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Jesse Maupin

1810 Federal Census 

Jesse, Sr. appears in the Henry Co. VA Ended Law and Chancery Courtrecords of Henry Co. VA as early as 1782. 

He had been the Sheriff of Henry Co. VA 

Jesse G. Maupin, son of Daniel "Old Daniel" Maupin and Margaret PeggyVia , was born 1740 in Louisa County,Virginia Colonies. He marriedLucy Jones 1756 in Henry County, Virginia. He died October 01, 1827 inMilford, Madison County, Kentucky. Lucy Jones, daughter of MosiasJones and Elizabeth Unknown , was born abt. 1745 in Virginia Colonies.She died in Henry County, Virginia. 

Children of Jesse G. Maupin and Lucy Jones are: 
1. Mosias Cyrus Maupin, b. abt. 1766 
2. George Webb Maupin, b. abt. 1774 
3. Cyrus Maupin 
4. Luranna Maupin, b. abt. 1768 
5. Mary Polly Maupin, b. abt. 1773 
6. Nancy Ann Maupin, b. abt. 1777 
7. William Maupin, b. abt. 1780 
8. Frances Maupin, b. abt. 1781 
9. Jesse Maupin, b. abt. 1783 
10. Morgan G. Maupin, b. abt. 178 
11. Sarah Maupin, b. abt. 1786 

Jesse MAUPIN1 was born in 1738. Jesse Maupin, was probably twicemarried. 

Jesse Maupin emigrated from Albemarle County, Va., to Madison County,Ky., and acquired property on Taylor's Fork of Silver Creek, nearMilford or Old Town. May 10, 1818, Jesse Maupin and his wife Sarah,conveyed to Christopher Clark, land on Taylor's Fork, near Old Town.May 1, 1820, they conveyed to Elkaney Bush 119 acres of land. March 8,1821, they conveyed to Philip Gillispie 67 1/2 acres of land onTaylor's Fork, and to Lewis H. Gillispie 67 1/2 acres of land on thesame water course. Dec. 30, 1822, Richard Muir and wife conveyed toJesse Maupin fifty acres of land in Fayette County, Ky. 

His said wife was Sarah, formerly the wife of one Sweeny, but by whomJesse Maupin had no children. He died in 1827, leaving his last willand testament, bearing date Feb. 25, 1827, probated Oct. 1, 1827,wherein he mentions his wife Sarah, and shows that she was the widowSweeney before his marriage to her, and he devised to her Sweeneychildren certain property, and names his own heirs thus: 

Thomas Maupin's youngest. 

Ambrose Maupin's youngest. 

William Maupin's youngest. Parents: Daniel MAUPIN and Margaret VIA. 

Ancestor #: A036939 
Death:  POST 7-11-1797    MADISON CO KENTUCKY 


1) County: ALBEMARLE CO - State: VIRGINIA 
2) City: TURKEYCOCK MT - County: HENRY CO - State: VIRGINIA 


