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Hans Johann Adam MOSER (1684-1771) or (1710 - ) m. Anna Marie Stehler BOEHM (1688-1763) or (1716- )
s/o Adam MOSER (1653-1700) and Maria STROBEL (1650-1694)
d/o Leonhard BOEHM (1642-1712) and Sophia PACIUS (1648-1722) or Rev Johann Philip Englehard BOEHM (1683-1749) and Anna Maria STAHLER (1687- )
p/o Anna Marie MOSER (1735-1894)

NEEDS WORK: Some researchers have confused Johan Adam Moser with a Hans Adam Moser (Mosser) b 18 Feb 1684 d 23 Aug 1770 who may have immigrated into Lancaster Co (later Lebanon Co) PA on the Ship "Molley" in 1727 since he also had a wife Anna Maria.
Rev Johann Philip Englehard BOEHM and Anna Maria STAHLER (1687- )
Anthony Boehm Moser\Musser b: 1735
Tobias Boehm Moser\Musser b: 1748 in Berks Co, PA
Anna Maria Boehm (Moser) Moser\Musser b: BEF 1759
Nicholas Boehm Moser\Musser b: AFT 1725
Henry Boehm Moser\Musser b: AFT 1725
Catherine Boehm Moser\Musser b: BEF 1759
Frances Boehm Moser\Musser
Elizabeth Boehm Moser\Musser
Per Cameron, came from Alsace to America on 9/11/1728 on the ship "Goodwill" with an unknown number of children. PA records indicate John Adam Musser and his wife, Anna Maria (Last name unknown) lived in Bethel Township, now Lebanon County PA. According to the "History of the Counties of Lebanon and Dauphin" victims of the last indian murders on 10/13/1758 included Hans Adam and Jacob Musser. The two were most likely father and son, or brothers.
According to "the Copenhaver Family of Smyth County, Virginia" by Mildred and Robert Copenhaver, John Adam Musser was born 9/8/1684 and died 1/8/1771 and is buried at Trinity Reformed Cemetery in Millardsville PA. Cameron believes this to be the same John Adam Musser listed in "Pennsylvania German Marriages" by Donna R. Irish. She states at stone at the above mentioned Trinity reads "John Adam Musser, Feb 18, 1684 - Jan 23, 1770. This John Adam Musser's wife was named Catherine Ramer.
Note: Evangelical Pfarramt, Langendiebach, Hessen, Germany by correspondence with Dr. K. Gunther, Kassel, Germany
Father: Joannes Georg MOSER
Mother: Anna Maria Marriage Anna Maria LANG
Married: 26 SEP 1724 in Ottersweier,Buhl,Baden-Wuerttembe,Germany
Sealing Spouse: 21 FEB 1974 in slake
Marriage 1 Anna Maria [--] b: ABT 1716 in Palatinate, Germany
Married: EST 1702/1729 in Germany 6
1. Jacob Moser b: ABT 1714
2. Hans Adam Moser b: ABT 1714/1715
3. Catharina Moser b: EST 1718/1720
4. Weirich Weierle Weyerly Weyrich Moser b: 19 Jan 1731 in Berks Co, PA c: ABT 6 Mar 1732/1733 in Muddy Creek Lutheran, E Cocalico Twp
5. Peter Moser b: EST 1731
6. Ann Mary Moser b: 13 Aug 1735
7. Nicholas Moser b: 19 May 1738 in Heidelberg, Lancaster, PA
8. Henry Moser b: EST 1739/1756
9. Elizabeth Moser b: EST 1739/1756
10. Daniel Moser b: ABT 1757
1. Title: Ancestral File Publication: CD-ROM: Pedigree Resource File - Compact Disc #24

8 Sep 1684 Hans Adam MOSER born at Strasburg, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France (one source says Grossulrichshausen, Middle Franken (now Bavaria), Germany) [DO NOT CONFUSE with Johann Georg Moser born 1684 who married Eva ECKERSWEILER bef 1718: Johann Georg Moser (1684) and his wife Eva Eckersweiler immigrated on the Ship,
Adventure in 1732 together with Georg's brother, Michael Moser, his wife Susanna and children: Simon, Jerack (Georg), Anna Barbara and Anna Maria. Also on the Adventure was their son Leonard Moser (1718-1782). Adam and martin Moser, who arrived on the ship James Goodwill in 1728. Leonard, Adam and Martin Moser are usually identified as sons of Johann Georg and Eva, however there isn't any proof. Moravian records from 1773, as well as a Davidson County, NC court deposition in 1837 by John Beck, age 77, support the notion that Leonard and Adam were brothers. (Information taken from the Moser Family Page, Faye Moran's website) [Tulpehocken Cemetery Burial lists show Adam MOSER birth and death dates (doc)]

1688 Anna Marie Stehler BOEHM born at Erlbach, Altotting, Bayern, Germany (one source says 1716)

1703 Hans Adam MOSER married Catherine Sachse RAMBLER in Germany [Tulpehocken Cemetery Burial lists show she is buried at Tulpehocken; no birth or death date, p.1110 (doc)]

