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Ludwig WINKLER (1726-1798) m. Christina Catharina DIETZ (1724-1799) [??Anna Christina LEUTZ/LENTZ 1706-1767??]
s/o Jacob VINCLAIR (1688-1752) and Anna Catherine WENDEL (1688-1752)
d/o Frederick DIETZ (1676-1755) and Catarina BONCELLI (1678-1742)
p/o Franz WINKLER (1745-1802)

The people of the Palatinate were predominately Lutheran, as this area was converted by Duke Wolfgang in 1557. Civil unrest, religious struggles and a variety of economic troubles in central Europe persuaded a large portion of the population to migrate to America, where the English Colonies were accepting German emigrants. The normal course of travel for a Palatine emigrant was a trip down the Rhine River to Rotterdam, the Netherlands, then across to an English port and then on to either Philadelphia or Baltimore. The Germans who settled in Pennsylvania became known as the Pennsylvania Dutch.

1724 Christina Catharina DIETZ born at Luxembourg. (some sources say she was born in PA – Why Would She Be Born In Pa. When Her Son Was Born In Germany In 1745??)‎; died bef. 1798 in Rowan County, NC (at least one source says she died in 1799). She was the daughter of Fredrick Deitz. She married Ludwig Winkler 1742 in England, son of Jacob Winkler Vinclai and Anna Catherine Wendel. He was born 15 APR 1726 in Elnod, Zweibruken, Rhine, Pfalz, Germany, and died 13 APR 1798 in Rowan Co., NC.

15 Apr 1726 Ludwig WINKLER born at Einod, Zweibrücken, the Lower Palatinate, Germany {southwest}, and died Jan 1799 in Rowan County, NC. He was the son of Vinclair Jacob WINCKLER and Anna Catherine WENDEL.

20 Apr 1726 Ludwig WINKLER christened at Einoed-Ingweiler, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany

1743 Ludwig WINKLER and Christina Catharina DIETZ married England [p. 352 and 556 Marriage Records states marriage date as 5 Jul 1797 – wrong??]

1744 dau Barbara Elizabeth WINKLER born in Germany (some sources say Rowan, North Carolina); married Philip Garner. She married (1) Phillip GARNER. He was born ABT. 1740 in Rowan, NC, and died 6 SEP 1812 in Rowan County, NC. [Lancaster Mennonite Records show Elizabeth and Phillip Garner] [was she born after Franz?] m. (2) David BLACE (I belive this is confused with Eliza WINKLER and her husband Devauld BARCE)[Burial:
Toms Creek Missionary Baptist Church Davidson, North Carolina (Emmons Township, on the north side of Bombay Road (NC Hwy 47), about 1/2 mile east of the Gallimore Road/Klopman Road intersection)]

1745 son Francis (Franz) WINKLER born at Germany (some sources say Easton, Northampton, PA); died January 3, 1844 in Rowan, North Carolina; married in Bottstown, York County, PA Marie Catherine Bott born 1751 and died 1802 in Rowan, N.C. [1782 Ensign In York County, PA Militia Muster Rolls]

1746 dau Catharine WINKLER born at Easton, Northampton, PA (Some sources say birth was aft 1748. She married George “Ruchs” BERKSHIRE. Died 03 Jan 1802 at Salisbury, Rowan, NC

6 Apr 1751 dau Mary WINKLER born in Rowan County, North Carolina; married Jacob BECK (some sources says his last name was PECK). Died 09 Feb 1828 [Will (doc)]

1752 L. Ludwig Winckler listed on PA Early Census Index Philadelphia County

1752 dau Eliza WINKLER born in Rowan County, North Carolina; married DeVault Blaze on 31 May 1788.