Nat’l Num 

[Spouse #] Spouse 

[1] LEAH X 

Ancestors who served in or supported the American Revolutionary War 
Researching the pioneer settlers of Osage County has led to theidentification of the following Revolutionary War ancestors.Descendants of these individuals able to document this relationshipand service would be able to apply for membership in the Daughters ofthe American Revolution or Sons of the American Revolution: 
•Henry Aldred, b. Germany, d. 1833 Adams Co., OH . Official RosterIII State of OHIO. 
•Isaac Alexander, b. 1763 NC, d. 10 Aug 1838 Mercer Co., KY, wifeChloe Ballard. 
•Rhoda (Rhodam) Allen, b. 1872 MD d. 24 Aug 1820 IL, wife EmilyRansome Public Service NC. 
•James Anderson, b. 18 Aug 1763 Cecil Co., MD, d. TN Pensioner. 
•Harwood Bacon, b. 1747 VA, d. 3 Oct 1807 Albemarle Co., VA, wifeMary Ann Williamson. 
•Conrad Barnhart, b. c. 1750 Palatine, Germany, d. 12 Nov 1828 TN,wife Barbara G'Fellers. 
•Caleb Barr, b.1747/48, d. 1823 Franklin Co., TN. 
•Miles Barrett, b. c. 1757, Patrick Co., VA, d. 1832 Pangs Bridge,Greene Co., TN. 
•James Bates Sr., b. 7 Mar 1721 VA, d. Sep 11 1785 VA wife WinnefredHix PS VA. 
•James Bates Jr., b. 10 May 1761, d. 2 Sep 1847 VA wife LavinaFrances Nance Ens VA PNSR. 
•John Baxter, b. 17 Feb 1746 MD, d. 30 Aug 1783 VA, wife ElizabethSappington. 
•Stephen Beckham Jr., b. c. 1755 VA, d. 20 Sep 1820 NC, 2nd wifeCatherine Merritt PS NC. 
•Benjamin Beeson Sr., b. c. 1726 PA, d. 14 Jun1794 NC, wife ElizabethHunter PS NC. 
•Richard Berry, b. 20 Jul 1734, Charlotte Co.,MD, d. 1789 KY, 2ndwife Sarah Rachel Shipley SC VA. 
•John Bird, b. 1750 VA, d. c. 25 Oct 1830 TN, wife Mary PS NC. 
•Allen Blair, b. 1 Jul 1754 Bedford Co., VA, d. 23 Apr 1835 AmherstCo., VA, wife Mary Ann Staples, Pvt VA, Pensioner. 
•Michael Blankenbaker, b. c. 1725 VA, d. 21 Jun 1796, wife ElizabethBarbara Gaar PS VA. 
•John Bond, b. 30 May 1755 PA, d. 1797 TN, 1st wife Jane Beeson. 
•John Best, b. c. 1731 PA/MD, d. c. 1795, Washingotn Co., PA, wifeCatherine Miller. 
•John Bird, b. c. 1750, Henrico Co., VA, d. before 1830, Greene Co.,TN. 
•Daniel Boone, b. 2 Nov 1734, PA, d. 26 Sep 1820 St. Charles Co., MO,m. Rebecca Bryan. 
•Thomas Boulware, b. 1730 VA, d. 17 Mar 1795, wife Eleanor Gaines. 
•Thomas Bowen, b. 1747, d. 19 Dec1810 Greene Co., PA, m. 1st AgnesCrea, 2nd Elizabeth Spicer. 
•John Breeding Sr., b. Washington Co., VA, d. 9 Jan 1802, KY. 
•John Breeding Jr., b. 1752 VA, Sgt, m. 1st Elizabeth Napper,2nd Mary Hall. 
•Basil Ezekiel Zeal Calvert b. 1755 VA, d. Dec 1831 KY, wife Mary(Nancy) Ewell Pvt VA. 
•Alexander Call, b. 1760 MD, d. 11 Dec 1803 OH, m. Hannah Larkin PvtPA. 
•John Cantley Sr., b. c. 1740 VA, d. 24 Apr 1802 VA PS VA. 
