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Mosias JONES 1721-1808 m. Elizabeth ROGERS 1728-1808
s/o Mosias William JONES (1695-1728) and Lucy FOSTER (1697-1750)
d/o Robert ROGERS (1690-1739) and Susannah PARKS (1692-1785)
p/o Lucy Sarah JONES (1745-1829)

31 Mar 1721 Mosias JONES born Albemarle (??), VA [There is limited information concerning Mosias Jones. In Vol. 7 of the
Lineage Book of the Daughters of the American Colonists, p, 277, Mosias Jones was married 1st to Lucy Foster and 2nd to Elizabeth (--), and he was the father of Foster Jones. Incorrect: Lucy was his mother and wife of his father Mosias] [Tradition in the Harris family of colonial Albemarle Co. VA is that the wife of Foster Jones was Mourning Harris. No documentation is presented in the DAC book, but some dates were given. (Lineage of Mrs. Virginia Field Walton Brooks, born in Jonesboro, Arkansas.) Foster Jones is reportedly the son of an older Mosias Jones who married 1st Lucy Foster (1697-1750)] [one source says 25 Mar 1721 at St Peters, New Kent, VA]

21 Mar 1727 Elizabeth ROGERS born at St Peters, New Kent, Virginia

Feb 1745 Mosias JONES and Elizabeth ROGERS married in Louisa, Louisa, Virginia

1745 son Mosias JONES born at Albemarle, Virginia, and died ABT 1812 at Estill, KY. He married Elizabeth or Betsy BAXTER. He married Elizabeth MILLER.

1745 dau Lucy JONES born in Henry, Virginia. She married Jesse MAUPIN ABT 1765, son of Daniel MAUPIN and Margaret VIA. He was born 1738 in Hanover, Virginia, and died 1 Oct 1827 in Milford, Madison, Kentucky. She died 1829 at Franklin, VA

25 Jul 1746 Another Virginia abstracted land patent reads: Land Patent Book 24, p. 304 Mosias Jones, 200A, Pr. George, N.side of Stoney Crl, above Cedar Island to Chamberlaynes Bed (p. 305) 25 Jul 1746. (J. Philip Bowry III, "Virginia Land Patent Book 24, 1745-1746,"MAGAZINE OF VIRGINIA GENEALOGY, Vol. 26, No. 3, August 1988, p. 306)

1746 In 1746/47 Christopher Harris patented land. Patent Bk 28: Christopher Harris, 350 acs. Louisa, under the foot of ragged Mountains and on both sides of a West fork of Rockey Cr. on the Goochland Line [N65 degrees W] on a ridge, adj. Mosias Jones & James Merideth

28 Nov 1750 An indication of the approximate location of the land of Christopher Harris in Louisa, VA is found in this entry in Fredericksville Parish Vestry Book: P. 35: [ca 28 Nov 1750] "Ordered that Mosias Jones and Christopher Harris do procession all the lands on the up[p]er side of Buck mountain Creek and a Cross Moormans river to the Coty. Line and up the Same to the Ragged Mountains and under them to Brown's road and down the Same to Buck Mountain Creek." (Rosalie Edith Davis, FREDERICKSVILLE PARISH VESTRY BOOK, 1742-1787, VOL. I [Manchester, MO: privately printed, 1978], p. 3

1750s Mosias JONES land deed to John Moore Albe., VA Book 7 Page 526

abt 1751 Jones was a neighbor of Christopher Harris the elder in Albemarle, VA ca. 1751. He was a witness to several deeds in 1762 and 1763. But earlier there is this processioning order: At a Vestry Held for Fredericksville Parish ye 23rd Sept. 1751 [present was Robt. Harris as one of the vestry) Pursuant to an Order of Louisa Court dated ye 27th Aug. 1751 it is Ordered that the parish of Fredericksville be divided into precincts for Processioning as follows: Ordered that Mosais Jones and Christopher Harris do procession all the lands on the uper side of Buck mountain Creek and a Cross Moormans river to the Coty. Line and up the Same to the raged Mountains and under them to Brown's road and down the Same to Buck Mountain Creek -- (Rosalie Edith Davis, FREDERICKSVILLE PARISH VESTRY BOOKS,1742-1787, Vol. 1 [Manchester, MO, 1978] p. 38)

abt 1752 Mosias JONES moved to Albermarle, VA

24 Jun 1752 A similar order involving both men was again ordered by the court dated ye 24th day of June 1752. (ibid, p. 51) Albemarle was formed from Louisa, and in Louisa, we find that Mosias Jones patented land: Patent Bk 31-231: Mosias Jones, 400 acs. Louisa Co. on both sides the S Fork of Rocky Cr.; 24 Oct 1752. 40 Shill. (Virginia Genealogical Society, MAGAZINE OF VIRGINIA GENEALOGY, Vol.31, No. 2, p. 146)

