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Philbert WRIGHT (1690-1738) m. Esther BECRAFT (1695-1738)
s/o Daniel WRIGHT (1674-1764) and Ellen Eleanor BENTON (1670-1757)
d/o Peter BECRAFT (1657-1718) and Rebecka CANSFIELD (1680-1717)
p/o Richard WRIGHT 1730-1784)

DNA evidence confirms that Richard Wright, Sr. and Joseph ARE the sons of Philbert and Esther Becraft Wright

26 Sep 1663 In Prince George County, Maryland. Inventories, Washington Library in Macon, Georgia: One Phil Wright (among others) was transported by Walter Grainger for 2000 acres of land on the Rappa River 4 Miles above Nanzimum Town 26 Sept 1663. This land was originally granted to Thomas Purefoy 13 Mar 1655 then assigned to Thomas and Robert Elliott, sons of Anth Elliott and renewed in their name 25 Nov 1658, then deserted by them and granted to said Grainger.

1690 Philbert WRIGHT born at Maryland (probably Anne Arundel Co?)

18 Nov 1695 Esther BECRAFT born at All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel County, Maryland [Joy McDaniel's
Descendants of Peter Becraft]

17 Jul 1698 Esther BECRAFT baptized at All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel County, Maryland

1706 Church at St Barnabas was built at Queene Anne’s Paris, Prince George, MD

16 May 1709 The first record we have of Philbert is 16 May 1709 when he is mentioned in the estate of Matthew Mockbee

3 Dec 1712 Philbert WRIGHT and Esther BECRAFT married at St Barnabas Church, Queen Annes Parish, Prince Georges, MD [According to various documents, including the marriage to Ester Becraft, Philbert's last name was indicated as RIGHT] [MD Marriages, p.152 confirms date and names (doc)]

11 Oct 1713 dau Anne WRIGHT born at Saint Barnabas Church, Queen Anne Parish, Prince George's County, Maryland; christened at St. Barnabas Church, Queene Anne Parish, Prince George’s, MD; died 1772

14 Jun 1716 An inventory and appraisal was made by James Hattyday & Welden Jefferson of the estate of Peter Becraft. In addition to kitchen items, the list included ..." 1 old feather bed..." "1 Powdering Tubb" " 1 old horse" " 2 sows, 1 guils & 3 shoats" " 1 cow & calf" " 1 two year old heifer" " [unreadable] "
728 [most valuable item]. Creditor listed Wm Head.

1717 father Peter BECRAFT died

1717 mother Rebecka CANSFIELD died: Just after Peter's estate was settled, Rebeckath died in 1717. An inventory of the goods and chattels of Rebecketh Becraft Late of Prince George County deed. Taken and appraised by Richard Duckett & Weldon Jefferson thereunto appointed this 14th day of November Anno Domm 1717. The estate was at 5-8-4 which included 1 cow & yearling, 1 lame mare, 2 sows, 1 barrow, 1 pewter dish & 6 plates, 1 iron pot & hooks, 1 old bed, 1 iron skillet, 1 bell mettle skillet (cracked, I old chest, 1 old porringer, I looking glass, small, 1 brass candlestick, 1 box iron & ? 1 old trunk. The above appraisment is allowed of & by us Signed Abra'm (A) Becraft (his mark) Esther (E) Wright [She did NOT have a middle name. Her 'mark' was the initial for her first name - indicating that she could both read & write. Her 'E' was slightly backward slanted - as is Richard, Sr.'s - indicating a family trait or the fact she may have been left-handed.] Pan. Andrew 1 3/4 sides. The acco't of Pat Andrew ADM of Rebecka Becraft late of Prince George County Dec'd. This Acco't chargeth himself with the inventory of the dec'd estate as & inventory thereof taken & exhibited unto the commissioners office amount to 5-0-4 and humbly prays allowance for the following payments & disbursements made as followeth viz: Tobacco payment made to Wm. Bladen Esq., Pat Hepburn, W.J. Haddock in the amount of 7-8-17. Ball'ce due to ADM for overpaid estate 1-19-92 Pr.Geo County 5th June 1719. Patrick Andrew of Calvert County ADM of Rebeckah Becraft late of this county dec'd widow made oath before me that the above acc't as is here stated is just & true to the best of his knowledge which after due examination was allowed a passed as the full and final acc't of his adm--- of the said dec'd estate. Signed Patrick Hepburn. Deputy Com of Pr Geo Cty.

