Daniel Webster Fisher (1838-1913) m. Amanda D. Kouns (1837-1911)

s/o Daniel Hain Fischer 1796-1873 and Martha Middleswarth 1794-1877

1838 Jan 17 — Born in Arch Spring, Sinking Valley, Huntingdon County, PA (Blair, Pennsylvania.)

1840 — Federal Census Heidelberg, Berks, PA

1850 — Federal Census Tyrone Two, Blair PA; lists Daniel w as 12 yrs old (doc)

1852 — attended Academies at Milnwood Academy in Shade Gap, PA and later completed college preparatory at Airy View Academy (both in Harrisburg, PA area)

1857 — Graduated from Jefferson College (some sources say Lafayette College, Cannonburg, PA)

??1860 — Federal Census

1860 — Ordained a Presbyterian Minister in Hanover, Indiana.

1860 — Graduated from Western Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

1860 Apr — Accepted by Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions for service and appointed to Siam; ordained by the Presbytery of Huntingdon.

1860 Jul 18 — Federal Census Lower Heidelberg, Berks, Pennsylvania; lists Daniel 63 (farmer), Susannah 62, Daniel 27 (day laborer) – NOT OUR Daniel W or his father or mother

1860 Apr 25 — Married Amanda Kouns in Jackson, VA; Amanda became ill shortly after wedding and as they were preparing to sail for Siam, the journey was postponed and Daniel had to resign from the appointment. (WV Marriage Index; WV Marriage Register p145) (doc)

1860 — Autumn — 1
st Pastorate at Thalia Street Church in New Orleans, LA

1861 Jun — Left church in New Orleans due to the start of the Civil War.

1861 Fall-1876 — Pastorate at First Presbyterian Church in Wheeling, WV.

1862 Jul 4 — Son
Walter Lowrie Fisher born in Wheeling, VA [m. Mabel Taylor 22 Apr 1891 in Boston, Middlesex, MA]

1863 Oct — Civil War Draft Registration in WV. Daniel Webster listed as a minister and married. He was living on 4
th Street in Wheeling.

1866 — Served on Presbyterian General Assembly

1866 Jan 25 — Son Howard Lowrie Fisher born in Wheeling, VA [m. Sara Katharine Conner 10 Jan 1896 in New Albany, Floyd, IN]

1869 Oct 8 — Daughter Mary Edith Fisher born in Wheeling, VA [m. Halbert Hains Britan]

1870 Jul 6 — Federal Census in Wheeling, Ward 4, Ohio, WV. Lists Daniel W age 35, Amanda age 32, Walter M age 8, Howard age 4, Mary E. age 9/12, Faney Garner age 20, Amanda Mountz age 13, Mary Ryland age 39, Cary Ryland age 16, and Samuel Ryland age 20. (doc)

1873 Nov 27 — father Daniel Hain died in Berks, PA

1874 — Served on Presbyterian General Assembly

1876 May 3 — Applied for passport (#49456) for purpose of traveling to Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium, and Holland. Description of Daniel W: 38 yrs old, 5’8” tall, rather high forehead, light brown eyes, rather large nose, medium mouth, prominent chin, dark hair, rather dark complexion, and oval face. (doc)

1876 — Trip abroad

1876-1879 — Pastorate at Second Presbyterian Church in Madison, IN.

1877 Jul 26 — mother Martha died in Blair, PA

1879 Jul 8 — Board of Trustees came within one vote of dissolving the College. Board of Trustees voted to reduce faculty salaries and that of the president by 25 percent. President Heckman resigned in protest. Daniel Webster Fisher, 10th president of Hanover College, 1879-1907. Assets of Hanover College: $145,000.

1880 Jun 8 — Federal Census at Hanover, IN. Lists Daniel W. age 42, Amanda age 43, Walter L. age 17, Howard F age 14, and Mary E age 10. Daniel’s occupation listed as President, Hanover College (doc)

1880 Sep — Women officially admitted to full privileges as students at Hanover College.

1881 Nov 17 — Freshman beanies first worn.

1882 — First telephone installed in Hanover.

1882 Jan 2 — Nu of Kappa Alpha Theta chartered.

1882 May — First Freshman Excursion (boat ride).

1882 Dec — College Point House, a residence hall, completed.

1883 Jun 13 — First college Y.M.C.A. building built for that purpose in the world dedicated.

1883 Jun 14 — First woman, Calla Harrison, graduated from Hanover College.

1884 Nov 13 — Dedication of Donnell Chapel in the College Building, later named Classic Hall.

1885 — The Point House was erected.

1885 — photograph of Hanover College faculty, with Daniel W. (photo)

1885 — Author of
The Presbyterian minister

1886 Sep — First sorority house in Indiana. The one-room house just east of the Hanover Presbyterian Church was occupied by Kappa Alpha Theta.

1887 — Establishment of the Department of Music and Art.

1887 Nov 17 — Hanover won state collegiate football championship by defeating Butler in final round of tournament. Other colleges competing were Franklin, Indiana University, Purdue, and Wabash.

1889 — Served on Presbyterian General Assembly

1889 — Astronomical observatory built and equipped.

1889 Feb — Chrestomathean Literary Society formed.

1889 — Author of
The ideals of the Christian scholar, or, The world's salutation to the graduate

1889 — Appointed by General Assembly President Harrison to represent the Assembly during a visit to the U.S. Mint. During this period he also served as a director of McCormick Theological Seminary, in Chicago.

