillsboro, Randolph, NC 

7 Feb 1782 sons William Bolling and Jeremiah Bolling born in Randolph, NC 

1784 Benajmin Bolling
acquired 400 acres of land in Randolph County, erected a home and spent their remaining years there. 

1784 sons Isham Bolling and Justice Bolling born in Randolph, NC 

1785 son Christopher Bolling and daughter Talitha Bolling born in Randolph, NC [Talitha born about 1785 married to Samuel Graves. The Graves family had marriage connections into the Randolph family of Virginia.]

??1785 Tax List Randolph Co, NC [Genealogical Journal Of The Randolph County Historical Society North Carolina, Volume II, No. 2, 1978, Winter, Page 21 (doc)]

1787 son Isaac Andrew Bolling born in Edenton, Chowan, NC [m. Mary Coltrane] [They returned to Virginia at one time, and may have stayed there.]

1788 son Gardner Bolling born in Randolph, NC [Gardner born about 1788, is said by one account to have never married, and by another to have married and his wife died in child birth, and that he is the parent of Ladicie or Dicy who married to William Cagle in 1826. In the 1850 census, Gardner Bolling is living with William Cagle, and Dicy is dead. We have no idea of which account may be correct, or if Rhoda or Gardner is the parent. The William Cagle who married Dicy Bolling in 1826 was the grandson of Henry Cagle.]

28 Feb 1788 son John BOLLING born at VA; married Tabitha Dorcas REDDING on 15 Dec 1820 at Randolph, NC

1790 daughter Dicey Bolling born in Randolph, NC [Lardicie born 1790, married to Martin Cagle Senior on 15 Sep. 1810. Martin's father is Henry Cagle Senior, who owned a Mill. Henry Cagle Senior had eight sons, and several daughters, and five of his children or grand children intermarried with Bollings. Some of the Bolling females where from the lineage of John Bolling. Martin Cagle Senior and Lardicie had 9 children, one of whom; Isham Cagle born 1819, married to Hannah Dunlop in 1841. I have a lot on this lineage if anyone is interested. There is information in the Mongomery County, NC, Heritage Book, page 78, "The Family of Isham Cagle."]

1790 Federal Census Randolph, NC - Benjamin BOLLING: [Males <16=3; Males 16+=1; Females=5] (doc) 

1796 son Mark Bolling born in Randolph, NC; married Anne Graves

1800 Federal Census Salisbury, Rowan, NC - Benjamin BOLLING: [Males <10=1; Males 26-44=1; Females <10=2; Females 16-25=1] (doc) 

1801 son William Bolling (2nd) born in Randolph, NC [m. Sally Burchfield] [William married to Nancy _____, had a son named Decator Bolling.]
1805 Sara Talitha HANCOCK died in Seagrove, Randolph, NC 

1810 Federal Census Randolph, NC- Benjamin BOLLING: [Males 10-15=1; Males 26-44=1; Females <10=1; Females 10-15=1; Females 16-25=1; Females 26-44=1; Females 45+=1] (doc) 

1819 Benjamin BOLLING died in Seagrove, Randolph, NC 

7 Aug 1820 Federal Census Lebanon, Russell, VA- Benjamin BOLLING: [Males <10=1; Males 45+=2; Females 26-44=1; Females 45+=1; Engaged in Agriculture=1] (doc) 

1830 step mother Charity Larrimore died in Flat Gap, VA 

20 Jan 1832 father Benjamin BOLLING died in Flat Gap, VA