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Michael Anthony SWAIM (1715-1782) m. (1) Elizabeth CORTELIOU (1713-1737); (2) Martha WORTHINGTON (1718-1756)
s/o William Tysen SWAIM (1677-1750) and Mary LAZELER (1681-1753)
d/o Samuel WORTHINGTON (1687-1739) and Sarah SIMCOCK (1696-1722)
p/o John Barent SWAIM (1748-1827)

(1) Children:
1. Elizabeth SWAIM (1730-1737)
2. Anthony SWAIM (1732- )
3. John SWAIM (1734-1737)

(2) Children: (from Rebecca Swaim Jones Family Bible)
1. William (1745-1811) m. Charity Vickery, bef 1771
2. Abraham (1747-1750) died of coup
3. John Barent (1748-1827) m. Anne Elizabeth Vickery, 1767
4. Michael (1750-1840) m. Sarah Rigdon
5. Rebecca (1751-1831) m. Joseph Jones
6. Martha (1753-1770) m. ___ Coltrane
7. Silas (1757-1825) m. Celia Jones
8. Moses (1760-1819)
9. Jacob (1760-1779) m. Mary Hinshaw
10. Rachel (1763-1780) m. Josh Sanders
11. Jesse (1766-1788) m. Rachel Watts
12. infant (1770-1770)

1712 Worthington (Samuel was a Quaker) family moved to Salem, NJ from England [Sarah Simcock evidently ran away from home and married Samuel Worthington without her parents' consent; and they probably married without the formalities of the Society of Friends. There seems to be in the Chester Minutes no declaration of their intentions to marry, nor any allowances, as seems to be the rule. On the contrary, at Chester Monthly Meeting (Springfield Meeting) a complaint was made of Samuel Worthington on account of his marriage to Sarah Simcock, after keeping company with her without her parents' knowledge or consent; and that the two were "disowned", that is, expelled from the flock. The testimony is dated September 26, 1716. The next year, however, they both “offered acknowledgment," and were reinstated August 28 and September 25, 1717. Marriage: October 19, 1716, New Jersey Meeting House, Salem, New Jersey] [He received a certificate of removal from the Moate of Greenage MM in Ireland, on July 25, 1711, and was received at Warrington MM, York County, PA on November 24, 1713. He got a certificate to England, on October 31, 1715, but whether he actually made the journey we don't know. At any rate, a year later, he was reported married "contrary to discipline" to Sarah Simcock, and on December 31st of the same year, they were disowned for marrying "out of unity;" however, on November 25, 1717, both were reinstated and on November 26, 1722, both got certificates to Salem MM, New Jersey]

1713 Elizabeth CORTELIOU born at New Utrecht, Kings Co, NY

1715 Johannes Michael SWAIM born at Staten Island, Richmond, New York [4. Michael had three brothers, William, John and Matthias, and twin sisters named Maria and Elizabeth. Michael’s brother John Swaim married Charity Teague, daughter of William Teague. [New York, Genealogical Records, 1675-1920: Magyel Swan at Port Richmond, Staten Island, New York] [some sources say his name was Michael Anthony Swaim not Johannes Michael] The first to leave Staten Island in 1751. Named after his Mother's brother. Migrated to W Virginia and Greensboro, N Carolina. Settled in the Winston-Salem area in 1750 - 1751.

18 Oct 1715 Michael Swame baptized on October 18, 1715 at the Dutch Reformed Church, Staten Island, NY who was the son of William and Mary Swame. There is also family information stating that the Michael Anthony Swaim who married Martha Worthington was born in 1711. Some researchers believe these were the same person while others believe these were two different Michael Swaims. [Staten Island, New York Church Records lists Magyel with Parent Willem Swame and witnesses Hendreck Willemsen; Maritje Wyllemit]

1718 Martha WORTHINGTON (aka Marthey) born at Chester, Pennsylvania

18 Oct 1719 Dutch Reformed Church records Stone Arabia and Staten Island Book 48, p.344 list Johannes Sweem baptism with parents Willem Sweem and Marya Lagsler at Staten Island, Richmond, NY; witnesses Abraham Manner and Maria Sweem (doc) [this date confirmed on FindAGrave for John Swaim married to Charity and father of William Swaim]

1730 Johannes Michael SWAIM and Elizabeth CORTELIOU married at Kings, New York [they were cousins]

1737 Elizabeth CORTELIOU died at Richmond, New York [her dau Elizabeth and son John also died— chills and fever during a severe winter]

