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John BOLLING (1788-1853) m. (1) Lucille RANDOLPH (1777-1850) abt 1792 , (2) Tabitha Dorcas REDDING (1800-1849) abt 1820 and (3) Elizabeth Jane HIRES (1808-1885) abt 1850
s/o Benjamin BOLLING (1754-1819) m. Sarah Talitha HANCOCK (1764-1805)
1-d/o Robert Fauquier Randolph (1760-1825) m. Elizabeth Hill Carter (1764-1832)
2-d/o John REDDING (1777-1869) m. Martha Jane SWAIM (1779-1834)
3-d/o Martin Hires (1787-1828) m. Emily Meador (1790-1860)

John Boling, who married Lucille Randolph and lived in Randolph County, NC, had four sons that migrated to Washington County, IN around 1830. Their names were, Jesse, John, Randolph and Benjamin. Jesse married Sarah Hobbs in Randolph County, NC 26 April 1824. Sarah died ca 1837-39 in Washington County, IN. Jesse married Dorinda Anderson 5 May 1839. Jesse and Dorinda migrated to Holt County, Missouri between 1850 and 1860.

  • 1777 Lucille Randolph born in Randolph, NC

  • 1779 NC Early Census Index lists John Boling, Randolph Co, NC

  • 1784-1787 Census of Granville Co, NC (p81)— John Bolling: 2 =white males 21-60; 4=white males <21 or >60; 6=white females all ages (doc) 1.  State Census of North Carolina 1784-1787 :  State North Carolina, Montgomery County, Dist. No. 2, 3rd Day of July 1787, James Butler.  Page 1 lists two John Bolings and David Boling; and Page 2 lists William Boling.  The individual I believe to be John Boling b. abt. 1766 is the following:
Head of Household:  John Boling
  WM 21-60 yrs          1          This is John Boling b. abt.
                                            1766 and he would be 21
                                            yrs. old in 1787.
   WM under 21 &
    above 60               2          John Boling b. 1785 (son)
                                            and the other adult male
                                            listed on 1800 census b.
                                            bet. 1767-1775. Could be
                                            brother, brother-in-law,
                                            other kin, or laborer.
   WF all ages             1          Spouse of Head of House-
                                            hold, John Boling and she
                                            was b. aft. 1766.

  • 28 Feb 1788 John Bolling born in Albemarle Co, VA [Find a Grave lists Albemarle as birth location; death place=Washingto Co, IN; spouse=Lucy; father=Benjamin Boling; children= Pvt Westwood and Randolph Bolling] [US Find a Grave states birth 28 Feb 1788 and death 26 Jan 1853; burial at Holmes Co, OH; Spouse Dorcas Boling]

  • 25 Jun 1788 Tabitha Dorcas Redding born

  • abt 1798 John Bolling and Lucille Randolph married in Randolph, NC. John Boling married quite young and settled on his fathers farm and reared a family of six daughters and six sons. Their names were as follows, Sallie, Mattie, Mary Ann, Nancy, Louisa,and Bettie, Randolph, Benjamin, John, Jesse, Neal,and Westwood. Westwood (nd) Bollen remained in N.C. and was mustered into the Confederate Army and killed in the Battle of Gettysburg July 3,1863. He had at the time reached the age which entitled him to be discharged from military service, and application for his discharge had been filed before the proper authorities, but the battle came on before the papers were acted upon, and he was killed, it is belived in Picketts charge.

  • abt 1798 Son Benjamin Bolling born at Randolph, NC; married (1) Clarissa Hobbs on 2 Oct 1821 at Randolph, NC; (2) Matilda Logan on 19 Nov 1837 at Washington, IN

  • 1800 Census Randolph, NC:  John Bolan, Jr. (other Boling families listed on this census were William Bolan, Charles Bolan, and Robert Boling.  Does the Bolan spelling indicate possible kinship?).  
Head of Household:  John Bolan, Jr.
   Free White Males
     Under 10             2            b. bet. 1790-1800; based
                                             on 1810 census, probably
                                             1795-1800 with one of the
                                             boys born in 1800.
     10 thru 15           1            b. 1785-1790, John Boling
                                             b. 1785
     26 thru 44           2            b. 1756-1774; John Boling
                                             b. abt 1766 and another
                                             adult male probably born
                                             bet. 1767-1775. See 1787
                                             NC census.
   Free White Females
     Under 10             1            b. 1790-1800; based on
                                            1810 census, b. 1795-1800
     26 thru 44           1            Spouse of head of household,
                                             ten year
 gap between John 
                                             Boling 1785 and siblings might
                                             indicate second marriage.

  • 1800 Son Randolph Bolling born at Randolph, NC; married Jane Graves 1817 in NC; Randolph Bollen,son of John, and grandson of Benjamin, married Jane Graves in Randolph County, N.C. and soon moved to Washington County, Indiana where they reared a family of 16 children.

  • abt 1801 Son Neal Bolling born at Randolph, NC

  • aft 1801 Dau Bettie Bolling born; Bettie Bollen married Solomon Luther in Randolph County, N.C.and in the year 1858 moved to Clay County, Indiana, where there are many of their descentdants remaining today, among them are Mrs. George Courtney, Cory, Indiana.

