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John MORGAN (1695-1730) and Sarah EVANS (1695-1729)
s/o John MORGAN (1669-1744) and Sarah JONES (1672-1686)
d/o John EVANS (1670-1708) and Mary HUGHES (1670)
p/o Elizabeth Ann Jane MORGAN (1732-1798)

1. James (1729-1745) m. (1) Elizabeth Walker; (2) Mary “Molly” Davis, bef 1755
2. Elizabeth Ann Jane (1732-1798) m. Richard R WRIGHT, 1757

19 Jul 1682 DEED: John ap Evan or John Evans Sr. (Children called Jones) received his right to 350 acres by deed of July 19, 1682 witnessed by Edward Jones, Thomas Davies, David Jones, Richard Jones and David Morris. He located his land in Radnor Twp. On resurvey it amounted to only 300 acres and surveyed again and came out to 250 acres and he had to buy an over plus 25 acres. By deed Apr 4, 1688, Evans conveyed 100 acres to John German whose relict Margaret Jermain held it. On survey it made out to be 42 acres over which her son John paid for at a noble an acre. p. 226 Welsh Settlement of PA.

1686 Father John Morgan on Radnor Tax List [tax payers or land owners: John Jerman or Jarman (wife was Margaret), Stephen ap Evan, David Meredith, Richard Miles, John Morgan, Evan Protherah, Richard Ormes, William Davis, Howell James and others, all Welsh Friends, were the first to settle in Radnor and were all located on their lands by 1686. The first white child born in Radnor was John Jerman, Sr., November 12, 1684. Sarah, daughter of Stephen ap Evans - is that Stephen Bevan? - was the first girl born there. In the French and Indian war many Radnor men served, including eight young Friends, who on their safe return were “disowned” by the Society.] [John Morgan 1669 and wife Sarah Jones/Evans had one daughter Sarah and one son James by the year 1703 when they are mentioned in her father's will. See Will below provided by Christos Christou, Jr. One can assume young James is dead by the time of his father`s will in 1744 because he is not mentioned. This could be in error by the transcription to extract. It happens now and then and can be seen it in families where a child was left out by accident in the extract. John Morgan Sr. was probably married about 5 years by 1703, probably since before 1698. Could this be a second marriage for him if he was a land owner in 1686. Perhaps his first wife had no children. Sarah is said to maybe have been born 1773 which would make her 11 when John Morgan already was paying taxes, unless there are 3 John Morgans in a row. For instance a John Morgan (of course going under another name since the Welsh used as last names their father's first names) paying taxes in 1686 who was born 1650 who would have been married. Another John Morgan born 1673 who would have been 13 when the taxes were paid in Radnor 1686 and was later married to Sarah Jones (ap Evans), and then a John Morgan born after 1703 who married Sarah Evans b 1798.] [John Morgan of Radnor was probably born by 1666 to be a resident by 1686. Was he really a resident by 1686? or was it really 1693? He had a brother James who would probably been to old to be our James. That is unless you rethink it all and find out that there were 3 John Morgans in a row. Our James Morgan of Durham Furnace did not died till 1782. Among the men I discussed above there was no James Morgan who fit the description of James Morgan born about 1708, unless you count the brother James and take the assumption they were born later than we thought and were both sons of a third John Morgan who was a resident in 1686]