14 Aug 1739 Father Samuel Worthington estate dispersed: Sale of estate made 14 August 1739. Sarah Worthington is Administratix, June 28, 1739, acknowledged and admitted to record Orange Co. Will Book #1, page 126, also from pages 41 - 42 of John Frederick Dorman's Book of Wills:
Samuel Worthington. Sail of estate made 14 Aug. 1739
Sarah Worthington to 2 cowes and calves £ 5. 5. -
To 1 mare 2.10. 6
Henry Hunt to 1 hourse 6. -. -
Samll. Brittan To 1 hourse 3.
Lewis Thomas To 1 cow and calf 3.12. -
Jacob Worthington To 1 cow 2.19. -
To Do 1. -. 6
Jesper Terry To 1 cow and calf 3.14. -
Batt Matthews To 1 cow and calf 2. 5. -
Henry Robinson To 1 mare 4. 9. -
Danll. Burnett 1 cow 2.18. -
Sarah Worthington
To a feather bed and furniture and side saddle 3.10. 6
To a pail, a tub and pair of cards 5. 6
To a old pot and paun 5. -
Robt. Worthington
To a waggon and furniture 17. -. 0
To a old saddle, grinestone and hatt 1. 1. -
To a hook, cheasel and gimblett 3. -
To a gunn and ax 10. 6
To one gunn more 10. -
To 3 baggs and a spinning wheal 10. -
To a sizeth and how 4. 6
To a earthen pott and bason 6. -
To a old chest and box 8. -
To a old coat and two balls 8. -
Jacob Worthington
To a sizeth, a pair of pinchers and shears 10. 2
To a spinning wheal 17. 2
To a coat, west and britches 1.17. 6
George Person
To a gunn, grubbin how and bagg 2. 1. -
Saml. Brittan
To a old saddle and hook 15. 8
To 2 baggs and weading how 13. 6
To a bell and basket 10. 1
Pall Williams
To a hook, cheasel and file 4. 6
Jno. Maccormack To a hook 3. -
Jno Littler To a ads, two oagers and squair 11. 2
Jas. McCraken To a pair of fire toungs and oager 5.7½
Henry Robinson To a ax 6. -
Abel Pearson To a old feather bed and furniture 5. 4. -
To a broad ax 4. 6
Page 42:
Lewis Thomas
To a pair of plow Irons £ 1.11. 6
To a pair of iron traces and haims 2. 1. 6
Samll. Walker To a pair of stilyards 1. 4. -
Jno Hutson To a earthern Jourge 3. -
Jno Tradan To collors, Haims and Iron traces 2. 8
Henry Hunt To a old barrell 1.10
Richd. Morgan To a how 2. 0
Wm. Davis
To a handsaw 1. 2
Signed by Sarah Worthington, Admx.
28 May 1742. Returned by Sarah Worthington, Admx.

1740 Brothers William, John, and Michael Anthony decided to go to VA to pioneer the Shennadoah Valley with others. Michael Anthony left his children with their mothers family and declared to send for them when he had a home for them. The brothers Swaim got to VA in the 1740s.They picked some land and were looking forward when William just said, “I ain’t working like this for no land.” He took off and married a Cherokee squaw. John left some later and went with a group of men on a Pioneering spree into the Wilderness Lands. Michael Anthony was working with a company doing some Survey work when John returned in a couple years had a baby girl with the blackest eyes Michael Anthony said, he ever saw. They was a nice family named Robins lived near by and they had no children and they took John’s daughter by an Indian woman and raised her. They called her Hannah she later married a Robins boy. Michael Anthony never spoke of Uncle William till many years later. John met Martha Worthington in Orange Co. and they married in 1747 and brother William soon came along. Uncle John had met and married Charity some time earlier. They had a couple of kids already when in about 1750 Michael Anthony said he and John decided to go to Fredrick Co. and John would apply for a Fairfax Grant. You could get land for just the clearing and building a log house on it. John did the clearing and Michael did the building. They’d decided on Fredrick Co and the area they took up cause it was next to Charity’s father’s land William Teague. With the help of the Teagues John was able to get his land survey did in 1750. My Pa did the chain carry work for him. Charity’s brother had gone to NC when the word was out that land was more plentiful over there. Michael Anthony took off with the family in 1750 and William Teague aunt Charity’s brother and went to Anson Co. NC. Michael Anthony worked with the Survey Co. and did most all the Chain Carrier work on the Grandville Grants. William Teague got his first Grandville Grant in 1753 on the old Cattaba River. Pa and all us lived in St. Luke’s Parish. Even Michael Anthony’s girl Elizabeth who had come from NY after Michael Anthony married to VA. She was a pretty girl and she married right off to Christopher Nation. They was married in 1747 afore Christmas and named their first baby Abraham after my brother that died. Michael Anthony’s son Anthony came also when Elizabeth did from NY.

