The Whole Damned World: Aggies at War, 1941-1945
published with New Mexico State University Library
Martha Shipman Andrews, editor, with an introduction by Richard A. Melzer

Appendix B

World War II Correspondence of Daniel B. Jett
List of Correspondents by Branch of Service

All data is based on information provided by correspondents in their letters or found in the NMCA & MA registrar’s clippings file. An * preceding a name indicates the writer came to NMCA & MA as a member of the Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP). Writers whose letters appear in this book are highlighted.


*Abbott, Kenneth Pfc. Regimental HQ Co., 264th Infantry ETO Battle of the Bulge
Abercrombie, Frank ’46 Sgt. 6
th Div., Platoon. 3322 SIAM Company USA
(radio operator)
Abercrombie, Robert ’46 Cpl. Co. B, 27
th Tank Bn. ETO Germany
(Sherman tank gunner)
Adams, Frank E. ’41 Pfc. Co. C, 82
nd Medical Bn.. (medic)
Adesman, Jerome ’47 Pfc. medical depot co. USA
*Agin, Irving Pfc. 92
nd Dental Prosthetic Detachment ETO Germany
Alexander, James ’42 T/5 318
th General Hospital (medic) PTO Hawaii
*Alexander, Johnny C. Pfc. 80
th Signal Co. (lineman) ETO France, Austria
*Allen, Edward Cpl. Co. A, 23
rd Tank Bn. ETO France
Allen, George Henry Lt. Capt. 82
nd Airborne ETO Battle of the Bulge
Three Bronze Stars, Combat Infantryman’s Badge
*Allen, Robert E. Pfc., Cpl. HQ Co,, XXII Corps ETO England
(military police and mapmaker)
ETO Ribbon, two Battle Stars, Good Conduct Medal
*Allendoerfer, Charles W. Pfc. Co. C, 56
th Armored Infantry Battalion, ETO England
7th Army
Purple Heart
*Alper, Melvin Pfc. Co. C, 82
nd Medical Bn. ( medic) ETO France
*Alterman, Bernard Lee Pfc. A Co., 91st Signal Operation Bn. USA
*Althoff, Paul T/4 3102nd Signal Service Bn. CBI
*Ansley, John E. Pfc. 4025th Signal Service Bn. PTO New Guinea
Detachment B (teletype)
Apodaca, Anacleto ’40 Lt. radio operator PTO
Apodaca, Reginald ’43 Sgt. USA
*Arbuckle, James G. T/5; B Co., 66
th Armored Infantry Bn. ETO France, Germany
Purple Heart
Armijo, Belsan ‘46 Cpl. 2
nd Bn., HQ Co., 16th Infantry PTO New Zealand
Asikin, James J. Pfc. Co. C, 134
th Ordnance Maintenance Bn. USA
Avalos, Joe ’45 Pfc. Co. A, 11
th Pltn., ET STC ETO Germany
*Axford, Hiram Pfc. HQ Command, U.S. Group Control ETO France, Germany
Council for Germany (personnel clerk)
Purple Heart with oak leaf cluster
Bachom, Conrow ’43 Cpl. physical education instructor USA
Badders, John Thomas ’42 Field Artillery Instructor USA
*Bailes, Seymour S, Pfc. Co. B, 395
th Infantry (machine gunner) ETO Belgium
Purple Heart
*Bailey, Andrew Lt. Co. M, 13
th Infantry (anti-aircraft) ETO England
Baird, A. Eugene ’39 Capt. Co. G, 9
th Infantry ETO Ireland
Purple Heart, Bronze Star
Baird, Jack F. ’37 Maj. Infantry PTO Solomon Islands
Baird, Willis W. ’42 Lt. Infantry ETO England
KIA 9 June 1944, Normandy
Purple Heart
Baker, Lorel ’43 1
st Lt. Co. K, 3rd Bn., 172nd Infantry PTO Philippines
Purple Heart
Baker, Seldon S. ’38 Capt. Co. C, 2
nd Infantry (tactical officer ETO France
Purple Heart, three Battle Stars
*Ball, Kenneth W. T/5 4025
th Signal Service Group, Det. 15 PTO New Guinea
(radio teletype)
*Barbee, William Pfc. HQ Co., 3614
th SCD (pre-med school) USA
Barcala, Joseph ’46 Pfc. 2
nd Tactical Communications Sqn. EAME Algiers
(radio operator)
ETO Ribbon with six stars; Coast Guard Ribbon [?]
*Barclay, Leland Pfc. 3
rd Platoon Det. 6921, ETO England, Germany
th Reinforcement Depot
*Bare, Harold Z. Pfc. Det. 101, Airways & Air USA
Communications Systems Sqn.
Barela, Abelicio B. ’43, ’50 Cpl. Co. B, 63
rd Training Bn. ETO
Barksdale, Jess T. ’37 Capt.
*Barnard, Robert Pfc. 96
th Signal Bn. (statistician, radio center) CBI Burma
*Barnes, Gerald Warren Pvt. 56
th Armored Infantry Bn. ETO France
KIA 16 January 1945, France
Purple Heart
Barnes, Jesse F. ’46, ’50 Pfc. Co. I, 86
th Mountain Infantry ETO Italy
Barney, John ’39 Maj. 44
th Div.
*Barrett, Donald E. ‘43 Pfc. Co. B, 56
th Armored Infantry Bn. ETO France
(radio operator)
*Bartel, John F. Pfc. 233
rd General Hospital (dental technician) PTO Okinawa
*Bartelt, Donald Pfc. 712
th Engineer Depot Co. ETO France
*Baseman, Robert M. Sgt. Co. G, Special Troops, HQ Section USA
(x-ray technician)
*Bayekian, Sarkis Pfc. 714
th Tank Bn. ETO France, Germany
Purple Heart
*Beach, Harry Cpl. Co. B., 23
rd Tank Bn. ETO Germany
KIA 31 March 1945, Germany
Beaty, Orren ‘40 Lt. Co. K, 124
th Infantry (bombardier) USA
Beck, Allen H. ’45, ’49 Pfc. Co. F, 313
th Infantry (airborne glider) ETO France
Purple Heart
*Becker, LeRoy H. T/5 4025
th Signal Service Group, Det. G, 10th Co. PTO Dutch East Indies
*Becker, Willis J. 39
th General Hospital (personnel clerk) PTO Mariannas
Beene, Jesse Max ’42 Lt. Co. L, 320
th Infantry ETO France
Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Combat Infantry Badge
Beene, L. G. Cpl. Co. D, 287
th Bn. (instructor) USA
*Beets, Edward H. Cpl. 678
th Engineer Light Equipment Co. ETO France, Belgium
*Belleau, William R. T/5 713
th Engineering Depot Co. ETO England
Detachment A (cadre)
*Benedict, Joseph Pvt. Co. B, 23
rd Tank Bn. (company clerk) ETO Germany
*Benkaim, A. D. T/5 Cannon Co., 406
th Infantry ETO Germany
Bennett, Owen G. ‘44 Pfc. 87
th Infantry Div. Band USA
Bennett, William ‘46 Pvt. Co. C, 42
nd Tank Bn. ETO Germany
*Berry, William T/5 Co. A, 1011
th Engineering Treadway Bn. PTO Philippines
Beyer, Elmer ’44 Sgt. 746
th Military Police Bn. ETO Germany
ETO Medal with three Battle Stars
Biebelle, Walter ’45 Lt. Co. L, 276
th Infantry (linguist) PTO Philippines
*Bierbaum, Paul M. Cpl. HQ, Special Troops, 80
th Infantry Div. ETO Germany
Billups, Ben E. ’34 Maj. 120
th Engineer Bn. (combat engineer) EAME Africa, Sicily
Bronze Star with oak leaf cluster
*Blake, John H. Lt. Co. D, 149
*Blasland, Warren Pfc. Co. A, 305
th Medical Bn. ETO Germany
*Blume, Robert O. Pfc. 107
th Army Ground Forces Band ETO France
Boise, Charles L. ’43, ’47 Sgt. 399
th Replacement Co. (cadre) ETO Italy
Boise, Otis ’41 Capt. Co. H, 37
th Infantry PTO Dutch Harbor
(battalion investigating officer)
*Boling, Ralph L. T/5 356
th Anti-aircraft Artillery Searchlight Bn. PTO Guadalcanal; Leyte
Bonnel, Floyd E. ’41 Capt. 342
nd Armored Field Artillery Bn. ETO Germany
*Borchers, Berdell H. Pfc. Co. M, 362
nd Infantry EAME Algeria, Italy
Borroum, James C. Lt. HQ Co., 3
rd Bn., 379th Infantry ETO Germany
*Botts, Darrell B. Cpl. Co. G, 7
th Bn., 2nd Parachute USA
Infantry Regiment
Boverie, John ’46 Pvt. Co. C, 16
th Bn., 4th Regiment ETO France
(heavy weapons)
Bronze Star; Purple Heart
*Boydstun, Reuben Whittle Pfc. Regimental HQ Co., 346
th Infantry ETO Germany
Bradford, Jim ’39 Lt. Col. Headquarters, 694
th Quartermaster Battalion PTO Guam
Bradley, R. A. ’46 Cpl. 398
th Engineer Regiment ETO England
Bradley, Robert ’44 S/Sgt. Battery A, 444
th Anti-aircraft Artillery Bn. ETO Germany
*Brammeier, Herbert John T/5
*Brehm, Robert D. Pfc. 3118
th Ordnance Base Armored Vehicle PTO Philippines
Maintenance Co.
*Breitfuss, Thomas Kiely T/5 HQ Battery, 495
th Armored Field Artillery Bn. ETO France, Germany
*Brewer, Lawrence E. Sgt. 710
th Medical Hospital Ship Platoon EAME North Africa, France
*Brock, Ralph Milton Pfc. Co. H, 276
th Infantry ETO Germany
*Brokaw, James T/4 2940
th ETIT (R) Engineering Section, ETO Heidelberg
HQ, 7
th Army (draughtsman)
*Brown, Brinton C. Pvt. HQ & Base Service Sqn., ETO France
th Air Service Group (ordnance maintenance company)
*Brown, Bryant S. 1
st Sgt. Co. A, 1270th Engineer Combat Bn. ETO France, Germany
*Brown, Chester J. Pvt. 179
th Station Hospital PTO Aleutians
Brown, Donald A. ’39 Capt. Co. E, 501
st Parachute Infantry, ETO Bastogne
st Airborne Division
Purple Heart
*Brown, Raymond A. 24
th Division PTO Philippines
Brynie, John H. ’42 Lt. Co. B, 132
nd Infantry PTO New Caledonia
Combat Infantry Badge
Budenholzer, Robert ’46, ’50 Sgt. Co. C, 394
th Infantry ETO England
Bullock, William ’46, ’51 Sgt. PTO Japan
Bumgarner, Raymond ’45, ’48 Pfc. HQ Co., 2
nd Bn., 397th Infantry ETO Germany
(battalion intelligence)
Bronze Star
Burciaga, Ernesto G. ’41 T/4 3
rd Bn., 502nd Paratroop Infantry ETO France
KIA 14 January 1945
Purple Heart
Burns, Joel ’46 Pfc. Co. K, 394
th Infantry (combat engineer) ETO Battle of the Bulge
Purple Heart
*Butler, Harry R. Pfc. Co. G, 302
nd Infantry Regiment ETO Germany
German POW
*Byrnes, Robert S. Cpl. Battery A, 758
th Field Artillery Bn. ETO Germany
Cade, Baylus ’42 Lt. 27
th Infantry PTO
Cade, Francis W. ’45 Sgt. Co. A, 393
rd Infantry ETO Germany
KIA 17 March 1945
Purple Heart
Campbell, Jack ’41 Lt. HQ Co., 164
th Infantry PTO New Caledonia
Three Battle Stars; Combat Infantryman’s Badge
*Carlson, Ernest R. T/3 4025
th Signal Service Group PTO New Guinea
Carmichael, Edward ’43 Lt. Frankford Arsenal, Fire Control USA
Design Division (ordnance officer)
Carroll, Robert ’44 M/Sgt. Co. E., 326
th Glider Infantry ETO France
German POW
Three Battle Stars
Carter, Sherwood J. ’46 S/Sgt. HQ, 511
th Parachute Infantry Regiment ETO France
(radio chief)
Caster, John W. ’41 S/Sgt. 27
th Air Depot Group (weather observer) PTO Australia
Unit Citation; American Defense Medal; two Bronze Stars
Chambers, William, Jr. ’33 Maj. Corps of Engineers regimental ETO England
