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1800 Federal Census 
1810 Federal Census 
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1833 Probate Record 
1837 Pierce Twp, Washington Co, IN Land Map 
SAR Applications - 35513, 89124, 613685 

Heinrich (Henry) T. or F. Ratts(1) was born on 14 Oct 1770 in YorkCounty, Pennsylvania. He died on 30 Dec 1833 in Washington County,Salem, Indiana. Henry moved to Washington County, Indiana in 1823. Hewas a hatter by trade. He lived in Davidson County, North Carolinaprior to moving to Indiana. 

Henry Ratts came to this country with his friend Ludgwig Winkler(Winckler in German). By 1776 they are located in Rowan County, NorthCarolina, and owned property in an area along Potts Creek. Time andusage changed the German spelling of Ludwig Winkler to Lewis Wingleras did Henrick Ratz to Henry Ratts. 
I have knowledge from the historical archives of the Kaufman County,Texas library about the Ratts and Beck and Pavey families who leftWashington County, Indiana about 1844, went through Johnson County,Missouri and then took new lands grants in Mercer Colony. John J.Beck, oldest son of George Beck, took several families with him there.Henry T. Ratts had married Elizabeth "Betsy" Beck and they were inthat migration. Their children were Margaret Jane and Sarah ElizabethRatts. He married again to Cinthia Keen and a lawsuit ensued after hisdeath on behalf of Margaret and Sarah. A young man went with thesefamilies, including a Pavey. Email me if I can be of help. Adescendant - Joyce Nell Beck Truitt [Copied from America Online,September 5, 1999, by Danny A. McBee, Gastonia, North Carolina.] 

Religion: Member of "The German Lutherans of Washington County. Theyorganized 
a number of Churches, the first of which was in 1822 when a small logchurch 
was built near Harristown. Col. Henry Ratts and family became members.It was 
abandoned in 1837 and another was built, called Zion Lutheran. Evenlater, a 
larger Church was built in Salem. 
!Death: Film The Henry T. Ratts Family by Margaret R. Hendrickson 
Page 20 list cause of death as Palsey. 
Will: Film 055028-1 Abstract of Washington County Wills Page 23 
HENRY RATTS of Jackson Twp., Washington County, Ind. 
pp.144-148, Probate Court "B" 
Date: April 21, 1833 Probated: Jan.15, 1834 
Wife: Barbary 
Sons: Godfrey; Henry; Rinehart; Jacob; Fancis; Andrew. 
Daughters: Margaret Click (and Jacob Click); Elizabeth 
Land: In Washington County & Morgan County, Ind. 
Executor: son Reinhart Ratts 
Witnesses: Bartlett Scott; Thomas Brittain; Ransom Johnson. 
!Burial: Old Blue River cemetery, Pierce Township, Washington county,Indiana. 

Henry T. Ratz  Son of Godfred (Gotfred) (Gottfried) Ratz& MargaretCatharina Schweisgut. Born 11 October 1770 in Probably York Co., PA,USA. Died 30 December 1833 in Washington Co., IN, USA. 

The Rhett Family of South Carolina "Later generations show noconnection, either in family or tradition, with the Ratts or Ratzfamily of York Co., Pa. None of the names of children or marriagescorrespond in any line." Copied from a letter to Mrs. Harvey Morrisfrom Barnwell Rhett, Hayward, S. C., found in an undated HistoricalGenealogical Magazine. "The definite records in our County begin withHenry T. Ratts son of Godfrey, born in 1770 perhaps York Co., Pa.Married Barbara Winkler about 1790. She was born 1769, daughter ofFrancis and Marie Catherine (Bott) daughter of Rhinhart Bott of YorkCo., Pa." The above from letter to Mrs. Young, York Co., Pa.Historical Society from Edition Indiana Geneological Magazine. 