1752 Mosias JONES Patent land in Albemarle, VA

27 Mar 1753 William (M) Keaton Margaret (X) Keaton Wit: John Hawkins, David Watts, John (X) McCauley 27 Mar. 1753 acknowledged by William Keaton. George II to Mosias Jones, David Milles, Gentlemen Justices of Louisa Co. Power granted to take acknowledgment of Margaret Keaton, who is so impotent that without great Danger of her body she cannot travel to the Court of our County.

20 Apr 1753 20 Apr. 1753 By virtue of this writ we have examined sd. Margaret, wife of William Keaton, who acknowledged her right of dower. Mosias Jones, David Mills (Rosalie Edith Davis, LOUISA COUNTY, VIRGINIA DEED BOOKS A AND B, 1742-1759 [Bellevue, WA 1976] p. 84)

1753 son George Webb JONES born at Virginia; d. April 13, 1816, Madison, Kentucky. He married Mary HARRIS, daughter of Christopher HARRIS and Mary DABNEY. She was born10 Jun 1757 in Albemarle, Virginia. He married Nancy REYNOLDS.

1754 son Foster JONES born at Virginia (probably Albemarle or Greenbrier); d.1814, Madison, Kentucky. Dec. 3, 1796. Foster Jones and wife, Mourning (nee Harris) conveyed to Margaret Black, of Woodford County, 37-3/4 acres on Otter Creek; married Mourning HARRIS 22 Feb 1775 in Greenbriar, Virginia, daughter of Christopher HARRIS and Mary DABNEY. She was born 4 Jun 1754 in Albemarle, Virginia, and died ABT 1812 in Madison, Kentucky.

Abt 1754 son Thomas G JONES born at Augusta, Virginia, and died in, Bourbon, Kentucky. He married Lydia HOLDER 25 Nov 1812 in Madison, Kentucky. She was born 14 Oct 1794 in Clark, Kentucky, and died 1833 in Lexington, Kentucky.

1755 son William Thomas MOSIAS born at Greenbrier, VA or Frederickville Parrish, Albemarle, Virginia, and died 4 Sep 1839 in Boone, Missouri. He married Lucy HARRIS 2 Feb 1790 in Madison, Kentucky, daughter of Robert HARRIS and Nancy GRUBBS. She was born ABT 1770 in Albemarle, Virginia, and died BEF 1839 in Boone, Missouri.

Abt 1756 son John JONES born at Virginia, and died bef Jan 1808.

1759 Mosias JONES was made a Church warden of Belvoir church, Fredericksburg parish, Able., VA

Abt 1760 dau Frances JONES born at Virginia. She married Thompson HARRIS.

bet 1761-1771 Mosias JONES was Sheriff and then justice of the peace

13 May 1762 Albemarle Co. DB 3-158: Christopher Harris to Saml. Karr, Augusta, for 65 pds., 331 acres both sides S fork Rockey Creek adj. Henry Bunch, Morias [Mosias?] Jones. (Rev Bailey Fulton Davis, THE DEEDS OF AMHERST COUNTY, VA, 1761-1807, AND ALBEMARLE COUNTY, VA, 1748-1763. [Easley, SC: Southern Historical Press, 1979], p. 54)

Abt 1762 dau Elizabeth JONES born at Virginia. She married DAVERSON.

1 Apr 1763  Mosias Jones warrant to ____ ___ to survey 700ac in Johnston Co, on S side of Little River and on both sides of Galesbranch, adj HARRIS TYNER and Jones own line....granted 9 Jan 1761Misc. Land Office Papers-NC State Archives #4701; Mosias Jones entry, 700ac in Johnston Co, NC 700ac pn Sside of Little River and on both sides of Gails branch, adj Jones own line & HARRIS TYNER. Misc. Land Office Papers-NC State Archives #4700

19 Apr 1763 son Roger MOSIAS born at Albemarle, Virginia, and died 9 Jan 1836 in Fayette, Kentucky. He married Rebecca BOONE 6 Feb 1787 in Kentucky, daughter of Samuel BOONE and Sarah DAY.