1745 Johannes Michael SWAIM and Martha WORTHINGTON married at Frederick, VA [Michael migrated to North Carolina sometime before 1761 since he is listed as Michael Swem on the 1761 List of Taxables tax list for Rowan County, North Carolina taken by Thomas Stillwell. The particular area of Rowan County where they settled is currently in Yadkin County. Rowan County in this time period was a large county that eventually became subdivide into the present day counties of Wilkes, Yadkin, Stokes, Surry, Guilford, Randolph, Davidson, etc. Michael’s brother John also migrated to North Carolina. Michael’s brother John remained in the original area that became Yadkin, Stokes and Surry Counties, whereas Michael moved further eastward and settled in the general area of what is today Guilford County, North Carolina] [Michael Swaim was a Baptist preacher. There is also information that Michael’s wife Martha was somewhat of a preacher as well. The following provides some information about Michael (described here as Father Swaim) and Martha. It is an excerpt from a four page letter from Benjamin Sherwood from February 9, 1856. Benjamin Sherwood was the husband of Sarah Swaim, daughter of Michael Swaim (b ~1755), granddaughter of Michael Swaim (b ~1715). The original letter is in the Perkins Library, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, Benjamin Sherwood Hedrick file: "Beloved Grandchildren" Marion Co., Iowa, page 4---1, February 9,1856. Your grandmother Sherwood maiden name was Sally Swaim, her mother’s maiden name was Sally Rigdon or Riggdon. Your grandfather’s father name was Michael Swaim and his father I think was the same, though I have no record thereof, his mother name was Martha Worthington. Father Swaim died when I was a small boy- I recollect seeing him once. Mother Swaim married Samuel Trogdon a few months before I married. She and her husband are both dead. Grandmother Martha Swaim died some years after I had a family. She was a good woman and I think probably, the best female preacher that I ever heard her husband died before I was born. All the Swaim that I have mentioned were Baptists, except mother-in-law, she was a Presbyterian. We are in only moderately good health.
P.S. February 10th the cold is intense. Respectfully
B. Sherwood
Mary Sherwood

1745 son William SWAIM born at Frederick, Virginia; died 1811 at Guilford, North Carolina; married Charity VICKERY bef 1771 [William was a farmer and spent almost all of his life in Guilford County] [William Swaim (1746) married Charity Vickrey and lived in southern Guiford Co., North Carolina. William Swaim, famous editor of Greensboro Patriot and his grandson , William Sidney Porter (O. HENRY) descend from this couple. Governor Eagle of Arkansas also was a descendant. There are some descendants of this couple still living in the area of Greensboro and High Point, North Carolina. Descendants from this family also scattered throughout the United States Eula Swaim Coggins, High Point, North Carolina and Dr. Frank Swaim, Rockville, Indiana are descendants]

1747 son Abraham SWAIM born at Frederick, Virginia; died 1750 at Frederick, Virginia

26 Apr 1748 son John Barent SWAIM born at Frederick, Virginia; died 16 Jan 1827 at Randolph, NC; married 16 May 1767 Anne Elizabeth Vickery at Deep River, Guilford, NC [John Swaim, Jr.'s will was found in the Greensboro Library willing his all to his son Moses and his grandchildren as listed in the Yoder Papers down as far as were born at that time. He was definitely John, Jr. We found a Land Grant recorded in the State Land Grant Office dated 1798 to John Swaim, Jr. giving one of the boundaries on John Swaim, Sr.'s line. It was in Randolph Co. on the waters of Deep River, where he was known to live with his wife Elizabeth Vickrey and his 11 children. Children: William Swaim married to Elisabeth Shearwood on December 17, 1789
Massah Swaim married to Daniel Robins on December the 1st 1790. Christopher Swaim married to Sarah Hines on September the 28th, 1794
Joshua Swaim married to Sarah Eliott on april the 23rd 1795
Elizabeth Swaim married to George Swearingen on July the 30, 1801
Ashly Swaim married to Sarah Waldon on August the 12, 1802
John Swaim Junior married to Mary Laughlen on April the 19th 1804
Charity Swaim married to James Laughlen on January the 16th 1806
Marmaduke Swaim married to Jeanet Laurance onFebruary the 4th 1806
Michael Swaim married to Susan Hinshaw on December 1, 1811