  • 1803 Son Jesse M Bolling born at Randolph, NC; married (1) Sarah Hobbs 26 Apr 1824 at Randolph, NC and (2) Dorinda Anderson 5 May 1839.

  • abt 1808 Elizabeth Hane Hires born in Tennessee [1850 Federal Census says birth in TN (doc)]; married (1) William Weston 2 Apr 1829 (he died 1849 in Washington, IN); married (2) John Bolling 10 Mar 1850 at Washington, IN.

  • 1810 Census Randolph, NC – John Boling: Males <10=3; Males 10-15=1; Males 16-25=1; Males 26-44=1; Females 10-15=1; Females 26-44=1 (also on census were Charles Boling and William Boling, same spelling again, but different from 1800). (doc)
Head of Household:  John Boling 
   Free White Males
     Under 10             3           b. 1800-1810, one boy
                                            born in 1800.
     10 to 15              1           b. 1795-1800
     15 to 25              1           b. 1785-1794, John Boling
                                            b. 1785
     26 to 44              1           b. 1766-1784, head of
                                            household John Boling b.
                                            abt. 1766
   Free White Females
     10 to 15              1           b. 1795-1800
     26 to 44              1           b. 1766-1784, spouse of
                                            head of household
  • abt 1818 Son Francis Marion Bolling born at Randolph, NC

  • 1820 A John Bolin Senior lists 1 white poll in 1815. A John Boling (sic) lists taxes in Randolph County, NC in 1820, which is for 100 acres on the waters of the Little River.

  • 7 Aug 1820 Census Chatham, NC_John Boling: Males <10=2; Males 26-44=1; Females <10=2; Females 26-44=1; engaged in agriculture=1 (doc)

  • 15 Dec 1820 John Bolling (age 32) and Tabitha Dorcas Redding married in Randolph, NC [NC Index to Marriage Bonds lists John Boling and Tabitha Redding, Bond date 15 Dec 1820, Bond#000110625; Image #006631, Randolph Co, NC Record #01 020; lists Jonathan Redding as Bondsman and Hugh McCain as witness] [NC Marriage Index list marriage date as 15 Dec 1820 for John Boling and Tabitha Reding in Randolph, NC; Source: County Court Records at Asheboro, NC] Randolph County Marriage Bonds, p20. Doc] [US Find a Grave states birth 28 Feb 1788 and death 26 Jan 1853; burial at Holmes Co, OH; Spouse Dorcas Boling]

  • aft 1820 Son John Bolling born at Randolph, NC

  • 1 Oct 1821 Dau Lovey Bolling born at Rowan, NC; married David Gordon 30 Jan 1845 at Salem, Washington, IN

  • 9 Oct 1822 Son Henry Bolling born at Randolph, NC; married Ruth Pauley 2 Sep 1845 at Vermillion, IN

  • 15 Jun 1825 Dau Susan Bolling born

  • 1826 Son Jesse Charles Bolling born in NC; married Emily Julia Dickeson

  • 1826 A John Bolling receives land from the state in the form of a grant. Book 15, Page 65, for 30 acres of land. We got another estimated birth date from a Ky record, which gives his birth as about 1785. This is bothersome, as usually we get better estimates on these ages. Are there 2 of these boys? He is said to have raised 4 sons and a daughter and went to Indiana about 1822 to 1832. He seems to have moved to Indiana by way of Kentucky. All of his children went to Washington County, Indiana with him

  • 1828 Son Augustus Bolling born at Randolph, NC

  • 1830 Census Washington, IN—John Bolding: Males <5=2; Males 5-9=1; Males 20-29=1; Females 20-29=1 (doc)

  • 1830 Census Regiment 1, Randolph, NC — John Boling: Males <5=1; Males 5-9=2; Males 10-14=1; Males 40-49=1; Females <5=1; Females 10-14=2; Females 15-19=1; Females 30-39=1 (doc)

  • bef 1830 Dau Louisa Bolling born at Randolph, NC

  • bef 1830 Dau Mary Ann Bolling born at Randolph, NC; moved with brother Neal to Indiana near Owen Co. It is belived that she married a Luther or perhaps her cousin Charles Boling

  • bef 1830 Dau Mattie Bolling born at Randolph, NC

  • bef 1830 Dau Nancy Bolling born at Randolph, NC; never married
  • 1830 John Bolling and family migrated to Washington Co, IN. This John Bolling is said to have moved to Washington County, Indiana. We are given 4 sons for John Bolling, and all were said to have moved with their father to Indiana. An older John Bolling has a house full of children in 1800, this is not the same John Bolling. We use as a source the information of Carrie Bradshaw Bolin, and David W. Bollen as the standard to list the children of Benjamin, and Sallie, and their children if it was given. Carrie admits she may not have all the children of this family, but she does refer to the sources from which she gathered her information, which were old family letters. Ora Callicutt has given us information on this family also.