executive officer
Bronze Star
Chapin, John L. ’34 Capt. Co. E, 141
st Infantry EAME Africa; Italy
KIA 22 January 1944, Italy
Purple Heart
Chase, Albert Fall ’40 Lt. 45
th Infantry (army scout) PTO Philippines
KIA 7 September 1944 off Mindanao
Bronze Star; Purple Heart
Chesser, Elgin ’42 Sgt. Det. Medical Dept. Veterinary Service USA
(food inspector)
*Chorman, Robert L. Pfc. 766
th Ordnance Co. LM ETO France
Clark, Woods T. ’45 Cpl. Co. B, 1
st Platoon ETO France
*Clarke, Frank P. Cadet 9
th New Cadet Co., U.S. Military Academy USA West Point, N.Y.
Clayshulte, John Keith ’43 Lt. Co. B, 347
th Engineer Regiment ETO England
Clements, James G. ’46 Pvt. Co. C, 246
th Engineer Bn. ETO Normandy
Cline, Burton ’39 Lt. Co. B, 193
rd Tank Bn. PTO Okinawa
Purple Heart
*Clyde, Thompson Pfc. Co. B, 14
th Armored Infantry Bn., ETO Germany
th Armored Division
*Coates, Glenn R. Sgt. 3923
rd Signal Service Company, Group 938 PTO Hawaii
*Cohen, Harris Cpl. Battery C, 758
th Field Artillery Bn. ETO France, Germany
*Cohn, Robert A. Cpl. Battery C., 531
st Anti-aircraft Artillery Bn. ETO France
Conley, Thomas ’44, ’46 Pfc. 704
th Medical Service Co.
Cook, Clyde J. ’42 Capt HQ, Special Troops, 77
th Infantry Division PTO Hawaii
Purple Heart; Silver Star
Cookson, Charles Neil ’44, ’48 Pfc. 453
rd Medical Hospital Ship Platoon
Cornelison, Harvey E. T/5 Company B, 134
th Ordnance ETO Germany
Maintenance Battalion
Cortez, Jase Hernan ’43 Lt. Company B, 1344 Engineer Combat PTO Philippines
*Coughlin, Richard J. Pvt. 118
th Ordnance Medium Maintenance PTO Dutch East Indies
*Coward, William J. Pfc. 1848th SCU USDB USA
(police at disciplinary barracks)
*Crisler, Merrill Pfc. Medical Detachment, ETO Germany
th Armored Infantry Battalion
Cullers, William E. ’42 Sgt. HQ, 9
th Detachment, Special Troops,
nd Army (radio electrician)
*Cunningham, Jay G. T/5 236
th Signal Service Battalion CBI Assam, India
*Cutchall, Robert G. Cpl. Battery A, 664
th Field Artillery Battalion USA Fort Sill, Okla.
*Dabrieo, Horace Pfc. Company B, 305
th Engineer Combat Battalion ETO Germany
Dallas, Dois D. ’44, ’48 Lt. Company F, 4
th Platoon (paratrooper) ETO Scotland
Danoff, Sidney ’42 Capt. Edgewood Arsenal/Medical Field Service PTO
Aleutians, Sitka, Alaska
*Daugherty, Edward F. “Doc” Cpl. HQ Co., 3
rd Bn., 5th Infantry (squad leader) ETO Germany
Davenport, Parker F. Capt. 328
th Engineer Combat Bn. ETO Germany
Davies, Lee E. ’43 Lt. 27
th Ordnance Co. (maintenance and supply) PTO Philippines
*Davis, Ivor Edgar Pfc. 26
th Infantry Division ETO Luxembourg
Purple Heart
*Davis, Robert W. S/Sgt. 394
th Infantry ETO Ardennes Forest
German POW, Stalag XIIIC [Hammelburg ?]
Purple Heart
*Davis, Walter J. S/Sgt. Co. A, 3185
th Signal Service Bn. CBI Calcutta
Dean, Clarence E. ’44 Lt. 263
rd Port Company (transportation corps) ETO Britain, France
Dean, Guy H. ’46, ’50 Pvt. Co. C, 80
th Bn., 16th Group (mail clerk) USA
*Deffley, Michael J. Cpl. Co. C, 12
th Infantry Regt., 4th Div. ETO Hürtgen Forest
(expert rifleman)
Three Purple Hearts
*Delbango, Raphael E. Pfc. Co. E, 505
th Parachute Infantry (POW guard) ETO Germany
Del Curto, Julius ’46 Cpl. Co. A, 656
th Tank Destroyer Bn. USA
Denello, Mario ’43 Pfc. Co. A, 3
rd Bn. (radar technician)
Dennard, Herbert ’41 Lt. 29
th Infantry (heavy weapons) ETO Iceland
*Dennis, Clinton Cpl. Hdq., 182
nd Medical Bn. ETO Austria
Detterick, John R. ’37 Lt. Anti-tank Co., 185
th Infantry PTO Hawaii
Combat Infantry Badge; three Battle Stars, Ribbons
*Di Clemente, Roland T/5 Co. B, 67
th Signal Bn. ETO, PTO
*Dietz, Charles F. Sgt. 1252
nd Engineer Combat Bn. ETO England
Purple Heart
Dominguez, George D. ’43, ’48 Pvt. Co. B, 226
th Bn., 69th Reg’t. (heavy weapons)
*Drake, David C. Pfc. HQ Claims Office, Team 6825 ETO Belgium
*Dreger, Alfred R. Pfc. Guard Detail, Section 6, 1829 S Unit USA
(POW guard)
*Drischell, Albert S. Pfc. Co. A 318
th Infantry ETO Germany
(HQ platoon interpreter)
Combat Infantryman’s Badge
*Drowne, Bernard Cpl. Co. A, 305 Engineer Combat Bn. ETO Germany
Purple Heart
Eakens, Kenneth U. ’43, ’48 Lt. Co. T, 413
th Infantry ETO Holland
Purple Heart; Silver Star; Distinguished Service Cross
Edmonson, Thomas R. ’43 Cpl. Co. C, 144
th ASTB ETO Germany
KIA 16 November 1944, Germany
Purple Heart
Egerton, Kearney ’39 Pvt. Special Services (editor) USA
Ellermeyer, William P. ’42 1
st Lt. Tank destroyer bn. EAME Africa
German POW, Oflag 64
*Elliott, Robert Pvt. Co. F, 1
st Reg’t. (Aberdeen Proving Ground) USA
*Emerich, George C. Pvt. [?] Mare Island Navy Yard USA Solano Island, Calif.
(submarine electrical repair)
*Emery, Donald Bradley Cpl. Battery C, 494
th Armored Field Artillery Bn. ETO France
th Armored Division, 7th Army
Evans, James B. ’27 Lt. Col. 25
th Division Field Artillery PTO Pearl Harbor
(Division Signal Officer)
*Ewing, Robert Cpl. Division HQ Co., 14
th Armored Division ETO
*Fardelmann, Don Pvt. Anti-tank Co., 47
th Infantry ETO Dachau
*Farr, Stephen A. Lt. HQ, Chinese Combat Command (engineer) CBI China
*Farrell, Winthrop Pfc. Battery A, 241
st Field Artillery Bn., 3rd Army ETO England
*Fellows, Charles Kenneth Pfc. Co. B, 59
th Armored Infantry Bn, ETO Germany
th Armored Division
*Felton, Eugene Pfc. 140
th Ordnance Co., ETO, PTO Philippines
th Armored Division (machinist)
Ferguson, George A. ’40, ’46 W/O 120
th Engineer Combat Bn. EAME Africa; Sicily
(assistant supply officer)
*Fiesselman, Friedrich Pfc. 4
th Infantry Division. ETO Germany
Fife, Charles B. ’39 Cpl. 9
th Service Command USA
Fiskelson, Morton Pfc. Co. D, 15
th Signal Group Reg’t. (repeaterman)
Fite, Wilbur ’40 Capt. Co. K, 382
nd Infantry PTO Leyte Gulf
Silver Star; Purple Heart with oak leaf cluster
Fleming, Roy ’44 Pvt. 1851
st Service Unit, 8th Service Co.
*Flesher, Charles Sgt. Co. B, 276
th Infantry ETO Germany
*Flom, Joe Pfc. engineering student (radar), Rutgers Univ. USA New Brunswick, N.J.
*Flory, Alfred L. Pfc. HQ., Corps Battle Simulation ETO France
Engineering Section
*Forbes, Leonard T/5 Co. A, 66
th Armored Infantry Bn. ETO Germany, Austria
(mortarman, sniper)
Bronze Star
Forsyth, Joe ’45 Sgt/M HQ Co., American Ground Forces PTO New Caledonia
Fox, Chris P. ’43 Lt. 668
th Tank Destroyer Bn. ETO Germany
KIA 27 February 1945, Germany
Purple Heart; Combat Infantryman’s Badge
*Foy, Edward J. S/Sgt. Co. G, 331
st Infantry ETO Germany
Franey, William R. ’40 Capt. Port Ordnance Office, San Francisco, Calif. USA
(dock officer)
*Frederick, Kenneth Pfc. Troop E, 92
nd Cavalry Reconnaissance Sqn. ETO Germany
Bronze Star
*Fredin, Reynold A. “Mike” Cpl. 68
th Portable Surgical Hospital PTO Okinaw
Freeman, Carl A. ’41 Maj. Infantry PTO Leyte Gulf
Purple Heart
Frick, William F. ’41 Capt. 5317
th Air Depot HQ (aviation ordnance) CBI India
*Frieband, Morris T/5 Det. K, 4035
th Signal Service Group PTO Leyte
(telephone repairman)
Frietze, Tiburcio ’46 Pfc. HQ Co., ASFTC USA
Fritz, Benton R. ’41 Capt. Armored Tank Co. 359 ETO
German POW
Purple Heart with oak leaf cluster; Silver Star; Bronze Star
*Frohman, Joseph Pfc. 26
th Division, Combat Engineer Bn. ETO Bastogne
Purple Heart
Gaby, Walter E. ’41 Capt. H. & S. Co., 128
th Infantry (motor supply) PTO New Guinea
Gallagher, Lester W. ’41 Lt. HQ Troop, 7
th Cavalry PTO Admiralties
Gallagher, Peter ’45, ’48 Cpl. 3653 SU ASTP, Co. E (c) (languages) CBI
Gallivan, James ’41 Pvt. Co. A, 58
th Engineering Training Bn.
Gardenhire, Lawrence ’43, ’48 Lt. Det. 2, 4025
th Signal Service Group PTO New Guinea
Garner, Richard R. ’42 Capt. Service Co., 14
th Infantry USA
Garrett, Robert ’46, ’50 Pvt. Military police Guard ETO England
Gaskill, William M. ’46 Pfc. Infantry engineer
Gentry, Glenn A. ’41 T/5 Co. N, 801
st Signal Training (radio)
Gill, Walter C. ’42 Lt. 3
rd Reconnaissance Troop ETO Italy; Germany
German POW, Oflag 64
Purple Heart
*Gilstrap, James W. ’44 Pfc. Co. A, 386
th Infantry PTO Japan
Goddard, Roy ’40 Maj. Chemical Warfare Corps (medical research in toxicology
*Godnavec, Stan 1282
nd Engineer Combat Bn. ETO, PTO
Graham, Charles H. ’41 S/Sgt. Section E, Buckley Field, Colo. USA
(meat and dairy inspector)
*Granger, Julian F. Cpl. HQ & Service Troop, ETO Battle of the Bulge
nd Cavalry Reconaissance Sqdn.
Gray, Frank E. ’42, 47 Maj. Co. A, 29
th Signal Construction Bn. ETO France
*Gray, Philip O. Pfc. Company C, 66
th Armored Infantry Bn. ETO Germany
Gray, Russell ’45, ’47 Pfc. 411 Bomb Sqn., 320
th Bomb Group (radio operator)
Greathouse, Herb F. ’43, ’47 Lt. Service Company, 29
th Infantry ETO Iceland
(motor officer)
Purple Heart
Grinslade, Stanley ’42 Sgt. Veterinary Detachment, PTO Aleutians
Office of the Post Veterinarian
Gruber, Allan L. ’39 Pvt. HQ Co., 1112
th Engineer Construction Group PTO Japan
*Guernsey, Robert W. Pfc. HQ Co., 23
rd Tank Battalion, ETO Germany
th Armored Division
Halcourt, Hubert ’41 Pvt. Co. A, 120
th Engineer Bn. (c)
Hall, Fletcher ’40 2
nd Lt. Co. C, 804th Tank Destroyer Bn. ETO Italy
Battlefield Commission
*Hall, Vernon ’44 Lt. 222
nd Infantry Reg’t., 42nd ETO France
(Rainbow) Division
KIA 15 January 1945, Alsace
Bronze Star; Purple Heart; Combat Infantry Badge
Hamilton, Edward ’42 M/Sgt. HQ Co. 1
st Armored Corps EAME Africa
Hanks, William R. ’41 Lt. Co. C, 19
th Infantry PTO Hawaii
