Los Chilitos/The Little Chile Peppers
by Viola Peña with illustrations by Jerry Montoya

48 pages 46 illustrations
$16.95/PB (978-1-890689-68-1)
$24.95/HB (978-1-936744-22-0)

Hardcover or soft

Los Chilitos is a very New Mexican story for children about the Little Chile Peppers by Viola Peña of Grants, New Mexico. The bright pictures of Salcita, Paula, Cía, Pepita, Chilito, Mona, Dormilón, and Marco chile peppers make an appealing story of New Mexico’s favorite crop. The illustrator is Jerry Montoya, also from Grants. This is all about how chile grow and what they can be used for; and all with Grandfather’s help. This is a great way for kid’s to learn all about chiles in the field!

Bilingual Picture Book for Ages 3-8