Though no records prove it, it is believed Henry was born in York Co.Pa. 
1800 U. S. Census for Rowan County, N. C. 
3 Free Wnite Males under 10 years 
2 œ œ œ 16-26 œ 
1 œ œ œ 26-45 œ 
1 " " Female under 10 œ 
1 œ œ œ 26-45 œ 
1 Slave 

It appears that Henry and his descendants, after the death of hisFather in 1804, began to spell the name RATTS,rather than RATZ orRATTZ, as it is spelled that way beginning with a Deed in 1806.However, relatives remaining in N.C. after the exodus of Henry and hisFamily, may have continued to spell the name RATTZ. There 
were listed in the Salisbury, N. C. telephone book in that city in1978, the following: 
_Rattz, Garland__329 Vance Ave.__Salisbury, NC. 
_Rattz, Mrs. Lillian_Rt. 1, Gold Hill__ œ 
_Rattz, M. C.__ œ___ œ 
Relationship, if any, to the Henry Ratts Family is unknown, but theyMAY be descendants of Henry's brother Godfried, Jr. 
6 April 1806--Henry Ratts, executor of estate of Godfrey Ratz, sold100 Acres on Potts Creek for 304 LBs. of N. C. 
Currency, to Obediah Smith. Part of a tract of 200 A. granted by Stateto Nathanial Tinpenny on 14 Nov. 1784. 
_Who conveyed same to _Godfrey Ratz___ 26 Mar, 1789 
_ œ_ œ_œ œ_ Jacob Beck___30 Sep. 1789 
_ œ_ œ_œ œ_John Lopp___2 Jan. 1790 
_ œ_ œ_œ œ_Godfrey Ratz___25 Jan. 1796 
________Signed Henry Ratts 
________Godfrey Rattz, Jr. 
______Witnessed by_Warren Roberts 

2 Nov. 1807--Godfrey Wingler orphan of Francis Winkler age nine yearsand two months, bound to Henry Ratts to 
learn the trade of Hatter, to comply with the Law. 

1810 Minutes of the N. C. Synod (Lutheran) lists HENRY RATZ as aDeacon of St. Lukes Congregation, also known as the Sandy CreekMeeting House or Swicegoods Meeting House. (From "Centennial Historyof Davidson County" by Jacob Calvin Leonard. Also in this book wefound: Valentine Leonard was born in the Palatinate in 1718, came toN. C. in 1746 and settled on a stream later named Leonard' s Creek.Sandy Creek Meeting House was built on land adjacent.) Sandy CreekMeeting House (Taken from folder in Salisbury Geneological Library,Mar. 1982) 

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tyro was formed by a group ofGerman Immigrants who came to Davidson Co., N. C. in 1773. The date ofits formal organization is not known, but C.E.Bernhardt was the firstpastor, serving in 1787-1788. According to the deed this land wasbought for 5 shillings from Adam Swicegood (this is Johann AdamSwicegood and his wife Mary Cathron (This is Mary Catherine BeckSwicegood, in 1790 by Henry Clemmons and John Gobel as "trustees forthe congregation that upholds the German meeting house, known anddesignated by the name Sandy Creek Meeting House, on the waters ofSandy Creek." As a result of these circumstances the church has beenknown as "The German Meeting House", "Swicegood's Church", "SandyCreek Church", and it's official name of "St. Luke's." 

The present building, the fifth, is located 1/2 mile east of theoriginal 24Ft. by 30Ft. structure. The first 2 buildings of unknowndate were destroyed by fire and the third was built in 1835. Therecords of Sandy Creek Evangelical Lutheran congregation weretranscribed by Mary Jo Shoaf. The names, dates, etc. were writtenexactly as they appear in the original record even when there areobvious errors in spelling, dates, etc. For convenience names within agiven section were arranged alphabetically even though the originalrecords were chronological. The following are taken from thoserecords. 