Purple Heart; Bronze Star; Presidential Citation
Hannum, Robert Ray ’42 Lt. Co. B, 132
nd Infantry PTO Guadalcanal;
Purple Heart; Bronze Star; Bougainville
Combat Infantry Badge
*Hansen, Theodore C. Cpl B Battery, 180
th Field Artillery Bn., ETO Austrian Occupation
th Armored Div.
Killed accidentally by fellow soldier, 25 December 1945
*Hansen, Warren George Cpl. Cannon Company, 255
th Infantry, 7th Army ETO Germany
Harber, Hubert Pvt. EAME North Africa
Hardgrave, Robert ’35 Capt. Co. I, 378
th Infantry (rifle company ETO France
Purple Heart
*Harper, Grant ’44, ’49 Lt. Co. K, 22
nd Infantry, 42nd (Rainbow) Division ETO
Purple Heart
Harris, Wesley Dalton ’42 Capt. Co. C, 307
th Aviation Engineers (paratrooper) ETO Sicily
Distinguished Service Cross; Silver Star
Hatch, George R. ’38 Capt. Infantry
Hathorn, Earl ’43, ’47 Lt. 184
th Infantry Reg’t, 7th Division PTO Mariannas
Purple Heart with two oak leaf clusters; Bronze Star
Henderson, Lyle W. ’45 Cpl. Co. A, 82
nd Engineer Combat Bn. ETO
Hensley, James ’37 Lt. Chemical Warfare School, Edgewood Arsenal EAME Africa; Italy
Hightower, John M. ’40 Maj. HQ 3
rd Bn., 23rd Infantry ETO France
(battalion commander)
Silver Star, Bronze Star; Purple Heart with two oak leaf clusters
Hilburn, Clarence S. ’46 Pfc. 59
th Quartermaster’s Sales Co. (mail clerk) ETO England
Hildwein, Richard ’41 Capt. HQ, 2
nd Bn, 371st Infantry ETO Italy
Bronze Star; two Battle Stars; Combat Infantry Badge
*Hill, Paul ’44, ’47 Sgt. Co. F, 272
nd Infantry ETO
Holcomb, Herbert H. ’40, ’47 Capt. Co. I, 36
th Engineer Reg’t. (C) EAME Anzio, Italy
Hoover, Marvin ’43 Lt. HQ Co., 3
rd Bn., 330th Infantry ETO France
Hope, Woodrow H. ’43 Cpl. 1
st Division (corps military police) EAME North Africa, Sicily
Horne, Jack G. ’42 Lt. Co. B., 118
th Engineer Combat Bn. PTO New Guinea
Purple Heart with oak leaf; Silver Star; three Battle Stars
Horton, Otis ’41 Capt. 2
nd Bn., 25th Infantry PTO New Guinea
*Howard, William J. ’44, ’46 Lt. Co. E, 343
rd Infantry ETO France
Purple Heart; Combat Infantry Badge; two Battle Stars
Howell, Daniel Capt. Anti-tank Co., 359
th Infantry ETO Normandy
Purple Heart; Bronze Star; Silver Star; Combat Infantry Badge;
Croix de Guerre with Palm; Normandy Invasion “Arrowhead”
Howell, Doyle C. ’44 Pfc. Co. D, 51
st Bn., 1st Platoon
*Hubner, William Sgt. 236
th Signal Detachment CBI Assam, India
Huff, Charles Stanley ’40 1
st Sgt. Co. B, 1885th Engineer Aviation Bn. PTO Mariannas
Hughes, Ray ’43 Lt. 805
th Engineer Aviation Bn. PTO Saipan, Okinawa
(motor transport officer)
Two Bronze Stars; Asiatic Pacific Ribbon
Hutchinson, John W. ’45 Pvt. 30
th TSS (radio mechanic)
Jackson, Joe ’44 Lt. Infantry (Rainbow Division) ETO Germany
Bronze Star; Silver Star with oak leaf cluster; Purple Heart
*Johnson, Earl Kinsey Pfc. 57
th Field Artillery Bn., B Battery PTO New Caledonia
(military police)
Johnson, George ’44, ’47 Pfc. Infantry ETO Germany
Battle Stars
Johnson, Henry Charles ’43 Pfc. Co. I, 3
rd Bn., 303rd Reg’t., 97th Div. ETO France
(payroll clerk)
Combat Infantry Badge
Johnson, Ray W. ’46 S/Sgt. gunner (B-17) ETO England
Air Medal with oak leaf cluster
Johnston, Stanley ’44, ’51 Lt. Infantry ETO Germany
Jordan, Gilbert Cpl. HQ Battery, 163
rd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Bn.
Juliana, William ’41 T/Sgt. 1
st Signal Operations Bn. Prov. ETO Normandy
Five Battle Stars; Bronze Star
Kaplan, Bernard C. ’42 Maj. HQ & HQ Sqn., 60
th Service Group ETO Italy
(chemical officer)
Kaplan, George ’38 Capt. 190
th Ordnance Bn. PTO Canton Island; Japan
Keathley, Anthony C. ’46, ’49 Cpl. 957
th Engineer Topographical Co. (map reproduction)
Kent, Richard ’38 Maj. HQ, 3
rd Bn., 39th Infantry EAME Casablanca
Bronze Star; Silver Star; eight Battle Stars
Kilby, William A. ’40 Lt. Co. E, 344
th Engineers Reg’t. ETO Italy
Kirby, James ’46 Sgt. Ordnance ETO Scotland
*Kirkbride, William P. Pvt. ? 99
th Division ETO Belgium
German POW Stalag 13D ( captured 18 December 1944)
*Knowles, Robert L. Cpl. HQ, 134
th Ordnance Maintenance Battalion ETO Battle of the Bulge
Koenig, Leo W. ’37 1
st Sgt. 889th Ordnance Heavy Auto Maintenance USA
Co. (instructor)
*Kucharchuk, Raymond Cpl. Service Battery, 21
st Field Artillery Bn. ETO
Ladd, Ralph ’39 [?] Maj. HQ, 1
st Bn. 365th Infantry USA
Lair, Woodrow ’42 Lt. Battery G, 217
th Coast Artillery Anti-aircraft USA
*Landon, Larry B. Pfc. 92
nd Cavalry Reconnaissance Sqdn., ETO Germany
rd Army
Larrabee, Clyde O. ’46 Pfc. Co. E, 393
rd Infantry ETO
*Leaman, Earle W. Pvt. Co. A, 43
rd Tank Bn. ETO Haguenau, France
German POW. Stalag XI-B
Leverett, Robert ’42 S/Sgt. Quartermaster’s Detail (commissary) USA
Lewis, Hunter ’44, ’48 Lt. Co. F, 16
th Infantry ETO England
Lewis, Walter ’43 Pfc. 423
rd Signal Corps ETO England
Leyh, Freddy ’43 Pvt. A.S.T. Unit 3700, Co. A, USA
University of Minnesota
Lindahl, Donald ’45 Sgt. HQ Battery, 933
rd Field Artillery Bn. ETO France
Lowe, J. Walden ’32 Maj. 120
th Engineer Combat Bn. ETO Anzio, Italy
Loya, Max ’43 Cpl. 703
rd Bomb Sqn., 445th Bomb Group ETO England
(operations clerk)
Luhan, Jake ’43 1
st Sgt. Medical Corps USA
Lunsford, Jess ’45 Sgt. Co. M, 117
th Infantry ETO France
Lusk, James ’44 Sgt. Co. L, 424
th Infantry ETO Belgium
Purple Heart
Luttrell, Herbert ’46 Pfc. 872
nd Field Artillery Bn. HQ Battery ETO France
Lyster, Lloyd ’40 Maj. HQ 14
th Armored Division (general’s aide) ETO France, Germany
*Mancill, Robert F. Pfc. Co. C, 66
th Armored Infantry Bn. ETO Gamsheim, France
German POW, Stalag XV-A, II-B
Marek, Richard ’42 Capt. 42
nd (Rainbow) Division ETO Italy
Purple Heart
Marquez, F. Louis ’44, ’48 T/Sgt. Medical Det., 478
th Anti-Aircraft PTO Australia
Artillery Bn.
Marr, William E. ’42 Lt. Co. E, 132
nd Infantry PTO Bougainville; Leyte
Purple Heart; Combat Infantryman’s Badge; Asiatic Pacific Bar;
Philippine Liberation Badge
Martin, Grover ’41 Cpl. HQ XIVth Air Force Engineer Command CBI China
Martin, Ray ’41 S/Sgt. Co. C, 804
th Tank Destroyer Bn. EAME North Africa
Martinez, Abad ’41 Sgt. 93
rd Ordnance Maintenance Co. EAME Algeria, Sicily
Maveety, James Ezell ’42 Lt. HQ 1338
th Engineer Group ETO Italy
Two Campaign Ribbons with four Stars
McCauley, Robert ’39 Capt. HQ 23 Signal Heavy Construction Bn. EAME North Africa
(motor officer)
*McClure, Charles C. ’44, ’49 Pfc. Regimental HQ Co., 423
rd Infantry ETO Belgium
(telephone operator)
German POW
McDougal, James N. ’42 Pfc. 246
th Searchlight Battalion USA
McElyea, Ulysses ’36 Capt. Food inspector USA
McEndarfer, Harold B. ’44 Lt. Service Co., 222
nd Infantry ETO France
(regimental special service)
*McGill, Ward D. Sgt. 12
th Armored Division ETO Colmar Pocket
Purple Heart
*McGregor, Malcolm ’44 Lt. Co. K, 262
nd Infantry, ETO England
42nd (Rainbow) Division ( S-2)
McLaughlan, Warren L. ’44 Cpl. HQ Battery, 42
nd Anti-aircraft Artillery Group
McLeod, Neal Personnel Clerk CA/SA Puerto Rico
McMains, James A. ’26 Maj. Army Services Forces, Boston Signal Depot USA
(Exec. Officer)
McNatt, Stanley ’35 Maj. Ski trooper; bn. commander PTO Philippines
Combat Infantryman’s Badge; Asiatic Pacific Ribbon with one star
Menefee, Glen ’45 Pvt. 80
th Signal Company (teletype) ETO France
Merrill, Ted ’40 Sgt. 6728 Administrative Platoon, A.F. Rest Camp EAME North Africa, Italy
Merritt, Robert ’46 Pfc. 2
nd Bn., 80th Infantry Division (rifleman) ETO Bastogne, Germany
Purple Heart
Messer, Eugene W. ’41 Capt. Police and prison officer USA Fort Eustis, Va.
Miller, John Leroy ’42 Lt. HQ Co., lst Bn., 179
th Infantry ETO Italy
(military police)
Purple Heart
Milton, Hugh M. Gen. Chief of Staff PTO Philippines
Silver Star; Bronze Star; Legion of Merit
Monk, Eugene ’43 Capt. Atlanta General Depot, Chemical Section PTO Hawaii
(chemical officer)
Mooney, William Conwell ’41 Cpl. Division HQ Co., 13
th Airborne Div. ETO France
(cadre, mail clerk)
*Morgan, John R. ’44 Lt. 13
th Arrnored Division ETO Germany
Purple Heart
*Morgan, Paul, Jr. Sgt. 118
th General Hospital (medic) PTO Australia, Leyte
Murphy, George Mike ’38 Capt. HQ 28
th Infantry Division, G 3 Section ETO Germany
*Nabreski, Stan, Jr. Cpl. Co. D, 118
th Infantry ETO Germany
Nakayama, William S. ’39 Sgt. Camp Fannin, Texas (platoon sergeant) USA
Nations, Robert ’44 Sgt. 256
th Replacement Company, PTO Australia
st Training Center
Niccum, Robert S. ’41 Capt. 311
th Engineer Bn. (C) USA
(company commander of HQ & service company)
Norris, Jonathan J. ’41 Lt. Co. D 542
nd Regiment (engineer) PTO New Guinea
Norwood, Jerry ’42 Lt. HQ Co., 395
th Infantry PTO
Oldham, Orwal ’45 Cpl. Medical Detachment, 129
th Infantry PTO
O’Neal, Edwin J. ’42 Lt. Co. H, 182
nd Infantry PTO Marshall Islands
Purple Heart with oak leaf cluster; Bronze Star; Combat Infantryman’s Badge
O’Neill, Pat ’35 Maj. Aberdeen Research Center, USA
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.
Palm, Henry A. ’39 Pvt. Officer Candidate, Fort Benning, Ga.
Palmer, John Pershing ’41 S/Sgt. 31
st Engineer Reg’t (C), Fort Belvoir, Va. USA
Palmer, Thomas Marion ’39 Sgt. 200
th Coast Artillery (AA) (band) PTO Philippines
Japanese POW; died 13 February 1945
Purple Heart
Parkhurst, John C. ’43 Cpl. Co. A, 796
th Military Police Bn.
Parr, Ernest ’35 M/Sgt. Camp Claiborne, La.
Parton, Herman ’46 T/5 94