1691 Father John Morgan and 4 children immigrated to Philadelphia [GLENN, THOMAS ALLEN.
Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania. Baltimore: Clearfield Co., 2000. Volume I. p.132: John Morgan, Child Margaret; Child John; Child Evan; Child James [Phoenixville and Its Vicinity, p.280: Both of the parents died at sea and the captain of the vessel having been prevailed upon to enter a Maryland port, they were buried at the head of the Bay of Bohemia. All the children settled in Chester County…John purchased a farm near Mogan’s Corner, in Radnot Twp. In what is now Delaware County. PA; Family members: Child Margaret; Child John; Child Evan; Child James; GLENN, THOMAS ALLEN. Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania. Baltimore: Clearfield Co., 2000. Volume I. 233p.; p. 132] [JOHN ap MORGAN born ca 1660 was already a known resident in Radnor in 1686 near Evan Prothero/PRTHERETH. This John Morgan is not the same one who arrived in 1691 with his father James, probably John's brother. John married on 16 JUL 1686 to a Sarah Evans, also before the young John Morgan arrived in 1691 with father James. (Sarah Evans was a typically Quaker name and there quite a few.) Did this older John Morgan move from Radnor Chester Co to Abington Meeting in Montgomery Co? It is known he was in the same Abington Meeting as George Boone, kin to Daniel Boone. Was it this John Morgan who married 2nd wife Deborah Woodruff? Before John Morgan married Deborah, it is mentioned in Abington Meeting minutes that he was married before and there seemed to be some kind of discussion about their marriage and some difficulties- was it because he was an older man? The pair moved away from Abington shortly after 1721, out to the wilderness at that time of Richland Twsp Bucks PA where they started a new unofficial meeting house about 1721. The will of John Morgan dated January 11, 1741, was probated March 9, 1743, and is of record at Doylestown, Bucks Co PA. He described himself as "aged and infirm"... if he had been born 1660 , he would have been 81 and 59 when he married Deborah.

abt 1693 Father John Morgan married Sarah Jones (?)

21 Jun 1693 John Morgan christened at St Olave, Southwark, Surrey, England; parents John and Sarah [English Births & Christenings, FHL Film #375307] [
Wright Family Genealogy, p.127]

11 Jan 1695 Sarah Evans born at Marion, Chester, PA (one source says 1694)
14 Jul 1695 John MORGAN born at Delaware, PA [Radnor, Chester, PA] [Quaker Meeting record Radnor MM (doc)] [In 1681, a Welshman, Richard Davies, purchased 1000 acres of land from William Penn in England, lying chiefly in the southern part of Radnor, which he soon sold to various purchasers, there being no record of his ever visiting this county. Friends Radnor Meeting in what is the tri-corner of Montgomery, Chester and Delaware Co. Thomas Morgan (b ca 1680) of Carnaevon Twsp. is said to have come from Radnor to Lancaster Co. now Berks in 1718 -- he applied for a grant at that time. The highway, Radnor Street or Road, was laid out in 1683, and divides the township into nearly equal parts, the road running almost north and south through the township. Radnor occupies the extreme northern part of Delaware county, bordering both Montgomery and Chester counties. From its extreme southern point to the Chester county line it borders Newtown township, and from the same point to the Montgomery county line borders Marple and Haverford townships. Its first settlers were natives of Radnorshire, Wales, members of the Society of Friends, Radnor being included in the “Welsh Tract.” In neighboring Newtown was also a Thomas Morgan and brother George.] [James Morgan 1691 (grandfather of John Morgan 1695) John Morgan arrived as a child in 1691 why was he already a citizen of Radnor in 1686 according to local historians? John's uncle John Morgan was already in in Radnor with other family members who had arrived in 1683, a few years before John's father James sailed from Wales in 1691. James Morgan (b 1645) and his wife Jane, with their children, Margaret, John, Evan and James, natives of Nantmeal, Radnorshire, Wales, set sail for this country in 1691. Both parents died at sea and were buried 14 NOV 1691 in a Maryland Port Cayots at the head of the Bay Bohemia. All of the children settled in Chester County, Penn., and James and Evan became distinguished clergymen. John purchased a farm near "Morgan's Corner" in Radnor township, now Delaware County. [Morgan ap Lewis: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s

1 Sep 1699 DEED: John Evans sold 100 acrs to John Robert of Haverford, smith adjoining German, on the north. John Robert sold by deed of 1 mo 9, 1699/1700 sold same land to John Morgan [married John Evan's dau. Sarah Jones, but I think John Evans arrived as John ap Edwards on the Morning Star], who also had 100 acres more of John Evans' land. In 12mo. 1701, the land commissioners supposed John Evans had 2,200 acres in Radnor.

