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LANCELOT BELL, b. Fifth mo. 12, 1738; d.  Twelfth mo. 4, 1781 ; ofCumberland County, England. 

Married Mariam Nicholson, Third mo. 14, 1759.  Daughter of ThomasNicholson. She was brn Third  mo. 12, 1738; d. First mo. 24, 1774.They had six  children: 
(3) Mary, b. Twelfth mo. 27, 1759; d.  Tenth mo. 7, 1811— 
(4) Thomas, b. Tenth mo. 15,  1761; d. Second mo. 4, 1780 — 
(5) Sarah, b. Ninth  mo. 30, 1763; d. Eleventh mo. 9, 1827— 
(6) Margaret,  b. Eleventh mo. 11, 1765; d. Fourth mo. 4, 1831— 
(7)  John, b. Second mo. 6, 1768; d. Twelfth mo. — , 1839 
(8) Caroline, b. Fifth mo.- 8, 1770; d. Fourth mo. 14, 1832— (9)Mariam, b. Fifth mo. 23, 1773. 

by: William Wade Hinshaw 
Pasquotank Monthly Meeting (later Symons Creek Monthly meeting) 
Pasquotank County, North Carolina 
Page 154 
1759, 3,14. Miriam, daughter of Thomas, Perquimans Co., married 
Lancelot Bell, at Little River Meeting House. 

A Paper on the Life of Lancelot Bell. 
Lancelot Bell, the eldest child of John Bell and Sarah Bundy, was bornEleventh month 31, 1790, in Pasquatank County, North Carolina. 

He lived with his parents until their removal to Guilford County, sameState, about the year 1810. About the year 1814 he drove a wagonloaded with whetstones from Deep River to the head of navigation ofthe Kanawa River. Soon after his return he came to Indiana, then aterritory, and was there more than a year when he returned toGuilford. 

In the year 1817, in company with his parents, brothers and sisters,he came to Indiana, then a State. 

They settled one mile south of Cambridge City, on the farm now knownas the Callaway farm. 

On the 16th of Twelfth month, 1818, he was married to Mary, daughterof Jonathan and Elizabeth Justice, and settled near Milton for sometime, and about four miles west of Bentonville, from there to Dublin.He then removed to the farm in Henry County and lived there until hisdeath, which occurred Tenth month 9, 1875. His wife, Mary, died Eighthmonth 8, 1837. They had six children. 

Their daughter, Sarah Frampton, was the only one of their childrenthat was married. Her children, eight of whom are living, sevengrandchildren, are all of the descendants living of Lancelot Bell. Hewas buried in Friends burying ground at Dublin. His daughter, Sarah,at Pendleton, Indiana, and son, David, at San Antonia, Texas. LancelotBell's life was not of startling incidents, but a life we might trulysay was a living exemplification of the Golden Rule. Of the sincerityof his religious convictions no one can doubt. His two greatestpleasures seemed to be his Bible and his meeting, the attendance ofwhich he faithfully performed long after his physical conditionrendered it unsafe. He dressed extremely plain, having no desire forshow. A peculiarity might be mentioned of keeping his hat on all thetime, except when eating. He never traveled in the cars, preferring togo in his open buggy.

Miriam Nicholson1 
F, b. 12 May 1738 

Family Explorer 
Thomas Nicholson b. 1714 
Mary Hill 
12 May 1738 
Miriam was born on 12 May 1738.2 

She was the daughter of Thomas Nicholson and Mary Hill. 
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