Lists of Communicants in the Lutheran Congregation at Sandy CreekMeeting House, Davidson County, North Carolina. January 21st 1803 
_Beck, Jacob__Nope, Philip & his wife 
_Clement, Anna Maria'_Meyer, George 
_Clement, Henry__Ratz, Anna Maria 
_Clement, John Adam_Ratz, Godfried & his wife 
_Clement, Margarett_Ratz, Margarett 
_Cope, Andrew__Sharp, Daniel & his wife 
_Cope, Elisabeth__Swicegood, Adam & his wife 
_Cope, John & his wife_Swicegood, Andrew 
_Cope, Magdalena__Swicegood, Catharine 
_Gervec, David__Swicegood, Eve 
_Gobble, Elisabeth__Swicegood, Margarett 
_Gobble, George__Swicegood, Philip 
_Luckabil, Gerdrout 
April 30th 1809 
_Beck, Sr. Philip__Clements, Catharine 
_Beck, Jr. Philip__Clements, Sophia 
_Cope, John__Luckabil, Susan 
_Gobble, George__Ratz, Barbara 
_Ratz, Henry__Swicegood, Caty 
_Ratz, Jr. Henry__Swicegqod, Adam 

_Ratz__Henry Ratz & his_May 6_May 26__John Cope 
_ Barbara_wife_1811_1811__& his wife 
_Ratz__Henry Ratz & his_Dec. 19th_March__Godfrey Ratz 
_ Elisabeth_wife Barbara_1801_1802__wife Margaret 
_Ratz__Henry Ratz & his_April 14_May 8__Godfrey Ratz 
_ Francis_wife Barbara_1808_1808__wife Elisabeth 
_Ratz__Henry Ratz & his_April 114_May 25__John Blessing 
_ Jacob__wife Barbara_1806_1806__& wife Katy 
_Ratz__Reinhart Ratz &_July 31_Sept. 8__Parents 
_ Jemimah_wife Susanna_1822_1822 
_Ratz__Henry Ratz & his_July 29th_---__John Gobble 
_ Margarett_wife Barbara_18014___Magdalena Ratz 
_Ratz__Godfrey Ratz &_Oct. 30_April 13__Unknown 
_ Margarett_wife Elisabeth_1817 (?)_1817 (?) 
_Ratz__Godfrey Ratz &_Nov. 12_May 7__Henry Ratz & 
_ Merkey(America) wife_1813_1815__wife Barbar 
_Ratz__Godfrey Ratz &_Sept._Oct. 27__John Gobble & 
_ Obadiah_wife_T811_1811__his wife 
_Ratz__Godfrey Ratz &_Oct. 1_1805__Henry Ratz & 
_ Valentine_wife Elisabeth_1805___wife Barbara 
NOTE: According to these records, there were still "Ratts" in theSandy Creek Congregation as of 1 Nov. 1864. The original churchrecords are now located at the North Carolina Lutheran Synod office inSalisbury. Any question concerning them should be addressed to Mrs.Johanna Mims, Archivist, whose assistance helped in thistranscription. Assistance has also been given by Mrs. Margaret R.Trantham and the staff of the Learning Resources Center at DavidsonCounty Community College. 

5 June 1813--Henry Ratts, Executor of Estate of Godfried Ratz,deceased--sold to Warren Roberts, 200 A. on Potts Creek, for 147 Lbs.,10 Shillings, it being part of a parcel of 400 A. granted to JamesKory._Signed Henry Ratts 
_Witnessed by_John Smith 
__Richard Leach 

31 March 1814--Henry Ratts gave a Deed to 14 Acres near a springbranch for a School &/or Church, it being part of a parcel of landINHERITED By Henry from his Father Godfrey Ratz. 

