Fray Angélico Chavez
A Bibliography of Published Works (1925-2010) and a Chronology of His Life (1910-1996)
by Phyllis S. Morgan

156 pages 5 illustrations
$16.95/PB (978-1-890689-15-5)

New Mexico’s first native-born Franciscan priest, Fray Angélico Chávez (1910-1996) was known as a prolific poet and historian, a literary and artistic figure, and an intellectual who played a vital role in Santa Fe’s community of writers. Chávez is considered to be the most prolific U.S. Hispanic writer of the twentieth century. His knowledge of many aspects of New Mexico’s history, the history of the Catholic Church in New Mexico, and related archival documents was unsurpassed. This is a bio-bibliography of his published works and works about him from 1925 to 2010 and a chronology of his life. This work is written, edited, and compiled by award-winning author Phyllis S. Morgan of Albuquerque.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Retired from a 40-year career as a reference and research librarian, educator, and information specialist, Phyllis S. Morgan is now an independent researcher and writer. She is the author of the award-winning bio-bibliographies Marc Simmons of New Mexico: Maverick Historian and A Sense of Place: Rudolfo A. Anaya (co-authored with Cesar A. González-T.). Morgan is also the author of an earlier bibliography (1980) of Fray Angélico’s works.

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