1754 Ludwig Winckler listed on PA Early Census Index Philadelphia County

30 Sep 1754 Ludwig WINKLER immigrated to Philadelphia on ship
Edinburgh with James Russell as ship's master, on September 30, 1754. The ship had come from Rotterdam, via Cowes, England, with 160 passengers, including a gentleman named Henry Winckler, perhaps Ludwig’s brother. Ludwig eventually Anglicized his name to Lewis. He probably settled first near Philadelphia. [Namen von Einwanderern in Pennsylvanien aus Deutschland, der Schweiz, Holland, Frankreich u. a. St. von 1727 bis 1776 (Names of immigrants in Pennsylvania from Germany, Switzerland, Holland, France and other countries from 1727 to 1776) Names of German, Swiss p. 330 (doc) [Pages 208-210 contains "A List of the Germans and Swiss Protestants under the Command of Collo Purry qualified before his Excellency Robert Johnson Esquire Governour of this Province on the 22 and 23 dayes of December 1732," being the names of 93 alien s… SMITH, HENRY A.M. "Purrysburgh." In The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, vol. 10:4 (Oct. 1909), pp. 187-219.] [BOYER, CARL, 3RD, editor Ship Passenger Lists, the South (1538-1825) Newhall, CA: the editor, 1979. 314p. 4th pr. 1986. Reprint. Family Line Publications, Westminster, MD, 1992. P.159. Contains passenger lists mentioned in Lancour, A Bibliography of Ship Passenger Lists, 1538-1825 (1963), nos. 198E, 200-207, 208(1), 213, 215, 219, 220, 222, 225, 227, 229-231, 232A-233, 235-237, 240(1)-243. Boyer has indexed ship names, place names, and about 12,000 personal names, with variant surname spellings. Nos. 9120, 9135, 9143, 9144, and 9151, Tepper's works, have similar lists.] [Volume 1, page 614, Pennsylvania German Pioneers] [A Ludwig Winckler and his family came from Germany on the ship "Edinberg" from Rotterdam to Philadelphia, arriving 13 Sep 1754. Another version is that the date was 30 Sep 1754. Still another researcher states that he came on the "Queen of Denmark" into Philadelphia, 3 Nov 1752. The book Pennsylvania German Pioneers shows that a Ludwig Winckler came on both ships but the Ludwig on the Edinburgh was accompanied by another Winckler - Henry or Heinrich. They were apparently from the Palantinate and this seems to be the most likely Ludwig. But no proof definitely links the man on the ship with the man later in Rowan, North Carolina]

1 Mar 1755 son Henry WINKLER born at Easton, Northampton, PA; married Susannah ROSS on July 1, 1778 in Rowan, NC (died 1 JUL 1836 in Estill, KY] [one sources says he was born Mar 1756]

1755 Christina Catharina DIETZ and her family (father Frederick Dietz) immigrated at Philadelphia aboard the ship Neptune from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, via Gosport, England. 1755 Baltimore Passenger List: Also listed as Catherine Dietz Ordiety.

26 Jan 1757 dau Anna Margaret WINKLER born; baptized 22 Feb 1757 (
Pennsylvania-German Society A history of the Tohickon Union Church, Bedminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania : with copy of church records, Reformed p. 82, lists parents as Ludwig and Christina Winckler; Philip Grossge and Anna Margaret sponsors (doc)

1764 dau Phebe WINKLER born in Rowan, NC; died in 1855 in Rowan, NC; married John Rickard in Rowan, North Carolina bef. 1780, son of Jacob Richard RICKARD. He was born abt. 1753 in PA, and died ABT. 1841 in Rowan, NC.

15 Jun 1764 Ludwig WINKLER listed on Pennsylvania Census, 1772-1890, Ludwing Winckler, Philadelphia Twp, Philadelphia Co. 1764: Northampton Co DB F-1 "Abstracts of Deeds, including documents from 1743-1802, Vol 3, Candace E Anderson" Property: 200 acres, messuage, improvements, tract in Forks Township adjoining Peter SEIP. 15 Jun 1764, Ludwig Winckler by article of agreement, sold this tract to Michael Smith

1765 Ludwig WINKLER and Christina Catharina DIETZ moved from near Philadelphia and resettled in North Carolina near Abbott's Creek, with a large population of Pennsylvania Dutch who migrated into western North Carolina at that time. [A Lewis Winkler was naturalized: 1765: "All Naturalizations in America and the West Indies 1740-1782" Lewis Winckler, Bethlehem Twp, Northampton Co.]