31 Mar 1717 son Peter WRIGHT born at Saint Barnabas Church, Queen Anne Parish, Prince George's County, Maryland; christened at St. Barnabas Church, Queen Anne Parish, Prince George’s, MD; died 1746 in Maryland

14 Nov 1717 An inventory was taken by Richard Duckett & Weldon Jefferson of the estate of Rebecca Becraft. The inventory listed " 1 cow & yearling, 1 lame mare, 3 sows, 1 barrow, 1 pewter dish & 6Plates, 1 Iron Pott & Hooks, 1 old Bed, 1 Iron Kettle, 1 Bell.......Skillet Cracked, 1 old Chest, 1 old Trunk." "The above appraised is allowed by us" " Abram: Becraft" [who makes his mark, an "A" with the crosspiece of the A being an inverted v ] and "Easther Wright" [who makes her mark, an "E" which looks like it's sitting on a tilted rocking chair.

4 Sep 1719 son Philbert WRIGHT born at Saint Barnabas Church, Queen Anne Parish, Prince George's County, Maryland; christened at St. Barnabas Church, Queen Anne Parish, Prince George’s, MD; died 1790 in Randolph, NC; married Rebecca _____

25 May 1720 Philburd Wright and Richard Duckett witnessed a deed on 25 May 1720 from Thomas Holand of Prince George County to John Mobberly Jr. of Prince George County for 100 acres on William and Mary's "Chance" in Anne Arundel County.

5 Jul 1720 Thomas Holland of Prince George County, Gentleman, to Philbert Wright, Planter, a tract of land called "Neal's Delight" containing one hundred acres of land. Signed Thomas Holland (Anne Arundel County Land Records 1719-1722 Microfilm CR39, 510-1) 1720 Jul 25: Philbert Wright, planter of Prince George's County, bought part (100 acres) of Neal's Delight in Anne Arundel County, from Thomas Holland.

1722 dau Rebecca WRIGHT born at Saint Barnabas Church, Queen Anne Parish, Prince George's County, Maryland; christened at St. Barnabas Church, Queen Anne Parish, Prince George’s, MD

abt 1726 son Richard WRIGHT born in Prince Georges, MD (one source says Rowan, NC); died 3 Sep 1784 in Rowan, NC; married Elizabeth Ann Jane MORGAN on 8 Jun 1757 at Philadelphia, PA

abt 1730 son Joseph WRIGHT born in Prince Georges, MD; died 5 Nov 1774 at Frederick, Frederick, Maryland

13 May 1731 According to a deed in Anne Arundel County, Philbert Wright was still living in 13 May 1731. Anne Arundel Land Records.

13 May 1731 William Parson (Persons) of Anne Arundel County used a mare he had of Philbart Wright as collateral for a loan 13 May 1731 (Anne Arundel County Land Records 1730-1733 Microfilm CR39 511-3) Philbart Wright is mentioned as the former owner of a horse of Wm Parson's of Anne Arundel County

abt 1735 son Amos WRIGHT born at Frederick, VA; died 1810 at Warren, Georgia

bef Jun 1738 Philbert WRIGHT died at Anne Arundel, MD

Jun 1738 Esther BECRAFT died at Anne Arundel, MD

Jun 1738
"George Becraft undertakes for Hester Wright," at the Anne Arundel County Court. 9 [George Becraft was Hester's (Ester's) brother.] This would seem to indicate that Esther Becraft Wright's husband, Philbert1, was deceased by this date.

22 Aug 1739
A survey was made for Benjamin Becraft [brother of Esther Wright], for "Becraft's Delight," located in the New Market area of Frederick County, Maryland, north of the Monocacy Annapolis Road and Ben's Branch of Linganore Creek. This was the first known of Benjamin Becraft's many land transactions.

18 Jun 1742
John James obtained land near "Becraft's delight, "calling his parcel "Dispute."

27 Apr 1745 John Parr of Prince George's County wrote his will. He named his children, including Arthur Parr, to whom he gave land near Prince George's County called "Parr's Range." John Parr also had land in Frederick County, on the east side of a branch of the Linganore River not far from John James and Benjamin Becraft.

