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John Casper HAIN 1725-1762 m. Elizabeth Catherine LAUCKS (1727-1809)
s/o Johann George Hain (1685-1746) & Anna Veronica Schneider (1693-1760)

1725 John Casper Hain born in Berks, PA [One source says he was born in Germany, but records show that his family immigrated to this country in 1709] [SAR Application #55967 says he was born 1724]

1745 Brother in-law of Anna Elizabeth Armentrout

1746 Apr 8 Casper was beneficiary of 263 acres from her father upon his death and 150 acres bequethed from George Hain, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.

1747 Nov 4 Land purchase of 402.5 ac Heidelberg Twp., Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. [Berks County survey records]

abt 1748 John married Catherine Laucks. (Catherine Laucks was born on 20 Aug 1727) [he was in farming in Heidelberg] [SAR Application #55967 says his wife was Catherine Laucks]

1750 May 26 Dau Elizabeth born [m. Conrad Eckert 1776 in Heidelberg, Berks, PA]

1751 Apr 3 Casper had 50 ac of land in Heidelberg Twp surveyed. [Berks County survey records]

1752 tax roll, 1752, Heidelberg Twp., Berks Co., Pennsylvania.

1752 Dec 25 Son John born Heidelberg, Berks, PA [m. Magdalena Epler 15 Mar 1774 in Berks, PA]

1756 Jan 26 Son Frederick born in Heidelberg, Berks, PA [m. Catherine Haak 6 Oct 1778] [SAR application #55967]

1759 Jan 28 Son David born [m. Maria Barbara Ruth 8 Apr 1785 in Wernersville, Berks, PA]

1759 tax roll, 1759, Heidelberg Twp., Berks Co., Pennsylvania.

1761 Jan 27 Son
Peter born Lower Heidelberg, Berks, PA [m. Magdalena Ruth 18 Dec 1781 in Wernersville, Berks, PA]

1762 Aug 21 Will prepared Heidelberg Twp., Berks Co., PA [he bequethed to Catherine, his wife, 200 pounds and their furniture; 150 pounds to Elizabeth, their daughter, when she reaches the age of 18 years; to Frederick, when he arrives at the age of 21 years, 56 acres of land (25 acres adjoining the land of Peter and Henry Hain); to David Hain at the age of 21 years, 100 acres of land. The remainder of the estate to be divided equally among his children. On February 23, 1805, Frederick Hain, Casper's son and executor for Casper's estate offered for sale 185 acres of land located in Heikelberg Township joining land of John Fischer, Henry Bennetch and Peter Hain; 100 acres clear, 30 acres in meadow, 2 orchards, and the balance in timber. On the land were two log dwellings and two barns. [PA Wills, Vol 1-3, 1752-1800, p127] (doc)

1762 Oct 29 Casper’s will filed Heidelberg. Provides for wife Catharine. To daughter Elizabeth Hains £150 at 18. To son Frederick 25 acres of land where the Tanyard is and 26 acres of upland on the hill, when 21. To son David 100 acres, adjoining land of Peter Hains, at 21. To eldest son John, all remainder of land I am possessed of to be equally divided with youngest son Peter when he comes of age. Executors: friends John Heckart and John Eckart. Witness: Jacob Kuhl, George Mandel and Edward Jags.

1781 May 3 Catharine Laucks listed as sponsor of Daniel Eckert Baptism at Hain's Church, Berks, PA

1809 Jul 20 wife Catherine Laucks died; buried est 1809 in Hain Church Cemetery.

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