1768 Ludwig's son-in-law, Jacob Beck, bought land next to him in 1768.

1768 "Rowan Co NC Tax Lists 1757-1800; Annotated Transcriptions" Jo White Linn 1995; Self-published p.98 1768 Tax List of John Oliphant Thos. Winkler, Nichs Houk & John Houk 3 p [No Thomas documented as far as I know.]

1772 "Rowan Co NC Tax Lists 1757-1800; Annotated Transcriptions" Jo White Linn 1995; Self-published p.120 1772 Tax List of James Smith; Francis Winkler, 1p [son of Ludwig]; p.119 Ludwick Winkler, 1p

1775 Ludwig WINKLER migrated to Potts Creek Area of North Carolina

4 Jul 1776 Ludwig WINKLER: Rowan Co NC: Estate of Henry Eustace McCulloh to Lewis Winckler, 272 acres.

1778 Rowan, NC Tax List p. 14: lists Capt. D. Smith’s District: Winkler, Lewis £384 (doc) [p.138 1778 Tax List, Capt D. Smith Lewis Winkler 134#'s]

1778 Rowan, NC Tax List p.139 Adam Winkler 280# [possible brother]; p.161 1778 & 1779 Guards at the Salisbury District Gaol; Oct 2 Henry Winkler [son]; p.202 (on scraps of paper – with others 1782-1783; Delinquents Ludwick Winkler 4.9.8

1780 Rowan, NC Tax List: lists Capt. D. Smith’s District: Winkler, Lewis

10 Oct 1783 Ludwig WINKLER made patriotic service to military furnishing supplies; took oath of allegiance in Rowan, NC [Pruitt, Abstracts of Land Entries Rowan, NC P 62;NC Rev War Pay Vouchers #1819, Roll #S.115.134] [DAR A# A203772] [He served in the Pennsylvania Continental Line during the Revolutionary War as an artillery officer]

10 Oct 1783 State Grant #610 @ 50 sh per 100 A to Lewis WINKLER, 200 A on Peach Branch adj McCulloh. 9:607.  Rowan Land Records/Abstracts Deed Book 9

10 Oct 1783 State Grant #640 @ 50 sh per 100 to Jacob BECK,200 A on Abbotts Crk adj Le(wis) WINKLER on McCulloh’s line. Rowan Land Records/Abstracts Deed Book 9 9:617. 

6 Nov 1783 #2927 Catherine LOPPS 100 A on waters of Abbots Crk & adj McCulloh, Lewis WINKLER & Jacob PECK including a spring that runs into Jacob PECK’s Branch. Rowan Land Records/Abstracts Deed Book 9

1784 p.238 1784 Tax list of Capt Frederick Smith Adam Winkler, 300a, Franses Winkler: 275a; p.239 Henry Winkler: 75A; p.300 Miscellaneous notes found; This is to Sartify to the Sherif or Collecter that Lewis Winkler Came before me & Maid Oath that To the Best of his Knoledge he is Seventy Three Years old Past July Sworne to Before me this 29 Day of May 1789 Robert McKie, JP [If he was 73 in 1789, he was born in 1716, not 1726.] p.311

1786 Ludwig WINKLER received land grant, Rowan (now Davidson) Co., NC

1789 Ludwig WINKLER himself testified that he was age 73 in 1789 - which indicates he was born in 1716, not ten years later. From: "Rowan Co NC Tax Lists 1757-1800; Annotated Transcriptions" Jo White Linn 1995; Self-published p.300 Miscellaneous notes found: This is to Sartify to the Sherif or Collecter that Lewis Winkler Came before me & Maid Oath that To the Best of his Knoledge he is Seventy Three Years old Past July Sworne to Before me this 29 Day of May 1789 Robert McKie, JP

