“A Cowboy's Guide to Growing Up Right” by Slim Randles

5x8.5 68 pages 14 illustrations
978-890680-91-9 ($8.95-paperback)
978-1-936744-92-3 ($2.99 ebook formats)


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Growing up right is never easy, even if all the stars line up and you win the parent lottery. If you don’t, it’s even tougher. Since a cowboy is the pinnacle of human evolution (just ask one) he has certain values and responsibilities and attitudes to pass along to help others, even if they are in the city, and regardless of age or gender.

Told with the frank humor of the range and mountains by a master storyteller whose column is read by nearly two million people each week, this book gives unique advice straight from the shoulder for those who would aspire to have a great life.

Looking for work? Work for free. Do the right thing, even when no one’s looking. Courtesy makes the homeliest of us beautiful. And lots more …

Remember: the saddest thing is not that someone dies, but that some people never quite live.