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Johannes LAMP 1727-1793 m. Susannah HAVEN 1727-1780
s/o Peter LAMP (1678-1752) and Becke SPETH (1672-1729)
d/o Moses HAVEN (1691-1743) and Sarah BRIDGES (1702-1750)
p/o Anna Catherine LAMP (1755-1824)

1727 Johannes LAMP born at Schönberg in Holstein, Plon, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

1727 Susannah HAVEN born Pennsylvania, Somerset, Pennsylvania

13 Jul 1729 Johannes LAMP’s mother Becke SPETH died at Stakendorf, Plon, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

19 Sep 1743 Susannah HAVEN’s father Moses HAVEN died in Framingham, Middlesex, Massachusetts

12 Sep 1750 Johannes LAMP immigrated to Philadelphia on ship Priscilla William Wilson, Captain, from Rotterdam [1750 Pa. Archives Second Series Vol 17 pp 322, 323] [A Collection Of Upwards Of Thirty Thousand Names of Beman Swiss, Dutch, French, And Other Immigrants in Pennsylvania From 1727 To 1776.Prof. I., Daniel Rupp, Philadelphia 1876 pp 240, 241, Sept 12, 1750,Ship Priscilla, William Wilson, Captain from Rotterdam, last from Cowes - 210 passengers. *** Johannes Lamb* The asterisk indicates name was written by clerk and not by individual. All passengers required to take oath of allegiance to Great Britain. Inasmuch as Johannes did not write this name himself it seem possible it should have been Lamp.]

1750 Johannes LAMP and Susannah HAVEN married at Lehigh, PA

1750 Susannah HAVEN’s mother Sarah BRIDGES died at Framingham, Middlesex, Massachusetts

abt 1751 dau EVA LAMP b. at Philadelphia, PA

19 May 1752 Johannes LAMP’s father Peter LAMP died at Stakendorf, Plon, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

1752 Pa. Archives Sixth Series Vol. 6 p 9: From the records of the Egypt Reformed Church at Egypt, Lehigh, Pa. This baptism performed at Heidelburg also in Lehigh. This child was baptized with Job. Hen. Reinhard's child. Neuhard, Johannes, s. George Neuhard and w. Anna Catherine; B. May 29, bap. Sept 28, 1752; sp. Johannes LAMP and w. Susanna.

1752 Johannes LAMP resided in Northampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania in 1752. [This is probably shortly after he came from Germany.] Although not confirmed, Johannes father and mother were most likely Peter and Becke [Speth] Lamp. Becke died in 1729 and Peter died on May 19, 1752. The pedigree chart for Eva Mae Dunn has Peter Lamp as Johannes' father. [Handley Library Archives, Winchester, VA]

1752 A record for Johannes LAMP is found in Egypt, Lehigh, PA, where in 1752, PA, Archives Sixth Series Vol. 6, p.9, states: From the records of the Egypt Reformed Church at Egypt, Lehigh County, PA: "This baptism performed at Heidelburg also in Lehigh Co. This child was baptized with Job. Hen. Reinhard's child. Newhard, Johannes, s. George Newhard and w. Anna Catherine; b. May 29,bap. Sept 28, 1752; sp. Johannes Lamp and w. Susanna." The next record is where Johannes and Susannah Lamp are present for their son Johann George's baptism on 31 Aug. 1763, at New Hanover Lutheran Church, New Hanover, Montgomery Co., PA. Also, in 1760 is a record of Johannes and Susannah Lamp's daughter and oldest child, Eva.

28 Sep 1752 NEUHARD, Johannes, s. Georg NEUHARD and w. Anna Catharina; b. May 29; bap. Sept. 28, 1752; sp. Johannes LAMP and w. Susanna.

1753 Johannes LIMP listed in Philadelphia County, PA Early Census Index

Abt 1755 dau Margaretha LAMP b. at Philadelphia, PA; died 1818 at Pottstown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania; married Peter MOSER

bef 4 Aug 1755
dau Anna Catherine LAMP b. at New Hanover, Montgomery, Pennsylvania; died 22 Oct 1824 at Lawrence, Lawrence, OH; Married Christian KOUNS in 1777 at Rockingham, VA [one source says m. Peter MILHORN 21 Jul 1789 at Winchester, Frederick, VA]

1760 dau Eva LAMP age 18 daughter of Johannes Lamp confirmed Old Swamp Church, New Hanover, Montgomery Co., Pa. (Could Eva be a child of an earlier marriage as she was so much older than George?)