1745 Estate of Rowland Evans in Charles County MD. Ad mx. of the estate, Ann Wright, wife of Peter Wright. (Ann was widow of Rowland Evans who left a will in Charles County, MD will 22, pg 378) children: John, Ann, Mary, and Sarah) "The accounts of Peter Wright of Ann Arundle County and Ann his Wife Executrise of the last Will and Testament of Rowland Evans late of Charles County, Deceased." Rowland Evans gave his loving wife, Ann Evans, 2/3 of his remaining estate after leaving his wearing apparel and a horse to his son, John. He named his wife, Ann, as his sole executor. Widow Ann Evans married Peter Wright.

17 Apr 1747 Richard Wright was Wit: to will of John James (John James was married to Margaret Becraft. Richard Wright and Henry Young proved the will in 13 Apr 1748, (These documents indicate that Richard was born in 1726 or before.) John James wrote his will, which mentions land lying on Linganore called Allaway. He names his wife, Margaret Becraft."Peater beCraft to have the management of it [his son's share if Margaret remarries] till my son comes to age of twenty one." [Peter Becraft was Margaret James' brother.] The will was witnessed by Henry Young, John Word(?), and by Richard Wright, signing with his mark, a leftslanted "R." John James signed with his mark, two parallel, vertical lines, each line being crossed by three short horizontal lines. A red seal completed the will.

23 Mar 1748 Margaret James filed her account of the estate of John James, which included re-embursements to Benjamin Becraft and Richard Wright. Account of Margaret James of Frederick Co., Executrix of John James deceased debts paid includes debt paid to Richard Right: "Paid Richard Right as of ditto and ditto appears ("as of the Account Proved and Receipt appears") 2 5 0." Debts were also paid to Elizabeth Willson, Doct. Robert Mitchitt, Orlando Griffith, Benj. Becroft 11 1 , William Sunwell (?). William Turner, Henry Young, "Osborn Sprigg Esq. Sheriff for 567 1/2 of Tobacco..." sworn before John Darnall.

13 Apr 1748 Richard Wright and Henry Young proved the will.

1 Oct 1748 Benjamin Becraft, planter, bought another piece of land, a tract called "Joseph's Park," from James Ford, planter, for "4,000lbs. good sound merchantable leaf tobacco." It was witnessed by John Hepburn and James Magruder. Benjamin Becraft signed by his mark, " BB." The land was on the east side of Rock Creek in what is now Montgomery County, and is just north of Washington, DC.

30 Nov 1749 Peter Wright was in Frederick County according to land records of Frederick County MD Liber E-Pg 121. Peter Wright recorded a bill of sale which stated that he, a planter of Frederick County, paid Mary Perry, a "Talares," also of Frederick County, 4 £ Currency for "one dark brown Cow and her Calf."

1750 Philbert Wright II son of Philbert Wright Frederick County,MD John Herberson made over a Negro girl, 10 years of age to Philipard Wright after the decease of his (Philipard’s) mother (Is this Philbert 1719?)

26 Sep 1751 In Frederick County MD, Richard Wright records astray. Richard Wright recorded the finding of a stray bay mare, branded with a mirrorimage K and an M. (It is believed that Richard moved to N.C. about this time. There are many documented records of Richard in Randolph County N.C.)

22 Aug 1753 John Herberson sold unto Richard Wright all my Wheat and Corn and hoggs, as many as I have at Lingamore. There were no later records of Richard Wright found in MD. (I believe that about this time Richard moved to N.C. There are many documented records of Richard in Randolph County N.C. The first that I found was 8 Oct 1763. Richard’s Sons: Benjamin, Peter, Richard JR, William, Amos, John, Philbert (Notice the family names). Names in NC that matches names in Old Monocracy of MD. Arthur Parr, John Plummer, Jacob Fouts, John Grist, John Stover, Thomas and William Ogle, John Low, John Hoover had contact with Richard Wright or sons. Bill of sale recorded by Richard Right. ”I sold all my wheat and corn, and all my hoggs, as many I have at Linganore, and acknowledge I am full satisfied, this 22nd Aug. 1753," signed by John Herberson before Thomas Shlay and Chidly Mathews, and acknowledged before Joseph Wood. Source: Patricia Abelard Andersen, abstractor, Frederick County, Maryland Land Records, Liber E Abstracts, 1752-1756,p. 20, 252-253. Bill of sale recorded by Richard Right. "I sold all my wheat and corn, and all my hoggs, as many I have at Linganore, and acknowledge I am full satisfied, this 22nd Aug. 1753," signed by John Herberson before Thomas Shlay and Chidly Mathews, and acknowledged before Joseph Wood.