•John Cartmill Capt., b. c. 1750 PA, d. a 15 Jan 1845 MO Capt., VA. 
•Jacob Carwile, b. c. 1751 Goochland Co.,VA, died Fall River, VA,wife Martha. 
•Abraham Chrisman, b. 15 Oct 1733 VA, d. 29 Oct 1797 VA, wife KeziahStephens Sol VA. 
•Andrew Cock, b. c. 1750 VA, d. p. 1820 VA, m 2nd Penelope (Ward)Clifton Sol PS VA. 
•Archibald Compton, b. 1760 VA, d. Apr 1826 VA, m. Sally Carpenter(Cave 
•James Cowherd, b. 16 Jan 1749 VA, d. 12 Apr 1841 KY, wife Ann Young. 
•Archibald Compton, b. 1760 VA, d. 1826 VA, wife Sally Carpenter, sonof Richard Compton. 
•Michael Edward David, b. c. 1744 at sea, d. c. 1815, wife AnnRobertson. 
•Henry Landon Davies, b. c. 1745 Goochland Co., VA, d. c. 1 Mar 1808VA, wife Ann Clayton. 
•Henry De Wald, b. 10 Apr 1733 Germany, d. 16 Apr 1817 PA w. MaryCatherine Greaver. 
•James Dillard Sr., b. 15 Oct 1727 VA, d. 24 Aug 1794 VA, w. Mary AnnHunt. 
•William Dillon, b. 3 Mar 1764 VA, c. Sep 1 1847 TN, m. 2nd FrancesBlankenship. 
•William James Dillon, b. 1725 VA, d. 1798 VA, m. 2nd Mary Robinson. 
•Elisha Dodson, b. 22 Feb 1727 VA, d. 27 Apr 1791 Richmond, VA, m.Sarah Everett. 
•John Douthitt Sr., b. 9 May 1709 Ireland, d. 22 Feb 1784 NC, wifeMary Scott. 
•Daniel Dunn, b. 7 Jun 1761, Albemarle Co., VA, d. 25 Mar 1822,Albemarle Co., VA. 
•Thomas Dunn, b. Oct 1750 Northern Ireland, d. 18 Feb 1838, FranklinCity, VA, m. Peggy Marshall. 
•Christopher Durbin, b. 13 Jul 1741 MD, d. Dec 1825 KY, wife MargaretParkinson. 
•Barton Dyson, b. 25 Jul 1750 MD, d. 15 Jul 1832, Iredelle Co., NC,wife Ann. 
•Christopher Elrod, b. 15 Aug 1757 Rowan Co., NC, d. 4 Dec 1827,Hope, NC, wife Sarah Douthitt. 
•Johannes Jacob Eoff IV, b. 10 Apr 702 Wurt, d. 22 Aug 1780 NJ, m.Maria Magdelena Spanheimer. 
•Peter Eoff, b. 1734, Somerset Co., NJ, d. 1788 Madison Co., KY. 
•Deniel Etter, b. 27 Apr 1750 PA, d. 5 Sep 1803 VA, wife MariaMagdalena Rein. 
•John Eubank, b. 1755 VA, d. a. Feb 1813 NC m. Katherine. 
•Maj. Jesse C. Evans, b. 1753 MD, d. 29 July 1843, Osage Co. MO, wifeElizabeth Breckenridge. 
•Patrick Ewing. (Rev. War friend came to MO with Jesse C. Evans) 
•Thomas F. Fitzgerald, b. 1 Mar 1764 VA, d. a. 23 Nov 1847 MO, wifeCharity Eckley. 
•John Forbis Sr., b. 25 Aug 1759 Shenandoah Co.,VA, d. 20 Jan 1854Laurel Co., KY. 
•Philip Fry, b. c. 1757/58 Lawrence Co., PA, d. 18 Apr 1840, MarshallCo., AL., m. 1st Maria Magdelena Derrick, m. 2nd Mary Davis. 
•Abraham Fulkerson, bpt. 18 May 1740 NJ, d. a. 27 Apr 1822 VA, wifeSarah Gibson. 
•Jacobus James Fulkerson, b. 22 Jun 1737 Germany, d. 6 Sep 1799 VA,wife Mary Van Hook. 
•Benjamin Gaither,b. c. 1728 MD, d. a. 21 May 1788 NC, wife RachelJacobs. 
•Chesley Glover, b. 2 Feb 1761 VA, d. 17 Feb 1829 KY, wife MaryGuerrant. 
