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Nicholas Thomas ARNOLD (1707-1743) m. Elizabeth Mary HITT (1711-1753)
s/o Isaac ARNOLD (1685-1758) and Margaret GOFFE (1688-1757)
d/o _____ Jennings (1690- ) and _____
p/o Nicholas ARNOLD (1748-1808)

1685 Father Isaac ARNOLD was born at Old Rappahannock County, Virginia ["Isaac Arnold, [first] child of Thomas and Grace Arnold, was born in Old Rappahannock County circa 1685 and married in Richmond County to Margaret Goffe in 1707. He died in 1758 in King George County, Virginia. Apparently he led a very active life; was prominent in many County Councils and was Vestryman of the Hanover Parish Church for many years. He was appointed Church Warden in 1743. .... His wife, Margaret Goffe, presumably died about 1719, as he is recorded selling land about that date which deed his wife did not sign. This couple had nine children. In his will he mentions his second wife, Mary. This later marriage produced four more children."[87] Note that since Richmond County, VA was formed in 1692 from Old Rappahannock County, Isaac did not necessarily move before getting married in 1707. Likewise in 1729, part of Richmond County became King George County, thirty-eight years before Isaac died.

1707 Father Isaac ARNOLD and Mother Margaret GOFFE married [Richmond County Cont’d) Deed Book 4, p 126 28 Feb 1708 Thomas Goffe of the Parish of St. Mary’s Richmond County, Planter to ISAAC ARNOLD of the same parish and county, consideration of the marriage already had and solemnized between him the said ISAAC ARNOLD and Margaret, his now wife, daughter of the aforesaid Thomas Goff, and to continue the land in the blood of ISAAC ARNOLD and MARGARET...along the dividing line between John Willis, Jr. and Thomas Goffe...(creation of an entailed estate.]

1707 Nicholas Thomas ARNOLD born at Richmond, Wise, VA

1711 Elizabeth Mary HITT born at VA

1719 mother Margaret GOFFE died in King George, VA

24 Feb 1719 Deed Book 7, p 491 24 Feb 1719, Recorded 6 Apr 1720 Lease ISAAC ARNOLD of the Parish of Hanover, Richmond County, Planter to JAMES ARNOLD of the same parish, Planter...5 shillings...plantation whereon JAMES ARNOLD now lives and 100 acres to the same belonging lying in St. Mary’s parish, Richmond County...old field dividing this land from that of THOMAS ARNOLD...on Jogiteague. Release of 25 Feb 1719 for 3000 pounds of tobacco. (No wife of ISAAC ARNOLD signs, nor is her name given.) (Note: King George Deed Book 2, p 463 shows that on 11 Apr 1743, ISAAC ARNOLD Jr. was living on this plantation.)

18 Jun 1723 Father ISAAC ARNOLD, witness. Margaret Goffe Power of Attorney to William Beverly was proved by the oaths of ISAAC ARNOLD and John Goffe (no mention of relationship between Margaret and ARNOLD) Volume 7 also describes Isaac as... ISAAC ARNOLD was born in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia ca 1685, the last child of THOMAS and GRACE ARNOLD. He married in Richmond Co, VA, to MARGARET GOFFE in 1707. ISAAC is found in records indicating he was prominent in many County Councils and was Vestryman of the Hanover Parish Church for many years. He was appointed Church Warden in 1743. He made an effort once or twice to establish his land in his blood line by creating an “entail” on his land but in each case the heirs broke the agreement and sold the land after his death.