8 Jul 1763  Mosias Jones plat, 391ac in Johnston, NC on S side of Little River and on both sides of Gails branch, adj William Anderson Fowler, HARRIS TYNER, and ROBERT CADE. CC Godfrey Fowler, Charles Thomson. Misc. Land Office Papers-NC State Archives #4702

Abt 1765 dau Ann JONES born at Virginia, and died AFT 1806.She married Achilles GARRISON.

21 Nov 1768 A subsequent deed, same deed book, pp. 132-133, dated 21 Nov 1768, Christopher Harris to Thomas Grubbs, both of Albemarle. The tract of land was 77 acres on both sides of Moremans River. Fairly exact measurements are given. Witnesses were Mosias Jones, Higgason Grubbs,Tyree Harriss, Robt. Harriss and signed Christopher Harriss Senr Agnes Harris relinquished her dower rights at Albemarle Sept court 1769. (Ruth and Sam Sparacio, DEED ABSTRACTS OF ALBEMARLE COUNTY, VIRGINIA1768-1770 [McLean, VA: 1990], p. 69)

1 Apr 1769 Rex v. Mosias Jones. A motion to be made next court for sheriffs arrears for 1764. To defend it on behalf of Bennet Henderson (Albemarle).

25 May 1769 Matthew Mullins & Mary his wife of Albemarle Co. deed to Clifton Rodes of Louisa Co. for 120 pounds 223 acres on the branches of Moorman's River. Wit: Mosias Jones, Christopher Harris, Thos. Grubbs (Albemarle Deed Book 5 pp169, 70) 298 Woods describes this property as being at the foot of Buck's Elbow. (Woods 295p. 307).

14 Mar 1770
The King v. Mosias Jones late sheriff of Alb. A motion for taxes in arrear for the year 1764. I am to appear in behalf of Robert Clarke (Bedford) an undersheriff. He gives me a certificate under the hand of the clk. of the number of insolvents he retd. that year which must be credited in his judgmt. Also defend him as to interest.

14 Nov 1771 From Albemarle Co. Deed Bk 5: 14 Nov 1771 Christopher Harris and his wife Agnes Albemarle County of one part and William Crawford of the said County for ... pounds current money of Virginia 350 Albemarle Co. under the foot of the Ragged Mountains and both sides of a West Fork of Rock Creek ... in Mosias Jones's line, adj James Merridiths line to a corner in Goochland Co. line, West Fork of Rockey Creek to the first station. Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of Bennet Henderson Robert Miller. Christopher Harriss Thomas Maupin Minian Mills Agness Harriss Recd of the within named William Crawford the sum of Forty pounds current money of Virginia which is the consideration money in this Deed mentioned Received per me.

Abt 1772 dau Sarah JONES born at Kentucky, and died ABT 1844 in Randolph, Missouri. She married Henry BURNAM Jr. 20 Sep 1792 in Madison, Kentucky, son of Henry BURNAM and Mary Ann CARSON. He was born ABT 1769 in Wake, North Carolina, and died ABT 1845 in Randolph, Missouri.

9 Nov 1780 Deed dated 9 November 1780, between David Mills and Thomas Ballard, 350 acres in Albemarle Co. conveyed to said Mills by Mosias Jones, by deed dated 30 September 1779. No witnesses. Recorded November 1780, Albemarle Co. Va. Deed Book 1, p. 498.

Bef 1780 Mosias JONES went to Greenbrier, VA, sold land in Albe., VA to David Mills, 9/30/1780 ( deed book 7 p495-496)

1782 Mosias JONES Patriotic Service: Ancestor #: A036942
Child/Child :  LUCY  / [1] JESSE MAUPIN     Add Volume:  714
Birth:  3-21-1721    NEW KENT CO VIRGINIA
Death:  ANTE 5-2-1808     MADISON CO KENTUCKY
Service Description:  1) RECOMMENDED TO COMMISSION OF PEACE, 1782

1782 Mosias JONES listed in Virginia State enumeration for Greenbrier County.

1786 Mosias JONES named on Tax List for Greenbrier, VA with all sons.

19 Mar 1789 Mosias JONES Granted land in Greenbrier, 130 acres in the BigLev els area deed book 2 page 643

aft 1790 Madison Co., KY Mosias JONES sold a 130 acres of land in Greenbrier, VA to James Kincaid deed book Page 643

1780-1790s Mosias JONES Land Purchase owned land on Caney Fork of Otter Creek 4mil es E. of Richmond, KY

1792 Mosias JONES appears on a Madison County tax list with a slave, two horses and four cattle on 100 acres of land.

Apr 1795 A deed from Burton to Zebulon and Bedent Beard for 200 acres was proved in open court by witnesss Hamilton Kyle and Mosias Jones Davidson and ordered to be registered. Another deed for 50 acres was also proved and registered. Recorded in Buncombe Co, NC County Court.