22 Aug 1753 Bill of sale recorded by Phillipand Right. "I John Herberson, sell a Negro girl 10 years old named Lovis, unto Phillipord Right, after his mother's decease,"signed by John Herbeson before Thomas Schlaye and Chidley Matthews.

1754 French and Indian War began

2 Feb 1754 p. 166 (p. 209) John Parr 400 Ac beginning at a Back Beech mark’t P [ J P ] (on the little Fork of Spoon Creek) standing near Shirleys Road thence up sd little Fork on both sides.” “(S W.) Richard Wright 400 Ac on the So. Fork of MayoRr. Beginning at a Poplar mark’t W. just below a little cane Brake thence up both sides.” [Entry Record Book 1737 -1770" “(Land entries in the present Virginia Counties of Halifax, Pittsylvania, Henry, Franklin, and Patrick)”, transcribed by Marian Dodson Chiarito]

4 Mar 1754 “John Parr (son of Mark) 400 on Russels Creek Beg: at a White Oakmark’t [ J ] thence up and down both Sides.” “Richd. Wright 400 on the So. Fork of Mayo Rivr. Begin: at a Black Oakmark’t W. a little above Jone’s Cabbin thence up and down both Sides.” “(1754 Mar. 4) John Parr 200 Ac Ld on Spoon Cr. Begin: on the S.W. Side by a small Br. at a Red Oak marked MP running up & down both sides sd Cr. Pd. 12S/6d Rts. to P. Fontaine Jr.”

1756 Amos, Joseph and Daniel James (son of John and Margaret Becraft James) signs petition with George Becraft. Amos Wright and Joseph Wright were among the freeholders and freemen of All Saints Parish, Frederick County, Maryland who signed a petition for a division of the Parish. Other signers included Daniel James and George Becraft.

28 Apr 1763 William Wiley and wife Mary sell to Arthur Parr 640 acres for 30 pounds witnessed by Richard Wright and Thomas Donnell. The land was on both sides of Mears fork on the west side of the Haw River. Proved July Court 1763. Source: Jo White Linn, Abstracts of the Deeds From Rowan County, North Carolina 1753-1785, Book 5, p. 365.

8 Oct 1763 Arthur Parr, a farmer, and wife, Margaret, of Orange County, North Carolina, sold to farmer, Richard Wright, of Orange County, North Carolina, 320 acres in Rowan County, North Carolina, on Mears fork of the Haw River, for 20 £.

8 Apr 1764 farmer Richard Wright and wife Ann of Orange County, North Carolina, sold to Harmon Husbands of same, 320 acres on fork of Haw River for 32 £ 10 s. Fred Hughes' Historical Map of Guilford County (c. 1980) shows the above land to be in the extreme north central part of what is now Guilford County, North Carolina.

10 May 1764 Benjamin Becraft sells to Amos Wright 50 acres of Benjamins

19 May 1764 Benjamin Becraft sells to Amos Wright 18 acres of Mount Pleasant. Deed recorded by Amos Right. Bill of sale recorded by Amos Right. Benjamin Becraft of Frederick County sells part (181/2 acres) of tract called "Mount Pleasant," on a branch of Linganore, called Beens [Ben's] Branch toAmos Right, signed by Benjamin Becraft's mark before Sam'l Beall Junr. and Josi Beall, for 11 £ 11 s. Deborah, wife of Benjamin Becraft released her dower rights. Benjamin Becraft sells part (50 acres) of tract called "Becraft's Delight," on a draught of Linganore Creek to Amos Right, for 31 £ 5 s c.m. Signed as above

22 Jun 1764 "Peter Becraft of AAC, recorded 22 June 1764, made 20 June 1764 between Amos Wright of FC, farmer, for 25 pcm in Spanish Milled pieces of eight at seven shillings and six pence each, and Spanish Pistoles at 27 shillings each weighing 4 penny weight 6 grains in Gold, sells tract called "Becraft's Delight, " containing 50 acres more or less, as per Benjamin Becraft's deed, in 1764; also part of tract called Mount Pleasant containing 18 1/2 acres. Signed Amos Wright by his mark, before John Darnall, W. ____. Deed ack by Amos Wright to be the right of estate of the within named Peter Becraft. Ack. before John Darnall. June 20, 1764, rec'd of the within Peter Becraft as my security to Wm Hall of Elkridge, 75 pcm as the full consideration of the within. Amos Wright by his mark before John Darnall."