26 Jan. 1816--Henry Ratts sold to James Walling (illegible) A. a partof the Dowry of Hannah Winkler, Widow of Francis Winkler, deceased.Henry was acting as Power of Att1y. for the heirs of Francis Winkler,deceased. The heirs were: 
_Francis Winkler__John Davey 
_Peter Winkler__Beechim Helton 
_Reinhart Winkler__Michael Varner & wife Catherine 
_Henry Clement__Henry Ratts & wife Barbara 
__Signed ___Henry Ratts 
_____Samuel Dusenberry 
__Witnessed by__William Moore 

16 Nov. 1819--Henry Ratts sold some more property. Wheeler's"Historical Sketches of N. C." Vol. I & II, page 398. "Col. Henry Ratzwas a member of the House of Commons from Rowan County, N. C. to theGeneral Assembly in 1821." 

17 June, 1821--From "The Colonial & State Records of N. C." HenryRatts, Esq. was a delegate from the Lutheran Synod of N. C. to ameeting at Lau's Church in Guilford County, to confer with theEpiscopal Church of N. C. with the hope of promoting better relationsbetween the two groups. "Pathfinders, Past & Present--A History ofDavidson Co. N.C." Pg. 35 - 38.34 Davidson Co. was created by Act ofthe General Assembly by Chapter 147 of the Private Laws of 1822. 

January 1823, the first Court of Common Pleas appointed, among others,Godfrey Ratts, Jr. and Philip Swicegood as Constubles of the County.Henry Ratts and Daniel Leonard were appointed as Road Overseers.Andrew Swicegood was appointed "County Ranger" and also to list thetaxable property of the members of Capt. Gobbles Company. 

10 June 1823--Henry Ratts sold property to Richard Wilson and wifeElizabeth (Ratts) Wilson. (Henry's daughter) This transaction showsthat Henry was still in N. C. in 1823. Henry was well educated for histime, and served as an Attorney in transferring deeds, executingwills, etc. He was referred to as Esq. a title of respect, in numerousdocuments in which his name appeared. In some papers, he was called"Col. Henry Ratts" which we assume to be Honorary, since we found norecord of his having served in the Militia. In Indiana, Henry servedas Justice of Peace in Washington County. The German Lutherans ofWashington County organized a number of Churches, the first of whichwas in 1822 when a small log Church was built near Harristown. Col.Henry Ratts and family became members. It was abandoned in 1837 andanother was built, called Zion Lutheran. Even later, a larger Churchwas built in Salem. Henry died of Palsey and was buried at Old BlueRiver Cemetery, Pierce Township, Washington County, Indiana. 

Henry T. Ratts was a prominent man in North Carolina, a hatter bytrade and accumulated considerable wealth. He moved with his familyfrom Davidson county, N.C., to Washington County, Indiana, in 1823 andsettled on a farm about four miles South of Salem, Ind. They weremember of the Lutheran church. Godfrey Ratts died of cholera July 9,1854; Margaret, his wife died of cholera July 4, 1854; they wereburied in the Wilson Cemetery, about 4 1/2 miles South of Salem, Ind.;Francis Ratts formerly lived in Clark County, Ind., but later moved toMattoon, Ill., where he died; Henry Ratts moved to Gosport, Indiana;Margaret and Elizabeth were buried in the Wilson Cemetery; Andrew,Rhinard, and Mary were interred in Old Blue River Cemetery. He marriedBarbara Winkler, daughter of Francis Winkler & Mary (Mari) CatharineBott, 2 March 1790. Born 1769 in Bottstown, York Co., PA, USA. Died 8January 1849 in Washington Co., IN, USA. 
They had the following children: 
17 i. Godfrey Ratts 
18 ii. Henry , Jr. Ratts 
19 iii. Margaret Ratts 
20 iv. Rinehart Ratts 
21 v. Elizabeth Ratts 
22 vi. Mary Magdelene (Polly) Ratts 
23 vii. Jacob Ratts 
24 viii. Francis Ratts 
25 ix. Andrew Ratts 
26 x. Barbara Ratts 

