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William Thomas HILL (1675-1749) m. Mary Ann SPIVEY (1675-1770)
s/o James HILL (1636-1720) and Hannah HENCHMAN (1635-1720)
d/o Thomas B SPIVEY (1662-1728) and Mary Jane JONES (1664-1728)
p/o Mary Jane HILL (1715-1772)

24 Jul 1675 William Thomas HILL born at Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts

1 Jun 1675 Mary Ann SPIVEY born at Perquimans, North Carolina

1709 William Thomas HILL and Mary Ann SPIVEY married at Chowan, North Carolina [he first lived in Virginia in Nansemond County. He paid a tax on 150 acres of land there in 1704. Mentioned on the same tax roll are: Henry Hill, 175 acres, Thomas Spivey, 200 acres, George Spivey, 200 acres, and John Smith, 100 acres] [Family tradition says that William Hill came to America as a religious dissenter to practice his own beliefs.  William Hill patented 780acres of land in Chowan County, North Carolina.  This land was located between Bennett's Creek and Catherine Creek, and was later known as Little River.  The same area was settled by Quakers after the missionary, George Fox, journeyed through the swamps to preach to the settlers in the wilderness of NC.  The people met for worship in homes until gradually meeting houses were built in several areas. Most of the homes were built near waterways which provided the only means of transportation.  Families raised their crops, cut the forests, and sent their products by boat to other parts of the world.  Many had relatives living in the Caribbean islands. Ships captained by a family member would transport the goods to another trader in the family. Lumber, tar, tobacco, cotton, and other commodities were marketed in this way.  There were two William Hills in Antigua who may have represented one part of the chain.  One of these was willed 820 acres in Perquimans County by a Basil Sanders, a customs official.  It is a fact that in 1639 the master of the ship “The Blessing” (under charter to Edward Bennett) was a William Hill.  Another Bennett ship captain was John Chappell, ancestor of Margaret Chappell, wife of William Hill's son, Aaron.  In 1659 the “Blessing” was holding Quaker meetings when discovered by the local sheriff, John Hill.]

1 Jun 1690 son Jacob HILL born at Virginia; died 1760 NC; married Elizabeth BOGUE

1707 son Aaron HILL born at Pasquotank, North Carolina; died 30 Oct 1761 at Pasquotank, North Carolina; married (1) unk; (2) Margaret CHAPPELL; (3) Miriam OVERMAN in 1744 [from Prince George County, Virginia, whose family (the Chappells and the Hunnicutts) was undoubtedly known to the Hills before moving to North Carolina. The Chappells and the Hunnicutts were Quakers, and this is probably why Aaron Hill's family were of that religion.

1714-15 William Thomas HILL and brother Henry patented lands near each other in Perquimans Co, NC. Jacob Hill, “Lately of Virginia,” is mentioned with Henry and William as witnesses or neighbors in land deeds in 1718

1 Jun 1715 dau Mary Jane HILL born at
Pasquotank, North Carolina; died 23 Jan 1772 at Perquimans, North Carolina; married Thomas NICHOLSON on 7 Feb 1732 at Perquimans, North Carolina

5 Feb 1724 Perquimans MM lists William HILL (misc) at Perquimans/Piney Woods MM (doc)

1728 son Moses HILL born at Perquimans, North Carolina; died 1751 at Chowan, North Carolina; married Dorothy GRAY

23 Dec 1729 Father Thomas SPIVEY’s will in Chowan Co, NC lists dau Mary Jane [Sons: Jacob (plantation) and Benjamin, William and Thomas (12 pence and a Bible). Son-in-law: William Hill (90 acres land). Daughter: Mary Hill. Grandchildren: Jacob Spivey, Sarah, Mary and Susanah Hill. Other legatee: Marke Chapel. Executor: Jacob Spivey (son). Witnesses: William Westton, Robart Blanchard, Thomas Mansfield. Proven before Richard Everard.]

4 Feb 1735 Perquimans MM lists William HILL (misc) at Perquimans/Piney Woods MM (doc)

2 Feb 1736 Perquimans MM lists William HILL (removal) at Perquimans/Piney Woods MM (doc)

20 Feb 1736 Perquimans MM lists William HILL (misc) at Perquimans/Piney Woods MM (doc)

2 Jun 1736 Perquimans MM lists William HILL (misc) at Perquimans/Piney Woods MM (doc)

5 Nov 1736 Perquimans MM, p.53: “Friends appointed to inquire into life & conversation of Aaron” HILL (doc) [Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy Vol. I]

10 Jan 1750 William Thomas HILL died at Chowan, North Carolina one source says 1749) [
The Hill Family of Chowan County North Carolina by Anne L. McCarthy]