•Abraham Goad, b. 15 Mar 1710 VA, d. 21 Sep 1799 VA, wife Joanna. 
•William Gooch Jr., b. 1743 VA, d. c. Sep 1796 VA, wife Lucy Fleming. 
•Charles Gough, b. 1856, d. 1826, son of Benjamin Gough. 
•William Grant Sr., b. 22 Feb 1726 Scotland, d. 22 Jun 1804 KY, wifeElizabeth Boone. 
•John Grigsby, b. 1720, VA, d. 7 Apr 1794, Culpepper Co., VA, wifeRosanna Etchison. 
•Peter Guerrant, b. 17 Oct 1737 VA, d. 1819 KY, wife Marie Perreau. 
•William Henry Hall, b. 1761 VA, d. c. 1845 MO, wife Elizabeth Hicks. 
•John Hancock, b. a. 1733 VA, d. p. Nov 1802 VA, wife ElizabethMaddox. 
•Lewis Hancock, b. 1757/8 VA, d. a. 14 Mar 1828 VA, wife Celia DuncanOglesby. 
•Cutberth Harrison, b. 11 Aug 1749 VA, d. 15 Nov 1824 KY, m. 1st AnnaBeall, 2nd Frances Holt, 3rdAnne Tannyhill. 
•John Harrison Jr., b. 1730 England, d. a. 12 May 1808 SC wife MaryMalone. 
•Michael Johann Hassler, b. 5 Nov 1754, PA, d. 24 Sep 1826 Roane Co.,TN, Christine Geiseleman. 
•William Will Hayes, b. 13 Dec 1754 VA or NC, d. 13 Dec 1804 MO, wifeSusanna Boone. 
•James Hendricks, b. 3 Jan 1759 VA, d. 17 Mar 1817 VA, wife SarahAnderson, Pvt CL VA. 
•William Henshaw, b. 6 Mar 1736 VA, d. 8 Jul 1799 VA, wife Agnes(Nancy) Anderson. 
•John S. Higginbotham, b. 1726 Ireland, d. 25 Jul 1814 VA, wifeRachel Banks. 
•Joseph Higginbotham, (son of John S.) wife Mary Reed. 
•Job Hinton, b. c. 1745 NC, d. a. 28 Aug 1832 Franklin Co. MO, wifeMary Burke. 
•Jacob Hite, b.14 Mar 1719 PA, d.1778 SC, m 1st Catherine O'Bannon,2nd Frances(Madison) Beale. 
•Jacob O'Bannon Hite, b. 14 Feb 1761 MD, d. 27 Oct 1839 IN, wifeCatherine Sheiner. 
•Johanes Michael Hoblit, b.1730Germany, d.3 May 1796, Woodford Co.,KY, Catherine Van Viegel. 
•Drewery Holland, b. 1760, VA, d. 31 Jul 1826, Bedford Co., VA, wifeSarah Turner. 
•Benjamin Hollingsworth, b. c. 1755, d. a. 16 Mar 1816 SC, wife PhebePosey. 
•John Achilles Honey, b. c. 1760 VA, d. TN, wife Margaret PNSR. 
•James Huckstep, b. c. 1740 VA, d. 26 Jun 1824 Albemarle Co.,VA, wifeElizabeth Dobbs, CS PS VA/ 
•Daniel Huddleston, b. c. 1720 d. before 1790, wife Mary Ball. 
•Peter Thomas Hull (Hohl), b. 1733, Palatine, Germany, d. 28 Feb1782, Highland Co., VA, wife Susannah M. Dieffenbach. 
•John Hutton, b. 12 Mar 1749, d. c. 1808, wife Jane Dickson. 
•John Imboden, b. 20 Sep 1761 PA, d. after 1795 VA, wife CatherineFernsler, Pvt PA. 
•John Sweigert Imboden, b. 23 Oct 1733 Germany, d. 29 Jul 1819 PA,wife Eleanor Diller, Pvt PA. 
•Robert Johnson, b. c. 1750 Ireland, d. c. 1828, Warren Co., MO. 
•John Jones, b. 1758 Culpeper Co., VA, d. 17 Mar 1837, Halifax Co.,VA. 
•Mosias Jones, b. 21 Mar 1721 VA, d. 5 Feb 1808 KY, wife ElizabethFoster. 