Settlement of Pierce Township 
This township was named in honor of President Pierce, and wasorganized  in  March  1853.  It coincides with the CongressionalTownship 1 north range 4 east. It is stated that  John  Moore squattedon the Goss farm as early as 1806, though this is disputed by several.At least Moore was in the township very early. Soon after him cameArchibald Scott, Peter Fisky, John Mozier, John Wilson, Jesse Lucas,Thomas Evans, John Evans, Thomas Knot, John Stewart,  Rober  Brooks.Michael Smith entered the first land in 1809, on Section 32 HenryWyman  bought  a  tract  in 1811, and Jacob Motsinger and Henry  Rattsthe  same  year.  Jacob  Miller  bought  in  1812; Christian Mars andElijah Wright in 1813; Matthew Coffin,  Amos  Wright,  Philbrt  Wrightand William Hitchcock in 1814: James S. Wilson, John Fouler, WilliamWright, John  Moore,  Richard Gilstrap, John Duval and John Coffman in1815; David Motsinger,  John  Newland,  Jesse  Lucas, George Gloss,David Alvis, Samuel Baker, John  Strong  and  George  Casely  in 1816,and  C. Monical, J. Marvis, John Peugh, Rhodes Meads, Robert Evans,P. McGarvin, William Watts,  Lewis Martin, William Green and CharlesSchultz in 1818. 

Other Items of Value 
The first blacksmith was John Mozier. John Peugh started a hattery asearly as 1815,  and  for several years manufactured hats from fursprincipally, but also from what little wool he could get. Sheep couldnot be well kept, owing to the prevalence of ferocity of wolves. HenryRatts also followed the occupation of hatting. Almost every earlysettler raised  cotton  from  seed brought from the south, and on newland this crop did well. Valentine Baker conducted a cotton gin tomeet the demand. In several instances in this township nettles weregathered,  allowed to rot, were then broken and manufactured into arespectable article of  cloth.  Early  stores were opened by ChristianBixler, Green & Watts, John & Jacob Peugh and John  Dover.  In  about1825 John Dover undertook the difficult task of rearing  silk  wormsand  manufacturing  silk. After a year or two the business was foundto be very  uncertain  and  unprofitable,  and  was abandoned. TheDovers were from England, and brought with them the first piano in thecounty. They lived on Section 23.  John  Aley  operated  an  earlytannery;  Dover  and  Henry  Wyman manufactured salt on Section 34. Itis claimed that this township was the birth place was  the man whogave to Indianians the appellation of  "Hoosier"  His  name  wasShort.  Why  he  was permitted to live after the christening has neverbeen satisfactorily explained. 

Will of Henry T. Ratts 1770-1833 
"In the name of God amen-I Henry Ratts of Jackson Township in theCounty of Washington State of Indiana being will in body and ofperfect mind and memory thanks be given unto God calling into mind themortality of my body knowing that it is appointed for all ment that isto say principally and first of all I gave and recommend my soul intothe hands of God that gave it and my body I recommend to the casket tobe buried in a decent christian burial at the discretion of myexecutors nothing doubting but at the general ressurrection I shallreceive the same again by the mighty power of God-- and as touchingsuch worldly estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in thislife --I give bequeth and dismiss the same in the following manner.First--I do give and bequeath to my beloved wife Barbary the house andbarn and also the land of that quarter section whereon I now live,that lying south of the Blue River and East of the middle of my landand also the Barn and Barn yard that is to say she is to have all thebuilding belonging to said quarter also all the land that lyies Southof the middle of Blue River and East of the middle of my land and thebarn yard of the above quarte and also forty acres that I have lyingalong the West sid of James Hines line being in all about fifty fiveacres be the same more or less also my house clock all the abovemancioned land and house clock to be for the use of my wife Barbaryher natural life and at her death to be sold and the money to beequally divided amongst all my heirs. I also give to my wife Barbaryone horse saddle and bridle of her choice and one cow and calf of herchoice and two ---- and forniture of her choice and one wheel and onetable and commode and one cupboard all of her choice and one iron potand one dutch oven one skillet one frying pan, two pewter dishes andtwo peter basons and six pewter plates and set of fore sitting chairsall the above to be for her use that she may do with them except thehosue clock adn land and buildings is to be sold at her death and themoney comming therefrom is to be equally divided amongst my heirs--and do give to my wife Barbary for her first years provision onehundred bushel of corn and twenty bushels of wheat and one hundredwate of beef and fore hundred wate of pork and twenty five wate ofcheezer adn ten pound of coffee and two bushels of slat and two poundof pepper and pound of spices and for my wife Barbarys support afterthe first year is this my executor shall rent out the remainder ofthat quarter of land that is not yet willed that I now live on eachand every year as long as my wife Barbary lives and is to keep thefences and pay the tax of said quarter and pay himself for his troublethat he has in renting and remainder of the rent he is to pay my wifeBarbary each and every years as long as she lives and at her death theland is to be sold with the rest of said quarter and the money equallydivided amongst my heirs also my executor shall put eight hundreddollars of my estate on interest as soon as he cand and pay my Barbarythe interest thereof at the end of each and every year as long as sheremains a widow in my name and if she marries the eight hundreddollars is to be collected by my executor and equal division of themoney made amongst my wife and all my heirs and my wife Barbary is tohave a childs part of it and if my wife does not marry at her deaththe eight hundred dollars is to be collected and divided amongst myheirs. I do allow for all my heirs to keep al that I have heretoforegiven them by deed or otherwise but they must pay up all the bookaccounts and notes that I have against them except them that I havewilled otherwise. 