1720 BOEHM family immigrated

1720 son Daniel MOSER born at PA; died 1844 at Wythe, VA

11 Sep 1728 Hans Johann Adam MOSER immigrated on the ship
James Goodwell (one source says 1723) (doc)

1731 son Peter MOSER born; died 1844 at Wythe, VA

19 Jan 1731 son Weirich Weierie MOSER born at Cocalico, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; died 28 Dec 1810 at Bern, Berks, PA; married Margaretha Barbara EPLER Mar 1757 at Lancaster, PA; served in Rev War

11 Mar 1734 Hans Adam MOSER listed in Lancaster, PA land warrant for 300 ac (doc)

12 Sep 1734 Adam MOSER listed with land warrant in Colebrookdale Twp, Philadelphia Co, PA [Became a portion of Hereford Twp., Berks Co., PA, when the Co was established in 1752]

9 Dec 1734 Adam MOSER listed with land warrant in Colebrookdale Twp, Philadelphia Co, PA [Became a portion of Hereford Twp., Berks Co., PA, when the Co was established in 1752]

1734 Hans Adam MOSER and Anna Marie Stehler BOEHM married at Hanover, York, Pennsylvania (one source says 1730) [Lancater Mennonite Vitral Records shows they were married and names of 9 children; also shows Adam MOSER as marrying again (3??) Anna Margaret HAIN (1748-1816) (doc)] [
We Are Mussers by Ron Hare and Carolyn Hare. Publication: Private Publication for 1997 Musser Reunion Note: Fair Repository: Note: Owned by R. Hall Call Number: Media: Book Page: 1]

1735 son Anthony MOSER born at Hereford, Berks, Pennsylvania; died 1795 at Carter, TN

3 Aug 1735 son Simon MOSER born at Tulpehocken, Berks, PA; died 2 Dec 1802 at Tulpehocken, Berks, PA

13 Aug 1735 dau Anna Marie MOSER born at Berks, PA; died 13 Aug 1804 at Heidelberg, Berks, Pennsylvania; married (1) Johann Michael RUTH 16 Sep 1760 at Tulpehocken, Berks, PA; (2) John BROWN; (3) Jacob GEIGER on 13 Aug 1804

1736 son John Adam MOSER born; died 1759

1737 son Francis MOSER born at Philadelphia, Delaware, Pennsylvania; died 1838

19 May 1739 Adam MOSER naturalized at Lancaster, PA:
PA Swiss and German Pioneer Settlers Annals of the Pioneer Swiss Palatine Mennonites of Lancaster Co 1732-1742 A.D. p.268-9; 1739 - Lancaster Co Ancestors Naturalized: May 19, of this year, the following, residents of Lancaster Co were naturalized . . . At the same time a long list of Germans or Swiss of Philadelphia were naturalized. They are as follows: Adam Moser appears on page 269

19 May 1738 son Johannes Nicholas MOSER born at Heidelberg, York, Pennsylvania; died 19 May 1824 at Berks, PA; married Elizabeth STAPLETON (??) 15 Aug 1786 at Berks, PA (2) Catherine LEY; (3) Margaret Ruth HAHN

1739 dau Elizabeth MOSER born at Philadelphia, Delaware, Pennsylvania; married Johannes Christian URICH

28 Nov 1739 dau Maria Catherine MOSER born at Bethel, Lebanon, Pennsylvania; died 1777 at Bethel, Lebanon, PA; married 1759 John Thomas COPENHAVER at Lancaster, PA (2
nd marriage: Tobias BICHEL??)

24 Dec 1741 dau Anna Philipena MOSER born at Berks, Pennsylvania; died 12 Jan 1780 at Guilford, North Carolina; married ___ CLAPP

1743 son John Adam MOSER born at PA; died 26 Jan 1823 at Chatham, North Carolina

1743 Adam MOSER made trip to Germany with father-in-law and returned on
Loyal Judith [Hermanus and Emrich BOTT and Jacob LAUCKS were also on this ship

2 Sep 1743 Hans Adam MOSER listed on passenger list of ship
Loyal Judith. (signatures does not look like the one from the James Goodwell passenger list in 1728) [John Philip Boehm and his son John Jr. were also on the Loyal Judith; this may explain (2) wife Anna Marie Stehler BOEHM

aft 1743 Adam MOSER received additional warrant for land in Philadelphia Co., but no evidence showing the land was ever purchased or recorded

7 Dec 1745 Hans Adam MOSER shown on land survey map for Fell’s, Kingston, and Plumpton Manors, 1735 Penn’s Proprietaries to Casper Wistar [317 ac next to land owned by Henry Koppenhaver, Leonard RAMBLER, George WEIRICH, … (doc)]

1745 son John Haus Black Lick MOSER born at Lancaster, PA; married Christina GOODMAN; died 26 Jan 1802 at Lancaster, PA