th Field Artillery Bn., Medical Detachment EAME North Africa
Two Bronze Stars
Paz, George M. ’46, ’48 Sgt. 655
th Ambulance Company ETO England
Paz, Raymond ’43 Pfc. Co. C, 114
th Infantry ETO France
Purple Heart
Pearson, Tom ’43 Pfc. 5
th Service Sqn., 1st Service Group ETO England
Pederson, Harold ’39 Sgt. HQ 6
th Replacement Depot (statistical clerk) PTO New Caledonia
Peed, Harold ’41 Lt. HQ Co., 2
nd Bn, 15th Infantry ETO England
Pelensky, Ernest ’45 Pfc. Co. E, ASTP, University of Missouri (engineer)
Pena, John ’46, ’49 Sgt. HQ Co., 2
nd Military Railway Service Newfoundland
Phillips, William J. ’42 Lt. 660
th Engineer Topographic Bn. ETO England
Pino, Joseph ’46, ’49 T/5 978
th Signal Detachment G, HQ PTO Manila
Pinson, Avery ’37 Lt. Col. CA/SA Panama
Planck, James A. ’40 4
th Ordnance Co. PTO Aleutians
Rader, Paul R. ’44 Cpl. 286
th Medical Section ETO France
Radosevich, Peter John ’42 Lt. Squadron H (pilot, AT-7 and B-17) USA
Radoslovich, Mark John ’41 Capt. HQ, 43
rd Infantry Division (supply officer) PTO Bougainville
Randle, George W. ’44, ’47 Lt. Co. M, 263
rd Infantry ETO England
Reeves, J. Edward ’41 Lt. 67
th Engineer Topographic Co. USA
(surveying engineer)
Reichelt, Oren ’41 Capt. 359
th Infantry Reg’t, 90th Infantry Div, ETO Normandy
(heavy weapons)
KIA 3 July 1944, France
Purple Heart
Reiter, Harold W. ’44 Pfc. 4
th HQ and HQ Detachment, USA
Special Troops, XXII Corps
Reiter, Nathan I. Jr. ’41 Capt. HQ, 140
th Ordnance Base, ETO England
Auto Maintenance Bn.
Richards, Joseph W. ’42 Pvt. Co. B, 59
th Bn. (medical corps)
Rives, Harold L. ’41, ’46 Lt. 702
nd Tank Bn., Co., D ETO France
Robertson, Earl W. ’45 Pfc. 670
th Anti-aircraft Artillery MG Battery PTO New Guinea
Robinson, Philip ’38 Lt. Infantry
Roderick, Robert C. ’45 Pvt. Purple Heart ETO France
Rodriguez, Lupito J. ’43 S/Sgt. Co. C, 422
nd Infantry ETO Belgium
German POW
Rogers, Lloyd W. ’40 Lt. 200
th Coast Artillery (AA) Battery G PTO Bataan
Japanese POW
Romig, Bernard ’39 Capt. HQ Co., 3
rd Bn. 315th Infantry (supply officer) ETO Germany
German POW
Purple Heart; Bronze Star; Presidential Citation
Rosen, Jerome ’43 Pfc. 452
nd ASF Band
Roth, Bernard ’45, ’48 Pvt. Co. A, 130
th Engineer Combat Bn.
Russell, Howard M. ’42 Lt. Infantry Co. B CBI India
Purple Heart
*Russo, Nick Pfc. Medical Detachment, ETO Battle of the Bulge
th Field Artillery Battalion
Salazar, George ’43 Lt. Infantry ETO Germany
KIA 16 November 1944, Germany
Purple Heart
Sanchez, Elam Sgt. Headquarters & Service Co., Parachute School
Sandoval, Fred M. ’45, ’48 Pvt. HQ & HQ Sqn., 83
rd Air Depot CBI India
Sayles, Allen ’39 Lt. 86
th Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Co. EAME North Africa
Scarborough, John ’43 Lt. chemical warfare ETO England
*Schindler, John F. Pvt. Co. A, 156
th Infantry ETO France
*Schlamme, Otto Cpl Co. C, 305
th Medical Bn. ETO Germany
*Schnuer, Seymour Pvt. 95
th Infantry Division, 3rd Army ETO Metz, Alsace
(Military Police)
Purple Heart
*Schoderbek, Joseph J. Pvt. Co. A, 345
th Infantry ETO Germany
*Schulte, Robert L. ’46 Sgt. Co. M, 320
th Infantry ETO
*Schwartzman, Herman Pfc. Co. B, 56
th Armored Infantry ETO
Purple Heart
*Schwettman, William H. Cpl. 3
rd Army ETO Germany
Scott, Franklin ’34 Lt. Col. HQ Army Services Forces, Camp Lee, Va. USA
(commanding officer)
Scott, Lester ’38 Capt. 392
nd Co., 8th Bn. ETO Italy
*Scott, Robert L. Pfc. 56
th Armored Infantry Bn., ETO France
12th Armored Division (intelligence; machine gun section)
Purple Heart; British Military Cross; Silver Star; Combat Infantryman’s Badge
Scrivner, Mansil ’38 Capt. Anti-tank Co., 368
th Infantry PTO Dutch East Indies Sears, James E. ’44, ’47 Pfc. Cannon Co., 345th Infantry ETO Germany
Sedillo, Anselmo ’44 Pfc. Hq, Co., 3
rd Bn., ETO Germany
st Parachute Infantry Reg’t
Seich, Mel 141
st Signal Col., 1st Armored Division ETO Germany
*Sellers, T. J., Jr. Cpl. 718
th Field Artillery Bn., ETO Heidelberg
rd Infantry Div., 7th Army
*Selzer, Melvin Pfc. Medical Detachment, ETO Germany
th Armored Infantry Bn. (medic)
Sheldon, John Nelson ’43 Sgt. Co. C, 4
(classification interviewer)
Shelton, Frank W. ’37 Lt. 260
th Coast Artillery (Anti-Aircraft) USA
Shelton, Yuan E. ’38 Capt. HQ, 25
th Infantry Division CBI India
(recruitment officer)
Shropshire, Ernest N. ’46 Pvt. 1109 Signal Co., ETO France
312 Service Group (radio repair)
Siemantel, Henry ’39 W/O HQ U.S. Army Forces in the Far East, PTO Australia
Office of Chief Ordnance Office
Silva, Jose Laurence ’44 Pfc. 709
th Signal Air Warning Co. USA
(radio field instructor)
Sims, Robert O. ’40 Capt. 352
nd Anti-aircraft Artillery, Searchlight Bn. PTO Manila
*Singleton, Maurice B. Pfc. Co. C, 1258 Engineer Combat Bn. ETO England
Bronze Star; Certificate of Merit.
Skouson, Glenn ’46 Cpl. 1746 Engineer Map Depot (mapmaking) PTO Okinawa
Slack, Lewis Cecil ’43, ’47 Lt. 1898
th Engineering AVN EAME North Africa
Smith, Alva Ray ’42 Lt. HQ, 303
rd Infantry ETO France
Smith, Horace Dale ’42 Cpl.. 1876
th Engineers Armored Bn., Co. B. PTO New Guinea
Smith, Samuel O. ’45 Pvt. Radio operator
Smith, Sidney Clyde ’44 S/Sgt. Co. A, 42
nd Armored Infantry Division Bn., ETO
nd Armored Division
Snapp, Wendell ’46 T/4 HQ Co., 240
th Railway Operations Bn. ETO Holland
Spivak, Archie ’38 Pvt. Co. A, 46
th Engineer Reg’t PTO Australia
Steele, Richard C. ’43, ’47 Lt. C. Co., 1863
rd Engineer Aviation Bn. PTO Guam, Saipan
Pacific Theater Ribbon
Stilley, Bill ’44 S/Sgt. Co. B, 423
rd Infantry ETO England
Stoneham, Robert M. ’42 Lt.Col. Co. K, 338
th Infantry (co. executive officer) EAME Italy
Purple Heart; Silver Star
Stout, Fern Dale ’45, ’47 Cpl. HQ Co., Infantry Replacement Training Center
Strand, William F. ’43, ’49 Lt. Co. E, 149
th Infantry PTO New Guinea
Stubblefield, Thomas M. ’45, ’48 Cpl.485
th Heavy Shop Co. (machinist) ETO England
Sullivan, Loyd ’44 S/Sgt. Battery B, 109
th Coast Artillery Bn. ETO England
(Anti-aircraft) (mechanic, inspector, foreman)
Swagerty, Billy R. ’46 S/Sgt. C. E, 90
th Infantry Reg’t. (cadre) PTO Tokyo
Sylvester, Cal R. ’43 Lt. Co. H, 2
nd Platoon 4th Infantry Division ETO Hürtgen Forest
Purple Heart
Tapia, Samuel J. ’42 M/Sgt. Special Services Co., 10
th Replacement Depot EAME North Africa
Taylor, Frank D. ’45 Lt. HQ Co., 3
rd Bn., 232nd Infantry ETO Germany
(battalion communications officer)
KIA 24 April 1945, Germany
Purple Heart
*Terry, Earle R, Sgt. Co. C, 303
rd Infantry Regiment ETO Germany
KIA Germany
Purple Heart
Thieme, Leo V. ’43 Capt. Armored Infantry ETO, PTO France
German POW; Japanese POW
Silver Star; Bronze Star; Purple Heart
Thorpe, Martin E. ’38 Capt. 365
th Infantry
Tipton, William D. ’41 Capt. 28
th Tank Bn.
Todd, Ralph ’34 Maj. Special Services—Staff Section ETO Austria
Togami, Henry ’42 Cpl Infantry ETO Italy
Purple Heart
*Toy, Glenn Lt. C Company, 17
th Bn. ETO Germany
Trout, Paul H. ’37 Lt. Co. L, 141
st Infantry ETO England
Purple Heart
Tucker, Henry ’44 Sgt. Weather observer USA
Turney, Joe C. ’43 Sgt. H-S Co, 120
th Engineer Combat Bn. EAME North Africa
Bronze Star; ETO ribbon with six Battle Stars
Turney, Robert L. ’36 Lt. Co. C, 1876th Engineer Aviation Bn. PTO Philippines
Battlefield Commission; Purple Heart; two Battle Stars
Turney, William ’38 Lt. Col. Seine Section, Engineer Section ETO Ireland, France
Tusha, Donald T. ’43 Capt. Co. M, 168
th Infantry Reg’t. EAME Italy
Purple Heart with oak leaf cluster; Silver Star with oak leaf cluster;
Combat Infantryman’s Badge
Viescas, Agapito ’44, ’50 Pfc. Co. C, 773
rd Amphibious Tractor Bn. PTO Saipan
Presidential Unit Citation
Vinyard, Alman E. ’44 Cpl. Co. B, 5
th Bn. Armored Force Replacement
Training Center (cadre)
Wallace, William W. ’42 Sgt. 819
th Quartermaster Service. Co. (medic) EAME Algeria
Good Conduct Ribbon; Service ribbons
Watson, Reginald C. ’28 Maj. Group commander USA
Wattam, James M. ’45 Pvt. 326
th Airborne Glider Infantry Reg’t. ETO Battle of the Bulge
German POW
Combat Infantryman’s Badge ETO with two Battle Stars;
Presidential Citation
Wells, William Cramer ’35 Maj. HQ Det. 135
th Tank Destroyer Training Bn. EAME Algeria, Italy
Wheat, Leslie Lt. Col. Troop Commander
White, Peregrine ’41 Lt. Aviation engineer ETO England
Wiggs, David Harold ’42 Lt. Anti-tank Co. 359 ETO England
Purple Heart; Distinguished Service Cross; Silver Star; Bronze Star
Wiley, Charles Hayden ’37 Lt. 3
rd Bn., 116th Infantry, 99th Division ETO France
Purple Heart; Bronze Star; Presidential Unit Citation
Wilson, John ’44 Pvt. Co. D, 77
th Infantry Training Bn. (military police)
Wimberly, Clifford ’42 Lt. HQ & Service Co., 340
th Engineers PTO Alaska; Australia
Wingfield, Orren ’41 Capt. (ski trooper) PTO Aleutians
Purple Heart; Silver Star
Withers, Ernest A. ’38 Cpl. 1501 Engineers, Water Supply Co.
Witty, Fred S. ’45, ’49 Sgt. Co. C, 86
th Bn. Infantry Reserve ETO England
Training Center
Wood, Morris D. ’39 Capt. Co. I, 368
th Infantry PTO Luzon
Woodbridge, John ’43 Pvt. Veterinarian USA
Yates, Joseph ’33 Lt. 865
th Engineer Aviation Bn.
Yates, Robert M. ’39 Pvt. Co. N, 15
th Signal Training Reg’t.
Zucal, Louis ’44 Pvt. Medic USA
*Zulin, Robert Pfc. 99
th Division ETO Battle of the Bulge
(radio operator for tank destroyer bn.)
German POW, Englestadt (escaped 21 April 1945)

