Saints and Colors
black solemnity, negation, sickness, death
black/white humility, purity of life
blue heavenly love, unveiling of truth. Traditional color of Mary, Blessed Virgin. In English Scheme of Liturgical Colors, blue is used for Advent and on pre-Lenten ‘Gesima Sundays.
brown renunciation of the world, spiritual death and degradation
gold see white
gray ashes, humility, mourning
green spring, triumph of life over death, charity, regeneration of soul through good works, hope. Epipheny and Trinity seasons
purple royalty, imperial love (God the Father)
red martyred saints, love, hate, sovereign power. Pentecost
violet love, truth, passion, suffering. Advent and Lent
white (gold) innocence of soul, purity, holiness of life. Christmas, The Epipheny, Easter, The Ascension, Trinity Sunday, the Transfiguration, All Saints
yellow dingy, infernal light, degradadtion, jealousy, treason, deceit

Black Benedictines, Augustinians, Jesuits, Cowley Fathers
Gray Franciscans. Dark brown if Reformed branch
White Reformed brnach of Beneeictines, Cistercians, Praemonstratensians, the Order of the Holy Cross
Black over white Dominicans
White over brown Camelites

St Matthew Emblem of Divine Man - a gold angel on red field
St Mark Winged lion, referring to his Gospel which informs us of the royal dignity of Christ. Gold winged lion and nimbus on a red field
St Luke Winged ox, Gospel deals with sacrificial aspects of Christ’s life. Gold ox and nimbus on red field
St John Evangelist Rising eagle because his gaze pierced further into the mysteries of Heaven than that of any man. Gold eagle rising and nimbus on blue field.

Andrew patron of Russia, Scotland and the Ecumenical Patriarachate. He was crucified on an x-shaped cross known as a saltire in Achaia. Silver saltire on blue field
Bartholomew Armenia and India; flayed alive and crucified. Flaying knives with silver blades and gold handles on red field
James the Greater Pastron of spain and pilgrims. First disciple to go on a missionary journey. Escallop shells refer to pilgrimage. Three gold shells on blue field
James the Lesser Cast down from apionnacle of the temple of Jerusalem, stoned and sawn asunder by the Jews. A saw with silver blade and gold handle on red field
John Beloved Apostle becasue of legend of a poisoned chalice being offered to him in an attempt made on his life. Gold chalice and silver serpent on blue field
Jude Sailing vessel representing the Church which carried Jude Thaddeus to many ports as he journyed as a missionary. Gold ship with silver sails on red field
Matthew Tax gather Levi (therefore money bags) before he was called to follow Christ. Silver moneybags on red field
Matthias Chosen by lot to replace Judas Iscariot, he served a missionary in Judaea, where he was stoned and beheaded. Battle ax with silver head and tawny handle, white open book with inscription “super Mathiam” in black except a red upper case “M” on red field
Peter Becasue he felt unwothy to die as had Christ, he requested that his cross be inverted so that he might look Heavenward as he was crucified. A gold Cross and silver keys of the Kingdom of Heaven on red field
Philip It was to Philip that Christ addressed his remark concerning the feeding of the multitude. The rondels represent two loaves of bread. Gold cross and silver rondels on red field.
Simon Companion of Jude on many missionaryt journeys, he beacme known as a great fisher of men through the power of the Gospel. Gold book, white pages and silver fish on red field
Thomas Patron of builders, he is saiud to have built a Church with his own hands in East India. Spear refers to the instrument of his martyrdom. A carpenters square with sliver blade and gold handle, spear with silver head and tawny handle on a red field
Judas Iscariot Thirty pieces of silver with a straw colored rope on black field

Agnus Dei with banner of victory — St John having baptised Christ said, “Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world.” John 1:29 and 36; Revelations 5:13, and I Corinthians 5:7. White lamb with gold nimbus showing three red rays and red cross upon a white banner supported by a silver staff with a gold cross at the top on a blue field
Dove A white dove with three rayed nimbus is symbol of the Holy Spirit St Luke 3:21-22
Sevenfold flame Apostles 2:1-4. Tongues of fire a symbol of the power of the Holy Spirit
Seven Lamps Gifts of the Holy Spirit - wisdom, understanding, counsel, ghostly strength, knowledge, true Godliness, Holy fear
INRI Latin, “Iesus Nazaretnus Rex Iudaeorum”

Mary sword thru heart is suggestive of Mater dolorosa, the words of Simeon, “Yea, a sword shall pass through thine own soul also.” Red heart with gold wings pierced by a silver sword with gold hilt on blue field
Lily Symbol of virginity and purity
Fleur-de-Lys Symbol of Holy Trinity and Blessed Virgin
Crescent Moon Glory of the Virgin Mother, as borrowed from her son, Christ, the Sun of Righteousness, even as the moon reflects the sun