Secondly--I do give and bequeath to my son Godfrey Ratts that lt of land where on he now lives it being about forty for acres be the amemore or less, also a lot of land I had vowed of for him by ElighaWright of the quarter section whereon Adason Viles now lives containgabout forty nine acres be the same more or less to him and his heirsfor ever. 

Thirdly--I do gave and bequeath to my son Henry Ratts the West halfquarter of section No 30 in Township No 12 N. of Range No. 1 Westcontaining eighty acres be the same more or less. Also the West halfof the North East Quarter section No 35 Township No 12 No. of Range No2 West contaning eighty ares be the same more or less--the above twohalf quarters lying in Morgan County Indiana to him and his heirsforever. 

Fourthly--I do gave and bequeath to my daughter Margaret Click andJacob Click the east half of the north west quarter of sectionnineteen in township one North Range East also the WEst half of theNorth east quarter of of sectioon nineteen township on North of Rangefore East the above two half quarters containing one hundred and sixtyacres be the same more or less all to them and their heirs forever. 

Fifthly--I do gave and bequeath to my son Rinehart Ratts one note ofhand of seventy five dollars which I hold against him to his landsequal with the rest of there lands to him and his heirs forever. 

Sixthly--I do gave and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Wilson andRinhart Wilson the West half of the South West Quarter of sectionseven in township one north of Range fore East also the west part ofthe north East quarter section of seven in township one North of Rangefore East containg forty acres the above two lots containing in thehole one hundred and twenty acres to them and their heirs forever. 

Seventhly--I so gave and bequeath to my daughter Polly Wiseman andJacob Wiseman the thirty seven and a half acres which I now have saidWisemans deed for it lyies in the quarter whereon said Wiseman nowlives be it the same more or less also two notes that I now holdagainst said Wiseman One of them is for twenty four dollars princibleand one for forty two dollars and sixty two and a half cents the firstcame due April 3 1826 and the other came due July 10 1826--I gave themthe princible and the interest ons aid notes to make there lands equalwith the rest of thar lands I also give them twenty five dollars inmoney to them and there heirs forever. 

Eightly--I do gave and bequeath to my son Jacob Ratts the lot of landthat lyes south of the land that I deeded to said Jacob Ratts it beingthe South part of the north west quarter section two township on SouthRange three East containing one hundred and twenty and twenty threeacres be the same more or less to him and his heirs forever. 