1796 Jones family moved to Madison Co., KY by 1796, based on land sales in Greenbrier Co., VA. Daniel Boone moved to Femme Osage District of Missouri in 1795, when it was a Spanish possession, part of upper Louisiana. He lived in that area until he died in 1820 at the age of 86. William Jones and family moved to Boone Co., MO in 1824. Tyre Harris started buying land in Boone Co., MO in 1826. Roger Jones, the brother of our William Jones, married Rebecca Boone, the niece of Daniel Boone.

1 Oct 1796 Mosias Jones executed a power of attorney to his son, Thomas Jones of Greenbrier County, Va. to convey 130 acres to James Kincaid. [From History and Genealogies, by W. H. Miller, Kentucky, 1907, Press of Transylvania Co., Lexington, Kentucky]

12 Aug 1800 Mosias JONES Sr listed on Madison KY Tax List, p. 157 (doc)

8 Jan 1808 Mosias Jones' will probated, May 2, 1808, at Richmond, Madison Co., KY, children: William Jones given land on Otter Creek, adjoining Isaac Newland, Lucy Maupin, Mosias Jones, Foster Jones, Frances Harris, Elizabeth Daverson, George Jones, Ann Gamison, Thomas Jones, Roger Jones, Sarah Curroum, and John Jones, witnesses, Martin Gentry, Moses Bennett and John Maupin. [From History and Genealogies, by W. H. Miller, Kentucky, 1907, Press of Transylvania Co., Lexington, Kentucky] [The probate records of Mosias II can be found at Family Tree Maker Online: Genealogy which seem to confirm the male names of Mosias’s children mentioned in the book Pioneer Families of Missouri. The authors only mentioned one female name, Rebecca, and apparently got that wrong. All the other female names listed came from the probate records. Mosias II appears to have been born in Albemarle Co., VA, moved to Greenbrier Co., VA, and then later moved to Madison Co., KY. He lived to be 87, so he had plenty of time for all of this. This is based on the birth places of his son’s wives, and the fact that everyone always kept moving west. The book claims that all of Mosias II sons served in the army during the Revolutionary War. The only thing that has been confirmed is that William Jones served in that war in 1778 and 1779, and in fact was at Valley Forge with General George Washington. In 1833 he was granted a pension of $43.33per year for his Revolutionary War service] [Will B A p437 Recorded 5/2/1808] [Estates Madison Co-Will Book A Jones, James] [Probate: 3 MAY 1808 in Madison Co., KY court records (book A Page 437)] [Exec of will William Jones, Roger Jones; Wittnesses: Martin Gentry, Moses Bennett, John Maupin] [(Researchers publication: MADISON COUNTY, KENTUCKY WILLS AND ESTATES,1785-1813 PLUS 1792 TAXPAYERS [Indianapolis, IN: Researchers Publications, n.d., p. 7)]

8 Jan 1808 Mosias JONES died at Richmond, Madison, Kentucky (4 Miles East of Richmond) (Gravemarker) ["The Richmond Cemetery Inventory of Burials has no listing for a Mosias Jones (1721-1808). If he is indeed buried in the Richmond Cemetery he would have had to have been reinterred after 1856 from another cemetery. This is because Mosias Jones died 48 years before the first burial occurred in the Richmond Cemetery in 1856. Most of the early records of the Richmond Cemetery are lost. After the Battle of Richmond Confederate soldiers broke into the cemetery office during their two month occupation and stole or destroyed the cemetery records up to August 1862. In early 1895, a fire in the cemetery caretaker’s house destroyed the cemetery records from 1862 to 1895. The locations of unmarked graves from 1856 to 1895 have therefore been lost. If Mosias Jones was re-buried in an unmarked grave in the Richmond Cemetery after 1856 its location would today be unknown."

Apr 1808 Elizabeth ROGERS died at Richmond, Madison, Kentucky