Amy, Robert ’42 T/5 Co. D, 200th Coast Artillery PTO Bataan, Philippines
(Anti-Aircraft) (radio detector)
Japanese POW
Purple Heart
Becker, Darwin ’36 Lt. 200
th Coast Artillery PTO Bataan, Philippines
Japanese POW, died in Japan, 30 January 1945
Purple Heart
Thorpe, Joseph Dallas ’37 Lt. 200
th Coast Artillery PTO Bataan, Philippines
Japanese POW, died 27 January, Kyushu, Japan
Purple Heart

Abbott, James L. ‘42 Purple Heart
Adams, Charles W. ’40 S/Sgt. 1258
th Army Air Force Base Unit EAME Casablanca
(flight radio operator)
Akers, Robert T. ’46 Lt. 349
th Sqn., 100th Group ETO Iceland
(pilot, commander of B-17)
Albert, Austin ’43, ’47 Capt. Instructor in basic flying USA Goodfellow Field, Tex.
Alcorn, Garland ’42 S/Sgt. 88
th Bomber Group, 318th Bomber Squadron ETO Germany
(gunner, B-17)
KIA December 1943
Air Medal with oak leaf cluster; Purple Heart
Anderson, John E. ’45 Lt. 1305 AAF Base Unit (meteorology) CBI Calcutta
Apodaca, Epifanio ’44 Pvt. 822
nd Sch. Squadron ( radioman)
Armstrong, Shelby B. ’41 Pfc. 324
th Army Air Force Band USA
Atchley, William ’42 Sgt. 98
th Bomber Sqn. (gunner) PTO Gilbert Islands
KIA 4 May 1944 over Eniwetok
Purple Heart
Baca, Alex ’43 Cpl. 7
th Fighter Sqn., 49th Fighter Group PTO Australia
(radio operator)
Baca, Bernardo ’45 Cpl. Combat Crew Section, Clovis AAF PTO Iwo Jima
(chief gunner, B-29)
Bailey, Willie R. ’42 Cpl. 74
th Bomber Sqn. (radio operator) CA/SA Central America
Ball, Fred ’43, ’48 Lt. 11
th Weather Sqn. (meteorologist) USA
Barron, Roy L. ’44 S/Sgt. 7
th Airways Communication Detachment PTO Hawaii
(control tower operator)
Barrow, Burnis ’42 Lt. Co. C, 864
th Engineer Aviation Bn. PTO Australia
*Bell, George M. Pvt. 314
th Bomb Wing, Military Police Co. PTO Mariannas
*Bell, Harlan F/O navigation, gunnery, bombardier, USA Victorville, Calif.
radio training
Bell, James L. ’45 Pvt. Overhaul mechanics
Bennet, Sheldon ’41 A/C Wing I, Sqn. B, Division 6 (communications) USA New Haven, Conn.
Bennett, Thomas B. ’44 Pvt. Army-Boeing School of Aeronautics USA
Berrier, Raymond ’46 Lt. 354
th Fighter Group, 354th Fighter Sqn. ETO Scotland
(pilot, P-51)
Air Medal with bronze oak leaf cluster
*Betz, Henry Cpl. Infantry (communication[airborne] PTO Luzon
*Bess, Leon H. Lt. navigation training (B-17) USA Sioux City, Ia.
Birchell, Richard ’43 Lt. Flight instructor USA Foster Field, Tex.
Black, Roy W. ’46 Pvt. 11
th College Training Detachment USA Murfreesboro, Tenn.
Blackwell, Garrett “Blackie”’42 Lt. Pilot (B-24) ETO England
Air Medal
*Blake, John H. Lt. Co. D, 149
th IRTB (navigator; tank destroyer) USA Camp Hood, Tex.
Bonomo, Anthony ’42 Capt. Foreign Personnel Officer USA Morrison Field, Fla.
Bonomo, John Capt. 489
th Air Base HQ CBI India
Bounds, James Y. ’45 Sgt. HQ, 325
th Fighter Group ETO Italy
(administrative clerk)
Bowman, Robert R. ’42 Pvt. 3704
th AAF Base Unit Sqn. S USA
(instructor, B-29)
*Brach, Kenneth D. Pfc. 60
th Sqn. 39th Bombardment Group PTO Mariannas
Brazel, A. G. ’44 Sgt. 34
th Ferrying Sqn. (bomber machine gunner) CA/SA South America
Brazel, Billy B. ’44 S/Sgt. 48
th Fighter Sqn., 14th Fighter Group EAME Africa, England
(armorer, P-38)
Distinguished Unit Citation; seven Battle Stars
Brinegar, Warren ’42, ’46 S/Sgt. 3880th Bomber Group, 562
nd Bomber Sqn. ETO England
(gunner, B-17)
Air Medal with oak leaf cluster
Brothers, Robert F, ’42 Pvt. 475
th Bomber Squadron (aircraft armorer) USA
Brown, Edward ’44, ’48 Lt. 1333
rd Army Air Force Base Unit, CBI India
rd Officers’ Area (pilot)
Air Medal with one cluster; Distinguished Flying Cross
Brown, James ’44, ’48 A/C 84
th College Training Detachment Air Crew USA Kansas
Budenholzer, Frank E. ’38 Lt. Co. C, 394
th Infantry (chemical warfare officer) USA Memphis, Tenn.
KIA 21 March 1942
Buell, Robert M. ’28 Capt. Air Corps Supply PTO Hawaii
Bunch, Charles C. ’38 Maj. HQ, 4
th Air Force (pilot) CBI India
Purple Heart; Bronze Star
Burr, Cornelius (Neal) ’41 Sgt. 23
rd Pursuit Sqn. CA/SA Puerto Rico
Buskirk, John ’43 Lt. 416
th Bomber Group, 671st Bomber Sqn. ETO England
(pilot and instructor (B-26)
Air Medal with four bronze oak clusters
Caldwell, Jim T. ’42 T/Sgt. 345
th Bomber Group, 501st Bomber Sqn. PTO New Guinea
(crew chief, B-25)
Carr, Robert ’43 Lt. 78
th Fighter Sqn. (pilot, P-51) PTO Hawaii
KIA 9 July 1945 over Japan
Purple Heart
Carr, Wiley ’41 Maj. Edgewood Arsenal PTO New Guinea
(design & development of bombs)
*Carter, Hobert E. ’43 Lt. 18
th Sqn., 65th Reconnaissance Group ETO Germany
(pilot and instructor, B-25)
Air Medal; Distinguished Flying Cross
Casey, Thomas Lawrence ’42 S/Sgt. 528
th Bomber Sqn. USA Diggs Field, Tex.
Cassell, William ’41 Lt. 9
th Troop Carrier Sqn PTO Marshall Islands
Distinguished Flying Cross; seven Battle Stars; Air Medal
Cave, Claude Sgt. 68
th Basic Flying Training School USA
(links instructor, instrument training dept.)
Chacon, Miquel A. ’45 Pvt. Headquarters, 83
rd Service Group (gunner) USA
Chaney, Newton C. ’45 Lt. Squadron 8, Flight A ( pilot, B-17)
Chavez, Alexander ’42 S/Sgt. 320
th Bomber Group (gunner) EAME North Africa
KIA 23 October 1943 in Africa
Purple Heart
Chavez, Geronimo ’45, ’49 Cpl. HQ, 2
nd Air Force, 420th Signal ETO Italy
Company Aviation (teletype operator)
Chavez, Samuel T. ’41 F/O 61
st Troop Command (glider pilot) EAME Algiers
Purple Heart
Chidester, Buster ’45, ’48 Sgt. Airplane mechanic ETO Germany
Clayton, Charlie ’45 Pfc. Airplane mechanic USA Independence AAF, Kan.
Coady, Philip ’40 Capt. Instructor on instruments USA
Colvard, Harold D. ’42 Lt. Sqn. A-1 (instructor) CBI China
KIA 23 August 1944 in China
Purple Heart
Connelley, Hoy ’39 T/Sgt. 344
th Bomb Group, 498th Bomb Sqn. ETO England
(radio operator, B-26)
Air Medal with 12[?] oak leaf clusters; Distinguished Flying Cross;
Presidential Citation
Cooper, John Aubrey ’39 Cpl. Section E, 231
st Combat Crew USA
Training School
Covey, Paul J. ’42 Lt. Battery C, 378
th Anti-aircraft Artillery— ETO Iceland
AW Bn.
Cox, Thomas R. ’46 Sgt. Casual Co. 10, Platoon 3 (machine gunner) ETO Italy
Creek, Rufus D. ’42 Sgt. Co. F, 398
th Engineer GS Reg’t. ETO England
Cromer, Claud William. ’40 Lt. 3
rd Air Force, 35th Station Co. Sqn. ETO Ireland
(chemical officer)
Cullers, William E. Sgt. Headquarters, 9
th Detachment Special Troops
Deemer, Robert F. ’43 T/Sgt. 445
th Fighter Sqn. (mechanic) USA
Delzell, Ralph ’46 Lt. 837
th Bomber Sqn., 487th Bomber Group ETO England, Germany
(pilot, B-17)
Air Medal with five oak leaf clusters
Denney, John ’43 Lt. Flight Control Center USA Flushing, N.Y.
Ditterline, Charles E, O/C 6
th Co., 3rd STR, Fort Benning, GA USA
Earp, Robert R. ’42 Sgt. 467
th Bomber Sqn. (gunner, B-17) ETO England
KIA 22 February 1944 over North Sea
Air Medal with one oak leaf cluster; Purple Heart
Eaves, Richard ’45 S/Sgt. Maintenance Co., 67
th Armored Regiment EAME North Africa
Eldridge, Deward ’46 Pfc. Section D (airplane mechanic, B-17) USA Dyersburg, Tenn.
Elser, Roger P. ’34 Maj. HQ, 7
th Airways & Air PTO Pearl Harbor, Japan
Communications Services
Purple Heart
Emerson, Ernest ’46, ’50 Sgt. 1426
th Ordnance Service & PTO Hawaii
Maintenance Co. Aviation
Eubanks, Steve ’41 Sgt. Radio instructor USA
Farrell, Richard G. ’45, ’48 Lt. 464
th Fighter Sqn., 507th Fighter Group (pilot) PTO Japan
Feather, Landis E. ’44, ’47 Lt. Army Electronics Training Center USA Cambridge, Mass.
Fincke, Robert ’35 Lt. Col. Hamilton Field, California PTO Guam
(instructor, adjutant general)
Flores, Ramon ’42 A/C radio operator, B-17 ETO
Fort, Tom ’23 13
th Air Force (armorer-gunner, B-24)
Foster, Lewis E. ’41 Capt. 602
nd Sqn., 398th Bomber Group ETO
Foy, James Y. ’41 Lt. 434
th Bombardment Sqn., CBI India
th Bombardment Group (medium)
Purple Heart; Distinguished Flying Cross
Franey, Romuald J. ’44 Lt. 10
th Photo Reconnaissance Sqn. CBI
KIA 22 March 1945 off China coast
Purple Heart
Fribley, Leonard ’43 Pvt. HQ, 4
th Air Force (administrative clerk) USA
Friend, William E. ’38 Sgt. Air Corps Training Detachment USA
(crew chief, aerial engineer)
Funk, Joseph W. ’41 Lt. Co. A, 517
th Parachute Infantry ETO Sicily; Belgium
Purple Heart; ETO Ribbon
Gallivan, Victor L. ’46 Pfc. Sqn. 25 (radio operator) USA Santa Ana, Calif.
Garde, Alfonso J. ’45 Cpl. Gunner, B-24 ETO Germany
POW, Germany
Garner, Amon J. ’40 Cpl. Airplane mechanic USA
Garrett, Frank ’44, ’48 Cpl. Radio operator PTO Philippines
Garrod, Frank D. ’43 S/Sgt. 882
nd Pre-flight Training Sqn.
Gary, Woodrow ’40 Lt. 707
th Bomb Sqn. (pilot) ETO
Gaskill, William M. ’43 Lt. Pilot PTO New Caledonia
Gibbs, Walden ’45 A/S 28
th College Training Detachment. Sqn. B-1 (air crew)
Girard, Keith ’42 Lt. Base Operations (pilot-B-17) USA Great Falls, Mont.
Givens, Everett G. ’41 Lt. 773
rd Bombardment Sqn., ETO Italy
rd Bombardment Group
(gunnery officer)
Glover, Colon Howard ’41 Capt. 712
th Sqn., 448th Bombardment Group ET
(pilot, B-24)
Gordon, Frank J. ’45 Pfc. Aviation mechanic PTO Japan
Gower, E. Lea Lt. Edgewood Arsenal (chemical warfare) ETO
Graves, George ’39 Lt. pilot
Gray, Robert W. ’43 Lt. 37
th Bombardment Sqn. (medium) EAME Liberia
KIA 22 March 1943, Africa
Distinguished Flying Cross; Air Medal; Purple Heart
Grizzle, Wiley ’45 Lt. Pilot ETO Germany
KIA 24 March 1946, Kassel, Germany
Purple Heart
Hackerott, Ray ’42 Lt. Navigator, B-29 PTO Saipan
Hackey, Ralph R. ’43, ’48 Lt. pilot, B-24 ETO
Air Medal with one oak leaf cluster
Hackler, Dernell F. ’44 Lt. 162
nd Tactical Reconnaissance Sqn. (pilot) ETO France
Air Medal with fourteen oak leaf clusters
Hall, Raymond ’45 Pvt. 4
th AFRD, Sqn. 444 USA
(physical education instructor)
Hamlyn, Richard ’42 Sgt. 73
rd Fighter Sqn., 318th Fighter Group PTO Mariannas
(electrical aviation)
Hanson, William H. ’35 Lt. Col. pilot, B-17 ETO
Hare, Wayne ’43 A/S aviation mechanic, teletype USA
Harp, Choctaw ’41 Lt. Tactical reconnaissance; pilot, P-51 USA
KIA 13 May 1944, Lake Providence, Louisiana
Harris, Lowell D. ’42 Lt. Bombardier, navigator, B-24 ETO
Distinguished Flying Cross; Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters;
ETO with two stars
Harter, James G. ’43 Lt. Materiel Command, AAF Representative,
Wright Aeronautical Corp., (inspection engineer)
Hartley, Carl B. ’43, ’47 Lt. 436
th Bomb Sqn. (H) (pilot, B-24) CBI India
Distinguished Flying Cross; Air Medal
Healal, Daniel Bruce ’44 Lt. 458
th Fighter Sqn., 506th Fighter Group PTO Iwo Jima
(pilot, P-51)
Henderson, David Louis ’40 Maj. pilot, flight commander, PTO Guam
Waco Army Flying School, Tex.
Heyne, Richard ’44 Lt. 3
rd Air Force (pilot) ETO Germany
KIA October 1944, Lindau, Germany
Purple Heart
Highley, Fred Alexander ’40 Lt. pilot
Hightower, John A. ’45 Lt. 3
rd Weather Sqn. CAAF USA Carlsbad, N.M.
Hoffman, Clarence ’41 Lt. 49
th Fighter Sqn., 14th Fighter Group EAME Italy
(pilot, P-38)
Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters; EAME Campaign
Theatre Ribbon with 5 Bronze Service Stars; American Defense Ribbon
Holt, Noel P. ’42 A/C 43-E, Squad I, Brooks Field, Tex. (pilot)
Hudson, Henry O. ’43, ’48 Cpl. flight 716-A, 910 Training Bn. USA Miami Beach, Fla.
Huffstetler, Tom ’46 F/O bombardier
Huggins, Phares P. ’46 Sgt. 49
th Bomb Sqn., 2nd Bomb Group ETO
(ball turret gunner, B-17)
Hughes, Forrest A. ’43 Lt. 56
th Airborne Air Control Sqn. (meteorology) EAME North Africa
Hungate, John Wallace ’44 Cpl. CIS 1178
th Flexible Gunnery Training School PTO New Guinea