Ninthly--I do gave and bequeath to my son Francis Ratts the WEst partof the North West quarter of section six in township one of Range forecontaining ninety seven acres be it the same more or less it being theland that Francis formerly lifed on to him and his heirs forever. 

Tenthly--I do gave and bequeath to my son Andrew Ratts the West partof the North West quarter of section twelve one range three eastcontaining one hundred and ten acres also I gave him twenty acres thatlyes joining said Andrew that I bout of JOrdan Johnson also I gave himtwenty five dollars in money for his trobles to go and get his tittlesfor his land when old misses Humbarger claims for the heirsJacobCopple has not sined that widows dowry title as yet all this above tohim and his heirs forever I do alow for all my lands and otherproperty that is not as yet willed or bequeathed to be sold at publicsale and my just debts to be paid and if there be any thing left it isto be equally divided amongst my wife and all my heirs my wife is tohave a childs part thereof I do hereby make and ordain my son Reinhartratts executor of this my last will and testament In witness whereof Ithe said Henry Ratts have to this my last will and testament set myhand and seal this twenty first day of April one thousand eighthundred and thirty three signed sealed published and declared by thesaid Henry Ratts as his last will and testament in the presence of us 
Bartlet Scott 
Thomas Brittain 
Ransom Johnson 
X Hen: Ratts (seal) 

Deeded property by Henry Ratts 
April 6 1806--Henry Ratts,executor of the estate of Godfrey Ratz, sold100 acres on Potts Creek for 304 pounds of NC currency to ObedaihSmith. Part of a tract of 200 acres granted by the state to NathanielTinpenny on Nov 4 1784. 
Who conveyed same to Godfrey Ratz March 26,1789 
Who conveyed same to Jacob Beck Sept 30,1789 
Who conveyed same to John Lopp Jan 2 1790 
Who conveyed same to Godfrey Ratz Jan 25,1796 

signed Henry Ratts 
Godfrey Rattz 
Witnessed by Warren Roberts 

Indiana Pioneers Proven Ancestors 

Religon: Member of "The German Lutherans of Washington County. Theyorganized  a number of Churches, the first of which was in 1822 when asmall log church was built near Harristown. Col. Henry Ratts andfamily became members. It was  abandoned in 1837 and another wasbuilt, called Zion Lutheran. Even later, a larger Church was built inSalem.? 
Henry moved to Washington County, Indiana in 1823. He was a hatter bytrade. He lived in Davidson County, North Carolina prior to moving toIndiana. Ratts and Beck and Pavey families who left Washington County,Indiana about 1844, went through Johnson County, Missouri and thentook new lands grants in Mercer Colony. John J. Beck, oldest son ofGeorge Beck, took several families with him there. Henry T. Ratts hadmarried Elizabeth "Betsy" Beck and they were in that migration. Theirchildren were Margaret Jane and Sarah Elizabeth Ratts. He marriedagain to Cinthia Keen and a lawsuit ensued after his death on behalfof Margaret and Sarah. A young man went with these families, includinga Pavey. 

U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 about Henry Ratts 
Name:  Henry Ratts 
Gender:  Male 
Birth Place:  PA 
Birth Year:  1770 
Spouse Name:  Barbara Winkler 
Spouse Birth Year:  1769 
Marriage  Year:  1790 
Marriage State:  NC 

U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications,1889-1970 about Henry F Ratts 
Name:  Henry F Ratts 
SAR Membership:  35513 
Birth Date:  1770 
Death Date:  1833 
Spouse:  Barbara‹Ratts 
Children:  Mary Magdalene‹Ratts 

SAR Membership Number 35513. 

U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications,1889-1970 about Henry T Ratts 
Name:  Henry T Ratts 
SAR Membership:  89124 
Birth Date:  14 Dec 1770 
Birth Place:  Rowan, North, Carolina 
Death Date:  30 Dec 1833 
Death Place:  Washington, Indiana 
Spouse:  Barbara‹Winkler 
Children:  Elizabeth‹Ratts 

SAR Membership Number 89124. 