•Thomas Jones, b. Jun 22 1754 VA, d. 1826 VA, wife Elizabeth Johns. 
•Arthur Jordan, b. 1720 NC, d. a. Aug 1793 NC, wife Elizabeth Turner. 
•Elijah J. Joyce, b. 19 Sep 1752 Lunenburg Co., VA, d. a. Nov 1804NC, wife Elizabeth Allen. 
•James Edward Joyce, b. 1746 Lunenburg Co., VA, d. Nov 1796 NC. 
•George Key, b. 1753, VA, d. 15 Jan 1836, Callaway Co., MO, wifeSusan Craighead. 
•Elijah Kirtley, b. c. 1753 VA, d. 14 Jun 1786 KY, wife FrancisBeauford. 
•Moses Lambeth, b. 1757 England, d. 18 Aug 1848, Holly Springs, Miss,wife Tabitha Loftin. 
•Aquilla Lane, b. 18 May 1753 VA, d. 24 Nov 1819 TN, wife AgnesFitzgerald. 
•Charles Lane, b. 11 Feb 1756 NC, d. 4 Sep 1837 Gasconade Co., MO,wife Elizabeth Mallory. 
•Jesse Lane, b. 3 Jul 1733 Bertie Co. NC, d. 28 Nov 1806 IN, wifeWinnifred Aycock. 
•Tindence Lane Jr. Rev., b. 12 May 1763 NC, d. 24 Jan 1841 TN, wifeMary Cude. 
•James Latham, b. c. 1760 VA, d. Clifty Creek, Pulaski Co. MO. 
•James Laughlin, b. 1752, PA, d. Aug 1816 Caldwell Co. KY, wifeRachel Dalrumple. 
•William Lawson, b. c. 1755, VA, d. 1811/1812, Hawkins Co. TN, wifeSarah Hinton. 
•John Lemons, Sr. b. c. 1730, d. c. 1810 NC. Married (1) ?, (2)Tabitha. Patriotic Service NC. 
•Abraham Lockwood, Capt., b. 26 Dec 1748 RI, d. 11 Nov 1790 RI, wifePatience Greene. 
•Absalom Looney Sr., b. c. 1729 d. p. 28 Sep 1791 VA, wife Margaret,Public Service VA. 
•Adam Martin, b. 28 Sep 1755 PA, d. 14 Apr 1835 St. Louis MO, wifeMary McMillan. 
•Joseph Martin, Lt Col., b. 18 Sep 1740 VA, d. 18 Dec 1808 VA, m.Sarah Lucas 3 other wives 
•William Mattingly, b. c. 1760 MD, d. 1820s KY, m. 1st CatherineSpalding, 2nd Elizabeth Clarke. 
•Daniel Maupin, b. 25 Mar 1700 France or VA, d. 20 Apr 1788 AlbemarleCo.,VA, wife Margaret Via, Public Service VA. 
•Jesse Maupin, b. c. 1736 VA, d. p. 11 Jul 1797 KY, wife Lucy Jones. 
•Mosias Maupin, b. 1758, VA, d. 20 Oct 1816, Franklin Co., MO, wifeLeah Downey. 
•John McDaniel, b. 1751 Albemarle Co., VA, d. c. 1839 Amherst Co.,VA, 1st wife Margaret Rucker, m. 2nd Lucy Rucker. 
•Thomas McMillan, b. c. 1750 died Battle of Trenton. 
•William McMillan, b. c. 1729 Ireland, d. Oct 1810 VA, wife maryLeeper. 
•Baptist McNabb, b. 8 Jan 1723 Scotland, d. 1 Jul 1784 Washinton Co.,TN, wife Catherine. 
•David McNabb Capt., b. Feb 22, 1755 VA, d. 13 May 1826 McMinn Co.TN, Elizabeth Taylor. 
•William Meriwether, b. 25 Dec 1730 VA, d. 24 Dec 1790 KY, wifeMartha Cox Wood. 
•George Meyers, b. c. 1720, d. in TN. 
•George Miller, b. 1756 Germany, d. 15 Jun 1830 Franklin Co., MO,wife Judith Wisner. 
•Jacob Miller, b. c. 1759, wife Sarah. 
•James Miller. 
•John A. Miller, b. 8 May 1760, Elizabethtown,NJ, d. Sep 1850 OsageCo., MO, wife Isabell Little. 