23 Jun 1763 son Johann George LAMP b. at New Hanover, Montgomery, PA; d. 1846, Goshen, Belmont, OH [one source says 1 Jan 1840 at Goshen, Hardin, Ohio]; married Wilhelmina Dorothea Elisabeth BRANDT in 1786 in Frederick, VA (20 Elizabeth MILLBURN 1786 at Frederick, VA [George Lamp "Married" An "American Indian Girl" Elizabeth of the Powhatan tribe (a sub-tribe of the Shawnee), (as per land sale in Frederick Co., VA 1813). It is very probable they were never formally wed since "legal" marriages with Indian women were very rare in those days. They had a large family including Joseph, Jacob, Delilah, Henry, and George Jr. George Lamp, Sr. was a millwright. His son George Jr. was also a millwright and is reported to have been a powerful man weighing more than 300 pounds. He was addicted to showing off his strength by lifting heavy weights, eventually rupturing himself and died as a result.

31 Aug 1763 son George LAMP baptized Old Swamp Church, b. June 23, 1763

17 Jun 1764 Johannes LAMP’s dau Margaretha LAMP (age 14) and Eva LAMP (age 18) were confirmed in the doctrines of the Evangelical Faith at the Old Swamp Lutheran Church in New Hanover, Montgomery, PA [List of Catechumens, p. 519 (doc)]

1766 Johannes LAMP listed in Philadelphia County, PA Early Census Index

1768 son Henry LAMP b. at Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA; d. 1847, Berks, PA.; m. Mary ??

17 Apr 1768 John LAMP 320 acre survey in Frederick, Virginia. [It is suspected that John and Susannah married in Pennsylvania shortly after his arrival on The ship Pricilla from Rotterdam (South Holland), most likely early in 1751. It is not known when John and Susannah migrated to Virginia from Pennsylvania. All of their children are listed as being born in Pennsylvania (their children’s dates of birth range from 1751-1783), but this may not be correct, as in 1769 John had 320 acres of land surveyed for him in Frederick County, Virginia in the beautiful hills of the Appalachian Mountains and in 1782 John Lamp is listed in the Frederick, Virginia Tax lists. Their land purchase was six miles southwest of Winchester. Presently there is a small country church called the Lamp church and two cemeteries at the location. A school has been removed. In 1790, we see John sign over his title to his 320 acres in Frederick, Virginia to his son George. George pays 1 lb, 15 shillings sterling for the deed grant on September 22, 1791. By 1793 there is no longer any record of John Lamp, but his son George appears in the records with his 320 acres every year to 1807.John and Susannah are probably buried in the family cemetery in Frederick, Virginia, although neither his grave nor Susannah’s have been located.]

Jul 1777 Pa. Archives Sixth Series Vol 1 p 199 City of Philadelphia, A general return of the Third Battalion, Capt'n Jacob Bender Comp'y John Lampe gone to the enemy. (Could this be Johannes or a son of Johannes or some other family?)

1778 notation of service of John [Johannes] Lamp[e] in Philadelphia, PA [PA Archives, Harrisburg, PA]

1780 Susannah HAVEN died at Philadelphia, Delaware, Pennsylvania

1782 Heads Of Families Virginia, Tax List for Virginia: LAMP, John 3 white, no black (Is this the John who was "gone to the enemy?) The other mentioned are probably George Lamp, Sr. and Catherine Lamp who married Peter Milhorn 21 July 1789 in Frederick Co., VA

1782 Johannes LIMP listed in Frederick County, VA Early Census Index/Continental Census, p.21

10 Mar 1783 son John LAMP, b. at PA; d. September 29, 1836. M. Sarah MORRISON 11 Feb 1813 at Frederick, VA

1784 Frederick Co., VA Personal Property Tax

1784 John LAMP 1 male over 21

1788 John LAMP 1 male over 16, 1 horse

1790 VA Census lists John LAMP: Heads of Families in 1790 Census VA, John [Johannes] Lamp and three white adults on 1782 Tax List of Frederick Co., VA; 1784-Frederick, VA, Personal Property Tax, 1784: John [Johannes] Lamp 1 male over 21; 1788: John Lamp 1 male over 16, 1 horse; 1791: John Lamp 1 male over 16; no record after 1792.

1790 John LAMP assigns 320 acre survey to son George Lamp.

1791 John LAMP 1 male over 16

1 Jan 1793 Johannes LAMP died at Frederick, VA