Agatha During Decian persecution, she, of Sicilian noble birth, died under torture rather than breal her vow of lifelong consecration to Christ. Gold pincers on red field
Agnes A young girl who refused to abandon her practice of the Christian Faith and therefore suffered death at during the Diocletian persecution. Expression of her sacrifice foir the Faith. White lamb and gold book on red field
Anne Mother of Mary, whose loving care of her daughter is shown by silver border masoned in black. Silver lily on blue field
Anthony of Egypt Tau cross refers to desert monastery founded by him. He disposed of his wealth to pursue solitary life of devotion. Silver Tau cross on black field
Anthony of Padua Phenomenal knowledge of Hoily Scripture as indicated by the Book combined with his eloguence earned him honor of being called “The eldest son of St Francis.” He died at age 26. Lily refers to his purity, the stems to his youth. Gold Book and silver lilies with green stems on brown field
Augustine of Hippo Native of North Africa converted by Ambrose. Intense zeal and devotion to Christ. Gold heart aflame with two silver arrows on blue field
Barbara Silver castle with gold streak of lightning on red field
Benedict of Nursia Father of Western Monasticism. Gold sword with hilt forming a cross, white scroll tipped red with red inscription “The Cross of the holy father/Crux Sancti Patris Benediciti” on black field
Bernard of Clairvaux founded 163 Cistercian monasteries, preached a crusade. Offered bishopric three times. Three white mitres with gold bands on a gold book on blue field.
Blaise Patron of wool-combers, legend relates that he was tortured with implements of the trade. Silver wool-comb on red field
Bonaventure Minister General of Franciscan Order, elevated to Cardinal. Gold cross and chalice with white Host on blue field
Catherine of Alexandria Patron of chastiy and learning. Wheel set with spikes refers to legend, broken by divine intervention when persecutors attempted tp break he upon it. On blue field
Catherine of Siena Effected a reconciliation between Florentine people and Papacy. Red cross and gold heart on black field refer to her faith and charitableness
Christopher Martyr of Decian persecution. Lamp refers to his carrying Christ, the Light of the World to safety and bearing a staff which bloomed in one night. Red field
Clare Founder of Order of Poor Clares, whose emblem refers to her dispersing Saracen invaders by facing them bearing the Blessed Sacrament in defense of the convent. Gold ciborium on brown field
Clement Paul mentioned him as one whose name was written in the book of life. Banished under persecution of Trajan, he was condemned bound to an anchor and cast into sea. Gold anchor on blue field
Dominic Founder of Domincan Order, known as Friar Preachers, whose members beacme known as “The watch dogs of the Lord, defending the fold of the Church with the fire of the Holy Spirit.” A gray dog, brown torch with red flames with white tips on a black and white field
Francis For two years before his death bore the marks of the Passion. Silver cross with red marks of the stigmata on brown field
Francis Xavier Apostle of India. Silver baptimal font on black field
Gabriel Means Gods is Mighty referring to Annunciation (Luke 1:26-38) holding the spear of angelic power and the shield hailingh the Virgin. Blue field
Gregory the Great Red rondel with gold IHS representing the Host and red lions guardiuanship. Three bends refer to his establishing a monastery, the primacy of his office and reform of church music (introduction of plainchant) on gold field
Giles King of Franks, impressed with the goodness of Giles whom he found sheltering a doe from hunters, set up a monastery for Giles. Gold doe pierced by a silver arrow on green field
Ignacio Loyola Gold IHS and rays with letters AMDG of silver meaning “To the greater glory of God” on black field
Jerome Contributed courage and wisdom in his defense of the truth. Red cross on silver field
John Baptist Last of Jewish prophets. Maltese cross of silver on black field
Joseph of Arimethea Thorn cross and Holy Grail.Drops of blood refer to sorrow of burial. Blue field
Laurence Archdeacon of Rome. Black gridiron on silver field
Lucy Wealthy Sicilian maiden tortured by sword thrust through her throat. Continuing devotion to Christ. Gold lamp (symbol of martyrdom and possibly Parabvle of Wise and Foolsih Virgins) with red flames tipped with white with Chi Ro Cross on Blue field
Martin of Tours Bishop Gold escarbuncle on blue field
Mary Magdalene Anointed the Lord with precious ointment of spikenard. White ointment jar/pot with gold cover and base on divided field of purple for penitence and black for mourning bestrewn with silver teardrops
Michael Leader of celestial armies and guardian of the souls of men. Cross with trefoiled ends in red on silver field
Peter Nolasco First Superior of Cofraternity of Mercy, which effected the return of thousands of captive Christians from Moors. Gold bell (call of those in need of assistance) with silver rays on black field
Polycarp Bishop of Smyrna condemned to death by buring. Outside flame of blue, middle flame of gray tipped white, fire flame of yellow tipped red, brown logs on silver field
Raphael Chief of guardian angels. Silver staff and gold wallet (symbols of his care) on blue field
Sebastian Commander of Milan army. Tried to kill him with arrows but when it didn’t work beaten to death. Gold arrows on red field
Theresa Left her cloister at Avila to set up reformed Carmelite Order in Spain and Portugal. Endured much suffering with joyful heart. Gold heart with red IHS and silver rays on black field
Thomas Aquinas “The Sun in Splerndor with the Eye” refers to God the Father. On black field
Ursula Patron of school girls. Of royal birth, travelled abroad with a company of virgins. Killed in Rhine by Attila’s Huns. Red cross on white banner with gold fringe and staff on red field

Gold crown sanctity
Silver background brightness of the Heavenly life
Black background trials of earthly life

Acacia immortality of the soul - call of Moses
Apple salvation when in hands of Jesus or Mary; sin when in hands of Adam
Christmas Rose Nativity
Columbine dove, Holy Spirit Isiah 11:2
Holly Passion of Christ
Iris Sword Lily - sorrow of Virgin
Palm spiritual victory. the martyr’s triumph over death

All Souls 4 silver doves on black field
Immaculate Conception singular grace of Mary, BVM, celebrated Dec 8. Gold crown and silver monogram on blue field
Holy Innocents Starry crown with lilies on red field
Peter & Paul Gold key interwoven on top of silver sword with gold hilt on red field
Five wounds Ancient emblem of Emmanuel. “Wel of wisdom” and “Wel of mercy” under hands; “Wel of everlasting life” under heart; “Wel of grace and “Wel of gostly cofort” under feet