1790 Federal Census at Rowan, NC list Lewis Winkler 1 male over 16 and 1 female (doc) [Henry Winkler: 2 wm over 16, 3 wm under 16, 1 w female. next to Lewis Winkler: 1 wm over 16, 1 w female]

1791 1791 Tax List of Capt William Millsap's Co: Henry Winkler, 175A, 2wp; Lewis Winkler, 200A; Frances Winkler, 370A, 1wp

13 Apr 1798 Ludwig WINKLER made his will in Rowan, North Carolina. He died in 1799. Catharina had most likely passed away before Lewis’s will was made, since she was not mentioned in it (doc) [Abstract of North Carolina Wills, p. 282: Winkler, Lewis: Henry, Francis; Wills Index p 570-Winkler, Lewis #085-1799-WB-E/13 AR (2doc)] [Will Books, Vol E-F, 1789-1807] [His will said to be in Book E, p.13, dated 13 Apr 1798. Named wife. Sons Henry & Francis. Daughters as Elizabeth Garner, Mary Peek, Catharina Ruckshire, Phoebe Ricker and Eliza Glaze. Exrs: sons Henry & Francis. Presumably this is WB E, Rowan Co, NC and the oft quoted date of his death is actually the date of his will. [the settlement of his estate states he died in Jan of 1799] A post from a researcher who has seen the will from Rowan Co. says the wife is NOT named and that in the loose estate papers, after Lewis ludwig's death (1799) almost all of the daughter's last names are different than in the will. The will was apparently written as Lewis Winkler. [after I found the transcript below - in 1801, the daughters were listed exactly as in the Will except the husband's given names were provided]

1798 Ludwig WINKLER died in Rowan, NC

7 Jan 1799 Christina Catharina DIETZ died at Rowan, NC

27 Jan 1799 Inventory of the estate taken 27 Jan 1799. Listed by articles purchas'd. A report was returned in 1800 - lists several members of his family as owing for items purchase - probably at the estate sale. The paper is damaged and torn. Names of likely family members include: Francis Winkler, Henry Winkler, John Winkler who bought only a single beer mug, Davott Blaze. The following petition is in the file.

"Petition of LEWIS WINKLER'S CHILDREN, ROWAN CO, NC" appended to "Will of Lewis Winkler 4/13/1798" Rowan Co. NC, Records Wills, Page 23 was transcribed by W.E. Sykes on 7 July 1997. Source: Handwritten Transcript of Original Will & Appended Documents History and Genealogy Department, Rowan Public Library, Salisbury, NC