History of the Lutheran Church in North Carolina 

Bernheim, G. D. (Gotthardt Dellman), 1827-1916 


Volume 08, Pages 758-796 

-------------------- page 790 -------------------- 
Revs. G. Shober, Michael Rauch, and Henry Ratz, Esq.” The next day thefollowing report was submitted and adopted: 

“The committee of the Protestant Episcopal Church of North Carolina,and the committee on the part of the Lutheran Synod of North Carolinaand adjacent States, having conferred on the subject of theirrespective appointments, have agreed on the following articles: 
“I. Resolved, That we deem it expedient and desirable that theLutheran Synod and the Protestant Episcopal Church of North Carolinashould be united together in the closest bonds of friendship. 
“II. Resolved, That for this purpose we will mutually make suchconcessions as may not be inconsistent with the rules and regulationsof our respective churches, for the purpose of promoting a friendlyintercourse. 
“III. Resolved, That the Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Churchmay send a delegation of one or more persons to the annual Synod ofthe Lutheran Church, which person or persons shall be entitled to anhonorary seat in that body, and to the privilege of expressing theiropinions and voting in all cases except when a division is called for;in which case they shall not vote. 
“IV. Resolved, That the Lutheran Synod may, in like manner, send adeputation to the Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church, who,in all respects, shall be entitled to the same privileges. 
“V. Resolved, That all the ministers of the Lutheran Church in unionwith the Synod shall be entitled to honorary seats in the Conventionof the Protestant Episcopal Church; and the clergymen of the saidlast-mentioned church shall, in like manner, be entitled to honoraryseats in the Synod of the Lutheran Church. 
“The Committee respectfully recommend to the Convention of theProtestant Episcopal Church, and to the Synod of the Lutheran Churchthe adoption of the foregoing resolutions. 
“HENRY RATZ, “ Committee of the Lutheran Synod. 
“DUNCAN CAMERON, “Committee of the Protestant Episcopal Church.” 

-------------------- page 791 -------------------- 
The report was adopted by Synod, and the following persons wereelected to attend the next Convention of the Episcopal Church: Revs.G. Shober, Jacob Scherer, and Henry Ratz, Esq. 
At the next Convention of the Episcopal Church, held in Raleigh, April18th, 1822, the following action was taken in reference to thismatter: 
“The Rt. Rev. President of the Convention then read a letter from theRev. Mr. Shober on the same subject, after which it was moved that thereport be received, which was unanimously agreed to; it was then 
“Resolved, That the Secretary be required to address a letter to thePresident of the Lutheran Synod, informing him of the unanimousadoption of the above report. 
“The following delegation to the Lutheran Synod was then appointed:Rev. Messrs. Miller, Davis, and Wright, of the clergy; Messrs.Alexander Caldcleugh, Duncan Cameron, and Dr. F. J. Hill, of thelaity.” 
At the next meeting of the North Carolina Synod, three of the abovedelegation, 
“the Rev. R. J. Miller, the Rev. R. Davis, and Alexander Caldcleugh,Esq., appeared, were welcomed and took their seats with us. 
“On information that the Protestant Episcopal Church will hold theirnext annual Convention for North Carolina in Salisbury, on the secondThursday after Easter, in the year 1823, the following persons wereelected to attend the same, and there represent the Synod, namely: theRev. G. Shober, the Rev. Daniel Scherer, Gen. Paul Barringer, andColonel Ratz.” 
All these delegates appeared at said Convention and attended itssessions. 
After the year 1823 nothing more appears concerning the fraternalrelations of these two ecclesiastical bodies, although this “bond offriendship” does not appear to have been revoked, nevertheless, theinterchange of delegates, being attended with some difficulty in thosedays of traveling by private conveyance, fell practically into disuse. 

During the three years which intervened between 1831 and 1834 very fewchanges occurred in the North Carolina Synod; the Rev.