Startin' the Fire
by George Hensler

Finalist, Cook Book, New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards, 2010

100 pages 26 illustrations 5-1/2 x 8-1/2
$12.99/PB (978-1-890689-14-8)

The complete guide to starting your own competition bbq team, from your initial idea to cooking in your first full contest. It covers preliminary considerations, planning, equipping, set-up, and running your own team.

George has gone where no other has before... he tells you how to compete in barbecue competitions. His book is a great read for anyone thinking of competing and for those already on the circuit. It’s informative and funny!
Mike Stines, Ph.B., Author of
Mastering Barbecue

I’ve cooked on a few teams in my time on the circuit, but we never had this kind of organized approach. Now that I have George’s book, my next team will have a good plan to follow and we won’t be stabbing each other with barbecue forks!
Ray Lampe, a.k.a. “Dr. BBQ,” Author of five barbecue books including
The NFL Gameday Cookbook

A masterful yet fun journal that will teach avid barbecuers the ins and outs of competition bbq; a must-have handbook for anyone who wishes to join the ranks of the bbq world’s best practitioners.
Rick Browne, Host of the PBS-TV show
Barbecue America and author of The Best Barbecue on Earth

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: George Hensler, head cook and founder of the “Who Are Those Guys?” BBQ cook team from Street, Maryland, is a monthly columnist for both the Kansas City Barbeque Society Bullsheet and the National BBQ News. He is also a contributor to Smoke Signals. In the process of starting his own bbq competition team, he and his crew have received several honors for brisket, chicken, beef ribs and overall team competition.