Moses Swaim married to Adah Sindell February 13, 1812

1750 son Michael SWAIM born; died 1840 at Greensboro, Guilford, NC

1750s This family also went to Rowan Co. North Carolina in the 1750s and settled about 15 miles further east than John and Charity Teague Swaim. . They settled in the area of Center Community in present day Guilford Co. North Carolina about 18 miles south of present day Greensboro, North Carolina. [The survey of John's land grant took place in 1750 and he sold it and migrated to North Carolina in the following year of 1751. We also have to state that the indications are that Michael preceded John to North Carolina and this took place at some point in 1750-1751, prior to John having sold his land. Michael migrated from Charlestown, Virginia, now West Virginia, to Rowan Co. North Carolina, now Guilford Co.) in probably 1751. Settled in Center Friends Community. Martha, the daughter of Samuel Worthington a Quaker and Sara Simcock. Samuel Worthington migrated from England by way of Ireland then to Salem , New Jersey in 1712. His father and rest of the family followed a year later.

1751 Records seem to indicate that in 1751 George Washington did survey work for Michael Swaim in Frederick County, Virginia: Papers of George Washington, Colonial Series Vol. 1, 1748-1755.

1751 dau Rebecca SWAIM born at Frederick, Virginia; died 1831 at Boone, IN; married Joseph Jones

1 Jun 1751 John Swaim deed for 39.5 (or 395) ac in Frederick, VA (doc)

1753 dau Martha SWAIM born at Rowan, North Carolina; died aft 1770 at Guilford, North Carolina

1756 Martha WORTHINGTON died at Guilford, North Carolina

1757 son Silas SWAIM born at Rowan, North Carolina; died abt 1825 at Randolph, NC

8 Oct 1758 Rowan, NC Tax list shows Michel Swem

1759 map showing land parcel of John Swaim in Deep River, Guilford, NC (this appears to be John married to Charity)

1760 son Moses SWAIM born at Rowan, North Carolina; died Dec 1819 at Swan, Vinton, Ohio [Moses Swaim (b ~ 1760) is listed as a child of Michael and Marthey Swaim based on Worthington Family web site. This son was left out of the Swaim-Tysen family book. Moses Swaim migrated into Athens Co. Ohio about 1809. This Moses purchased 160 acres of land in 1809 in Swan Township, Athens Co. Ohio which is now in Vinton Co. Ohio. Records of Montgomery Co. Kentucky show him there from 1794 to 1808.He obtained a license to marry Cathy Berry in Carroll Co. Kentucky on September of 1796] [MOSES SWAIM'S PARENTS: Since it is definitely known that Moses Swaim's son, Michael, was born in Salisbury District, Guilford Co. North Carolina on December 3, 1788 from both census records and other documentation from his descendants, Moses' parents would have to be Michael and Marthey Worthington Swaim. [NOTE: This genealogical hypothesis is held by many researchers but also questioned by others. Concrete documentation on the parents of Moses Swaim has not as yet been found] It was in Rowan Co. North Carolina where Michael (1715) settled in the 1750s when he and his family migrated from Frederick Co. Virginia to Rowan Co. North Carolina. His widow Marthey Worthington and his sons William and Michael were living there in the 1790 census. His son, John, settled at present day Level Cross, North Carolina near his wife's father, Marmaduke Vickrey. Guilford Co. North Carolina was formed from Rowan and Orange Counties in 1771. The only other possibility being that he was the son of John Swaim and Charity Teague (Michael's brother). He cannot be their son since their son, Moses Swaim, was born in 1759, and his descendants are well documented in Swaim-Tysen History, pages 284-300. " Also, John sold his original land grant in 1771 located in present day Guilford-Davidson Co., North Carolina border and moved farther west with his family to Elkin, North Carolina area. "

1760 son Jacob SWAIM born at Rowan, North Carolina; died aft 1779 at NC

1761 Michael Swem (Swaim) was included in the List of Taxables for Rowan County, North Carolina in 1761 taken by Thomas Stilwell. This list also included John Vickrey, Marmaduke Vickrey, William Robins, Richard Robins, Elizabeth Lamb, Christopher Nation and others.

1763 dau Rachel SWAIM born at Rowan, North Carolina; died aft 1780 at NC

1766 son Jesse SWAIM born at Rowan, North Carolina; died aft 1788 at NC

1768 NC Early Census Index Tax List for Rowan, NC lists Michael Swaim

31 Jul 1780 Military service until 23 Aug 1780 for John Swaim in NJ; served in Van Dyck’s Battalion as a lieutenant [US Rev War Rolls]

1782 Johannes Michael SWAIM died at Guilford, North Carolina

18 May 1789 John Swim deed for 250 ac at Deep River, Guilford, NC (doc)

1802 John Swaim died at Stokes, NC; buried at Timber Ridge Cemetery at Level Cross, Randolph, NC; married to Charity and father of William Swaim [FindAGrave]