1890 — Sigma Chi house, later called Tower House, built. Was first Sig house in the nation and said to be the second frat house built in the United States. [Commemorative plaque erected Oct 1, 2016 honoring Walter L Fisher’s role in establishing Tower House]

1891 — First college yearbook, called the
Crow, published.

1892 May 28 — applied for passport (#40016); Description: 54 yrs old, 5’7” tall, prominent forehead, dark grey eyes, prominent nose, medium mouth, round chin, black slightly grey hair, dark complexion, and medium face. (doc)

1893 — Author of
Great convictions : a baccalaureate sermon

1895 — Author of
The coming kingdom : a baccalaureate sermon

1896 — Author of
The Christ of the ages : a baccalaureate sermon

1896 — First Gymnasium built.

1897 Jan 22 — Edward Plannette, Hanover's entrant in the Indiana State Oratorical Association's annual competition, won first place. Old Science Hall built.

1897 — Author of
Socialism in Italy

1898 May 21 — Hanover's tennis doubles team (W. A. Oldfather and W.L. Whallon) won state championship. Whallon also won singles championship. It was the first of many such victories up to 1919. Winners included John Adams, A.K. Whallon, C.H. Oldfather, Harold Mann, Hursel Manaugh, Allen and Henry Montgomery.

1898 — Listed in Presbyterian Ministerial Directory

1899 Feb 1 — applied for passport (#2482). Description: 61 yrs old, 5’6” tall, medium forehead, dark eyes, medium nose, medium mouth, round chin, dark mixed with grey hair, slightly dark complexion, thin face. (doc)

1900 — Author of
The future of the kingdom: a baccalaureate sermon

1900 — Served on Presbyterian General Assembly; appointed to committee for changes to Westminster Confession of Faith and assisted in shaping the “Brief Statement of the Reformed Faith,” which the Assembly adopted in 1902.

1900 — Baldridge Gate erected. It was given by Mrs. W.H. Sutherland in memory of her father, the Rev. S.C. Baldridge, Class of 1849.

1900 Jun 5— Board of Trustees named college building Classic Hall.

1900 Jun 9 — Federal Census at Hanover, Indiana. Lists Daniel age 62, wife Amanda age 63, Edith age 31, and Laura Brookan age 23. States that Daniel and Amanda had been married for 40 years. (doc)

1901 Feb 16 — First men's varsity intercollegiate basketball game with Hanover defeating Moores Hill 28-7.

1903 — Hendricks Library, a gift of Mrs. Thomas A. Hendricks, built. Thomas A. Hendricks, former U.S. Vice President, attended Hanover College 1837-1840.

1903 Feb 13 — First women's varsity intercollegiate basketball game with Moores Hill defeating Hanover 21-14

1903 — Author of
The land of Thor; or, A journey through Norway

1903 — Author of
The broken alabaster box

1904 — Author of
Twentieth century Christianity : a baccalaureate sermon

1904 — Men's basketball varsity record 7-1 including victories over University of Cincinnati (32-22, 29-12) and over Miami University (44-16).

1906 — First issue of
The Revonah, college yearbook, published. Pure Food and Drug Act voted on by Congress, written by Harvey Washington Wiley, Class of 1867.

1906 — Author of
A little while, " or, "Our work in life and our time to do it : a baccalaureate sermon

1907 — Hanover's first and only Rhodes Scholarship winner named, A.K. Whallon '05.

1907 Jul 29 — daughter Mary Edith marriage license (#583) in Jefferson County, IN lists Daniel W and Amanda as her parents and gives dates and locations of their births (doc)

1907 Aug 12 — Applied for Passport (#39240) for both Daniel W and Amanda; states he is 69 yrs; 5’ 6-1/2” with full forehead, brownish grey eyes, slightly Roman nose, medium mouth, medium chin, iron grey hair, darkish complexion, and oval face. (doc)

1908 — William Alfred Millis becomes the 11th President of Hanover College, 1908-1929.

1909 — Author of
A Human Life: An Autobiography with Excursuses

1910 Apr 28 — Federal Census at Precinct 10, Washington, DC. Lists Howard Fisher age 44, Katherine C age 38, son Elisha B. age 11, Daniel W age 72, and Amanda R age 73. Howard was Daniel and Amanda’s 2
nd son, born 1866. (doc)

1911 — Author of
Calvin Wilson Mateer: Forty-Five Years A Missionary in Shantung, China, A Biography

1911 — Author of
The unification of the churches; a present day study

1911 Mar 8 — will filed in Washington DC (doc; needs transcription)

1911 Mar 22 — wife Amanda D died in Washington DC at home of son Howard; she was buried at Presbyterian Church Cemetery. Hanover, Indiana

1912 Jan 27 — Applied for US Passport (#65959) in Washington, DC (stated residence); states he was 74 years old; 5 feet 9 inches tall; high forehead; grey eyes; regular nose; moustache; square chin; grey hair; fair complexion; oval face (doc)

1913 Jan 28 — Died in Washington, DC age 75 at 20
th & Kalorama Sts, Mendata Apts. [District of Columbia Select Deaths Index #209304] (doc)

Buried at Second Presbyterian Church Cemetery. Hanover, IN. INSCRIPTION: Daniel W Fisher Died January 28, 1913; Amanda D Fisher Died March 22 1911 (photo)