1726 Nicholas Thomas ARNOLD and Elizabeth Mary HITT married at Prince William, VA

4 Mar 1725 son Isaac ARNOLD born at Prince William, Virginia; died 1770 at American, Ohio

30 Aug 1727 son Humphrey ARNOLD born at Fauquier, Fauquier, VA; died 1790; served in Rev War; married Harriet Ann SMITH [Humphrey Arnold (b. c1720; d. aft 4 Jul 1789 and bef Dec 1790) and Harriet Ann Smith (d. aft 1792). "Humphrey Arnold and Anne his wife of Fauquier County" were living in Hamilton Parish, Fauquier County, VA by April 9, 1764 as they paid five pounds yearly rent to farm 100 acres of land belonging to Colonel Richard Henry Lee of Westmoreland County, VA. "Arnolds not to make waste of timber, pay taxes, plant and keep under sufficient fence 100 good apple trees, build a dwelling house 16 feet square, build a tobacco house 24 feet long and 20 feet wide, work no more than 3 tithables and an overseer."(Deed Book 2, page 128). In Deed Book 13, page 338, 10 Jul 1792, grantors "Isaac Arnold and Mary his wife, Benjamin Arnold and Sarah his wife, George Arnold and Anna his wife, John West and Bathsheba his wife of Fauquier County and Seymour Arnold and Mary his wife, Culpeper County" sell "land in Fauquier County formerly land of Humphrey Arnold, deceased." Humphrey's daughter Jemima Arnold is referred to in Deed Book 9, page 426, Sept. 3, 1787. "Whereas some disputes have arisen over negro girl named Sarah which I gave to John Knowling at his intermarriage with my daughter [Jemima and John were married Oct. 20, 1785] and whereas John Knowling has sold said slave to Charles Martin --- to settle dispute I convey said slave to Charles Martin. Signed Humphrey Arnold." The children of Humphrey and Harriet Ann (Smith) Arnold were the following:
1. Isaac Arnold5 (b. 1751) m. 23 Oct 1771 in Fauquier Co. VA Mary Porter5 (b. c1753), daughter of Samuel Porter and Eve Weaver.
2. Samuel Arnold5 (b. c 1750; d. 1831) m. 5 Sep 1771, Elizabeth Wright, dau. of John Wright, Jr.
3. Benjamin Arnold5 m. Sarah "Sally" ______.
4. George Arnold5 m. Anna _______.
5. Bathsheba Arnold5 m. John West.
6. Jemima Arnold5 m. 20 Oct 1785, John Knowling.
7. Seymour Arnold5 m. 20 Oct 1785, Mary "Molly" Knowling of Culpeper Co., VA.
8. Simon Arnold5 - probably a child but no positive evidence..
9. Daughter m, Charles Martin.

30 Aug 1727 son Thomas ARNOLD born at Fauquier, Fauquier, VA; died 1 Jan 1790 at Fauquier, VA; served in Rev War

1730 son John ARNOLD born at VA; died 1770 at American, Allen, Ohio

3 May 1733 Nicholas Thomas ARNOLD and his father Isaac ARNOLD signed an indenture in Hanover Parish, King George, VA conveying Isaac ARNOLD’s real estate to Thomas on his father’s death.

1748 son Nicholas ARNOLD born at Culpeper, Culpeper, VA; died 1808 at Bourbon, KY; served in Rev War; married Margaret WILLIS in 1752 at Fauquier, VA

1 Oct 1754 son John B ARNOLD born at Culpeper, Culpeper, VA; died 1818; served in Rev War

15 Sep 1757 Father Isaac ARNOLD states in will that he was from Hanover Parish, King George, VA. He died 1758 in King George, VA [Isaac's will was written the 15th of September, 1757. He names his children and father in law.... Eldest son Isaac "all land whereon I formerly did live" land bounded of Capt. Joseph Murdock and land of Moses Pittman and others "and also given to the said Isaac my said son by Thomae Goff grandfather to the said Isaac Arnold and that the said Isaac Arnold and his heirs hold and enjoy the said land forever. Daughter - Dianah Wharton and Samuel Wharton her now husband (land on which she then lived from Duff’s Ordinary to King George Court House) Son - William; Son - Benjamin; Youngest son - Mark "was 18 years old the 26th day of July last"; Daughters: Sarah Moran; Isabell Rogers; Elizabeth; Mary; Jemima; Susanna, Wife Mary Date proved, probated and recorded -- 4 May 1758 (presented by Mary Arnold)]

1758 son Solomon ARNOLD born at Lunenburg, Lunenburg, VA; died 23 Oct 1844 at Moore, NC; served in Rev War

3 Jun 1743 Nicholas Thomas ARNOLD died at King George, King George, VA

1753 Elizabeth Mary HITT died at Fauquier, VA

4 Mar 1775 Mary's will, written March 4, 1775. Daughter - Elizabeth "a lot of land lying on Maple Branch of adjoining the land of Mr. Francis Conway" Daughter - Jemimah and "her heirs forever a lot of land includig the land where Samuel Wharton now lives after the death of my daughter Dinah Wharton" Rest equally divided between my daughters Elizabeth and Jemimah except Jemimah is to pay Elizabeth 10 £. 1 shilling left to all the rest of the children. Signed by mark. Witnesses: Horatio Dade, Mary Dade, Elizabeth Alexander, Behethland Dade Date proved, probated and recorded - 1775.