Hunter, Billy D. ’44 Lt. 400
th Bomb Sqn. 90th Bomb Group PTO Solomon Islands
KIA August 1943, Solomons
Distinguished Flying Cross; Purple Heart
Isaacks, Jeff J. ’43 F/O 312th Ferry Sqn., ETO; CBI
th Air Transport Command
Air Medal
Jenkins, Edwin ’45 Army Air Force Clerical School
Johnson, Frank ’44 A/C Class 44D USA Independence, Kan.
Johnson, Winston A. ’44 Lt. 436 Troop Carrier Group, 81
st TC Sqn. ETO England
Jones, Frank ’42 Lt. 4
th Air Force (armament officer) PTO Gilbert Islands
Jones, Thomas ’42, ’47 Capt. pilot, instructor (AT-6), Aloe AAF USA Victoria, Tex.
Kelly, James ’46 Sgt. Sqn. H, CAAB (gunnery) USA
Kennedy, Bill ’46 Cpl. 8
th S.C., Central Dental Laboratory USA
(false teeth maker)
Kerr, Fred C. ’42 T/Sgt. armament gunner, B-17 ETO England
Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters; Distinguished Flying Cross
Kussler, Manuel T. ’43, ’47 Lt. meteorologist USA
Lackey, John William ’42 T/Sgt. 11
th Photo Mapping Sqn. (base mess sergeant) USA Colorado
Lane, Dale ’44 Sgt. Rear Echelon HQ, USAF-CBI Theatre CBI India
Lathrop, Charles ’45, ’48 Pfc. radio operator mechanic PTO Luzon
Leake, Daniel Bruce ’44 Lt. 458
th Fighter Sqn., 506th Fighter Group PTO Iwo Jima
(pilot, P-51)
Air Medal
Lee, Giles ’45, ’47 S/Sgt. ground air corps PTO Saipan, Tinian
Lee, Levon ’40 Capt. HQ, 20
th Bomber Command CBI India
(medical supply officer)
Leighton, Rema O. ’46 S/Sgt. 371
st Bomb Sqnn., 307th Bomb Group PTO New Guinea
(gunner, B-24)
Air Medal; six Battle Stars
Lobley, Grady ’46 Lt. 760
th Sqn., (“Black Panther”) ETO Germany
th Bomb Group (pilot,B-24)
Logan, Horace P. ’44, ’49 Lt. 49
th Bomb Sqn., 91st Bomb Group ETO England
(pilot, B-17)
Long, Clyde O. ’43 Cpl. communication clerk ETO Normandy
Four Bronze Stars; Presidential Unit Citation
Longoria, Raul ’43 Cpl. B.H.D. 1, Bn. 10 (mechanic, B-24) ETO England
Luchini, Joe W. ’38 Capt. pilot USA
Luck, William ’43 Lt. 66
th AAFBU (meteorology) EAME Algiers
Lunsford, Oliver Ray ’44 Pfc. Hd. & Service Co., PTO Okinawa
rd Armored Engineer Bn. (surveyor)
Marsh, Edward ’46, ’49 Lt. 4
th Air Force (pilot, instructor) USA
Martin, Wade ’43 S/Sgt. HQ, 3
rd Air Force Replacement Depot USA
(chief clerk)
Martinez, Eloy ’42 Lt. 401
st Air Base Sqn. PTO
Master, Hugh ’36 Lt. Col. CA/SA Panama
Maveety, Jack ’44 Lt. pilot ETO England
Mavredakis, George ’46 S/Sgt. Sqn. 839, 487
th Bomb Group (gunner, B-17) ETO England
Air Medal with four oak leaf clusters
McAdams, Robert L. ’41 Lt. 396
th Bombardment Group, 595th Sqn. ETO Germany
(pilot, B-17)
German POW, Stalag 1
McConkie, Robert J. ’43, ’46 Cpl. radio PTO
McCullough, Louis Noel ’41 A/S
McDaniel, Harvey ’45 Capt. 94
th Fighter Sqn., 1st Fighter Group (pilot) ETO Italy
Two Presidential Citations
McGuire, Melvin ’46 S/Sgt 2
nd Bomb Group, 20th Bomb Sqn. ETO Italy
(gunner, B-17)
Air Medal with three clusters; seven Battle Stars;
Distinguished Flying Cross; Presidential Unit Citation
McIntosh, Richard Kent ’41 Maj. 23
rd Bomb Sqn. (pilot, B-17, B-29) PTO Samoa
Distinguished Flying Cross; Silver Cluster;
Air Medal with bronze oak leaf
McLenathen, William ’37 Lt. pilot, instructor in advanced instrument flying USA
McNew, Perry C. ’43 Cpl. 519
th Fighter Bomb Sqn., 498th Ffr. Bomb Group (radioman)
Melton, Benjamin J. ’42 Lt. pilot, B-26, test pilot, publication officer USA
Merrell, Eugene ’43 A/S
Montoya, Ralph Thomas ’42 Sgt. 2
nd Photo Charting Sqn. (armorer-gunner) PTO Philippines
Moore, Charles W. ’44 Lt. AAF Bombardier School USA Carlsbad, N.M.
Moore, Roy ’45, ’49 Lt. 768
th Bomb Sqn., 462nd Bomb Co. CBI,
(bombardier, B-29) PTO Tinian Distinguished Flying Cross
Morosi, Joseph W. ’41 Capt. 344
th Bomb Group, 496th Bomb Group ETO England
(pilot, B-26)
Air Medal with five clusters
Nelson, Morgan ’41 Maj. HQ 43
rd Air Depot Group EAME Egypt
(technical supply officer)
Bronze Star
Nichols, Frederick L. ’44 Capt. 456
th Sqn., 323rd Bomb Group EAME North Africa
(pilot, flight commander)
Distinguished Flying Cross; Air Medal w/ twelve oak leaf
clusters; three Camp Stars
Nicholson, Roy J. ’46 Lt. Air Corps Training Detachment, ETO France
Chickasha, Tenn. (pilot)
Air Medal with three clusters
Nunn, Jay W. ’41 Lt. U.S. Ferry Command (communications) ETO
Nunn, Larence ’45, ’49 Pvt. 304
th Training Group, 14th Sqn.,
Sheppard Field, Tex. ETO
O’Neal, Earl S. ’46 F/O pilot USA
Ortiz, Ralph ’44 Lt. 42
nd Sqn. , 19th Group (bombardier) PTO Wake Island
KIA January 1944 over Ellice Island
Navy Cross; Air Medal with two oak leaf clusters
Patterson, Carlton ’43, ’50 F/O Air Transport Command, 1330
th Bn. CBI India
(bomber pilot)
Air Medal with oak leaf cluster; Distinguished Flying Cross
Patton, William G. ’44 Pfc. 82
nd Observation Sqn., 71st ETO
Observation Group
Pearson, John ’44 [?] Pfc. 369
th Service Sqn. ETO England
Perkins, Sherman C. ’42 A/C Primary Flying School (P-17) USA Americus, Ga.
Perovich, John ’46 Lt. Navigator, air transport command PTO Australia
Pickett, Lawrence ’41 Maj. 89
th Fighter Sqn., 80th Fighter group CBI Burma
(pilot, P-47)
Distinguished Flying Cross; Air Medal; Navy Citation
Pond, Clifford M. ’44 Lt. Sqn. 3, Class 44F (pilot, PT-17) USA Carlstrom Field, Fla.
Powell, Ellsworth A. ’41 Lt. bombardier instructor
Powell, Richmond T. ’39 Lt. pilot
Prather, Owen “Bud” ’44, ’48 Lt. pilot
Prather, Sam ’46 Lt. bombardier, B-26 ETO England
Provencio, Henry ’43 Lt. pilot, P-38 PTO Philippines
KIA 25 December 1944
Purple Heart
Provine, Charles H. ’43 T/Sgt. flight engineer, gunner, B-17 ETO France
German POW, Stalag Luft 3
Quesenberry, James ’40 Lt. bombardier, navigator, B-25 ETO Hawaii
KIA 11 May 1944 over Pacific
Purple Heart
Ratliff, Wilfred ’45 Pvt. 5
th Mobile R & R (maintenance) ETO England
Richardson, Harold W. ’40 Maj. Maxwell Field, Ala. Aleutians Anchorage
(pilot, flight commander, B-24)
Ritchey, Melvin ’40 Lt. 422
nd Bomb Sqn. (Pilot , B-17) EAME North Africa
Rives, Charles ’45, ’49 Lt. 9
th Ferrying Sqn. PTO
th Army Air Force Base Unit (pilot)
Roth, Joe ’46 Pvt.
Samples, Leonard “Cotton” ’46 Cpl. 875
th Bomb Sqn., 498th Bomb Group PTO Mariannas
Sandell, Angus ’38 Lt. Col. North Atlantic Wing Air Transport Greenland
Command (pilot)
Sarracino, William H. ’42 Pvt. AAF Bombardier School, Medical detachment
Schoenradt, John W. ’42 Pvt. 301
st Service Sqn. (aviation mechanic)
Scott, Elbert D. ’42 A/C student pilot
Sedillo, Nestor ’42 Sgt. aviation mechanic ETO
Selby, David C. ’35 Maj. Air Transport Command (pilot, C-87) PTO New Caledonia
Sexton, Robert ’35 Lt. Col. 2nd Air Force, 202nd AAF Base Unit, CBI Burma, China
Galveston, Tex.
Distinguished Unit Badge; five Bronze Stars
Shapiro, Sidney ’41 Lt. Air Corps Technical School (flight instructor) USA
Shipe, Charles E. ’26 Lt. Col. Chemical Officer, 5
th Air Force PTO Australia
Bronze Star
Silbo, Lee A. ’42 Capt. 704
th Bomb Sqn. (pilot, armament officer) EAME North Africa
KIA 17 June 1945 over Atlantic
Purple Heart
Simpson, Wilson E. ’45, ’49 Pfc. 369
th Technical School Sqn. (radio)
Singleton, Eben L. ’40 Sgt. 502
nd Engineer Sqn., PTO Guam
th Service Group (B-29)
Bronze Star
Sloan, Mark B. ’44 Lt. pilot, commander USA
Smallwood, Jack L. ’43, ’45 S/Sgt. 351
st Bomb Group (Heavy), ETO England
th Bomb Sqn. (chief clerk)
Smith, Leo M. ’45 Lt. 310
th Troop Carrier Sqn., EAME Gibraltar; Sicily
th Troop Carrier Group (pilot, C-47)
Air Medal; Presidential Citation; nine Battle Stars
Smith, Noble “Peewee” ’45 Sgt. radio
Smith, Winfield C. ’39 Lt. 50 Future Combat System ETO England
Snowden, William Lee ’44 Sgt. instrument specialist (B-17) ETO England
Snyder, William B. ’43 T/Sgt. 788
th Bomb Sqn., 462nd Bomb Group CBI India
(gunner, B-29)
Air Medal
Sorenson, Rodney ’46 Pfc. radioman-gunner, bomber combat crew CBI China
KIA 19 January 1945, Chengfu, China
Purple Heart
Sosa, Daniel ’45, ’47 Lt. bombardier (B-24) ETO England
Air Medal with six oak leaf clusters; Presidential Unit Citation
Spiller, Thomas J. ’42 Cpl. 319
th Service Sqn., 301st Service Group (aviation mechanic)
Stalker, Frank ’44 M/Sgt. 331
st Bomb Sqn., 94th Group ETO England
(crew chief, B-17)
Stanley, Wyatt R. ’33 Capt. bomb disposal officer ETO France
Stone, Ralph L. ’38 Lt. First Emergency Reserve Sqn. EAME Corsica
Stubbs, Albert A. ’46 Cpl. HQ, 410
th Bomb Group (Light) ETO France
(military police)
Stull, Edward ’44 Cpl. gunnery instructor USA
Stull, Jamie ’44 Pvt. student pilot, ordnance CBI India
Swafford, Duane ’43 Lt. 2525
th AAF Base Unit (pilot, B-26) USA
Swanson, Vern ’44, ’48 Lt. pilot (ATC) CBI India
Distinguished Flying Cross; Air Medal with oak leaf cluster
Swift, Vernon ’46 Pfc. Sqn. A, 1077
th AAF Base Unit (radio operator, B-29)
Szaflarski, Joe ’42 Lt. pilot, C-54 Newfoundland
Distinguished Flying Cross; eleven oak leaf clusters;
two Bronze Stars
Taylor, Kenneth ’39 T/Sgt. HQ, 2
nd Air Force (quartermaster)
Terrell, Lavern B. ’40, ’48 Capt. 820
th Bomb Sqn. (M) (pilot) PTO Hawaii
Air Medal with six oak leaf clusters; Distinguished Flying Cross
with three oak leaf clusters
Thayer, Fred ’41 A/C student pilot USA
KIA 14 March 1943, Williams, Arizona
Tidmore, Morris B. Pfc. AAF Advanced Flying School, Marfa, Tex. PTO Dutch Harbor, Aleutians
(personnel clerk)
Torres, Lawrence ’42 T/Sgt. 25
th Platoon Reconnaissance Sqn. PTO New Guinea
(photo reconnaissance)
Trujillo, Phill ’43 Pvt. 79
th Bomb Sqn. (aircraft mechanic) PTO Aleutians
Utton, William ’44, ’47 S/Sgt. 313
th Fighter Sqn., 50th Fighter Group ETO England
(armament gunner, B-24)
Valkenaar, John ’40 Lt. pilot PTO Philippines
Japanese POW
Van Dersarl, Vincent A. ’44 Lt. 89
th Troop Carrier Group (pilot) CBI Burma
KIA 9 December 1944 over Burma
Purple Heart
Van Dyke, Albert ’45 Sgt. tailgunner (B-17) ETO Germany
German POW
Vandagriff, Treadwell ’46 Sgt. Sqn. A, 450
th AAF Base Unit gunner (B-29)
Wanner, Lee R. ’35 Cpl. 24
th Statistical Control Unit HQ, CBI China
th Air Force
(Chennault’s Tigers)
Ware, Henry W. “Hal” ’44, ’47 Lt. communication officer ETO Italy
Watkins, Charles T. ’46 Lt. 3026
th AAF Base Unit, Merced, Calif. USA
(pilot instructor)
Watkins, Larry M. ’46, ’49 M/Sgt. 703rd Bomb Sqn., ETO England
th Bomb Group gunner (B-17)
Air Medal with four oak leaf clusters; ETO with three Battle Stars
Weaver, Richard E. ’42 Lt. Operations, AAF, Presque Isle, Me. PTO England
(navigator, C-54)
Wells, Joseph ’38 Pfc. 388
th Base HQ & Air Base Sqn. USA
(bugler; personnel clerk)
West, Willie ’44 W/O HQ & HQ Sqn., 11
th U.S. Army Support Center (communication officer)
Wheat, Lawrence C. ’43 S/Sgt. 97
th Bn., 340 Sqn. ETO Italy
White, Alfred ’43 A/C Sqn. 96, Santa Ana, Calif. (bombardier)
Whiteman, Donald L. ’45 S/Sgt. 356
th Fighter Sqn., ETO England
th Fighter Group (armament chief)
Blue and Gold Presidential Unit Citation
Whitley, Robert N. ’44 Officers’ Candidate School
Wilson, Oscar Ralph ’41 Capt. 23
rd Photo Reconnaissance Sqn., ETO Italy
rd Photo Group (pilot, P-38)
Distinguished Flying Cross; Air Medal with four oak leaf clusters;
Presidential Unit Citation
Winegrove, Marvin V. ’43 Lt. Fighter Training Center (pilot) EAME North Africa
Distinguished Flying Cross; Air Medal with twelve oak leaf clusters;
Purple Heart; Presidential Citation
Wise, Gene H. ’43 A/C Sqn. 11, Flight B, Merced, Calif. (student pilot)
Wood, Elbert ’43 A/C 2528
th AAF Base Unit, Sect. H, USA
Midland, Tex. (bombardier)
Killed during training, 27 December 1944, Stanton, Texas