1748 son Tobias MOSER born at Berks, Pennsylvania; died 1837 at Fountain City, Fountain, Indiana

1 Mar 1749 Adam MOSER listed with indenture selling rights to John Philip's land (after he had died) to John Philip Boehm, Jr., which included names of daughter's husbands

22 Feb 1751 Adam MOSER witnessed will of Lorenz ZIVERNER/Zwirner

13 May 1751 Adam MOSER listed as witness on will of Lawrence ZIVERNER in Berks, PA: Berks Co Will Abstracts: ZIVERNER, LAWRENCE. Feb 22, 1751. Mentions children of George ROERBACK. "The bed that I have shall be given to the two maid childs and the loom with all the dools belonging to it I give to Andrew SINCKEL." Wit: Simon SHALLER, Adam MOSSER and Andrew SHINDEL. Adm. to George ROERBAUGH of Colebrookdale Township, May 13, 1751.

1753 John Adam MOSER listed on Heidelberg, Berks, PA Tax Assessment List along with Tobias BICKLE, Jacob RAMBLER, and John RAMBLER

8 Jan 1754 Hans Adam MOSER listed with land warrant for Lancaster, PA for 80 ac

1757 son Daniel MOSER born at Lebanon, Pennsylvania; died 1844 at Wythe, VA

13 Nov 1758 A different Hans Adam MOSER was killed by Indians in Bethel Twp, Lancaster, PA [listed in
US Newspaper Extractions from the Northeast Index of Obituaries 1704-1800, p.159]

18 Apr 1759 Adam MOSER sold 50 acres of land to Michael Moser

1 Mar 1760 son Johan Georg MOSER born at Neckarbischofsheim, Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany; died 17 Aug 1838; married Catharina Rosina KUBLER

2 Feb 1761 Adam MOSER sold remaining 176 acres to Henry Bortz and took as payment cash, a bond from Henry Bortz, and bond from Adam Bortz which were left with Philip Boehm of Philadelphia for collection. Moved to Stinking Quarter Creek in Orange Co., NC. Anna Maria probably died

4 Aug 1763 Adam MOSER made his will giving property to his seven children

22 Sep 1763 Adam MOSER took an oath of allegiance to the NC government

Nov 1763 Adam MOSER will was probated

1763 Anna Marie Stehler BOEHM died at Lancaster, Pennsylvania

1767 Hans MOSER listed as farmer and taxed for 90 ac at Brecknock, Berks, PA (doc)

1768 Hans MOSER listed as farmer and taxed for 90 ac at Brecknock, Berks, PA (doc)

18 Jan 1771 Hans Adam MOSER died at Hanover, York, Pennsylvania (NC Wills, Orange Co, Vol A, pp 25-27] (one source says 1763 at Orange Co, NC) (grave marker) [Tulpehocken Trinity Church, Myerstown, Lebanon, PA Cemetery Burial lists show Adam at grave #18] [Tulpehocken Trinity inscriptions. "John Adam Mosser born Feb 18, 1684, and died Jan 23, 1770. Married Catharine Ramer. The cemetery's oldest person."] MOSER birth date and death as 23 Jan 1770, p.1110 (doc)] [PA Wills for Lancaster County (doc)] [AN INDEX TO THE WILL BOOKS AND INTESTATE RECORDS OF LANCASTER CO, PA 1729-1850 INDEX to the WILL BOOKS OF LANCASTER CO, PA 1729 - 1850 page 34 Name: Mosser, John Adam Year: 1770 Book: Y Volume: 2 Page: 461 Wills of Lanc. Co. Pa written 5 Jan 1769 probated 18 Jan 1770 Musser, Hans Adam wife Anna Mary. Children: Nicholas, Henry, Anna w/o Michael Ruth, Catherine w/o Tobias Bickel, Peter, Jacob, Hans, Elizabeth, Daniel, and Weisley. Ex. Martin Heichold and Simon Koppenhefer Heidelberg twp. AN INDEX TO THE WILL BOOKS AND INTESTATE RECORDS OF LANCASTER CO, PA 1729-1850 INDEX to the INTESTATE RECORDS OF LANCASTER CO, PA 1729 - 1850 page 90 Name: Moser, Adam Year: 1769]

1779 Adam MOSER listed as taxed for 25 ac at Cocalico, Lancaster, PA (doc)

1782 Adam MOSER listed as taxed for 25 ac at Cocalico, Lancaster, PA (doc)

1784 The PA Archives > Series 3 > Volume XVIII > Return And Assessment For The Co Of Berks For The Year 1784.> 689 Brecknoc Twp. Mosser, Widow: 90 Acres, 2 Horses, 8 Cattle, 5 Sheep

25 May 1785 Adam MOSER listed with land survey in Berks, PA for 166 ac with C. ALBRIGHT (doc)

2 Aug 1786 Adam MOSER listed with land survey in Berks, PA for 100 ac (doc)