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Johann Heinrich FISCHER (1758-1823) m. Susannah Himmelberger RUTH (1761-1821)
s/o Johann Peter Fischer (1735-1787) and Maria Appolonia Heckert (1738-1788)

1758 Dec 9 born in South Heidelberg, Berks, PA (
History of Hain Family, p14) [Biographical History of Berks County, Pennsylvania, p.421: “He was born in Heidelberg township, Berks county, but came to Oley township when a young man and took up some 337 acres of fertile land one mile north of the “Yellow House,” most of which land has been in the possession of the family ever since. He was a man of great common sense and when he put up his home in 1801, he built it so substantially that it still stands as a comfortable shelter for his great-great-grandchildren.”]

1759 Jan 1 baptism at Hain’s Church, Lower Heidelberg, Berks, PA; sponsor Henry Fischer (uncle) (doc; St Johns Hains Chruch Baptism Records)

1777-1778 DAR Proven #A050019; Capt Sebastian Miller, Col Joseph Hiester, 7th Co. 4th Battalion, Berks Co Militia; served as private [Land Warrant Card for Military Service S41535-listed as Invalid] [Rev War Rolls doc] [2
nd Veteran Burial Card shows service 8-26-1776 to 10-26-1776 in Capt Daniel DeTurck’s Co of Berks Co Militia as a private; burial in Oley Cemetery, near center-doc]

1779 PA Septennial Census Heidelberg, Berks, PA (doc)

1781 Mar 1 service in Continental Troops as private in German Regiment/Battalion (doc)

1785 Jan 3 married Susannah Himmelberg Ruth in Heidelberg, Berks, PA [
Biographical History of Berks County, Pennsylvania, p.421: “On Jan. 1, 1781, he married Susanna Ruth, also of Heidelberg township, born Oct 29 1761, daughter of Christian Ruth. After forty years, four months and eleven days of married life, she died May 12, 1821, aged fifty-nine year, six months and thirteen days. She was the first to be buried in the then newly acquired burial plot of the Oley Churches. These children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fischer: John, of Oley, but later of Hereford township; Henry, of Oley, who left home and as his whereabouts could not be traced, was given up as lost; Sally Ann, married to Jacob V.R. Hunter of Reading, who operated Sally Ann Furnace, of Rockland township, Berks county (named after Mrs. Hunter), which furnace was discontinued in 1869; and Polly, married to Henry S. Spang, also one of the pioneer iron-masters of Pennsylvania, who operated the Etna Works, of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.”]

1787 Nov 23 father Johann Peter died in Lower Heidelberg, Berks, PA; age 52

1788 Jun 4 mother Maria Appolonia died in Wenersville, Berks, PA; age 50

1788 Sep 20 son
Michael born in Tulpehocken, Berks, PA [m. Catherine Hain]

1789 Bounty Land Warrant Record #9395 (doc)

1789 Residence at Fisher Mansion, Rte 662 S of Oak Lane, Oley 1801 Oley, Berks,

1790 Aug 15 daughter Maria born in Oley, Berks, PA [m. Henry S Spang 1808 Jan 1 in Berks, PA]

1790 Federal Census Heidelberg, Berks, PA (doc, Vol 54, p 351 (151): Male <16-2; Male 16+-1; Females-3)

1791 Nov 13 son Samuel born in Oley, Berks, PA [m. Margaretha Spang 1814 Jun 14 in Reading, Berks, PA]

1793 Sep 1 daughter Sarah Ann born in Oley, Berks, PA [m. Jacob Van Read Hunter 1814 Nov 20 in Reading, Berks, PA]

1795 Jun 22 son Daniel Ruth born in Oley, Berks, PA [m. Anna Maria Gerand 1825 Jan 1 in Oley, Berks, PA] [
Biographical History of Berks County, Pennsylvania, p.421: “… a native of Oley township, born on the Fisher homestead June 22, 1795, and died July 16, 1839. He was a farmer and prospered in his work. He attended the Philadelphia market twice a week during fall and winter in a big wagon, and was an excellent teamster. His wife, Mary Gernand, daughter of George Genand, of Spring township, was born March 4, 1803, and died Jan. 27, 1878. They are both buried at Oley Cemetery.

1798-1801 Henry Fisher House built in Oley, Berks, PA. It has been on the National Register of Historic Places (#73001591) since 1973. (photo)

1978 Jan 22 son John born in Oley, Berks, PA [m. Susanna Van Read Hunter bef 1818]

1800 Federal Census Heidelberg, Berks, PA (Males 10-15=2; Male 45+-1; Female16-25=1; Females 45+-1) (doc, p611/202

1801 May 10 son Henry born in Oley, Berks, PA [m.1 Elizabeth Hall; m.2 Elizabeth Onstott 1825 Jan 20 Muskingum, OH]

1810 Federal Census Oley Twp, Berks, PA p834-835 [Males <10-1; Male 10-15+2; Male 16-25=1; Male >45-1; Female 10-15=1; Female 16-25=1; Female 45>-1] (doc)

1820 Federal Census

1820 Dec 9 Rev War Pension Application (doc)

1821 May 12 wife Susannah Ruth died in Oley, Berks, PA

1823 Jun 21 died in Catherine, Blair, PA while visiting his daughter Maria [Rev War Pension Bounty Land Warrant Application #S41535, Archive M804, Archive Roll 980-doc 22pp] [
Biographical History of Berks County, Pennsylvania, p.421: “He is buried in Huntingdon county, his death occurring while on a visit there. His daughter Polly (Maria) had married Henry S. Spang, of Huntingdon, and he had gone to pay her a visit, but he was advanced in years and the trip proved too much for him.”]

1823 Jun 30 will filed Berks, PA; Adm. Daniel, John and Henry, sons.

1790 Census
1800 Census
1810 Census
1820 Census