Voices of New Mexico, Too
edited by Paul Rhetts and Barbe Awalt

1st PLACE, SHORT STORIES COLLECTION: 2014 New Mexico Press Women Book Awards

Winner, Cover Design, Small Format Book, "Voices of New Mexico, Too" edited by Paul Rhetts & Barbe Awalt
New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards, 2013

142 pages 20 color photos
$15.95/PB (978-1-936744-17-6)

New Mexico Voices, Too is the second book in the series to honor New Mexico and to give writers the chance to express themselves. This book is mostly about New Mexicans but things can also be human in nature like the Sandia mountains. Poetry, historical essays, and essays about mentors, family and friends are all part of the mix. These essays and poems — by seventeen New Mexico authors — are on all subjects and give the reader a wide range of ideas and topics.
This is a project of the New Mexico Book Co-op, a collaborative organization designed to help its 1,400 members join together in their love for the printed word. The New Mexico Book Co-op has novelists, poets, history writers, children’s writers, comic book writers, bloggers, consultants, booksellers, readers, and others who strive to share their knowledge about the book in this changing world. Collectively, Co-op members want to showcase New Mexico’s long history with book publishing.
Books still make a difference and these essays and poems show how important people can be in the lives of New Mexicans.

They say writers write because they are compelled to do so. While it is possible my writing is motivated by such a compulsion, I write mostly because there is so much to write about; so much about New Mexico’s history that still needs to be told; so many voices from the past that cry out to be heard. “I too lived here and contributed to what we are today,” they seem to say; and I hear the voices and write so they might not be forgotten.—Robert J. Tórrez, New Mexico State Historian (1987-2000) and contributor to Voices of New Mexico (2011)