24 Mar 1752 William Thomas HILL’s Will:
The following will is presented here courtesy of Robert Hill
Proved Chowan Co, April Court, 1751
Transcribed by Robert F. Hill from the original documents located at the North Carolina State Archives in Raleigh, NC. WILL of WILLIAM HILL- 1751 - Chowan County NC
North Carolina | Chowan County | Know all men by these presents that I William Hill Husbandman of the place aforesaid being very sick and weak of Body but of Disposing mind & memory. Thanks be given to God therefor and Calling to mind the mortality of my Body & knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make & ordain these presents to Contain my last Will & Testament. Viz Principally & first of alle I give and recommend my Soul into the hands of God That Gave it & my Body to the Earth to be Buried in a Decent & Christian manner at the Discretion of my Executors hereafter named; and as Touching Such worldly Estate & Goods wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life I give Devise and Dispose of the Same in thef ollowing manner & Form - Viz.
First my will is that my Just Debts & Funeral Expenses be paid & Defraid by my Ex- in Convenient time after my Decease - Imprimus I give to my Grandson Aaron Hill Son of Moses Hill part of a Tract of Land which my Father in Law Thomas Spive Gave to me by his Last will &Testemt lying up a branch that issues ought of Cathern Creek above the Plantation where my son Moses Hill lived, & my Said Grandson to have that part joyning to the said Land belonging to his Father Moses Hill to be Bounded as Follows beginning at the mouth of a Small branch which is the first small Branch above the Fork of the main Branch on the East side & to be Divided by a parallel line across the other Branch which James Griffin lives on and my said C Grandson Aaron Hill to have that part adjacent to his own to him his Heirs & assigns for Ever - -
Item, I Give to My Grandson Robert Hill Son of Aaron Hill all the remainder of the above said tract of Land to him his Heirs & assigns forever
Item I Give to my said Grandsons Aaron & Robert Hill all the Residue of my woodland lands to be Eaqually Divided Between them & Aaron to have the South Side thereof to them their heirs & assigns for Ever -
Item I Give to my Daughter Rachel Hill one white mare in the woods. also one Cow & Two year old Heiffer, also one Feather Bed & pair of Sheets which have all gone by the name of hers, to her & her heirs for Ever
Item I Give to my Son William Hill my Hunting Gun; also all my wearing apparel - - Item I Give to my Daughter Sarah Barrow wife of Joseph Barrow senerone Large Brass kittle also one Ovel pine table being part of my Father in Law Thos. Spives Household Goods to her & her disposal - - Item I Give to my Grandaughter Mary Nicholson Daughter of Thos.Nicholson one Large Iron Pot, also one wooden Cubbord, being part of the Household Goods of the sd. Thos. Spive to her & her Disposal after the Decease of her mother Mary Nicholson - - C Item I Give to my well beloved Wife Mary Hill the use of all the Residue or Remainder part of my Personal Estate whatsoever during the term or time of her Natural Life & after her Decease to be Equally Divided amongst my Seven Children now living in the County of Albermarl Viz Aaron Hill Sarah Barrow Mary Nicholson Susannah White Leah Moore Rachel Hill & Ruth Davis and then to them & their Disposal - - Lastly I do hereby Appoint Constitute & ordain my loving son Aaron Hill & trusty Son in Law Thomas Nicholson Executors of this my Last will & Testament Hereby disanulling, Recoking & Disallowing all &every other Formes Will Testament Bequest or Executor before this time by me named willed or Bequeathed Ratifing & Confirming this & no other to by my last will & Testiment - - Signed Sealed Published Pronounced & Declared By the Said William Hill To be his Last Will & Testament In the presence of us the Subscribers This Tenth Day of the first month William Hill his mark {seal} Commonly called March 1750/51 Exet Qualified James Griffin Jethro Rabey his mark Jurat Ann Peters her mark North Carolina | Chowan County | April County Court 1751 Present His Magestys Justices These may Certifie that Jethro Rabey a subscribing Evidence to the within will appeared in open Court & made Oath on the Holy Evangelist that he was Present & saw William Hill Sign Seal Publish and Declare the within to be and contain his last Will and Testament and that the said William Hill was then and at that time of sound & Disposing Memory and that he also saw James Griffin and Ann Peters sign their names hereto the same ____ then appeared Aaron Hill [struck thru: & Thomas Nicholson] Executors Mentioned in said Will in open Court and took the Executors Oath in due form of Law / Order: that the Hon. Nath[?] Rice[?] Esq. Secretary of said Province have Notice thereof that Letters Testamentory Issue thereon as the Law Directs Test I CCravinces Letters issued March 24:1752 (doc) [WILL Abstract: Grandsons: Aaron and Robert Hill. Sons: William and Aaron (Executor). Son-in-law and Executor: Thomas Nicholson. Daughters: Rachel Hill, Sarah Barrow, wife of Joseph Barrow. Witnesses: James Griffin, Jethro Rabey, Ann Peters. Clerk of the Court: Jas. Craven.]

11 Dec 1770 Mary Ann SPIVEY died at Chowan, North Carolina