1701 To John Morgan on 450 acres in Radnor in right of R'd Davies's 5,000. [Minute Book "G" Minutes Of Property Commencing Ye 19th 9th Ber., 1701]
17 Jun 1703 WILL: His children were named ap Jones [for Johns]. John (ap) Evan dated Jun 17 1703 pro Nov 22 1707 Radnor Chester Co, PA wife Dalila. Son-in-law David Evan and Mary his wife my plantation of about 200 acres paying to my son-in-law John Morgan and Sarah his wife 60Pds subject to provisions for wife Dalila. eldest son Rees Jones 20Pds. son Thomas Jones 5Pds, dau Jane 40Pds, dau Margaret wife of Hugh Samuel a heifer. to dau Phebe wife of Edward David 10Pds and to each of their 3 children 1 ewe. granddau Sarah dau of John Morgan and grandson James son of same. a cow. neice Elizabeth Evans dau of Brother Edward Evans 40Pds. exec. -David Evans and John Morgan.

19 Jun 1708 Father John Evans died

16 Dec 1709 David Evans left a will in Radnor twp. naming the oldest children of Gwen and Margaret: will dated Dec 16 1709 pro May 17 1710 Radnor Chester Co, PA. Names wife Mary. Children: eldest son Caleb my plantation where I now dwell paying certain legacies. son Joshua his grandfather's land call Penfenon paying legacies, son Evan the plantation purchased of Wm Davis containing 150 acres. paying 30 Pds to daughter Mary when she is of age. Son David and Philip 300 acres purchased of Richard Davis and 10Pds when 18. Son John 50Pds when 18. Daughter Gwen 1 Pd and her 2 sons Edward and William Foulke ewe and lamb each. Daughter Margaret 1 Pd and to her 2 children John and Gainer Humphrey ewe and lamb each. Daughter Sarah 60 Pds when 18. Executor: sons Caleb and Joshua; Guardians: Rowland Ellis and his son Rowland, Rees Thomas and John Morgan. Philadelphia County Will Book C, page 206.
7 Dec 1717 John Morgan and Sarah EVANS married at Chester, PA [Radnor, PA] [10 Jul 1717] [another john morgan married a sarah Lloyd at Radnor MM on 8 nov 1721 (doc)] [Witness to the marriage of John Morgon and Sarah Lloyd were familiar names such as squire Boone, and his wife, Sarah, who was Johns sister. They were the parents of Daniel Boone., One of the most fanous frontiersmen this countrey has known.Included as witness were the Morgans and the lloyds among others. John Morgan , Son of Edward of Gynedd made application i n1771 to the friends monthly meeting, that he might marry , sarah , son of Thomas LLoyd.In 1723 ,one hundred four acres of land was deeded to John from his father , Edward.The land in Philadelphia, now Montgomery Co., also included a 2 and i/2 story log house. John deeded the land and the house in 1741 to Evan David. following this, John  and his brother Joseph received a certificate of removal from the Gynedd meeting to the Hopewell meeting in Fredrrick co. Va.. There were rumers of Johns having settlrd in Martinsberg, however no records until Frederick co. courts showed that John was deceasedd by May of 1747. Sarah had letters of administration on the estate of John Morgon. along with thier daughter , Sarah. and brother Joseph---John and Sarah Morgon had five children. The two story log house was restored and has since remained a museum in Towamincin , operated and maintained by the Welsh Valley preservation society. The boone family---The Morgans of wales----Relocate in America by Butler]

1719 dau Hannah Morgan born; died 21 Nov 1803 at Newtown, Bucks, PA

1722 The taxable inhabitants of Radnor in 1722, and the assessed value in pounds sterling of real estate held by each, were - David Harry, 54; Richard Ormes, 20; William Thomas, 30; David Pugh, 20; Sarah Abraham, 24; Hugh David, 8; Arthur Jones, 6; John David, 34; John Thomas, 40; John Morgan, Jr., 24; Richard Richards, 24; David Jones, 20; Jenkin David, 36; Thomas Thomas, 60; Owen Evans, 36; John Jarman, 36; David Powell and land in Brandywine, 36; Gabriel Davies, 28; John Jones, 32; Howell Powell, 14; David James, 24; Thomas Lewis, 20; Caleb Evans, 36; Joseph Williams, 16; Hugh Wilson, 16; John Morgan and land in Whiteland, 54; John Samuel, 10; Edward George, 32; Edward Jones, 24; Evan Evans, 20; David Evans, 16; Evan ap Stephens, 14; David Thomas, 15; Joseph Jones, 34.
an Evans, 20; David Evans, 16; Evan ap Stephens, 14; David Thomas, 15; Joseph Jones, 34.