•John Miller Lt., (father of John A. Miller). 
•Joseph Minzes Sr., b. 1755, wife Margaret Buttram. 
•Lewis Montague Capt., b. 1725 VA, d. 1778, Essex Co., VA, wifeBettie Daniel. 
•Charles Moorman (Moman) 23 May 1747 VA d. 23 Oct 1803 VA, (researchneeded) Sol VA. 
•Joseph Morrow, b. 1760, d. 1831, wife jane Wylie. 
•Joseph Mosby, b. 28 Jan 1758 Goochland Co. VA, d. 25 Sep 1848,Mercer Co. KY, m. Sally Lewis. 
•Thomas Roy Musick, Rev., b.17 Oct 1756 Spottsylvania Co, VA d.2 Dec1842 MO, m. Mary Nevill. 
•John F. Napier b. 1742 Goochland Co.,VA d. 11 Feb 1806, wife MaryChampion, Capt VA. 
•Southway Nelson, b. 1757, d. 1836. 
•Isaac Nickell, b. 1751, d. 1839, wife Margaret Curry. 
•David Owen, b. 1759 d. 1822, wife Winefred Mullins. 
•Nathaniel Owens. 
•William Owsley, b. 28 Dec 1749 VA wife Catherine Bouldin. 
•Elisha Palmer, b. 1755, d. 1841, wife Nancy Legrand. 
•John Pattie, b. c. 1750 Caroline Co., VA, d. 1821 Augusta, BrackenCo., KY, wife Ann Sanders. 
•William Pearl, b. c. 1750 VA, d. about 1830 KY, wife Charity Evans. 
•Richard Pendleton, b. 1755, d. 20 May 1829, wife Mary Tinsley. 
•Charles Pennington, b. 1759, d. 1845, wife Cassandra Schwartzland. 
•Thomas Phelan, b. 28 Oct 1752 Chester Co.,PA, d. 28 Aug 1838Fayettsville, Washington Co., AR, wife Mary Evans, Pvt PA. 
•Peter Pinnell, Sr., b. 20 May 1755 SC, d. 3 Jun 1845, Crawford Co.MO, m. Nancy Yarber. 
•George Pointer Sr., b. c. 1759 VA, d. MO. 
•Thomas Pollard, b. 30 Sep 1741 Goochland Co.VA, d. Feb 1818, ShelbyCo. KY m. Sarah Harding. 
•Reuben Pound, b. c. 1743 VA, d. 14 Feb 1785 GA, wife Deborah Lewis. 
•Basil Pitts Prater, b. c. 1745 MD, d. 14 Jul 1832, Laurens Co.,SC,wife Priscilla Swearingen. 
•Ryal Price, b. 7 Mar 1764 Johnston Co., NC, d. 1846 Morgan Co., TN,wife Elizabeth Oliver. 
•Nathan Prior (Twin), b. 8 Jan 1761, Wales, d. 1791 PA. 
•Timothy Prior (Twin), b. 8 Jan 1761, Wales, d. c. 1803, MuskinghumCo., OH, wife Barbara Harter. 
•John Pryor, b. 1765, PA d. 1820, Belmont Co., OH. 
•George Pullen Jr., b. 1759 VA d. 16 Jun 1845 Breckenridge Co.,KY,wife Nancy Dotson. 
•Adam Francis Pummell, b. 12 Jan 1754 VA, d. 6 Aug 1817 nr Woodstock,Shenandoah Co.,VA, wife Margaret Sombrecht-Jones, Pvt VA. 
•William Lewis Queen, b. 1749 VA, d. 8 Oct 1832, NC, wife MargaretMeredith. 
•Godfrey A. Ragsdale, b. 17 Jan 1764, d. 16 Feb 1835, Shelby Co., KY,wife Elizabeth Mitchell. 
•Josiah Ramsey b. c. 1750. Rev. War friend of Maj. Jesse Evans,(Draper Collection V. 36). 
•Lt. Col. Ambrose Rucker, wife Mary Tinsley. 
•Robert Reed, b. 1757, Ireland, d. 16 Jan 1842 St. Claire Co.,AL,Pensioner. 
•John Reeder, b. 1759 MD, d. 1790 MD, wife Cloe Green. 
•Richard Spencer Reynolds, c. 1736, VA, d. 1781, Wilkes Co.,GA. 
