The Indians of Arizona and New Mexico
Nineteenth Century Ethnographic Notes of Archbishop John Baptist Salpointe
by Patricia Fogelman Lange, Louis A. Hieb, and Thomas J. Steele

392 pages 26 illustrations
$19.95/PB (978-1-890689-57-5)

This volume describes the little-known world of John Baptist Salpointe, successor to Archbishop Lamy and the second Archbishop of Santa Fe, who worked among Indian tribes in both Arizona and New Mexico during the tumultuous final years of the frontier between 1860-1898. All of his impressions and accumulated knowledge of Indian/White relations over this thirty-plus-year period are vividly described in his varied vignettes enhanced by the editors through extensive annotations contributing to a broader historical background for the reader. Portrayed here is the growth of this church dignitary from a young French priest who volunteered to live in the desolate Southwest to a resourceful man of strong will and determination as he encouraged the expansion of parishes, created religious schools, hospitals, and parishes, attended Indian ceremonies, and collected tribal statistics, tribal history, and folk tales from informants. This book will have special historical appeal to those readers interested in the frontier, Church philosophy, and Indian tribes of Arizona and New Mexico.

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Patricia Fogelman Lange, a Research Associate at the Laboratory of Anthropology Museum of Indian Art and Culture, Santa Fe, is the author of Pueblo Pottery Figurines: The Expression of Cultural Perceptions in Clay as well as a number of articles on Southwestern art and culture. Louis A. Hieb, a specialist in Hopi studies, vernacular architecture, comparative historiography and the history of photography in the Southwest, was head of Special Collections in The University of Arizona Library and director of the Center for Southwest Research at the University of New Mexico. Thomas J. Steele, S. J., a professor at Regis University and the University of New Mexico, has been active researcher of the religious culture of the people of the Southwest and is the author of numerous books on the religious art of New Mexico.