20 Jul 1764 In Frederick County, Amos Wright mortgages Mt. Pleasant and Becraft’s Delight. Peter Becraft of Anne Arundel County signs as security for Amos.

1765 during the Orange County Court beginning 12 Feb: "Richard RightsMark is recorded to wit: a Smoth Crop in the right ear and a hole in the left." 37

30 Apr 1768 A convention of the Regulators & Associators was held at George Adam Sallings [Sally's] on Rocky River. Subscribers to a petition to the governor and his council from "We the inhabitants of Orange County..." include James Morgan, Philbert Wright, and John Parr. The Subscribers were protesting the "larger Fees for recording Deeds than any other adjacent Counties and many other Fees more than the Law allows..."

2 Sep 1772 Will of Joseph Wright. Wife- Rebecca, CH: Ely, Elizabeth, Sarah, Joseph Richard, Benjamin Nearest kin- Amos and Phillip Wright (Don’t know who this is.)

21 Sep 1773 Joseph Wright of Frederick County, Maryland wrote his will. He left "Tryall" to his wife, Rebecca, who was also the executrix. Named in the will are his children: Ely, Elizabeth, Sarah, Joseph, Richard, and Benjamin. Proved 20 Oct. 1773.

6 Nov 1773 Joseph Wright's estate was inventoried and appraised at £166.7.6 by Upton Sheredine and Daniel Richards. Next of kin: Philip Wright and Amos Wright approved the inventory.

17 Mar 1774 Amos sell Mt. Pleasant and “Becraft’s Delight” to Peter Wright

23 Jan 1776
Amos Wright and John Campbell take over the estate of Joseph Wright from Rebecca and her new husband Phillip Davis due to mismanagement.

nd Promintor Morgan, John Parr, Ruddy Morgan, and Philburd Wright were among those who signed "The petition of us Subscribers inhabitants of Guilford County Humbly She weth: that your petitionars is Deprived of that Natural & profitable priviledge of Catching fish in Deep River as formerly by its Chanel being stopt by several mill Dams being made quite across said River to the Great hurt of many poor familys who Depended on said fishing for great part of their living..."

1778 There was a Philbert Wright still in Maryland, as a Philburd Wright signed the Oath of Fidelity in Frederick County, Maryland in 1778.

Dec 1778 Philburd Wright of Frederick County is listed as an Associator who took the Oath of Fidelity to Maryland.

1779 Philburd Wright, Senr. appears on the Randolph County, North Carolina tax list of William Cole owning 2 horses and 6 cattle total value 260 £ , but no land.

1779 Philburd Wright, Junr. appears on the Randolph County, NC tax list of William Cole owning 200 acres of land and 4 cattle total value 240 £.

10 Feb 1779 Amos Wright witnessed the will of Peter Becraft of Frederick County, planter. "To friend Daniel James: all the estate after the death of my wife and helpless children. Wife and Daniel James executors.

20 Jun 1780 Amos Wright is Wit: to will of Peter Becraft PETER Wright

1780 William3 Wright, 19 years old, son of Richard2 Wright, "entered as a Volunteer for 3 months in a light horse company commanded by Capt. James Robinson which was attached to the Regiment commanded by Col. John Litteral sometime about the month of December in Randolph County N. Carolina."

13 Feb 1781 "Richard Wright, age 11y last 7 Jan., at request of his mother Rebekah Davis, bound to Edward [Richards?], shoemaker (82)." [Orphans Court Proceedings]

13 Feb 1781 "Joseph Wright, age 12 y last 10 Dec., at request of his mother Rebekah Davis, bound to William King, wheelwright (83)." [Orphans Court Proceedings]

1781 William Wright volunteered again, "into another light horse company under Capt. William Gray for 3 months which company was attached to the Regiment under Col. Thomas Dugan our headquarters was at a place called Bell's Mills, Randolph County..." (William Wright's Revolutionary War Pension Records, pension S.16301)

1784 Philbert Wright received a North Carolina State grant of 200 acres. (Randolph County Early Resident File, Randolph Room, Asheboro Public Library, Asheboro, NC) This is probably Philbert3.

1785 Philbert Wright appears on the tax list of Aaron Hill as owning 400 acres. "white polls, 1" (Randolph County Early Resident File, Randolph Room, Asheboro Public Library, Asheboro, NC) This was also probably Philbert3 as the land records match.