•Christopher Rhodes, b. 25 Nov 1730, Christ Church,Middlesex Co.,VA,d. a. 16 Jan 1813, Spartanburg Co., SC, wife Judith Couch, Pvt SC. 
•Daniel Richardson, b.1750 Queen Anne Co. VA, d.1820 Franklin Co.,MO, Nancy Estes Townsend. 
•Abraham Echols Rowden, b. 1752 Henry Co.,VA, d. 1822 Roane Co.,TN,wife Rachel Cheek. 
•John Rowden, b. 1730 VA, d. 26 Apr 1817, Roane Co.,TN, wife SarahEchols. 
•Ambrose Rucker Lt. Col., b. 13 Apr 1735 VA, d.14 Dec 1807 VA, wifeMary Tinsley. 
•Phillip Ryan, b. 1755 d. 1822 wife Obedience. 
•Phillip Saltsman, b. c. 1759 PA, d. a 10 Mar 1835 OH, m. ElizabehtSwickard. Pvt PA 
•William Sargeant, b. 1746 d. 1816, wife Martha Laurane. 
•Benjamin Seaton, b. c. 1768 Stafford Co., VA d. 3 Sep 1859, GreeneCo., TN, 1st wife Mary Elizabeth Burd, 2nd Mary Johnson. 
•William B. Sewell, b. 1754 MD, d. 1838 GA, wife Miss Settle. 
•Nichlas Schramm/Srum, b. 19 Oct 1724, Waldmohr, Kusel, Rheinland, d.1 Apr 1793, Tyron Co.,NC, m. 1st Anna Catherine Koener, 2nd Margaret,CS PS NC. 
•Rudolph Shobe, b. 1748 VA, d. 2 Apr 1829 Grant Co.,VA, wifeMagdaline Hire, Public Service VA. 
•James C. Skaggs Lt., b. 1763 Laurens Co.,SC, d. 12 Dec 1838 KnoxCo.,TN wife Elizabeth, Lt Cav SC. 
•Skaggs, John and James Skaggs of Virginia are listed in VA PublicClaims. Several Skaggs men came from KY to Missouri early. 
•Col. John Smith, b. c. 1740 Halifax Co. VA, d. 1800 Franklin Co.,Va, wife France Burk. 
•William South, b. 1756, Washington Co., MD, d. 1780 Falls of theOhio River, KY, wife Rebecca Naomi Cruse. 
•John Southard, b. 9 Sep 1758 Belfield, VA. d. b. Aug 1840, OrangeCo., NC, wife Dorothy Gilliam, Pvt VA Pensioner. 
•Job Spaulding b. 1 May 1737 MA, d. 1 Oct 1806 MA, wife AbigailPearce, Sgt MA. 
•Jeremiah Sparks, b. c. 1760 VA, d. after 1839 Morgan Co., GA wifeMary. 
•Capt. Hal Speed Capt., source King's “History of Maries Co MO”p.449, Killed Battle of Guilford Court House. 
•Timothy Spelman Sr. b. 15 Jan 1756 Durham, Middlesex Co.,CT, d. 21Apr 1828 Granville,OH, wife Hannah Hayes Pvt MA. 
•Gen. Arthur St. Clair, Pensioner. 
•Elisha Starling Sr., b. c. 1762 Northampton Co., NC, d. 1830 JacksonCo.,AL . 
•Samuel Steele, b. 1 Jan 1762 PA, d. 18 Aug 1847 MO, wife JaneLueckey, Pvt SC, Pensioner. 
•Richard Stith, b. 30 Sep 1727 Brunswick Co.,VA, d. 16 Nov 1802Campbell Co., VA, wife Lucy Cocke Hall, Public Service Virginia. 
•Michael Stump Lt. Col., b. 8 Apr 1844 VA, d. 2 Jun 1799 HampshireCo., VA, wife Sarah Hughes, Lt Col. VA. 
•William Mathias Sulcer, b. 1756 VA, d. 14 Dec 1836 Greene Co., IN,wife Jane Johnston, Sgt VA, Pensioner. 
•John Tabor, b. 1732 Goochland Co.,VA, d. Jan 1806 Rutherford Co.,NC, wife Elizabeth Sharpe Public Service, NC. 