State of N.C.
Rowan Co.
Nov Sessions 1801 To the worshipful the Justices of the County Court of Rowan. The petition of Philip Garner in right of his wife Elizabeth, Jacob Beck in right of his wife Mary, George Berkshire in right of his wife Catharine, John Beeker (sic: probably Ricker or something similar as Phebe married John Rickard) in right of his wife Phebe, and Devault Blaze in right of his wife Eliza humbly complaining unto your worship your petitioners that Lewis Winkler father of the said Elizabeth, Mary, Catharine, Phebe, and Eliza, departed this life sometime in the month of January in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety nine, leaving five daughters aforesaid and two sons Henry Winkler and Francis Winkler his children seized and possessed of a considerable real and personal estate and having made a last will and testament in writing but leaving his personal property entirely undisposed of by the same.
Your petitioners further shew unto your worship that Henry Winkler and Francis Winkler aforesaid in and by the said last will and testament were constituted and appointed executors thereof and that at ____ Sessions of the County Court of the County of Rowan they qualified as executors and took upon themselves the execution of the said will and have also taken into their possession and disposal the whole personal property of the said Lewis Winkler deceased.
Your petitioners further shew that at May Sessions 1799 of the County Court of Rowan aforesaid the said Henry and Francis executors returned into court an inventory and account of sales to the amount of fifty three pounds nine shillings and three pence. And afterwards at August Sessions 1801 of the said Court further returned unto said court an inventory and amount of sales to the amount of twenty three pounds, five shillings and four pence.
Your petitioners further shew unto your worship that the said Henry and Francis have collected and not accounted for the sum of seventeen pounds, ten shillings due from one Michael Hollyhouser and also the further sum of nine pounds due to said estate from sundry persons and collected by one Richard leach as constable and also several other sums of money due and belonging to said estate all which sums remain unaccounted for by the said Henry and said Francis executors as aforesaid.
Your petitioners further shew to your worship that the said Henry and said Francis have not returned a true and full inventory and account of sales of said estate and particularly they charge that two bee hives and a bushel are omitted in the inventory.
Your petitioners pray that your worship would grant to your petitioners your writ of subpoena commanding the said Henry and Francis upon their corporal oaths respectively full true and perfect answer to make to all and singular the premises as fully and particularly as if the same were herein again repeated interrogative and set forth particularly that they and each of them may answer and set forth whether he did not die possessed of a considerable personal estate and leaving the same undisposed of by his will whether they have not returned inventory and account of sales as before set forth whether they have not received the several sums herein set forth and not accounted for the same? Or what sums and what other sums? Whether they have omitted the particulars before set forth? What have they omitted? What money was left belonging to said estate which has never been discovered or accounted for by this inventory of said estate. May it please your worship to order adjudge and decree that the said Henry and Francis executors as aforesaid pay to your petitioners their respective and proportionable shares of their said fathers estate. And that your worship may further do and order in the premises whatever shall appear to be right and agreeable to equity and good conscience.
Alexander Sole?
for Petitioners

Ludwig Lewis Winkler will
In the name of God, Amen! This 13 day of April AD 1798, I Lewis Winkler, Sr of the County of Rowan and State of N. Carolina being of perfect mind and memory, thanks be given to almighty God for the same and calling to remembrance the uncertain estate of the Transitory Life and that all flesh shall yield into death when it shall please God to call: Do make, constitute, ordain, & declare this my last will &testament in manner and form following;
Revoking and annulling by these present, all & every past wills, heretofore by me made and declared, either by word or writing and this only is to be taken for my last will and Test and none other.  And now for the disposal of my temporary estate which it has been pleased God to bestow upon me, I do order, give & dispose the same in manner &form following.
Imprimis.  I give & bequeath the land and plantation with the premises, containing two hundred acres to the same more or less unto my two sons (to wit), Henry Winkler and Francis Winkler to be equally divided between them by a dividing line which shall run as near north& south as possible, so that the improvements may be left on my son Henry Winkler’s part, to them & their heirs forever, subject never the less to this condition that the said Henry Winkler & Frances Winkler, my sons whom I do constitute & ordain executors of this my last will &testament shall pay or cause to be paid one hundred pounds unto m yfive beloved daughters to wit Elizabeth Garner, Mary Beck, Catharine Ruckshire (Berkshire?), Phoebe (Phebe) Richer (Rickard?)  & Eliza Blaze, within three years after my decease, to be equally divided among them & further that my said two sons shall contribute to my sufficient maintenance & my beloved wife’s so long as we live in the following manner (to wit) my son Henry shall fund me two thirds and my son Francis on third towards our said maintenance –Utterly by the said will revoking every other gifts or bequeaths heretofore made by me ratifying & confirming this my last will & testament. In witnesses whereof I have here unto set my hand & affirming my seal the Day and year above written, Sealed & Delivered in presence of:
Bietam Jones Heymoore(?)                                                     LudwigWinkler  - Seal
Decey/ Docey  Dusenbeary
Illegible (?)

The Rickard Family History by Aileen Barker Rickard
Wingler Family by Ray Eugene Wingler, 1970