Anderson, David B. ’42 S 1/C Northern Sector Supply Base USA
George, John ’43 Ensign USA
Maben, George ’44 S 1/C
USS Hunter Liggett ETO Guadalcanal
Marr, Barney ’45 MoMM 1/C motor machinist PTO Philippines
Miller, Tommy ’45 signalman
Randle, Hogan Alvin ’45 P/O 3/C
CGC Cypress (chemical warfare instructor) USA
Watkins, Hudson ’45 Electrical engineering School, Boston, Mass.

Vornbrock, Ruth ’44 Storekeeper 2/C USA

Archer, Julius P. ’42 Pfc. Battery A, 155 MM Group, 8th Defense Bn. PTO
Armijo, Godofredo ’42 Cpl. radio gunner, mechanic PTO Bougainville
Purple Heart
Bell, Thomas Fay ’43 S/Sgt Marine Fighter Attack Sqn. 451, PTO
MCAS Mojave, Calif.
Chilton, Alexander W. ’41 Capt. USS Nevada PTO Hawaii
Clampitt, Max ’46 Pfc. HQ, Special Warfare Group A, PTO Midway
th Defense Bn. (radar)
Clemens, William A. ’45 Cpl. Co. C, 1
st Bn., 22nd Marines (cook) PTO Samoa
Presidential Unit Citation
Cooper, John Aubrey ’46 Pvt. 362
nd Technical School Sqn. (armament)
De Lozier, Craig ’45 Cpl. Signal Bn.-TC, 2nd Radar Co. PTO Hawaii
(radar technician)
Emerson, Lawrence L. ’39 Cpl. H&S Co., 1
st Engineer Bn., PTO Russell Islands
st Marine Division (surveyor)
Gibbs, Leonard C. ’42 Capt. Light Anti-aircraft Group, 17
th AA Bn. PTO Hawaii
Gillis, Mert P. Jr. ’40 Lt. Co. B, Training Bn., Quantico, Va. PTO Guadalcanal
(platoon commander)
Gonzales, Edward D. ’44 S/Sgt. Marine Field Attack Sqn., MAB-23 PTO Guadalcanal
(radio technician)
Purple Heart
Krivokapich, John ’42 Capt. L Battery, 4
th Bn., 14th Marines, PTO Saipan
th Marine Division (artillery)
Long, Nick ’41 Capt. HQ Co., 2
nd Bn., 22 Marines PTO
Lytton, Alec ’48 Cpl. HQ Sqn., Marine Aircraft Group PTO Midway
(aviation ordnance)
Mankin, J. D. ’44, ’49 Cpl. 3
rd Bn., G Battery, 10th Marines PTO Tarawa
(instrument operator)
Five Battle Stars; Presidential Unit Citation
McCauley, James ’43 Lt. pilot, flight instructor USA
McGee, James C. ’46 Cpl. maintenance electrician, B-25
Nunn, Harvey M. ’44 Pfc. 24
th Replacement Bn. PTO Tarawa
Purple Heart
Ogden, James C. ’42 Capt. HQ Co., 1
st Bn., 23rd Reg’t PTO Tinian
Purple Heart
Quintana, Santos ’45 Pfc. Signal Co., Amphibious Corps, Pacific Fleet (radioman)
Rawlins, William ’48 Cpl. Marine Air Group 61, Marine Aircraft Wing 1 PTO New Ireland
(tail gunner, B-25)
Rush, Jim ’45 Pfc. H&S Battery, 1
st Det., H&S Bn., PTO Okinawa
th Amphibious Corps
Short, John Truman ’41 Lt. 2
nd Marine Division (platoon commander) PTO Tarawa
Purple Heart
Taylor, Michael ’39 Lt. H&S Battery, 9
th Defense Bn. PTO New Caledonia
(bomb disposal officer)
Terry, Ernest ’46 Sgt. HQ Group, Seacoast Artillery, PTO Saipan
th Anti-aircraft Artillery Bn.
Fleet Marine Force (radar technician)
Trost, Ernest ’46 Sgt. H&S Battery, 11
th 155mm. Gun Bn. PTO Guam
Vanek, George ’41 T/Sgt. 1
st Marine Aircraft Wing Group, 9th MAW PTO Solomon Islands
Waggoner, John H. ’45 Pfc. Co. A, Separate Engineer Bn., PTO New Caledonia
Fleet Marine Force
(aviation engineer)
Weathersbee, William Paul ’43 Lt. HQ Sqn., Bomb Group 61 PTO
Wright, Warren “Sol” ’40 Capt. H&S Co., 26
th Marines PTO Iwo Jima
(forward air observer)
KIA 24 February 1945, Iwo Jima
Purple Heart

Hyatt, Henry F. ’46 Sgt. Marine Aircraft Group 61, Fleet Marine Force PTO Australia
Pegues, Dock ’44 Lt. HQ Sqn. USMC Air Station (pilot) PTO Oahu, Hawaii
Walker, Ronald ’44 Lt. pilot

Bloch, Jeanne ’41 Sgt. 18th Marine Corps Air Station USA
(link trainer operator)
Oliver, Fairy V. ’46 Pvt. HQ, Marine Training Replacement USA
Command (mechanic)
Bulldog Patch

George, Carl William ’42 PTO
Kittleson, Calvin L. ’48 Cadet/Mdsh U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, CBI Calcutta
Kings Point, N.Y.

Baird, Albert W. ‘35 Lt. gunnery repair officer PTO Guam
Fleissner, Connie ’41 Ensign USNR NAS, Navy 28, ANR 800
Meyer, Charles ’42 Lt. Naval Ordnance Laboratory, USA
Washington, D.C. (electronics research)
Shotwell, Jack W. ’40 Lt.
USS Chicago; Staff, Pacific Administration PTO Hawaii
Three Battle Stars
Trammell, John ’46 Ensign Officers’ Candidate School USA Albuquerque, N.M.