•Peter Taff Jr., b. 1759 Hampshire Co., VA, d. 1844 Gasconade Co.,MO, 1st wife Mary Edmundson, 2nd wife Mary Jinens, Pvt VA, Pensioner. 
•Edmund Terrill, Capt., b. 21 Mar 1739/40 Orange Co., VA, d. p. 1 Jun1784 Culpeper Co.,VA, wife Margaret Willis, Capt. VA 
•Thomas J. Tharp, b. 6 Oct 1752 Essex Co., VA, d. 6 Jul 1818 MadisonCo.,KY, wife 1st Elizabeth Holiday 2nd Eleanor Jackson, Signer of theAlbemarle County, Declaration of Independence. 
•Edward Tinsley, b. 1700 Essex Co., VA d. 6 May 1782 Amherst Co.,VA,wife Margaret Taylor Public Service VA. 
•Peter Todd, b. 23 Jun 1756, Easton, Northhampton Co., PA, d. 18 Apr1840 Madison Co, KY, wife Hannah Cornelison, Pvt NC Pensioner. 
•Charles Tull, b. 3 Dec 1753 Baltimore MD, d. 8 Oct 1836 Lenior Co.,NC , wife Sarah Hardy, Pvt NC, Pensioner. 
•George Walker Capt., b. 1745 Fauquier Co., VA d. 1833 nr.Pikesville, Bledsoe Co., TN, wife Eleanor Hicks, Capt. NC, Pensioner. 
•Thomas Carr Waller, b. 29 Jul 1732 VA, d. 10 Feb 1787 VA, wife SarahAnn Dabney, Sgt VA. 
•William Ward Jr., b. c. 1754 PA d. 1818, Jackson Hill, NC, wifeLydia Chamness. 
•John Warren, b. 1753 Roxbury, MA, d. 4 Apr 1815 Boston, SuffolkCo.,MA , wife Abigail Collins. 
•Thomas Waters, b. 1744 England, d. 1834 Adams Co. OH, wife ElizabethStorms, Pensioner. 
•Jesse Welton, b. 1745, d. 19 Dec 1818 Hardy Co., VA, wife MaryHutton. 
•Job Welton, Sr., b.12 Jan 1744 Hampshire Co., VA, d. 14 Nov 1820 nrPetersburg, Hardy Co., VA, m. Mary McQuire, LT VA. 
•Nathan Wetherbee, b. 3 Jun 1742 MA, d. 22 Sep 1786 Westminister, MA,m. 1st Patience Baker 2ndElizabeth Dunton, Cpl MM MA. 
•Jacob Wheat, b. 15 Nov 1760 Frederick, MD, d. 30 Sep 1843 NewMadrid, MO, m. 1st Nancy Dryer/Dwyer 2nd Mrs. Adalaide La Forge LaFont, Pvt Scout VA, Pensioner. 
•Sabastian Wiegel, b. 13 Aug 1762 PA, d. 8 20 1835 VA wife EleanorCollinsworth. 
•Nicholas Wilhoit, b. c. 1739 VA, d. 27 Oct 1800 KY, wife MaryMargaret Fisher, PS VA. 
•Joseph Williams, b. c. 1750 NC, d. 9 Jan 1820 near St. Louis, MO,wife Sarah Musick, Pvt Cont. Line VA. 
•Roger Williams, b. 9 Feb 1749 Cumberland Co.,VA., d. 21 Jul 1835,Amherst Co., VA, wife Cassie Ann Blair, Soldier, Pensioner, PublicService. 
•John “Jack” Wilson, b. 1855 VA, d. 22 Aug 1856 Miller Co., MO, wifeNellie Ray. 
•Henry Woody, b. 1736 Hanover, Franklin Co.,VA, will proved 7 Dec1807, Franklin Co., VA, wife Patience Susanna Martin, Cpl VA. 
•James Worrell, b. 1732 Chester Co., PA, d. 1 Jan 1802 VA, m.1st Mrs. Barbary Pennick, 2nd Elizabeth Crandell, Pvt PA. 
•Benjamin Wright, Sr., b. 1752 NC, d. 1842 IN, wife 1st BarbaraMorgan 2nd Patsey, Public Service NC. 
•Richard Wright, Sr., b. c. 1730 England, d. 3 Sep 1784, Rowan Co.,NC, wife Ann, Pvt. NC