Oct 1785 "Benjamin Wright, age 13 y last 3 Mar., at the request of his mother, Rebecca Stripe, bound to Jacob Shipe, blacksmith (62)." [Orphans Court Proceedings]

1785 Philburd Wright appears on the tax list from Capt. Clark's and Capt. Gray's Dist. as owning no land. "white polls, 1" (Randolph County Early Resident File, Randolph Room, Asheboro Public Library, Asheboro, NC) This Philburd could have been Philburd3, the son of Richard2 Wright, as this Philburd owns no land, Richard2 had died prior to 8 Feb 1785 (will probated), and Philburd3, son of Richard2 was about 17 years old in 1785.

12 Sep 1785 ROSTER OF NC SOLDIERS IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION.Heirs of Peter Wright Pvt. 640 acres 84 months service. (Was this Peter son of Philbert and Esther? It could not be the Peter, son of Richard because he was still living at a later date.) PHILBERT WRIGHT 20 Aug.

8 Aug 1786 "Richard Wright, age 16 next 7 Jan., with consent of his mother, bound to Jacob Winns, tailor (92)." [Orphans Court Proceedings]

Federal Census records show, as living in the Hillsborough District of Randolph County, North Carolina: Wright, Philburt 2 males 16 years & over, 4 males under 16 years, and 4 females. Wright, Philburd 1 male 16 years & over and 2 females. Wright, William 1 male 16 years & over, 4 males under 16 years, and 5 females.

AN ALTERNATE THEORY: Proof is lacking showing that Philbert was the father of Richard. But the more I read the more convinced I am that this is likely the case. The persistence of the name Philbert in the family is in itself a good clue and the records in Maryland make it a near certainty that the younger Philbert, later of Orange Co NC, was his son. Tradition states that this younger Philbert and Richard Wright Sr of Rowan county NC were brothers. Tradition, however, does not constitute proof. Richard Wright family's identity has been fully satisfied with the study of his descendants' y chromosomes. Should descendants of his purported brothers, Philbert, Amos or Joseph, step forward, a match to Richard's Y would be the much needed confirmation that he was, indeed, the son of Philbert, allowing us to place this man and his wife firmly into our ancestral tree. It should be noted that the true parents of Richard Wright, Sr are not currently known; however, there is sufficient 'circumstantial evidence' to indicate that his parents were Philbert right and Ester Becraft/Bycraft of Maryland were his parents. Circumstantial Evidence that Amos, Joseph, and Richard Wright are the sons of Philbert and Esther Becraft Wright: Documentation of known children of Philbert and Esther Wright: Ann born 11 Oct 1713 in St. Barnabas Church in Queen Ann Parish, Pr. Georges Co., MD; Peter- born 31 Mar 1717; Philbert-born 4 Sep 1719;and Rebecca- born 1722.
NOTE: Another Philbert, but not my Philbert, is said to have been born c1777 in North Carolina to Joseph Wright. He married Nancy Yates 24 Sep 1801, Randolph Co., NC. Susie Jordan states: I have read in previous messages that some believe the Philburd Wright who appeared in the 1810 Cumberland Co, KY census was one of the Philburd Wright's who moved to Indiana. However, this is not the case. The Philburd Wright in Cumberland Co, KY in 1810, was really the son of Joseph Wright, of Randolph Co, NC, and a grandson of John Wright. This Philburd of Cumberland Co, KY, was born about 1788 in NC and married Ann (Yates) Jiles in Randolph Co, NC, 24 Sep 1801. He moved to Cumberland Co KY with his brother John Wright prior to 1810. Philburd remained in Cumberland Co, KY and is listed on subsequent census records as "Philip" Wright, but it is the same person. Clinton Co, KY was formed in 1835 from Wayne & Cumberland Cos, KY. All of the Wrights who had lived in Cumberland Co were now in Clinton Co, KY. The 1850 census for Clinton Co, KY, shows "Philbert Wright" age 73, born NC. Enumerated with him is Judith Burchett, age 48, born KY and her sons, John P, age 12, and William M, age 7. I have not found a connection between Judith Burchett and Philburd/Philbert Wright. Susie states in another post that "His known children were: Jacob B (b1803), Alfred (b 1805), Rachel (b ca 1807), Rebecca (b ca 1810), Noah (b 1812), Abigail (b ca 1815), Basil (b 1817) and Polly (b ca 1820)."I have no idea at this point how this Philbert and his father Joseph (probably born around the mid 17th century) would be related to this line, if at all.