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Charles HARDY (1772- ) m. Rachel PARSLEY

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In the year 1607, the first English colony was founded at Jamestown,Virginia. When the colony was well-established, settlers of everydegree took ship for America. Some were wealthy with fine household furnishings and servants and possessed a grant from the King; somewere farmers and had but a modest amount of goods. Others were debtors and other prisoners who had little more than the rags on their backs.It was not until the American Revolution that the practice of sending prisoners to the colonies was halted. 

In 1650, the first Hardys came to Virginia and settled in Isle ofWight County, one of the eight original shires. It is quite possible that John Hardy of Henry County, Virginia and Habersham County,Georgia was of this family. Members of the Isle of Wight family had moved into Lunenburg, Bedford and Pittsylvania Counties before the Revolution. 

Over the years between 1607 and 1776, as county succeeded county, the state of Virginia developed ever westward. Virginia had become a RoyalColony in 1624 and discontent with the Royal Governors and other officials appointed by the King was a continuing problem. Wealthy eastern settlers oppressed the small farmers who rebelled against their methods. This caused an ever-increasing flow ot settlers toward the west. 

At this time the eastern boundary (the coast) was well-defined hut, as was the custom in those days, the western frontier extended to the heads of water courses. In Virginia's case (as in Georgia's) it extended to the Mississippi River. The western boundary was not accurately fixed until 1854. The people who settled the region of theBlue Ridge and Appalachian Mountain ranges cleared a track through theWilderness with hostile Indians on one hand and ever beset by the oppression of the King on the other. 

The region now known as Henry Counts, Virginia lies in southernVirginia, a little west of the center of the state, its southern line bordering North Carolina. The soil is excellent and the county varies from steep hills to rich bottom lands. The combination of slaves and tobacco made the area wealthy in the years before the War Between theStates. Settlements were scattered - a mile or more apart - usually on a stream or river that afforded the easiest travel. When these settlements became crowded, overflow moved into the countryside. At times the imagined threat of an Indian uprising would cause the settlers to abandon their homes and livestock and take refuge in the nearest fort. The years between 1750 and 1775 saw the largest migration to the hills and valleys of the Appalachians. 

CHARLES HARDY (Hardie) b. 4/7/1772 Lunenburg Co. VA, m. 5/2/1793 HenryCo. to Rachel PARSLEY. They resided in Henry Co. and had a son, CURTISHARDY b. c1804 m. Mary BOCOCK. Other children of this family "may"have been: Thrashley, Owen, John b. 1809, and Joseph. Curtis resided in Henry Co. - his descendents resided in Henry, Patrick, and Pittsylvania Co. Any help identifying Parents and siblings of Charleswill be greatly appreciated! Marguerite @