  • 3 Jun 1831 Son Redding Bolling born at Washington, IN; married Lucinda Pauley 11 Mar 1848 at Edgar, IL

  • 15 May 1832 Dau Martha Ellen Bolling born at Washington, IN; (1) married William Alexander McClanahan 3 Aug 1856 at Washington, IN; (2) ____ Shields [Death Certificate 137, No 4] [1880 Census Monroe Washington IN she s listed as head of house and step-mother Eliza Weston 77 living with her (doc)

  • 1836 Son Elijah Bolling born at Monroe City, Washington, IN; married Sarah Jane Jones 8 Mar 1866 at Washington, IN

  • 1838 Son Alvin Bolling born at Washington, IN; married Margaret Gordon 24 Jan 1861 at Salem, Washington, IN

  • 1 Aug 1839 Land Office Record: John Boling; 40 ac. 2nd PM; Washington Co, IN; 3-n; 4-E; section 3; Accession #IN2770—.040; no metes and bounds; Jeffersonville Land Office; April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash entry (3 Stat. 566); Document #14579] (doc)

  • 1840 Census Washington, IN — John Boling: Males 50-59=1; Females 50-59=1; employed in agriculture=1 (doc)

  • 1840 Census Monroe, Washington, IN — John Boling: Males <5=2; Males 5-9=1; Males 15-19=2; Males 40-49=1; Females <5=1; Females 5-9=1; Females 15-19=1; Females 40-49=1; employed in agriculture=3 (doc)

  • 1840 Dau Sarah J Bolling born at Washington, IN

  • 1849 Tabitha Dorcas Redding died in Washington, IN (age 60)

  • 4 Nov 1850 Census Monroe, Washington, IN — John Bowling: John 50; Eliza [Hines] 42; Elijah 14; Alvin 12; Sarah 10; Sela 7; Andrew Weston 7; Jacob Weston 4; lists John as Farmer, $250 real estate; Family #230 (doc)

  • 25 Sep 1850 Census Washington, Washington, IN — John Bowling: Jesse Boling 47; Dovinda 25; Larkin 21; Isaac M 19; Silas 18; Racehl S 17; Nancy J 15; Louisa 14; Mary A 13; Dawson 8; Burwell 5; Zachariah 2; John Bowling 70

  • 1850 Lucille Randolph died in Randolph, NC (Find a Grave lists her birth as 1785 in VA; death 1838 in Randolph, NC)

  • 3 Mar 1850 John Bolling and Elizabeth Jane Hires married in Washington, IN; no children [(1) Indiana Marriage Index states marriage date as 3 Mar 1850 in Washington Co, IN; (2) Indiana Marriage Index states marriage date as 3 Mar 1858 in Washington Co, IN] Elizabeth Jane is listed as Eliza Weston (married name)

  • 26 Jan 1853 John Bolling died in Washington, IN (age 64) [Global Find a Grave] [Find a Grave lists Albemarle as birth location; death place=Washingto Co, IN; spouse=Lucy; father=Benjamin Boling; children= Pvt Westwood and Randolph Bolling] [US Find a Grave states birth 28 Feb 1788 and death 26 Jan 1853; burial at Holmes Co, OH; Spouse Dorcas Boling]

  • 1870 Census Monroe, Washington, IN— Eliza Hines Weston Bolling: Eliza 69-keeping house/cannot write; Jacob Weston 23-farmer; Kisiah Weston 21; Joseph Weston 2; Archibald Weston 5/12 (doc)

  • 1880 Census Monroe, Washington, IN— Eliza Weston: living with Martha Shields 43; Eliza Weston 77; Newton Shields 19; Jacob Shields 15. (doc)

  • 17 Oct 1881 Dau Lovey Bolling died at Washngton, IN

  • 1885 Elizabeth Jane Hires died at Monroe City, Washington, IN (age 77)

  • 4 Feb 1905 Dau Martha Bolling died at Salem, Washington, IN; Death Certificate lists John Bowlin and Dorcas Redding as her parents [Death Certificate 137, No 4]

From "
From Pocahontas to the Bollings and Krimms" by James Lawrence Reed Jr.: John, the oldest son of Benjamine Jr., settled on his father's farm in North Carolina. According to David Bolen, Attorney at Law in Hillsville, Virginia. He spent his life there. Court records in the court house at Salem, Indiana seems to show that John owned land in Washington County, Indiana where a deed is recorded in his name in Deed Book A. Mr. Bolen goes on to say that several of John's children went to Indiana and that others remained in North Carolina. Lucy Randolph is listed as John's wife. According to Mr. Bolen they had six daughters and six sons..."

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1820 son John Bolling born
1821 dau Lovey Bolling born
1822 son Henry Bolling born
1826 son Jesse Charles Bolling born
1828 son Augustus Bolling born
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1831 son Redding Bolling born
1832 dau Martha Ellen Bolling born
1836 son Elijah Bolling born
1838 son Alvin James Bolling born
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1840 dau Sarah J Bolling born
1843 Sela A Bolling born
1849 Tabitha Dorcas Redding died
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