Alberson, James F. ’45 PM/3C 6th Division, USS Antaeus ETO Atlantic
Amend, James W. ’43 AOM 1/C
USS Copahee, 3rd Division
Atha, Robert ’35 Chief P/O communication USA
Ball, Howard ’39 Ensign gunnery officer; communications officer ETO Sicily
on Liberty vessel
Purple Heart
Bell, Charlie ’43 AMM/2C Fleet Air Base Unit 1 (mechanic) PTO
Berardinelli, Joseph A. ’46, ’49 PM2/C NSN Hospital (Staff), Great Lakes, Ill. (field medicine)
Beshell, Clyde K. HA2/C H Division, Lion #2 Receiving Station PTO New Zealand
(medical corps)
Billups, Charles L. ’41 Seaman 2/C
USS Harris PTO Savo Island
KIA August 1942 aboard
Bowling, Peter ’46 HA 2/C U.S. Naval Base Hospital #14 (laundry) PTO New Guinea
Bozeman, George E. ’41 GM 1/C
USS LCI (G) 466 (gun boat) PTO Iwo Jima, Guam
Navy Unit Citation
Branch, Albert P. ’44 S 2/C machinist’s mate USA
Brenner, Sidney M. ’46, ’50 S 1/C Company 12, Billet 204, NTS, Chicago, Ill.
(radio technician)
Burleson, Albert J., Jr. ‘44 Chief P/O Naval Ordnance Lab, Research Unit, USA
Washington, D.C.
Carrico, James ’43 S 2/C radioman PTO
KIA 27 June 1945 off South Korean Coast
Purple Heart
Chaffee, James W. ’45 AM 3/C aerography PTO New Guinea
Clark, Harry R. ’41 Ensign
USS Richmond (torpedo officer)
Cockrell, Lloyd ’46, ’50 S 2/C
Cortez, Ezekial C., Jr. ’43 Ensign
USS LST 74 (communications) ETO
Cunningham, Richard H. ’41, ’46 EM 1/C Ship Repair Unit, Navy 129 PTO American Samoa
Daniel, Denna C. ’46 FC 3/C Industrial Command Division 121, USA San Diego, Calif.
U.S. Naval Repair Base
Degner, Carl ‘46 F 1/C motor mechanic PTO Japan
Digneo, Ralph ’46, ’50 RdM 3/C
USS PC 1082 PTO Aleutians
Dobbins, Tommie ’44 convoy protection (gunner) PTO
Fernandez, Clarence ’45 PM 3/C Base Hospital #4 (hospital corps) PTO
Fielder, Horace Steve ’45 PM 3/C USA
Fiske, George D. ’42 Lt. USS Leon (amphibious forces) EAME/Morocco, PTO Philippine Liberation Medal with two stars Philippines
French, Ralph E. ’39 Lt. Fleet Hydraulic School, Receiving Station EAME
Gallegos, Abran ’45 A.Rm 3/C aviation radio PTO
Gillis, Ralph ’44 AEM 2/C Carrier Aircraft Service Unit, 42
nd G Division PTO Solomon Islands
(aviation electrician)
Goddard, Earl G. ’39 Lt. 7
th Fleet (mine warfare officer) PTO
Gray, Edward E. ’39 Lt.
USS Longsham (gunnery officer) PTO Luzon; Okinawa
KIA 19 May 1945, Okinawa
Bronze Star; Purple Heart
Gustafson, Harold F. ’42 S 2/C motor machinist, submariner
USS Cutlass PTO Kurile Islands, Japan
Gutierrez, Leo ’43 S 1/C PTO Okinawa
Hall, Bob ’42 RM 2/C Advance Naval Base—Navy 145, Division M PTO South Pacific
Hayner, Robert ’46 S 2/C medical corpsman
Henning, George F. ’46 Mid.
USS John Morton PTO South Pacific
Hester, Clay M. ’32 Capt. commanding officer
Higgins, John R. ’45, ’49 MM 3/C PT Base 17 (mechanic) PTO
Hooker, Joe Rice. ’45 Lt. instructor, air and sea rescue
Horney, Paul E. ’45 HA 1/C hospital apprentice
Hudson, Miller N., Jr. ‘46
Jasper, Buford ’39 Lt. 7
th Fleet Training Command PTO Philippines
Jones, Francis M. ’46 FC 2/C
USS Halford, DD 480 (fire control) PTO
Jones, P. M. ’40 QM 2/C
USS Minneapolis PTO
Jones, Travis ’42 Lt. Carrier Aircraft Service Unit 33 PTO
(construction engineer)
Jones, Virgil ’46 AMM 3/C aviation mechanic
Jonsson, Karl ’46, ’49 S 1/C 1
st DV, USS Soro Island PTO Philippines
Judah, Frank M. ’37 S 2/C
USS Crowley PTO Guadalcanal
Juliana, Joseph ’45 Yeoman
USS Takanis Bay PTO
Kyriacopulos, John Charles ’39 Lt. 19
th U.S. Naval Construction Bn., PTO Iwo Jima
(assigned to 3
rd Bn., 17th Marines, 1st Marine Division)
Lanius, C. F. MM 2/C ship repair
Logan, Burl ’42 Lt.
USS Fitch (radar instructor) EAME; PTO North Africa
Maddox, Robert ’41 Lt.
USS Kilty, USS Schley, USS Waters PTO Guam
Maestas, Rafael ’46 PM 2/C
USS LCI (dispensary) PTO Okinawa
McCan, Gayle W. ’45 EM 3/C
USS Brackett PTO Marshall Islands
McKinley, William Arthur ’44 PM 2/C Navy 60, Department 15 (hospital unit) PTO Southwest Pacific
McGregor, Carlton ’41 Lt. HQ Sqn. Fair Wing 2 (Navy patrol planes) PTO
Meadows, James H. ’46, ’50 TM 2/C
USS Lardner, USS Breton (torpedo man) PTO Philippine Sea
Moorhead, Robert L. ’46 FC 2/C
USS Witter PTO Hollandia Operation
Otero, Meliton ’44 [?] PM 3/C USN Mobile Hospital #4 (hospital apprentice) PTO South Pacific
Palmer, Dan C. ’42 Sp(A) 1/C physical instructor CA/SA Cuba
Partington, Fred ’42 S 1/C Naval Air Station (radio mechanic) USA Banana River, Fla.
Pecols, Leonard MM 2/C Carrier Aircraft Service Unite 11, Division 4 PTO
Pennock, Roy Dale ’42 PM 2/C USN Hospital (pharmacy technician) USA Mare Island, Calif.
Petronovich, George William. ’43 Ensign School of Indoctrination USA Tucson, Ariz.
Pickett, Cecil J. ’39 Lt.
SS Curtis (admiral’s aide) PTO Guam
Powell, Dewey ’40 Chief Sp. V-12 Unit (instructor) USA Flagstaff, Ariz.
Prevost, Charles ’44 Lt.
LST 338 (store officer)
Ramirez, Carlos ’32 PM 2/C USS Samaritan (clerk) PTO Iwo Jima
Ray, Clarence ’44 WT 1/C
USS Bancroft(water tender) PTO Dutch Harbor, Aleutians
Reynolds, J. Chandler ’46 EM 3/C
USS Colorado PTO Leyte
Rhoads, Ted ’44 AM 3/C aerographer Aleutians Kodiak, Alaska
Sanchez, Philip ’44, ’50 S 2/C U.S. Naval Training School (Diesel) USA Columbia, Mo.
*Sanders, Richard S1/C
USS LCI (G) (minesweeper) PTO
Purple Heart
Savage, John E. ’46 Ensign
USS Spear PTO Marshall Islands
Smith, Lawrence ’42 S 2/C aircraft maintenance USA San Diego, Calif.
Spencer, H. E. “Gene” ’44 GM 3/C
USS Minneapolis PTO Wake Island
Spivey, John D. ’40 Lt.
USS Pocomobe (amphibious air transport) PTO
Stanley, Marshall ’46, ‘48 Ensign
USS LST 32 Atlantic
Steele, Tollie ’40 Fleet Diesel School, Destroyer Base USA San Diego, Calif.
Stewart, Bennett J. EM 3/C
USS Saratoga, 11th Division PTO Solomon Islands
Sturman, William ’45, ’48 AM 3/C
USS Copahee (aerographer’s mate) PTO
Trammell, Roscoe FC 3/C Ordnance Division 13-I, Naval Repair Base USA San Diego, Calif.
Tucker, Joseph S. Cpl. Radio Station, Navy #66 PTO Hawaii
Turney, James T. ’47, ’50 S 1/C CBD 1078 PTO Japan
Utterback, Robert B. ’46 AE 3/C Carrier Aircraft Service Unit #5 (aviation electrician)
Vincent, Edwin ’43 ETM 3/C
USS Yellowstone, 8th Division (electrical repair)
Ward, Wayne ’39 RT 1/C
USS McNair PTO Saipan
White, Willett “Bud” ’41 Ensign USS R-18 (submariner, assistant
electrical officer) USA
Williams, Jess C. ’46 S 1/C USS Woodworth (amphibious forces) PTO Guadalcanal
Williams, Richard F. ’43 Lt. USS Reid, USS Steinaker (engineer) PTO Aleutians
Yaple, Guy ’44 S 2/C Operating Personnel, Naval Training School USA Toledo, Ohio
Yurcic, Anthony ’41 SP(A) 3/C 13
th Bn. Office (athletic instructor) USA Camp Wallace, Tex.

Bird, Bruce ’43, ’48 Lt. USS Core, USS Matoni Kau (flight instructor) ETO Scotland
Blaney, Clive ’45 Lt. U.S. Naval Air Station (pilot) USA Jacksonville, Fla.
Bomberger, George ’41 Lt. Bombing Sqn. 13 (pilot) PTO Solomon Islands
Air Medal
Chesser, Ralph ’45 ARM 1/C Torpedo Sqn. 18 (tail gunner and radioman) PTO Palau
Air Medal
Clark, Otha J. ’43 Lt. Composite Sqn. VC-66 (torpedo bomber) PTO Marshall Islands
Connally, Carl ’41 Ensign NTS (PR) (airborne radar) USA Brunswick, Maine
Delgado, Frank M. “Buddy” ’43 Lt.
USS Lexington (torpedo bomber) ETO, PTO
KIA August 1944 over South Pacific
Purple Heart
Durio, Jack ’43 Lt. Bombing Sqn. 9 (pilot) PTO Gilbert Islands
Two Distinguished Flying Crosses; Navy Cross;
Air Medal with five stars
Eby, Byron ’43 A/C student pilot USA
KIA 15 July 1943, Corpus Christi, Texas
Fruechting, Ted D. ’43 Ensign AOTC VB(2)-1 (pilot) USA Sanford, Fla.
Gilbert, Henry G., Jr. ’41 Lt. pilot, Chennault’s Tigers CBI Burma
KIA 23 December 1941, Rangoon, Burma
Purple Heart
Green, Herbert H. ’42 Ensign Squadron VB2-1 (pilot instructor) USA South Carolina
Hall, William W. ARM 3/C Naval Air Technical Training Center USA Memphis, Tenn.
(radio/radar operator)
Hayward, Albert Wyman ’42 Lt.
USS Shangri-La (CV-38) (assistant flight PTO Okinawa
deck officer)
Isaacks, Walter ’46 Lt. USNATB, Class 12 D (pilot) USA Corpus Christi, Tex.
Johnson, Lloyd B. ’45 A/C Flight Preparatory School USA Monmouth, Illinois
Keesecker, Victor Carl ’41 Lt.
USS Paul Jones (engineering officer) EAME; PTO
Kennedy, Gordon ’42, ’47 Lt. USS Saratoga, (pilot, Grumman Avenger PTO Hawaii
torpedo bomber)
Air Medal; Gold Star
McDougal, Eugene ’44 Ensign Sqn. 13-C (air transport group) USA Chase Field, Tex.
McGaha, Curtis D. ’44 Lt. VC #4 PTO Saipan
Oldham, Luther Harvey ARM 3/C Sqn. 8C (aviation radioman, aerial gunner) USA Whiting Field, Fla.
Patricks, John A. ’43 A/C Flight Preparatory School USA Monmouth, Ill.
Powell, Hugh F. ’40 Lt.
USS Almandite (executive officer) PTO Hawaii
Ragsdale, W. E. “Ray” ’32 Lt. Radio Test, Naval Air Station USA Patuxent River, Md.
(test pilot, B-24)
KIA 10 July 1945, Boston, Massachusetts
Resley, Joseph L. ’42 Lt. Patrol Sqn. 208 (pilot, Martin patrol bomber) CA/SA Caribbean
KIA 30 November 1944, California
Ricketts, Jack ’41 Lt. Com. HQ Sqn., Fleet Air Wing 2 (pilot) PTO Hawaii
Schaber, John ’42 Lt. VB-2 (pilot) PTO
Air Medal; Gold Star
Shepard, Robert D. ’41 Lt. VF-9 (pilot) PTO
Stern, Gene ’42 Lt. Naval Air Transport Sqn. (pilot) Aleutians San Francisco, Calif.
Straughn, Eugene James ’42 Lt. USS White Plains,USS Fanshaw Bay PTO Leyte
(command pilot, F4F, PBM),
Congressional Unit Citation; Air Medal;
Asiatic-Pacific Campaign ribbon
Thompson, George L. ’45 Lt. U.S. Naval Air Station USA Hutchinson, Kan.
Wynn, Doug ’43 Ensign Bombing Sqn., U.S. Atlantic Fleet PTO
(dive bomber pilot)

Davis, Thomas ’38 Ensign Construction Bn. Detachment 1054 PTO Peleliu
(pontoon bridges) Colors
Farnsworth, Hiram H. ’40 Ensign 8
th USNCB PTO Dutch Harbor
Holland, Lewis A. ’46, ’49 BN 2/C Co. A, Platoon 4, 28
th Special Naval
Construction Bn.
La Coss, Larry E. ’38 SK 1/C 8
th Special Bn, Section 2, Co. B, Platoon 1 PTO Aleutians
Magruder, Byron ’42 Lt. Construction Battalion Maintenance ETO D-Day, Normandy
Unit 628
Mahres, Albert Edward ’40 Ensign mosquito control,
USS Bosque PTO Okinawa
McClesky, R. Peyton ’41 CM 2/C HQ Co., Platoon 2, 92
Mims, Kenneth H. ’41 QM 2/C launchman PTO Australia
Pena, Bennie ’46 MM 3/C Construction Battalion Maintenance PTO Southwest Pacific
Unit 587-2
Pixler, Newell ’45 F 1/C Area D-4, Platoon 9117 USA Camp Peary, Va.

Bronson, Louise ’45 Lt. San Rafael Hospital USA Trinidad, Colo.

McNish, Margaret ’44 Yeoman 1/C personnel USA

Cooke, Stuart ’46 Technical Training College ETO Lancashire, England

McClellan, Junior P. ’43, ’50 Cpl. CAPO #4 (Instructor) N. Atlantic Newfoundland
Volunteer Service Ribbon; Maple Leaf


Kelly, Kathleen ’41 Lt. Class 43-W-4, 318th AAF, Flight USA Avenger Field, Tex.
Training Detachment (pilot)

Ford, Pansy ’45 Pvt. Stenographer USA Fort Devens, Mass.
Jones, Ettie ’39 Lt. HQ, 4
th Air Force (combat USA San Francisco, Calif.
intelligence officer)
Lusk, Marie ’39 Cpl. Detachment HQ (administration) PTO Australia
Robeson, Evelyn ’28 W/O HQ Co., War Department USA Fort Meyer, Va.
(organization planning)
Sanford, Patricia Louise ’44 Lt. Post Headquarters (admission and USA Midland, Tex.
disposition officer)
Strickland, Wilma Helen Lt. mess officer USA Daytona Beach, Fla.
Vinyard, Agnes ’42 Lt. 749 WAC Post HQ Co., (AAF) USA Kessler Field, Miss.
(physical therapist)

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