1729 son James MORGAN born at Harford, Maryland; died 1810 at Harford, MD; married Mary “Molly” Davis bef 1755 (one source says died 18 Jul 1745 at Baltimore)

1732 dau Elizabeth Ann Jane MORGAN born at Rowan, NC; died 1798 at Rowan, NC; married Richard R Wright 8 Jun 1757 at Philadelphia, Delaware, PA

1729 Sarah JONES died (age 34) at PA

Jan 1731 John MORGAN died (age 36) at Philadelphia, Delaware, PA; buried at Sandy Bank Burial Ground, Media, Delaware, PA (grave marker)

1732 dau Elizabeth Ann Jane Morgan born at Rowan, NC; married Richard R Wright in 1757 at Philadelphia, Delaware, PA [one source says marriage was 2 May 1747]

8 Oct 1744 Father John Morgan died at Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA; will proved 9 Dec 1744 (recorded at Philadelphia WB G p 153.)

Will of John Morgan Jr.: Radnor, Chester Co., PA Description: Decedent; Date: 21 Feb 1731; Prove Date: 4 Mar 1731; Title: Yeoman, Jr. BookPage: E:181; Remarks: John Morgan Junr. Radnor Co. of Chester Pennsylvania. Yeoman.; February 21, 1731/2. 3/4/1731. E.181.; Wife: Patience.; Children: Mary, Hannah; Father: John; Sister: Sarah.; Brother: Samuel.; Brother-in-Law: Joseph Jones.; Nieces: Elizabeth and Sarah Jones.; Exec: John Morgan
Will of John Morgan Sr: Philadelphia, PA
JOHN MORGAN b. 22 NOV 1669, Nantmel, Radnor, Wales --1743 Pa. WILL: proved Dec 9 1744 recorded at Philadelphia WB G p 153.) married about1693 to Sarah Evans, dau of John Evans and Delilah. (John Morgan was too young to have married in 1686- he would have not married at age 16 and a half in the Quaker community, and aside from that he did not arrive till 1691.) Name: John Morgan; Residence: Radnor, Chester Co., PA; Description: Decedent; Date: 8 Oct 1744; Prove Date: 9 Dec 1744; Title: Yeoman; BookPage: G:153; Remarks: Morgan, John. Radnor, County of Chester, Pennsylvania. Yeoman. October 8, 1744/5. December 9, 1744. G.153. Brother: James. Children: Samuel and wife, Mordecai and Sarah. Grandchildren: Sarah, Elinor, Jane, Hannah, Mary, John, Thomas and Elizabeth. Friends Meeting at Radnor. Edward Evans, workman. Servants: Thomas William, Margaret Hastin and Eve Maria Hoofman. Exec: Samuel and Mordecai Morgan. Trustees: Thomas Thomas, John Havard, Evan Evans and David Edwards.] [one source says birth 14 May 1695] [His siblings: John Morgan b. 14 May 1695 Radnor, Chester Co., PA; d. January 1730/31 ; Radnor, Chester Co., PA; married Sarah Evans
Will of John Morgan, Richland
John Morgan, of Richland Twp., Yeoman. 11th mo. (January), 4, 1741. Proved March 9, 1743. Present wife Deborah, late Deborah Woodruff, exr. Sons Isaac, John, James. Dau. Sarah, Susannah, and Deborah. "All children of wife, Deborah" 400 acres in Richland and 25 acres in Abington. Wm. Nixon and Morris Morris, guardians. Wit: John Ball, Sr., John Ball, Jr., Chas. Maycock.